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December 18th, 2010 02:53 pm - Goodbye DADT!
For once, I am watching C-SPAN live instead of BBC DemocracyLive!


...watching Kerry and McCain bitch at each other about defense treaties with Russia beforehand is strangely soothing, actually. Even if it does come down to Kerry saying, "Dude, this is the goddamn US of A, you know we're just going to ignore anything in the treaty we don't like anyway, so can we just ratify the damn thing and move on" and McCain saying "GRR RUSSIA TERRORISTS GRR".

Aww, between listening to Kerry, and spending the morning reading HP fic to prepare for my next Ace Manifesto, it feels like it's 2004 again. Nostalgia FTW! And C-Span, always the cable channel of my heart.

I remember watching C-Span when BBC Parliament went video for the first time and C-Span re-broadcast their first PMQs, and the C-Span people were all cooing over how the MPs were panicking about their bald spots showing on camera and not being visibly asleep. ♥ (BBC Parliament is still more interesting though. Congress almost never gets personal. Or catcalls from the audience.)

ETA: "The Senate will please come to order. Senators please take their conversations to the cloakrooms." really.

If they keep up this awesome I might have to start a [profile] squee_span community after all. Luckily, there is approximately zero chance they will continue to be awesome, and we will soon go back to nausea-inducing fail, I am sure.

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November 12th, 2010 05:58 pm - love, awesome, and sparkles
1. I refuse to write, or post, or even start, a dear yuletide letter when nominations aren't even open yet. Sorry! (Well, I did do the relevant astronomical calculations, but that doesn't count.)

I have gone through and figured out what I'm offering, though. Since the time is significantly shorter this year, I decided I'm only offering fandoms that make me go "Ooh, yes! I want an excuse to reread/rewatch that in a hurry!" (as opposed to the usual criterion, which is "Ooh, I wish that had more fic, I bet I could acquire canon by the deadline." As a result, I'm only offering somewhere around 115 fandoms this time (depending on how the final list handles duplicates.)

2. A couple of days ago I got my sign-ups and induction stuff to be an AO3 tag wrangler. Which, yay? But I thought they weren't signing anyone up until after yuletide? And in fact wrangling is closed until after yuletide? So other than read through the docs, I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing about my new tag wrangler status. Other than continuing to lurk the chatroom, obvs. (Oh, AO3, your communication skills at the moment are so inspiring.)

3. I don't know how helpful this will be, but the long-running rift between two segments of fandom (with other segments chiming in from the sidelines) which has suddenly broken off the scabs and started bleeding again, hurts. I see it in a split down fandom communities; down my own circle of friends; and down my own self. So, I want to do this, if only for myself; and I would love to see other people do it, too; I don't know if it will help heal the rift, but it might help some of us across it.

I am a fan, I am a geek. I have always been. You may, reading this journal or my comments, get the impression that I am a slash fan and/or a media fan - and I will admit, my primary allegiance is to that community. But that's not all I am. That is the last, and in some ways the least, of my fannish IDs. What else am I? Well, in roughly chronological order:

I am a fan of genre fiction. )

I am a math, science, and tech geek. )

I am a science fiction fan. )

I am a comics fan. )

I am an anime/manga fan. )

I am a media fan and a slash fan. )

...wow, I totally didn't intend that to be the effect, but I am kind of filled with love and awesome and sparkles now after writing that. Love and awesome and sparkles to all fans everywhere, regardless of what kind of fans you are!

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October 30th, 2010 09:43 pm - That. Was. Awesome.
...although to be honest I would have seriously considered going just so I could jump for Adam and Jamie. :D

Some notes from the Rally, mostly covering things that wouldn't have shown up on the TV coverage:

Some random notes on the Rally )

Anyway: Jon and Stephen live are adorbs. I hope Mitchell and Brooker are that adorable when they get their live show. And are forced to sing just as much.

12 photos, mostly crowd shots )

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September 29th, 2010 09:59 pm - FANDOM NEWS NOW
1. If you want to know where I am in terms of fandom-ness at the moment, I did finally post a polished (and much abridged) version of The Guide To International Fake News (English-language edition) at [community profile] punditfic - that pretty much covers it. October approacheth with alacrity, which means new Have I Got News For You soon! Quite Interesting is back already! I am writing a Paul/Ian schoolboys AU! And there is a march on Washington to go to!

2. Also, I need to print out a copy of Balanced Conversationalist so that I can roll it up and be thwacked on the head with it when necessary. (I have actually been where liberal!Stephen is in that strip. Except I have gone past "ritual suicide is cultural appropriation" to "you having persistent suicidal thoughts at all is ablist appropriation of actual depressed people's lives, anyway!" Yeah. That's actually kind of why I suddenly fell into BBC RPF; for awhile there it was the only thing I could watch or read that didn't trigger severe liberal guilt spirals. (That's not why I'm still in to it, mind; the cure has mostly worked - I'm still into it because it's lovely and topical and gay, and US news is currently making me depressed for entirely different reasons.)

3. And for something completely different, here are Paul McDermott and Mark Trevorrow singing a duet of "Stop in the Name of Love" like the 'old show-biz pals' they are (complete with crotch-nuzzling), from Good News Week several weeks ago. You're welcome.
My first video embed ever! )

4. Oh, speaking of small punk-ish boys doing stagegay! Everybody is all excited about the new MCR shenanigans! And I am puzzling over why I can get into fandoms for everyone from slightly pathetic Australian comedians to Swiss figure-skaters to British wine critics but I remain largely uninterested in bandom, despite the fact that I *want* to like MCR. I think there are several factors, but the one I can't get past is that I can't listen to their music. :/ It's not that I dislike their music, it's just that there's something people can do with electric guitars that makes me filter all of their music out as mental static, and whatever it is, MCR does it a lot. I literally can't listen to it. And 90% of media interviews with celebrities of any sort trip my embarrassment squick. Bandom has its own canonical term for embarrassment squick, which is one of many reasons I want to like it. But if I can't do the interviews or the music, it makes it very difficult to get more into the fandom than just reading the more highly-recced crackfic.

...in summary, you should all read River Rats by Caroline Stevermer, and then we all can write book-based cheerfully post-apocalyptic rockstar gutterpunk epics instead, and I won't have to listen to the music. ^_^ (Although Loitering With Intent I can actually listen to! Though probably not the River Rats' cover. I should totally throw together a River Rats fanmix. With nanananananana in it, yes, I'll just have to skip that track.)

5. I watched Hot Fuzz last night! Only a few years after everybody else was over it! Okay, I sort of get the Simon Pegg & Nick Frost thing now, although I also need more Bill Bailey. (Good thing he was just on QI!) And I kind of want to watch it again :D (And, wow, it is really obvious which scenes were originally written for a female love interest.) Please tell me somebody has written crossover fic about Nicholas Angel and Sam Tyler? I mean, it must exist, right? I just haven't been looking for it the right way?

6. I need to stay firm. My yuletide requests are Miss Madelyn Mack, A Night In the Lonesome October, Their Majesties' Bucketeers, and Hodgmanverse; I decided than months ago. NOBODY LET ME CHANGE MY MIND.

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October 6th, 2008 11:55 pm - Specially meme-scented entry!
So I have been trying not to get to emotionally involved with the politics (though I still want to do that "Sarah Palin or TGP: Who Is More Qualified?" point-by-point comparison), but I have been following fivethirtyeight.com pretty closely. And OMG, if Obama takes the South? That will be not only win, it'll be the most important thing to happen in American politics in my *lifetime*.

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your blog.

[journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust gave me "D".
...I had a list of twenty-five characters to pick from, and that was before I checked my notes. So, um, have the short list as meme x 3.

And hey, while I'm at it, why not give me two numbers between 1 and 15 and I'll write you a comment-fic where those two characters meet. :D (Random or calculated, I don't even care.)

Five Large Fandoms )

Five Small Fandoms )

Five Nonexistent Fandoms )

...Yeah, I should probably stop there. Even if it means I have to leave out David Starr, and Mike Doonesbury, and Dick and Dorothea (the D's), and Diana Fowley, and Dick Grayson**, and Dickon Sowerby**, and Daystar, and Death**, and Doli the Dwarf, and ....

(** marks characters I have either written in fic or tried to write.)

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September 6th, 2008 11:46 pm
So my newest Early Review book for LibraryThing is The Art Of Darkness, about undercover work; and there's been all this talk about the far north lately; and I had a whole bag of mending to do, and needed something to watch. So (as could be clearly deduced from that list of circumstances) I pulled out the tape I got at con.txt of the dueSouth pilot.

Several things:

No amount of fanfic, icons, picspam, or squee posts can possibly prepare you for just how indescribably, irrepressible-grin-inducingly cute Constable Fraser is.

No amount of fanfic can prepare you for how *bad* Ray's fashion sense is. I am more convinced than ever that he's actually a Time Lord. (Though another thing that fanfic hadn't conveyed is that Ray is apparently already doing primarily undercover work, which does make that whole two-Rays thing make a lot more sense without having to bring in regeneration.)

(Ray is also indescribably cute. And Dief is a much better actor than I was expecting him to be. Remember when I was talking about watching Old!Who, and it's like being a historian who's heard all the myths and read all the theories, who gets a chance to actually *be there* and *see it happen* and it's so much more amazingly amazing than any reconstruction? Yeah, like that.)

Also, this song will *get stuck in your head*.

Undercover book is also making me really want fic exploring the Master's tendency to go into deep cover at the slightest pretext. And making me want to re-read A Howling In The Factory Yard, again, but, y'know, that's kind of a given.)

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August 10th, 2008 09:27 pm - I HAS A PUPPY!
... by which I mean, I'm currently running Puppy Linux 4.0 from a boot cd over my ancient Red Hat install, which means I can still access all my old files, but I can do stuff like watch youtube videos! get files off my camera! put mp3s on my mp3 player! edit things in googledocs! Use my Wacom tablet!

I'm even kinda confident that I'll get xsane to do stuff before too much longer! Go me. Go puppy!

(Puppy is a tiny version of linux that is designed to be booted off of a CD and then run entirely in RAM, so you can use it without having to do anything to your current computer setup - use it as your primary OS, since it can save session files on an HD partition without interfering with your installed OS at all, in any way.

...and OMG, it is *so painless* compared to my old linux install. It's like magic!

Not that it's *entirely* painless, given I spent all day trying to get it running right and working with my hardware and files. One could also argue whether it was worth spending the time messing with Puppy as opposed to just backing up and installing a whole new OS. But the benefit of doing it this way is that a) I knew that whatever happened, I'd still have at least one mostly-working computer, and b) I now have a working Puppy boot disk that I can use in any computer that reads CDs. I'm tempted to burn another one to put in my in-case-of-apocalypse go-bag...)

Now I have a headache and am entirely sick of messing with computer and don't feel like catching up on all the computer stuff I couldn't do before. I go to sit in bed with eyes closed for awhile.

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July 4th, 2008 12:15 am - TIEMCAEK!
[journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust made me TIEMCAEK! Because she knows I want it.
(He's off by a month and a half as well as several years, mind you, but I suppose that's to be expected.)

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November 14th, 2007 07:32 pm
In exchange for killing my back carrying longboxes on Monday, I am now in possession of "Diana Prince: Wonder Woman #202", featuring the white jumpsuit and Catwoman, written by Samuel R. Delany and guest-starring Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

I can't decide which part of that sentence is awesomest, there is so much awesome in it.

(I also pulled out #203 while I was at it, because it is a "special women's lib issue". I tremble in anticipation.)

Will I post scans? I don't know! Do you know? Maybe I will liveblog it as I read!

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September 21st, 2007 09:19 pm - I can has Torchwood nao?
Oh Jack, how I have missed you!

Also: Why did nobody *tell* me that the Master was *CADFAEL*?

More importantly, why is nobody writing lots and lots of excellent fanfic about Cadfael!Master??
If everybody can pretend Simm!Master aten't dead, I don't see why we can't do the same for Cadfael. Just change the timing a teeny, tiny bit and nobody has to die. D:

Or, y'know, he has a whole *lifetime* there to play in. And since the chameleon circuit makes false memories, who's to say he stayed human the whole time? There's endless places you could go with that, and by Rassilon, I want to know what grandfatherly!Master would've been like.

Oh, oh, oh, you know what would be the most excellent thing ever? Cadfael!Master/Hartnell!Doctor. Mmmmmmmmm. There's got to be some way to work that.

(note: I have somehow managed to stay unspoiled as to how Jack and Martha & etcetera escape from the end of time with no Tardis. So I might as well stay unspoiled 'till next week, please.)

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August 29th, 2007 11:09 pm - Science Is Golden
Movie night tonight was "Flesh Gordon".

It is an excellent movie. Not that it's, y'know, good, in any conventional way, but the people making it went in knowing *exactly* what they wanted to create, and they created it *perfectly*.

And - okay, this is going to sound very silly - but it felt more *real* than a lot of other SF movies, because really, it was the first movie I've ever seen where the alien culture *didn't* adhere to modern Western standards of modesty, and all of the wink-nudge subtext got to be actual text. It was just so .. refreshing, in a worldbuilding sense, to finally get to see flesh instead of artful drapery.

Plus, the plot actually hung together a lot *better* than any other SF film I've seen with a similar effects budget. Better than a lot of SF films that actually *do* have an effects budget. (...and I may have let out an embarrassing squee noise when I saw Bjo Trimble's name in the credits.) Really, a spot-on parody, the kind you can only manage by both mocking the conventions of the original and *doing them better*.

(It doesn't hurt, of course, that it was basically what you'd get if you filmed many of my favorite fanfics.)

(Oh, who am I kidding: I just want to see Colonel Sheppard hook up with Prince Precious (for justice!) while Dr. McKay slaves away in the laboratory and Teyla leads the Amazon army to freedom and Atlantis writhes under the cruel effects of the Sex Rays.)

(...Matt said the movie reminded him of Torchwood. I approve of this comment.)

(...Anyone up for a Flesh Gordon crossover ficathon? At the very least I may have to request Flesh/Precious for yuletide this year. Although if we did a fest I could totally even figure out how to rip it to avi, since [journalfen.net profile] kyabetsu loaned me the DVD.)

(she loaned it to me for iconing purposes, but I ought to wait on that till I finish with Tek Jansen. ...who also needs to land on Planet Porno, come to think of it ... so you'll have to make do with the '70s soft porn icon I already had uploaded.)

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November 7th, 2003 10:18 pm - If I can't squee boringly here, what is it for?
Re: New PoA pictures everyone is fussing about:

Goyle is still the cutest! HAHAHAHA, take that, you ferret-lovers!

Re: New RotK pictures everyone is fussing about:

Sam! Sting! *melts into puddle of greenish ichor*

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