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interrobang studios
October 30th, 2010 09:43 pm - That. Was. Awesome.
...although to be honest I would have seriously considered going just so I could jump for Adam and Jamie. :D

Some notes from the Rally, mostly covering things that wouldn't have shown up on the TV coverage:

Some random notes on the Rally )

Anyway: Jon and Stephen live are adorbs. I hope Mitchell and Brooker are that adorable when they get their live show. And are forced to sing just as much.

12 photos, mostly crowd shots )

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cat and baby bird

This is a picture of my sister's cat Bingley, on one side of the screen on the screen porch. On the other side of the screen on the screenporch, and by "on the other side" I mean they are both practically touching it, is a rather young baby bird that can't quite fly yet.

This situation has been ongoing for about half an hour now, up and down the front of the porch. The baby bird either realizes Bingley can't get to it and is being gratuitously cruel to her, or genuinely thinks the cat is its mummy; it is not acting scared, it is acting bratty.

On the upside, Bingley has so far resisted the temptation to claw at the screen! \o/ Good kitty, I forgive you for puking where I would step in it barefoot last night.

(We are all out on the screenporch because after almost a week straight of 90°F+/35°C weather with humidity averaging 50%, even having a very well-designed, all-masonry house no longer quite cuts it.)

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June 13th, 2010 04:33 pm - Lean and Dangerous
I have been having a very Fortean sort of a week.

We went on a road trip out to Michigan, and there's something very Fortean in general about an American road trip; it doesn't help that the reading material I brought along was two books by Loren Coleman, including "Mysterious America". And then I actually wrote a thousand words or so of the Great American Werewolf Novel, which surprised me.

We came back by way of my sister's archeology field school in Boston, and while there, I saw three UFOs, and I also saw a real, honest-to-goodness pair of concealed shoes (and then embarrassed myself by regaling them all at length over supper about the history and folkore of concealed shoes, oops. I have settled myself so nicely into my current niche of people - RL and online - who are totally groovy about people who know things, and are enthusiastic about the knowing of things, that I've forgotten the knack of, you know, not spontaneously being Quite Interesting all over everything.)

Anyway, then, just this afternoon, a friend of a friend called me to tell me about how she's been hearing this weird hum, intermittently, when she's in houses in her neighborhood, and some of her neighbors can hear it and some can't, so as my good deed for the day, I sent her to the wikipedia page on The Hum.

...possibly this is the universe trying to tell me I should do something more than just idly wonder about the possibility of graduate school in folklore.

Anyway, that is not what you're interested. What you're interested in, obviously, is pictures of cats. so here are some pictures of cats. )
The cat above - aka Miss Georgiana Darcy - has decided that I am never to be out of her eyesight. I don't know why. But I thought I was done being creepily followed around by cats. At least this one leaves me alone on the toilet. And at night, where my bedroom is under the paws of her dear sister, Miss Caroline Bingley, who perches on the one square foot of clear space on my top bunk and surveys her domain.

*Well, they *were* unidentified objects. Until one of them landed at the dig site, and several of the students braved life and limb (and stinging nettles) to haul it back to camp, and it turned out to be an elementary school class project. Still kind of weird and creepy looking though. :D

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February 6th, 2010 07:03 pm - Snow!
So, as I do live in, you know, the place that has just broken about half of their all-time snow records, we were without power for about twelve hours today, and we're now hoping it will stay on.

I was expecting that when I got back online you would be flooded with snow pictures and sick of them! But no, there hasn't even been anything on [livejournal.com profile] urban_nature. So you get to look at mine.

We got very close to exactly 24 inches before it stopped in late afternoon, as near as I can tell, though it's drifted as high as three feet in a lot of places. The landscape passed Thomas Kinkade levels of threat quite a while ago and is now well in to what can only be described as Seussian.

*Nice* snow-fort making conditions, too. I think we may be attempting to build a full-domed snow shelter tomorrow if the freeze holds like it's meant to. Today was half shoveling and half just wandering around marveling at things.

20 photos under cut + 2 more )

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January 11th, 2009 10:55 pm - Photos post
Part two of copying my sister's post: photo update.

I haven't taken many for awhile, because my camera is only partly working. And the bits that seem to be really going bad (as opposed to just needing to be smacked around a bit to behave) are the lighting adjustment and the flash, so a lot of these needed a fair amound of futzing after I got them on the computer, and are still slightly pink, but they came out suprisingly okay for all that.

Also, I decided to play with Flickr as my host: I've had an account for years, because it's the default on LT, and doing it through my webspace has gotten substantially more annoying since they made it impossible to see directory indexes on the web. So you can see all these pictures at my flickr account, with slightly different descriptions and more image sizes.

Colonial Williamsburg, cute puppies and kitties, and Native American sites in Ohio. )

The reason I decided I want to go see the mounds again was that I was going to continue my yuletide story by having Jane and Lambert (of the College of Magics books) autocamping down the National Road and visiting moundbuilder/Fort Ancient religious sites along the way, learning about how Native Americans did their own sort of magic within North, South, East, and West. But as usual I got distracted by the fun of doing the historical research and only got the first bit of the story written. I bought a book at Hopewell Culture National Park, though, Mysteries of the Hopewell: Astronomers, Geometers, and Magicians, which should be excellently helpful if I ever *do* write the story about European magic meets the Moundbuilders.


November 1st, 2006 06:30 pm - lekku
I seem to have come down with some variety of dreaded lurgy over the past few days. The main symptoms are an all-expenses-paid grand tour of all the known varieties of runny nose, and an intermittent cough of the sort that leads to pulled muscles if it goes on long enough. The most annoying of the symptoms, however, is way it's making me feel as if I've moved to a planet with twice the gravity of Earth's and it's too much work to move. Bah. At least the weather's been nice the past few days.

And I was feeling very up last night, so possibly unwisely I went trick-or-treating with the costume group that [livejournal.com profile] enemy_anime put together (and did most of the work on!) There are pictures here, here, here, here and here so far, from the three days we dressed up, links to be kept updated as people post their pictures. (I didn't have my camera around, so I haven't any pictures of my own to post, alas.) I'm the one who matches my icon. (head-tails ftw!) We got lots and lots of candy and had lots and lots of fun and were total and utter *geeks* and it was awesome. Too bad I'm too oogy right now to even feel like eating my chocolate.

(Also by last night I was so dead that the idea of chronicling the adventures of the brainship OA-1320 (Anakin as shellperson and Obi-wan as brawn, of course), roaming the galaxy as troubleshooters attached to the diplomatic service, actually seemed like a *good* one. yaar. Possibly this is the result of all the cripple cracks we were making because the person in the Vader suit was half blind, half deaf, and had limited mobility - hooray Spam in a Can!)

Anyway, before that was spending all my spare time helping him finish making the costumes, and right now, I feel like just curling up on the sofa and sleeping for three days.

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October 30th, 2006 07:36 pm - NaNo planning!
Okay, Mom's watching CHUCK NORRIS on the Hallmark Channel, and they just aired a commercial for a
Special TV Event rom com about the stresses involved in writing an *entire novel* in only 30 days.

I just ... what?

But I did say I'd post to this filter a few days ago. And then I came down with a sudden case of Jedi nights, and didn't make the time for it.

So meanwhile, I've been waiting for NaNo to start with bated breath, and needed something to occupy me in the meanwhile. Something that involved thinking about my story, but not thinking about it *too* hard, because thinking about a story too much gives me writer's block. I know that some writers like to cast their stories with pictures of actors or random shots off the internet, but I've never really done that for two reasons. First, I find staring at bunches of pictures of actors to be *very boring*. Secondly, my imagination isn't really all that photographic. My characters don't look like actors, they're people, and like the people I know in real life, my mental images of them has more to do with emotional colorings and non-visual impressions than it does with what they are visually. But by that same token, I know I need to get better at putting the solid sensory impressions into what I write, and figuring out how those mental shapes translate into appearance (even, perhaps especially, with a story where most of the characters are psychic to some degree or another.)

So I cast them with Impressionist paintings instead. :P And post-Impressionists. And Expressionists. And Cubists, Modernists, Symbolists ... basically if it was painted between 1870 and 1970 and wasn't Realist it was fair game. (This is SF. Realism is so passé.)

Actually, these aren't even the characters: the character list was too long to code on a night when I still have homework. So instead, I have portraits of nine planets. Nine small images under the cut. )

These are, as of now, some of the more important planets to the story. Mind you, I don't promise to write about all of them. Or only them. And they may not actually wind up looking like they look here. Because tying myself down to a list gives me writer's block.

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August 31st, 2006 02:38 pm - Cryptozoological Note
Tell me that this picture ) which I photographed at the train station this morning, does not look exactly like the greater tree squid. It was even more obvious in real life; I could watch it tossing its limbs around in the wind.

But I thought arboreal cephalopods in the US were restricted to the Pacific Northwest. Are we getting invasives coming north with the longer hurricane seasons and global warming?

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August 20th, 2006 09:24 pm - some people started hiking it not knowing what it was
Best of the pictures from the day hike on the Appalachian Trail yesterday are up here, with bonus pictures of me looking goofy and Mom and sister looking goofy in order to make up an even 24 pictures, like you used to get on an actual roll of film.

Will possibly put up pictures of the rest of the weekend, and maybe even explicatory text, later. Or not -I'm tired, and will be fairly busy unil we leave for a week's trip on Wed., after which the new semester starts already. Maybe I'll just link to sister's.

Meanwhile am reading Home in Your Pack, drooling over pictures of backpacking hammocks, and dreaming. Oh, also trying to keep my legs from falling off.

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July 22nd, 2006 02:24 pm - Light-Painting for beginners!
Or as [livejournal.com profile] shinyhappygoth would say, BOOM!

Fireworks pictures from the show after the baseball game last night. Some of these came out really, really, well. So beautiful. Thumbnailed, and resized to 600X400ish, so should not be too bad on slow connections.

(I still don't have the ones from the 4th up anywhere, but honestly, these came out better anyway. q:)

(Also, the Baysox are *awful* No, really. Charlie Brown's team plays better. It was a very silly game.)

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June 13th, 2006 01:10 am - dresses
Okay, so Con.txt is this upcoming weekend already. And I'm going, probably by way of the metro, which means I'll be hauling a huge backpack around all day, with a Gryffindor logo on it, if anyone wants to find me. (How so soon? Ahh!) And on Friday night there's a theme dance, theme: the 70s. And I can't decide between two outfits. Help?

The dress that's actually a few years too old to be the 1970s, but I really want an excuse to wear it in public while it still fits me like a glove. )

The dress that *is* from the 1970s. 1976, to be exact. And is very very fun to wear and dance in. )

They're neither of them in terribly good condition and require some seam-reinforcing and ironing if I'm going to wear them for more than just dress-up clothes. Mom has also repeatedly tried to give me a "hand-crocheted vest and miniskirt set, you can't get more 70s than that, you could even wear the clown shirt with it!" Which, just. Um.

[Poll #747069]

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March 6th, 2006 07:41 pm - i just keep it for the ticks.
Yay, sister blogged so I don't have to!
Two pictures of me from our walk by the river: In Which I am a Dryad; In Which I am a Nazgul.
Other pictures from Saturday are up at her scrapbook, here. Don't follow the link in her entry, it is wrong, wrong, wrong! q-: I have some more pictures from the train ride down to her place; I may get around to putting them up eventually.

Let's see. In other news, I am still three days behind in my Lent reading, and did not entirely succeed in keeping the laptop closed today (although I *mostly* suceeded;) I only got home fifteen minutes ago and have two short essays to write for tomorrow; and on the ride home this afternoon, the sword&sorcery NaNo novel I started for my first time - three years ago - the one where each of the main characters is more gender-confused than the last - suddenly returned and started eating my brain.

And now I apparently have to eat my dinner before it gets cold, go down by the fire where it's warm, and
prepare to watch [livejournal.com profile] stellar_dust's imaginary boyfriend. My life is so hard.

ETA: Okay, tonight's Digging for the Truth was actually pretty darn good. It probably helps that I have long had a massive geek-crush on Teotihuacan, though. And I now *desperately* want to find some actual evidence that BSG's Pyramid/Triad is related to the ball game. I have believed this since I first saw a Pyramid court, I just don't have anything to back up my instinctual conviction. Possibly because the continuity of Pyramid is even more bollixed up than the continuity of Sabacc. (Okay, apparently the original game of Triad has some clear resemblance to the post-classical ball game. I should make my sister loan me her tape of that episode, since I already borrowed-without-permission her copy of the Popul Vuh.)

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June 28th, 2005 04:16 pm - Always Coming Home
Oh my mythical divinities: the Pobble was actually a Chinese Imperial Dragon! This explains *so much*.

(I have, somewhere in my closet, several pages of Mary-Sue Pobble fanfic that I wrote in high school. With, of course, cameos by the Dong and the Jumblies and the Yonghy-bongy-bo and the Quangle-Wangle and a few others. But the Pobble's toes were the point of it all. Unfortunately, it was written in Shavian [not to be confused with Shaverian, of course,] so I haven't read it over since. [Like Tengwar and Runic, even at my best I could write Shavian but not read it.])

Um. So, yes, we've been home again since Sunday Night, and no, I have not spent all the intervening time doing research for fanfic about Lord Yu. Haven't.

(And despite the fact that [livejournal.com profile] stellar_dust wasn't quite l33t enough to get excited about the Pobble revelation, I'm still amused that she came down and saw me sitting by my computer with Dad's much-annotated copy of the Tao te Ching, "The Tao of Physics", "The Way of Zen", and "The Living Thoughts of Confucius", and immediately said, "Have fun writing your fanfic, then!" Of course it helped that we watched Stargate Monday together last night, with bonus Slaveboy!Daniel. And that I had borrowed Mom's copy of the Book of Mormon last night, for BSG background reading.)

Right. Beach trip. Didn't take many pictures, and they're mostly not very vacation-y, but they're up. The folks we were with considered themselves locals, which made me feel self-conscious about doing the tourist-with-camera thing. Which is kind of good, because it made me tamp the memories down more firmly in other ways. It seems like the more pictures I take, the less I feel the need to internalize the trip otherwise, so for the last few trips I have an (unfinished) photoblog and not much else. For this I wrote one good long journal entry and made an ... artwork ... about the experience (which Brother Dan insisted on showing off to *everybody* in the vicinity, including random passers-by, which, yeah. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be nice to get more involved in consensus reality, but then again, there's lots more sweetness and fun over on this side of the weirdness barrier, if one is willing to do the extra work. Anyway, the "art" got left at the beach house, but is supposedly being mailed here, so maybe I'll show it to ya'll later if you're good.) It would have been nice, though, if I'd gotten a few pictures of the people we were there with, since we don't seem them but hardly ever anymore.

(And yes, photos from the last couple trips are still maybe going to go up sometime. Maybe I'll get Katy to put in some Buffy and work on that 'till we have to head to church.)

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