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interrobang studios
January 18th, 2014 09:23 pm
There's a thing going around tumblr about posting about "Ten books that have stayed with you in some way over your life", and everybody else was sharing their shame, so I thought I'd join in.

(okay I'm not actually ashamed about any of these, sorry.)

There are many more than ten, but in no particular order, the first ten I thought of:

Mostly kids' books as one would expect. )

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March 29th, 2011 01:37 pm - This is what the inside of my head is like all the time.
List of fic I am not currently writing, no, absolutely not:

"Four times it wasn't Harry, and one time it was":
1. Wherein Herewiss s'Hearn and Sunspark go through a Door looking for other men who have the Fire, and meet Harry Dresden and Bob the Air Elemental instead, and there is a lot of playing around with Soulfire/Flame and annoying of Wardens and Wardresses (and possibly setting buildings on fire. Or sex.)
2. Wherein Howell Jenkins is trying to visit Wales but winds up somewhere under Edinburgh instead, and gets help from a certain Warden in staying under the Council's radar.
3. Wherein Har of Osterland, searching for a rumor of a shadow of Suth, instead meets a strange wizard of winter's ice in the Northern Wastes and plays a riddle-game with him.
4. Wherein the enchanter Sir Harold Shea is visiting Queen Mab and Queen Titania as an emissary of Queen Gloriana, and provides a much-needed dose of scientific rationality and clinical psychiatry to everyone involved.
5. Wherein Harry Callahan is never letting Dairine do a transit spell for him ever again, Ways are walked, and parenting advice is exchanged.

"Five More Days In Paradise"
1. In which Kincaid and Murphy visit Hawaii on a working holiday, and bring Ivy along this time. Lots of things blow up, Detective Kelly remembers their last visit all too well, and Ivy makes a new friend and gets to swim with the dolphins.
2. In which Joe Dawson and Adam Pierson came to Hawaii for a quiet retirement, which seems slightly at odds with the mysterious headless bodies and localized lightning storms that 5-0 keeps hearing reported on their private beach.
3. In which Danny Williams refuses to believe there is a full-rigged pirate ship just offshore, even after Captain Jack Sparrow shanghais him onboard. (Well, for definitions of "shanghai" that involve Steve, flirting and a lot of rum.)
4. In which Danny is uncertain why it is 5-0 who are explaining why they're in Hawaii to a couple of Canadian cops, but the phrase "killers of his father" gets bandied around a lot.
5. In which Superboy meets Steve McGarrett. And territorial displays happen.

...on the plus side, I seem to be mostly out of my all-RPF phase for now.

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January 16th, 2011 02:56 pm - Top Gear Big Bang Poll
So, the old truism about how if you look for answers, you'll find them - just possibly to a different question - is proven once again. I went and finally read The Big Meow in order to "research" hardboiled fiction, and instead, I realized who I needed for my next ace manifesto: Rhiow, the ffeih manager of all the New York City worldgates.

The Big Meow, by the way, is not nearly as noir as that title implies, at least not so far, although their are hints it may move in that direction. The Big Meow is the third book in the Cat Wizards series, themed around '40s Hollywood and experimentally being written as a professional online serial, and it got as far as Chapter Eight before life happened to the author and it hasn't been updated in several years now, which leaves YW fandom in the interesting place of having an abandoned online WIP in their canon. And I know I have no right to talk about people leaving WIPs hanging, but I really really want it to be finished. Especially if she's going where it seems like she's going with ace Rhiow/Hwaith, within a noir context (Although more than I want it finished I just want some sign that dduane still knows where the internets is. :/ I never thought I'd see the day where Le Guin had a bigger online fandom presence than Duane.)

Speaking of leaving WIPS hanging! There's that Top Gear Big Bang I unwisely signed up for that I really do need to get moving on at this point. I'm only signed up for 10,000 words, and I've done 10,000 words before - in fact I have 10,000 of Top Gear WIP sitting on my hard drive right now - and yet I still am not holding my breath, because I have not *finished* anything over 10,000 words.

But I'm going to try anyway! I have started a thing of putting on Write or Die for 1,000 words every night before bed, and even if so far all I've written is Dresden Files idfic, who knows, I may actually manage some longer finished fiction this year.

I need to pick an idea to write for the Big Bang, though. So I'm putting it up for a vote. Feel free to vote for whichever one, even if a) I don't know you; b) you don't know me; c) you don't know Top Gear, or d) you have no intention of reading it regardless. I do not promise to abide by the poll numbers anyway ^_^

Poll #5644 Top Gear Big Bang Bunnies
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16

Which one?

View Answers

Continue "A Very Nice Shade of Blue," the Doctor Who crossover of doom.
8 (50.0%)

Finish the crossover prequel to VNSoB, "The Special Edition ATMOS Compilation DVD".
3 (18.8%)

Write the sequel to the James/Oz vampire AU crackfic.
2 (12.5%)

"The Secret Garage", the Secret Garden/Top Gear remix/fusion/AU/crossover thingy.
10 (62.5%)

Write the crack slavefic OT3 AU.
4 (25.0%)

Write the sequel to the d/S fic with Richard's collar from the anon meme.
1 (6.2%)

Finish the OT3 sexswap story from the other anon meme.
3 (18.8%)

Here are some more details about each story to help you make up your mind (and to help me get my thoughts straight.)

Story details & summaries )

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September 29th, 2010 09:59 pm - FANDOM NEWS NOW
1. If you want to know where I am in terms of fandom-ness at the moment, I did finally post a polished (and much abridged) version of The Guide To International Fake News (English-language edition) at [community profile] punditfic - that pretty much covers it. October approacheth with alacrity, which means new Have I Got News For You soon! Quite Interesting is back already! I am writing a Paul/Ian schoolboys AU! And there is a march on Washington to go to!

2. Also, I need to print out a copy of Balanced Conversationalist so that I can roll it up and be thwacked on the head with it when necessary. (I have actually been where liberal!Stephen is in that strip. Except I have gone past "ritual suicide is cultural appropriation" to "you having persistent suicidal thoughts at all is ablist appropriation of actual depressed people's lives, anyway!" Yeah. That's actually kind of why I suddenly fell into BBC RPF; for awhile there it was the only thing I could watch or read that didn't trigger severe liberal guilt spirals. (That's not why I'm still in to it, mind; the cure has mostly worked - I'm still into it because it's lovely and topical and gay, and US news is currently making me depressed for entirely different reasons.)

3. And for something completely different, here are Paul McDermott and Mark Trevorrow singing a duet of "Stop in the Name of Love" like the 'old show-biz pals' they are (complete with crotch-nuzzling), from Good News Week several weeks ago. You're welcome.
My first video embed ever! )

4. Oh, speaking of small punk-ish boys doing stagegay! Everybody is all excited about the new MCR shenanigans! And I am puzzling over why I can get into fandoms for everyone from slightly pathetic Australian comedians to Swiss figure-skaters to British wine critics but I remain largely uninterested in bandom, despite the fact that I *want* to like MCR. I think there are several factors, but the one I can't get past is that I can't listen to their music. :/ It's not that I dislike their music, it's just that there's something people can do with electric guitars that makes me filter all of their music out as mental static, and whatever it is, MCR does it a lot. I literally can't listen to it. And 90% of media interviews with celebrities of any sort trip my embarrassment squick. Bandom has its own canonical term for embarrassment squick, which is one of many reasons I want to like it. But if I can't do the interviews or the music, it makes it very difficult to get more into the fandom than just reading the more highly-recced crackfic.

...in summary, you should all read River Rats by Caroline Stevermer, and then we all can write book-based cheerfully post-apocalyptic rockstar gutterpunk epics instead, and I won't have to listen to the music. ^_^ (Although Loitering With Intent I can actually listen to! Though probably not the River Rats' cover. I should totally throw together a River Rats fanmix. With nanananananana in it, yes, I'll just have to skip that track.)

5. I watched Hot Fuzz last night! Only a few years after everybody else was over it! Okay, I sort of get the Simon Pegg & Nick Frost thing now, although I also need more Bill Bailey. (Good thing he was just on QI!) And I kind of want to watch it again :D (And, wow, it is really obvious which scenes were originally written for a female love interest.) Please tell me somebody has written crossover fic about Nicholas Angel and Sam Tyler? I mean, it must exist, right? I just haven't been looking for it the right way?

6. I need to stay firm. My yuletide requests are Miss Madelyn Mack, A Night In the Lonesome October, Their Majesties' Bucketeers, and Hodgmanverse; I decided than months ago. NOBODY LET ME CHANGE MY MIND.

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April 21st, 2009 12:25 am - Some things.
1. I posted a tutorial on how to set up an OpenID account on Journalfen to [community profile] getting_started, so if anyone has JF comments importd here that they'd like to eventually claim, they should mark it. ([community profile] metafandom is still linking to the draft version of the tutorial, but hopefully that will change.)

/me officially washes her hands of S2 forever.

2. /me has sauntered vaugely downward into the #dw irc channel. Curse you, Opera, why did you make that so easy?

If previous experience with IRC stands, I will stay in channel for about a week, and then get behind and never go back. But hEll bot is adorable.

3. [personal profile] damned_colonial posted this meme:
Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.
...and I told myself that the next time somebody I read posted it, I would do it. So:
local politics, regional soft drinks, spike jones, the primordial ass, crossovers, fleegix, and oracular pigs )

PS: Is anyone else getting an occasionally-recurring error when they try to preview from the web interface? I keep getting: [Error: Can't call method "imgtag" on unblessed reference at '/home/dw/current/htdocs/preview/entry.bml' line 106. @ dfw-web02]

Unblessed indeed, DW. Unblessed indeed.

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August 7th, 2008 10:23 pm
So, with lack of laptop, and possibly more relevantly, lack of any way to play pirate online video, I have been reading more actual printed books this week. And catching up on my LT reviews, which I was several months behind on.

I have been learning a lot!
For example: When one is pondering writing Miles Vorkosigan kidfic, do *not* read Gordon Korman novels.

Also, when one is pondering writing S4 Dr. Who crackfic, do not do NOT read books of old Charles Addams cartoons....


February 12th, 2008 03:16 pm - VOTE
So according to the election judge at our polling place, our vote for a presidential candidate and our votes for delegates are two separate votes that have no effect on each other - the winner of the popularity contest gets a certain number of delegates at the convention *along with* whatever delegates are elected by popular vote. This is actually a pretty interesting and rigorous system, according to the theory of votes; you can vote for as many candidates as you want, and vote for them *different amounts* depending on how much you like them; you can use your popularity contest vote for the person you like, and then vote strategically with the delegates.

... if the election judge was right. That is not exactly the impression I got from the official state party rules (given that the official rules confused the heck out of me) and all the laymans' explanations I've read or heard about two-part primaries claimed that one or the other of the two parts of the vote were non-binding.

Anyway, I made the judge laugh by explaining what I was hoping I could do (and by being so gleefully ultra-liberal at her!) and I ended up voting for Gravel in the popular vote, and voting my delegates 1/3 Clinton and 2/3 uncommitted, which is actually a pretty fair reflection on my feelings right now: I've been leaning toward Clinton because a) the people who are rabidly against her, 90% of the time, make me angry with their stupid; and b) I understand her, and feel like I can predict what she'll do, in a way I just don't think I can with Obama. But, hey, still mostly Gravel and 2/3 uncommitted. :P

So here's a democracy-themed multifandom fic rec set, in honor of the occasion. )

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December 28th, 2007 06:00 pm - Yuletide!!!!!
Have crawled out of the internet-less depths of the ancestral homestead to the happy land of wireless at the Troy City Library in order to finally get a chance to read my yuletide story

--and OMG, OMG, OMG, guys, it is *wonderful*: Tow Rope, Here Lies the Librarian, *perfection*. (And WWI aftermath. I can't wait for reveals - my author either did a lot of reading on what I like, or just happens to like the same things as me, and either way she is love.)

Now I have relatives waiting for us to emerge to go to dinner with them (despite my still being on the recovery end of the Traditional Holiday Food Poisoning - not so yay) and also I have 150 - no joke - tabs open with Yuletide stories, so I had better sign off before it turns into 300.

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August 11th, 2007 02:04 am - Look! Fanart of underage characters! Oh noes!
..thought I should actually throw some fanwork up here. I've been working on my inking skillz lately, and tonight at inking practice I was actually on a roll (for me) so I let myself ink something from my old sketchbook for last. It's amazing how much even an amateurish inking job can do for a crappy old drawing. :D

So this is supposed to be my two favorite Pinkwater characters, Rat from the Snarkout Boys and Alan Mendelsohn from Alan Mendelsohn. (I'm ... kind of a fan of his work. Kind of a lot.)

Read more... )

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August 8th, 2007 11:58 pm - But both movies scared the heck out of me.
I've had a choice the past few days (courtesy of [journalfen.net profile] kyabetsu) between Internet and A/C, and I picked the one that I absolutely needed in order to function.

(And no, that was not internets! Contrary to what some people might claim. :P)

...Okay, I'm usually all about suck it up, it's only 103 deg F in the shade and humidity 88%, nobody needs air conditioning, but I'm still getting over an infection, even the *basement* is too hot to do anything active in, and it was a choice between sit still with a wet cloth on my head or get stuff done.

So the mood theme actually has progress on it!

Also, one of my fellow pornish_pixies charter members has finally made a statement about the recent unpleasantness that I can wholeheartedly agree with (especially the title!): And if you haven't read Watership Down yet, why not? (Only unlike her, I think I've already found my Watership Down, and it's here. Okay, maybe less a Watership Down and more a Thorn Valley, but still. It has talking varmints, internal politics, and people with poison gas, so it's good enough for me.)

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October 13th, 2006 03:09 pm - British schoolboys FTW.
So, if I were to list Alex Rider as one of my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide wishes, is there *any* chance at all that anyone would write it for me, or do I have to wait until the movie comes out?

(I was substituting in a middle school today and finally got a chance to read Eagle Strike, which means I can finally read Scorpia over the weekend. And! Alex Rider is *so cool*! And why did Gregorovitch have to die! And, and, somebody needs to write about the clones! And!)

(Speaking of substituting today, what kind of evil parents would name an innocent kid Connor MacLeod? Poor, poor child.)

Oh, right! [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, the giant annual obscure fandom story exchange, is gearing up again! Everybody who writes fic should go join up!

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September 12th, 2006 07:08 pm - arrr.
Swallowdale arrived on Monday. Yay!

Although, still, every time somebody calls him "Mr. Turner" (instead of his *real* name), I hear it in Captain Barbossa's voice. (I'm half convinced that the name was a deliberate reference by the PotC folks. Hooray for James Turner, the (semi-)retired pirate!)

Meanwhile I re-read The Eagle of the Ninth. I'm trying to decide (for nefarious [livejournal.com profile] yuletide purposes. I recently realized that Alexios and Hilarion are about 90% of the reason I want to see Cam and John together as much as possible.) if all the books with the flawed emerald dolphin ring count as one series or as a loosely connected set of stories, or if just *some* of 'em are part of the official series. Also trying to decide if it's worth the trouble to try to work out the entire Aquila family tree.

And then I read what is probably the only long tEotN fanfic out there, The Centurion's Hound by Jay Tryfanstone, which is *very* good, though it probably would have been at least as good, if not better, without the explicit slash. It's not like Marcus and Esca could be any *more* in love, after all; and it's kind of a distraction from the important parts (like the ripping plot, and all the characters and how perfectly they fit together, and Flavian and Cub, and and and) and none of the actual canon has, as far as I can recall, so much as a kiss in it anywhere. Although it's been ages since I've read her grown-up stuff, and I think that did get kind of ... odd. Anyway, the other thing that bothered me about the fic was major spoilers for the ending of The Eagle of the Ninth )

Now to watch Bones House and watch for election results. And try to figure out the proper way to sew a pennant. And build a pirate bookpile for LT.

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December 6th, 2005 11:02 pm - Sad girl in snow
I also read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the other day, which was ehhh in all the ways I remember it being. People on the flist have been posting a lot of Narnia meta-links in the run-up to the last movie, and I greatly fear that I will have to re-read the whole series in order to write about the things that are wrong with Narnia that do not have to do with ham-handed Christian allegory that misses the point entirely, or post-feminists feeling guilty about sex. Pity me, who may have to struggle all the way through to the Last Battle just so I can write the rest of this story:

The Perils of Susan )

Yes, it's a silly crossover. Did you expect anything else? Upstairs in the typewriter is the beginning of the story where the Professor becomes the guardian of three unfortunate orphans, who find a weird wardrobe and travel through it, because what Narnia *really* needs is a good case of the Baudelaires.


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