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March 14th, 2015 09:26 pm - jupiter ascending
So I went to see Jupiter Ascending to celebrate Pi Day.


very vague spoilers under cut )

There are a bunch of ways I just expect a movie to betray me eventually and watching it is sort of like just counting down until the inevitable betrayal and this movie kept NOT DOING THAT. The internet had warned me about most of them so I was prepared to maybe not be betrayed in the standard ways? BUT NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT THE SCIENCE. NOBODY WARNED ME THAT THIS WAS A REALLY SMART MOVIE BY PEOPLE WHO REALLY LOVE THE "SCIENCE" IN SF AND TRUST THE AUDIENCE TO ALSO BE SMART. WHY DID YOU NOT WARN ME.

that was a really good choice to celebrate pi day.

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November 5th, 2012 04:20 pm - Dear Yuletide Letter (finally)
Hello yuletide people! Sorry this is a bit late - life happened (specifically an election on top of a post-tropical cyclone) so I haven't had much time to sit and think about fandom lately. Hopefully, if you got my request, you've looked back in this tag, and my journal, and have a pretty good idea of what writing for me will involve, but I thought I ought to put up a proper letter anyway!

First, the general stuff: I am not a picky person, I like all kinds of fanfic and all kinds of pairings and moresomes and genres and kinks and experimental narrative styles and all kinds of stories. If it's not something I specifically mentioned as not wanting, I will probably love it! I love crossovers - even if I don't know all the fandoms - so if you're inspired along those lines, go wild - and I enjoy strange AUs, especially for small fandoms, so that would be fine too! The old list of narrative kinks still applies, and while I will probably be throwing out a bunch of ideas and prompts in the rest of this letter, don't feel obligated to use any of them; any story will be great.

As is also traditional, I will probably be away from the internet a lot in the week after reveals; I will try to feedback as soon as I can, but if my initial response is late or overly terse, it's not about your story, it's about my limited connection time, I promise.

Onto specific fandoms! I decided to go for four different media this time: video game, movie, song, book. But don't worry - they're all fairly easy to pick up and none of them have a lot of canon, so if our matched fandom is puzzling you, you're welcome to try one of the others.

Commander Keen )

Snarkout Boys )

Citizen Kane )

Jonathan Coulton - I'm Your Moon )

Essentially: I am not picky when it comes to yuletide stories.

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October 29th, 2012 01:07 pm - yuletide
I just put in my yuletide sign-up just in case my access to power goes patchy! Writer, I don't have a letter written yet; I hope to have one up by the time assignments go out, but if not, it is due to circumstances beyond my control. Looking back through the yuletide tag should give you a pretty good idea of what writing for me is like, though!

copy of my signup if anyone is curious: Commander Keen, Citizen Kane, I'm Your Moon, Snarkout Boys )

And I ended up with 108 offers. :D

I also went through and figured out how I'm voting, so if anybody wants my opinions on any of the items on the Anne Arundel County MD ballot, you have until I lose power to ask.

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September 29th, 2010 09:59 pm - FANDOM NEWS NOW
1. If you want to know where I am in terms of fandom-ness at the moment, I did finally post a polished (and much abridged) version of The Guide To International Fake News (English-language edition) at [community profile] punditfic - that pretty much covers it. October approacheth with alacrity, which means new Have I Got News For You soon! Quite Interesting is back already! I am writing a Paul/Ian schoolboys AU! And there is a march on Washington to go to!

2. Also, I need to print out a copy of Balanced Conversationalist so that I can roll it up and be thwacked on the head with it when necessary. (I have actually been where liberal!Stephen is in that strip. Except I have gone past "ritual suicide is cultural appropriation" to "you having persistent suicidal thoughts at all is ablist appropriation of actual depressed people's lives, anyway!" Yeah. That's actually kind of why I suddenly fell into BBC RPF; for awhile there it was the only thing I could watch or read that didn't trigger severe liberal guilt spirals. (That's not why I'm still in to it, mind; the cure has mostly worked - I'm still into it because it's lovely and topical and gay, and US news is currently making me depressed for entirely different reasons.)

3. And for something completely different, here are Paul McDermott and Mark Trevorrow singing a duet of "Stop in the Name of Love" like the 'old show-biz pals' they are (complete with crotch-nuzzling), from Good News Week several weeks ago. You're welcome.
My first video embed ever! )

4. Oh, speaking of small punk-ish boys doing stagegay! Everybody is all excited about the new MCR shenanigans! And I am puzzling over why I can get into fandoms for everyone from slightly pathetic Australian comedians to Swiss figure-skaters to British wine critics but I remain largely uninterested in bandom, despite the fact that I *want* to like MCR. I think there are several factors, but the one I can't get past is that I can't listen to their music. :/ It's not that I dislike their music, it's just that there's something people can do with electric guitars that makes me filter all of their music out as mental static, and whatever it is, MCR does it a lot. I literally can't listen to it. And 90% of media interviews with celebrities of any sort trip my embarrassment squick. Bandom has its own canonical term for embarrassment squick, which is one of many reasons I want to like it. But if I can't do the interviews or the music, it makes it very difficult to get more into the fandom than just reading the more highly-recced crackfic.

...in summary, you should all read River Rats by Caroline Stevermer, and then we all can write book-based cheerfully post-apocalyptic rockstar gutterpunk epics instead, and I won't have to listen to the music. ^_^ (Although Loitering With Intent I can actually listen to! Though probably not the River Rats' cover. I should totally throw together a River Rats fanmix. With nanananananana in it, yes, I'll just have to skip that track.)

5. I watched Hot Fuzz last night! Only a few years after everybody else was over it! Okay, I sort of get the Simon Pegg & Nick Frost thing now, although I also need more Bill Bailey. (Good thing he was just on QI!) And I kind of want to watch it again :D (And, wow, it is really obvious which scenes were originally written for a female love interest.) Please tell me somebody has written crossover fic about Nicholas Angel and Sam Tyler? I mean, it must exist, right? I just haven't been looking for it the right way?

6. I need to stay firm. My yuletide requests are Miss Madelyn Mack, A Night In the Lonesome October, Their Majesties' Bucketeers, and Hodgmanverse; I decided than months ago. NOBODY LET ME CHANGE MY MIND.

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July 20th, 2008 02:44 am - How the new Batman movie should have ended.
spoilers, obviously. )

Other than that, the only thing wrong with the movie was too many action scenes, and too little Bruce Wayne hanging around in jeans and a Henley, snarking at Alfred and doing engineer-y and CEO-y stuff. So I should probably just go see Iron Man already.

Also someone needs to come up with an excuse to get Lucius Fox in an Iron Man suit.

And Katie Holmes looks way too much like Princess Leia.


February 24th, 2008 12:29 am - TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" = Love.

(By which I mean of course, Rex Harrison as Captain Gregg is smoking hot.)

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October 20th, 2007 10:14 pm - YULETIDE.
Dear poor person who got my Yuletide requests,

Someone this year suggested that the best way to do this letter was to just talk about why you love these fandoms, and I think that's an excellent idea. Plus, it means I have an excuse to gush over some tiny fandoms that I love, and any chance at that, I take. So this is unforgiveably long and very, very gushy.

I'll start off by repeating from last year that I'll love anything you do, and don't fret too much over the details I requested, or trying to sound like canon. My tastes in fic are very broad. If you're interested in the kind of stories I go for, I suggest looking at the bunnies tag on this journal, or at my del.icio.us account. As they should demonstrate, I like gen stories, 'ships, and sex scenes of all kinds, am fond of both the drippiest romances and the driest experimental prose, adore crack and strange AUs (as long as the characters are recognizable) and will read crossovers even if I don't know half the characters, but also love stories that seamlessly build out of canon. Please, wherever your heart leads you, go wild.

Also, please don't let this letter intimidate you in any way, and feel free to skip the rest of it if you're already scared of me; I swear I will squee madly at anything you write, as long as it's in the fandom. And none of them have much in the way of canon, so if you'd like to try one you didn't already know, that would be full of win.

About the fandoms: Don't click on the cut if you think hearing more from me will make you nervous - this is very, very long, full of squee, and not at all necessary to know to make me deliriously happy. But if you want more ideas, or help narrowing them down... )

And just to re-iterate: I LOVE THESE STORIES. Anything at all that continues them, builds on them, talks about them, expands them, deepens them, reshapes them, or anything else your heart desires, will make me happy as long as it is also full of love for one of these fandoms.

And thank you so much for writing for me.

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August 29th, 2007 11:09 pm - Science Is Golden
Movie night tonight was "Flesh Gordon".

It is an excellent movie. Not that it's, y'know, good, in any conventional way, but the people making it went in knowing *exactly* what they wanted to create, and they created it *perfectly*.

And - okay, this is going to sound very silly - but it felt more *real* than a lot of other SF movies, because really, it was the first movie I've ever seen where the alien culture *didn't* adhere to modern Western standards of modesty, and all of the wink-nudge subtext got to be actual text. It was just so .. refreshing, in a worldbuilding sense, to finally get to see flesh instead of artful drapery.

Plus, the plot actually hung together a lot *better* than any other SF film I've seen with a similar effects budget. Better than a lot of SF films that actually *do* have an effects budget. (...and I may have let out an embarrassing squee noise when I saw Bjo Trimble's name in the credits.) Really, a spot-on parody, the kind you can only manage by both mocking the conventions of the original and *doing them better*.

(It doesn't hurt, of course, that it was basically what you'd get if you filmed many of my favorite fanfics.)

(Oh, who am I kidding: I just want to see Colonel Sheppard hook up with Prince Precious (for justice!) while Dr. McKay slaves away in the laboratory and Teyla leads the Amazon army to freedom and Atlantis writhes under the cruel effects of the Sex Rays.)

(...Matt said the movie reminded him of Torchwood. I approve of this comment.)

(...Anyone up for a Flesh Gordon crossover ficathon? At the very least I may have to request Flesh/Precious for yuletide this year. Although if we did a fest I could totally even figure out how to rip it to avi, since [journalfen.net profile] kyabetsu loaned me the DVD.)

(she loaned it to me for iconing purposes, but I ought to wait on that till I finish with Tek Jansen. ...who also needs to land on Planet Porno, come to think of it ... so you'll have to make do with the '70s soft porn icon I already had uploaded.)

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August 23rd, 2007 12:53 am - wah-WAH-wah
Tonight, we watched "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". It is the second time he has had a classic Western as movie night; after what we did to this movie and The Searchers I'm beginning to fear he'll stop letting us see them. :D

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" is one of those stories (like Sandman) where a character's label is the opposite of what they do. Tuco (the Ugly) is the only remotely likeable character in the film. Angeleyes (the Bad) is the only character with even an inkling of a sense of honor. And Blondie (the Good) is a total douche.

He's not even an *interesting* douche, like John Wayne was: he's just a douche.

Although there totally needs to be (and I swear to God, for once I wasn't the one who thought of this. It wasn't even one of the slash-getting crowd; it was one of the manly men with us, but there still totally needs to be) Blondie/Tuco breathplay porn. Please tell me this exists, so I don't have to invent it!

Mind you, in terms of craft, it's a great movie, and clearly beloved by the folks who did PotC, so I'm glad it exists. A modern woman just eventually reaches the state of consciousness where she has to start cracking snark and laughing. And counting the number of men who have had their lips around Clint Eastwood's cigar.

(seriously. The shot where Blondie and Tuco are having yet another staring contest, and then suddenly it cuts to close-ups of them running their hands slowly along their inner thighs? I'm sure it had some kind of manly man meaning, but hard as I tried I couldn't not make little slashy sporfle noises. Continuously, for about five minutes.)

Clint Eastwood cuddled a kitten though. ^_

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February 14th, 2006 06:38 pm - FIC: Boston Legal: "Lawyers at 30,000 Feet"
Title: Lawyers at 30,000 Feet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] melannen
Warnings, etc: Gen, Denny&Alan, ~2,000 words. Crossover, of a sort, if you're *insane*, like I am. Definitely crack.
Notes: This is me, writing without a net. Which is to say that at the time I wrote this story, I had seen all of two episodes of Boston Legal (Having seen several more episodes now, I have to say that the characterization holds up frighteningly well.) And I did *zero* background research on any of the real-world parts of this, it is most likely tragically wrong. On the other hand, I was *really* up on canon for the other TV show that's involved, since I wrote this late New Year's Eve after my uncle had had the Sci-Fi Channel marathon on *all day*. So it's really not my fault - I plead not guilty due to diminished capacity. And on the other hand, I've proven that I have an unhealthy grasp of William Shatner trivia. q-:

Look there, Alan! )

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January 4th, 2005 10:30 pm - dance by the light of the moon
it's a wonderful unlife )

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May 7th, 2004 04:47 pm - Sands!
I can't believe nobody else has done this yet. Seriously. I've lost my faith in slashdom again. (Crossover. Set several years pre-movie, season sevenish or eightish)

I was just wondering if I could borrow it. Since you kind of shot mine up. )

Bloody britishisms. *stabs*.

Pre-movie, during Book 4:

limp black hair and an oversize T-shirt that said 'Let Me Show You My Magic Wand' )

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April 4th, 2004 01:39 am - Highlander fic. Ignore.
This is how we laugh our lives away. )


March 28th, 2004 05:18 pm - The fundamental things apply
Still the same old story )


December 6th, 2003 11:34 pm - Good Omens/Once Upon a Time in Mexico crossover. Um, sorry.
And in Those Days, in Mexico . . .
Rating: PG-13, for violence, I guess.
Pairings: Um, Sands/War? *sheepish shrug*
Word Count: 1666
Disclaimers: Crowley, Aziraphale, and the Horsepersons belong to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Most of the rest belongs to Robert Rodriguez.
Notes: Major spoilers for Once Upon a Time in Mexico, spoilers for Good Omens, minor spoilers for Desperado. The Hebrew was very kindly translated for me by [livejournal.com profile] woapalanne. The Spanish is all mine, has not been beta'd, and is probably very, very bad. But practicing my Spanish was my excuse for writing this, so . . . feel free to correct it or flame it for me.
Inter-agency cooperation, good reasons to wear sunglasses indoors, the several meanings of the name El, and the things humans do to each other with out any prompting at all . . . )

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