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interrobang studios
October 22nd, 2014 10:04 pm - Updates on previous post
[personal profile] sophia_sol has posted an attempted interpretation of Oolon Colluphid Was Right! You should all go there and join the conversation so that I can continue to cackle unhelpfully in the corner.

Also, the breakaway hit from the list of bunnies in the previous post (which I am continuing to add things to, btw, as the odds of me actually winning the challenge go down....) was "Avengers Go To A Drag Ball", because apparently for some reason people think I, would, like, do it justice? ahah. ahahaha. hahahaha.

Here, for you edification, is 100% of everything I have done with that idea in the past three years, since I first came up with it (file last edited Jan 2013):

IIRC Tony's drag name was going to be Lady Natasha Touchamy, because he enjoys living dangerously. (and the Natasha is canon of course.) (Natasha's was, uh, something like Tony Tinydick? I think.)

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February 7th, 2012 01:05 am - Four things that I'm just going to blame on Homestuck (and one I'm not)
1. So I thought, hey, if I'm going to try to write about Dave Strider, I should attempt to learn at least a little bit about the art of the turntable.

DJing has fascinated me ever since I realized what it involved. I mean, I don't think I've ever been to a live event that actually had a DJ who used turntables, because I have always been about as far as one can get from being a coolkid, but I love the beats and the samples, and I love the whole make-do-with-what-you've-got flamboyant analog tactile remixy transformative goodness of it. My dad was a fan of early electronic music, too, so I know & love a bunch of early synthesizer and tape-splicing stuff. Somewhere on the web there's even an ancient attempt by me at a Harry Potter Mary Sue who uses electronica for her magic, and timetables are basically the most brilliant gimmick for time travel ever.

But. )

2. Also I wrote this thing, and the only real explanation I have is that the internet rots one's brain.

Under the cut, find the unedited version of Charlie Brooker's hypothetical review of the hottest new game of the year, Sburb.

Note: Charlie Brooker did not write this. I wrote this, after overdosing on Homestuck fanfic and internet video game reviews. All I know about Charlie Brooker is the persona he uses in his writing and public appearances.

I think we may have finally reached the limit of Open World games. )


ETA: AO3 link

3. Among numerous other bad habits Homestuck fandom is in the process of giving me is the temptation to write stories around fanart/fanart around stories/weird text/fanart hybrids that are satisfying as neither. And yet, in a fandom which is all about the graphics, it's surprisingly hard to find good graphics resources. I mean, yes, if you want HTML color codes for things, they're everywhere, and templates for making fan characters, sure. But anything else? It must all be hidden somewhere that I can't find it.

...which is just to say does anybody know the name of the fancy font that got used for things like introducing the names of the lands? I need it. For reasons.

4. I have here 2500 words and counting of lesbian xeno threesome porn for the [community profile] kink_bingo Write all of the kinks. All of them February mini-challenge, and it is by far the dirtiest thing I have considered posting non-anon in years. I was actually debating whether I dared post it non-anon, and then I realized that wait, I already have a NC-17 story associated with this username that features 14-year-old girls and bloodplay, and it's actually far more perverse than the Homestuck one, so it is kind of pointless to pretend to be bashful...

(I am so conflicted when it comes to troll dialogue! When I punctuate it properly it sounds out-of-voice. When I carry over the quirk punctuation to prose dialogue it looks incredibly annoying. alas for trolly webcomics and attempting to take them seriously.)

5. I'm still not watching Con Air, though. There are limits okay.

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November 11th, 2011 09:56 pm - America this is quite serious
Have something Steve/Tony-ish for Armistice Day. :D

Granted it somehow manages to be Steve/Tony without touching on military issues at all, but in my defense the story I started solely so I could have Christine Everhart use the headline "America Getting Screwed By Military-Industrial Complex" is turning out a lot more complicated that it was supposed to be.

So, um, Captain America fandom, like White Collar fandom and a few others, is a fandom that makes me want to make art. Unlike in White Collar fandom, though, I don't have to match the skill of a once-in-a-century artistic genius, I only have to be able to kind of pass as a very out-of-practice, out-of-date and never fully trained illustrator, which is slightly more doable.

Which is only to say that I keep starting fanart pieces which I end up signing with 'S.Rogers' instead of my initials...

The art under the cut is actually meant to go with the aforementioned fic (than I am totally not writing, because I am working hard on NaNo, yes) with Everhart and the snarky headlines, but really, it could be an illustration for any of probably a dozen Avengers movieverse fics (you know who you are.) And as I was working on it I came up with a deleted-scene bit that covers the creation of the art itself, and since I know fandom well enough to know that a picture plus 1000 words gets lots more feedback than just a picture, you get fanart and fluffy ficlet, yay.

Art: Still Life with Potstickers and Welding Torch, or, Tony Stark at Rest, by Steve Rogers, 2011

Digital painting, 850x1000, worksafe, w/description )

Fic: Still Life With Potstickers and Welding Torch
Fandom: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Movieverse
Notes: fluff, slashy gen, ~1200 words
Summary: Steve is picking up 21st Century art techniques quickly. Tony is impressed. Pepper is amused.
At AO3: Still Life with Potstickers and Welding Torch

So much in this new century is different, but somehow what hits Steve particularly hard is the art. )

...I like Dutch masters, okay? Maybe someday I'll be good enough to do Darwin's Proof Table over that De la Tour Magdelene.

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October 13th, 2011 07:50 pm - Cordelia Vorkosigan Paper Dolls
Cordelia Vorkosigan Paper Dolls from the 'Barrayaran Imperial Hostesses: the Time of Isolation to the Great Constitution' color-your-own flimsy dolls book.
I collect historical coloring and paperdoll books, and I recently got one for "First Ladies of the United States", and it was one of those books that had such a firm worldview that it kind of sucked you in.

So then I decided there needed to exist the Barrayaran equivalent. Obviously. So here is one of the dolls from the "Barrayaran Imperial Hostesses: the Time of Isolation to the Great Constitution1: Color-Your-Own Flimsy Dolls" book that I picked up in the Vorhartung Castle gift shop.

The coloring book pages online. (with text descriptions)
Online (javascript) paperdoll play area. (should work on all browsers, but probably not very accessible for non-mouse-users, because making it accessible would require me to learn actual javascript.)

All the pieces as a layered .xcf file for offline play/alteration/remix. (2.2 mb file for GIMP)
All the pieces as a layered .psd file for offline play/alteration/remix. (9.6 mb file for Adobe Photoshop)

The coloring pages as print-resolution .pngs (3.1 mb .zip archive) Note: some of these may not work well as-is as actual paper dolls (they were designed for Barrayaran flimsy pages, obvs); and you will have to come up with your own tabs/fasteners. (I recommend magnets.) However, the coloring-book part should work fine.
The coloring pages in a .cbz file for comic-book readers (3.1 mb .zip archive)

In case I need to say it, the authorial viewpoint for these pages is meant to be a take-off of the one in the First Ladies book and/or in the voice of someone writing the book for a conventional Barrayaran audience, and is not, in most cases, congruent with my own. :p

1 The other dolls in the book are Empress Magda Vorrutyer Vorbarra (first wife of Emperor Dorca), Imperial Consort Lyuda Vorlightly Vorbarra (second wife of Emperor Dorca), Princess Judy M'calister Vorbarra (Wife of Prince Xav), Empress Xenia Vorbarra Vorbarra (Wife of Emperor Ezar), Princess Kareen Vortala Vorbarra (Wife of Prince Heir Serg), Lady Alys Vorbohn Vorpatril (wife of Imperial Cousin Padma Vorpatril), Cordelia (Cordelia), Countess Ekaterin Vorvayne Vorsoisson Vorkosigan (Wife of Lord Auditor Count Miles Vorkosigan), Empress Laisa Toscane Vorbarra (Wife of Emperor Gregor), and Lord Clement Byerly Vorrutyer (Son of Count Dono Vorrutyer & Companion of the Prince Heir.) I will probably never get around to drawing any of them.

Edited to add, 12/11: A Charity Case by [archiveofourown.org profile] miss_lanyon tells the story of the Vorhartung Castle Gift Shop, should anyone wish to know more.

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March 24th, 2011 02:35 am - DINOSAUR ATTACK
I have been getting really cranky about all sorts of minor things for the past week or so (maybe once the cramps let up it will improve?) ranging from why the lay/lie thing makes me angry to why Sherlock fans annoy me to evo-psych hate. I got out the Sherlock gripe on [community profile] asexual_fandom, and we're probably all glad the essay on lay vs. lie is staying safely on my hard drive, but then there was this one, which I decided was best expressed as Dinosaur Comics fanart, see below:

Dinosaur Comics. With Feathers.
ETA: This image is freely available to anyone who wants to repost or remix!

Because we have known about feathered dinosaurs for longer than I've been alive, we've known that nearly all theropods probably had some sort of feather-like structures for at least a decade, and yet young kids are still learning it the wrong way from new books, there is positively no excuse for people to be doing new illustrations of these creatures and ignoring that. It goes beyond 'Wrong on the Internet' to 'What Is Wrong With Humanity'? Grrr. Arrgh. Hisss. (And yes, Sue in the Dresden Files is part of the problem, though I can fanwank it that she was at least 90% a construct and shaped by what Harry expected her to look like.)

Trancript )

Some scientific notes )

In other news, I was attacked by a dinosaur last weekend! I was lying in my tree, taking a nap, and listening to my mp3 player, when this dinosaur just swooped down at me from above, all feathery and stuff! It landed right next to me, and then jumped onto my chest and just sat there, right on me, and stared at me for awhile with its cold eyes.

I think it was one of these. Possibly simultaneously one of the most awesome and terrifying things that has ever happened to me. :D

In possibly related news: TetZoo is my current favorite blog. If only because, if someone as amazing as Darren Naish can get constantly distracted by shiny things and keep promising to do a certain post for years before he finally gets around to it, there's hope for people like me. Also, as witness my dinosaur attack earlier, I am ashamed to say I am really ignorant on common passerines. TetZoo almost manages to make them interesting.

(Here's Naish on feathered dinosaurs from 2007, already somewhat out of date but a good overview of the work coming out in the last decade.)

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February 23rd, 2011 09:06 pm - my alot is named idek.
What the heck, am I actually writing?

(Also, what the heck am I actually writing?)

I'm just going to give in and do a progress bar, so I can stare at it in crogglement:
33146 / 75000 (44.19%)

...that's a little over 10,000 words since this time last week. Nearly all of that was on the same fic: folks, the anon fill-of-shame I am currently working on over on That Kink Meme is about to hit 10,000 words on its last part, which will make it the longest fic I have ever finished, by about twice again. Why must something like this happen with a fill-of-shame?

And while I'm at it, does anyone know a good way to get a Word Count option into the right-click context menu for .txt files in Windows XP? I swear I got it working once, but then I had to re-install windows, and I never made it work again. The issue is that all the simple wordcount programs I can find are command-line dos, and when windows explorer pulls up a DOS window from a context menu command, it won't keep it open long enough for me to read the freaking output. Help?


And now it is time for a fanart dump! Here is a dresdenfiles kink meme fill I de-anoned on already, so might as well post it here:

Margaret Dresden and Leanansidhe being hot, and a discussion of art and technique. )

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January 13th, 2011 04:33 pm - Nine things make a post?
Between getting things done in RL while listening to Dresden Files, and finally making those two recs posts, I am in that place where I've done too many of the things that had been sitting for ages on the top of on my procrastination list, and now I am at the loose ends of maybe having to do the really scary important stuff. So, instead, here is a very scattered post of things-I-have-not-been-posting-about in the form of a list:

1. I still need to write more of [personal profile] fenellaevangela's yuletide fic. Because she deserves better than she got. ): I know exactly what to write, I even bought myself the offline version of write-or-die with Christmas money, I just need to make myself sit and *do* it.

2. I also need to post at least another couple of pages of How The Master Stole Christmas, but I appear to have lost my copy of the original in the post-holiday cleaning, so I get to defer that until I find it again. :P

Instead, I drew an illustration for [personal profile] philomytha's Vorkosigan fic The Earring, featuring Lord Regent Aral Vorkosigan going slightly native on his first visit to Beta Colony. (Going slightly native in this case = wearing nothing but sandals, a tiny clingy sarong, earrings and body glitter.)

image under cut )

Want Dresden Files/Vorkosigan crossover fic now

3. Way back before the holiday, I posted my second entry in the Ace Manifestos Project on [community profile] asexual_fandom: Charlie Weasley, the closest we will get to canon, and I don't think I ever linked it here, so here it is.

The ace manifestos project is still chugging along! And still taking sign-ups; we just had people claim John Sheppard and Castiel (finally!) but there's plenty more to go. I am debating what I want to claim for a third one, but all my first ideas would be hard, and I want to keep doing something I can just chuck out a few paragraphs of meta and some links on. The rest of you should sign up though, if you haven't yet!

4. I've seen that audio/dialect voice meme going around, so I thought I'd link to this: North American Dialects Survey, a study being currently run out of Yale that's looking for voice samples from people all over North America. It's just about as simple as the meme version, only For Science! And then you can do the meme one and share with your reading list. :P

5. I'm still behind on catching up with various fandoms I'm in that have current canon (the BBC RPS ones in particular. Ten o'clock live starts next week!!) I just started catching back up with lolitics, and OMG, the role-players have been on a roll since Christmas!Cut for British Politics RPF stuff )

Also I want a Dresden Files crossover where Mandelson, Bercow, Cable, and BONE are all on the White Council together

6. RE: posting to the lolitics comm on lj: apparently I have been over on DW long enough that I have officially forgotten how to do lj tags. I had to actually look up how to do an lj user tag after failing on my first four tries.

7. CENTRAL MARYLAND IS GETTING CHEATED OUT OF SNOW. Like, three times so far this year, they've predicted a major storm in our area, and then gone "well, actually, it looks like the heavy stuff will be to the north, south, east, and west of us." !!! Not fair.

...on the upside, though, they are starting to talk about the Chesapeake Bay freezing over, and if that happens, I am okay with lack of snow.

(I know, I realize that severe winter weather can be very difficult and even disastrous for a lot of people - especially a major bay freeze, which can paralyze the ports, lead to shortages on the islands and Delmarva, and damage infrastructure - but it's also part of the climate and the culture here, and something we need. The Bay regularly froze over every 10-50 years, and it's something of a needed 'reset' button for the ecology. And, given climate change, I never expected it to happen in my lifetime - this may be the last time this interglacial that it does.)

8. Still listening to Dresden Files! Still enjoying in that trashy genre fiction sort of way! (The audiobooks also let me drag it out, since there is no more pairing!fic left for me to read, sigh.) Apparently, listening to Dresden Files right before sleep makes me have dreams about Pennsic War, and no, idk either, but it's consistent so far.

(Although, the night I put up [personal profile] stellar_dust's recs post, instead of Dresden Files I read two new Merlin AUs I'd missed before. One of them was about Medieval LARPing, which you'd think would trigger SCA dreams if anything did, huh? But instead I dreamed about the one with Sedoretu instead, which is okay, because I will take dreams about Le Guin poly marriages anytime.)

9. Here are some longer posts that I want to do soon, if I ever manage to find my round tuit. )

...okay, I suppose now I need to go work some more on the actual scary stuff, mutter.

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December 16th, 2010 10:46 pm
I have finally posted more of How the Master Stole Christmas! The next two pages (both double-page spreads) are up at [community profile] doctor_and_master: How the Master Stole Christmas Episode 2. It's also up at my dA account, in the SeussWho gallery, if you'd rather read there, though without the extra text-only pages.

But I am reposting the latest page on this journal anyway, because I am proud of myself and want to look at it some more :P
Why for nine hundred years I've put up with it now! )

...I finally finished that update because I told myself I wasn't allowed to draw any lolitics girlband!AU fanart until I finished the Who-Christmas-Sing. I know, I know, normal people are motivating themselves around their yuletide at this point, but whatever, I have my plot, I have a very clever way to cheat and quadruple my wordcount, and I know I can churn out a few thousand words as soon as I make myself sit down and concentrate.

And in the meantime there is girlband!AU. :D This is the latest shared-world AU of awesome to take over the lolitics meme. I don't know - do other anon fic memes do these amazing shared AUs? The other ones I've followed haven't but then I haven't followed them as immersively. Anyway, girlband!AU involves taking the democratic leaders, past and present, of Great Britain (and occasionally other countries) and re-casting them as members of Spice-girls-esque girlpop bands. And they make so much more sense that way, OMG, just.

Plus it is helping with my ongoing feelings of guilt about being all into British politics and ignoring the US! By turning them into genderswapped shallow pop-culture celebs with zero actual relevance, instead of people who are supposed to be FIXING THE WORLD DAMMIT, I can finally get detached from policy enough to think about US politicians without wanting to stab myself in the gullet! \o/

(Yes, I know, [personal profile] sarken did it first with Disney Band PRT. But still I am in love! And also I have discovered Sleevage, the blog for people who are more interest in the art of album cover design than in the actual music. I just wish its search engine worked better. ... I really need to attempt to organize my blogroll again.)

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December 6th, 2010 04:37 pm - Things I Have Done
(Finally) posted my Ace Manifesto last week: Fox Mulder, Ace.

(Note to self: you have run into this before, you should remember it by now, if you post an intro post to a very old, very quiet fandom, and mention that it is old and quiet, you *will* get one of the two-dozen still active people showing up in your comments being deeply offended that you didn't mention them specifically.)

And vaguely connected to that, here are two fic recs: [profile] zortified has written asexual!Ivan Vorkosigan: Uneasy Lies The Head. I'm not sure how he's done it - that seems even *less* likely than ace!Jack Harkness - but it makes me happy that it has been done, and well. :D

And to prove that vanity googling sometimes works, I just stumbled on a fic that was written based on some old meta of mine, by [personal profile] aria: All That Remains. It is Highlander, Methos genfic, and it is everything I want in Highlander fic. Sometimes I feel like, even if I never write anything again, the amount of awesome fic that's been written based on ideas I just threw out justifies my existence on its own. :D


I have been writing a bit, though. And I've just been reminded that earlier this year, I made a commitment on [community profile] 12in2010 to finish at least 12 stories over 2000 words this year. I think I might actually manage 12 over 1000 words this year, which is shocking enough on its own! But a lot of it's been anon, so it is difficult to keep track of. Here (mostly for myself) is my fic accounting for the year:

2010 fic round-up )

The other thing I pledged to do this year was read and review at least 100 books. I think I've managed the 'read' part, given a broad enough definition of the word 'book.' Review... well, I still have almost a month to finish the reviews! (I post my book reviews on LT, where they get just enough upvotes to assure me I'm not posting into a vacuum. Would anybody be interested in them being crossposted here? I've though about it, but never gotten motivated.)

Also I am apparently posting a thing, in parts, to [community profile] doctor_and_master for their December fanfest, which is apparently How the Master Stole Christmas, complete with anapests and illustrations. <_< The next bit should go up late tonight, hopefully, now that I've found my stylus (again.)

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November 25th, 2010 08:36 pm - In preparation for family gatherings
How To Be The Cool Cousin/Aunt* in Five Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do )

*or elder relation of other gender or connection

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October 31st, 2010 06:22 pm - Sola scriptura, sola fide, sola gratia
Ah. Of course I wore my voice out the day before Reformation Sunday, when we sing all the good old traditional hymns.

Anyway, to make me less depressed after listening to Pastor's Reformation Day sermon, which was all about the deeply disappointing way the ELCA is (slowly, politely, quietly) attempting to schism itself over the issue of same-sex partnerships (which our Churchwide Assembly decided they approved of last year), here is an embed of the video our Presiding Bishop posted as part of the It Gets Better project, which [personal profile] beatrice_otter linked to a few days ago:
Video + transcript )
And, wow, I'd never really thought about the fact that Lutheran pastors have a specifically recognizable style, but it is so very painfully obvious what denomination he's from even without the intro. Which is to say: it's not by any means a perfect statement, but I am *so proud* of my Bishop for deciding to join the project, especially given the way his Church is spasming over it right now, and the cultural Lutheran more that you avoid divisiveness at all cost.


...oh, is there another holiday on 31 October? Sorry, you know how tunnel-vision us Christians can get about other folks' holidays. :P

I have very specific tastes when it comes to horror, I have come to realize.

The horror I find nicely shivery brings in a few particular factors: the unseen monster and the unknown fate; the incomprehensible but malignant outsider sentience; and the shift of ordinary things and places into sudden objects of fear.

The first horror-y fiction I ever read that I actually both found scary and liked was the classic fantasy novel The Face In The Frost, by John Bellairs. It's a short novel which combines parody/humor, classic quest fantasy with evil wizards, and that sort of deep horror of the mundane and unknowable. It stars two wizards named Prospero (but not the one you're thinking of) and Roger Bacon (also not the one you're thinking of) as they try to stop Melichus (a old schoomate of Prospero's) from evoking a formless, all-encompassing alien evil out of a mysterious book.

The book was clearly inspired by the Voynich manuscript, a deeply creepy Medieval book full of drawings of cyborg women, strangely biological-looking circle diagrams, and alien plants, which is written in a mysterious script that has never been decrypted. Melichus' book from The Face in the Frost is very similar, but it is finally read - by Melichus - after he discovers that, when you study the book obsessively, sleeplessly, compulsively, staring only at the pages of the book until all the rest of the world seems unreal - suddenly it wavers into something readable. Something alive, strange, something that wobbles between not quite real and too real to exist, but readable.

I've always wanted to mock up some pages of the book, properly bespelled, and since I finally found my stylus, I drew them for All Hallows. Here it is, a two-page spread from Melichus's evil book:
a two-column layout that looks like it's from a medieval manuscript, with intricate and creepy drawings of plants, circle diagrams, and naked women in plumbing all around the margins. The text is in an alphabet that is strangely familiar, but not one you know.
And yes, if you figure out how to read it properly, it really does decrypt by itself, one slow letter at a time, alive and wavering but readable, like the evil book in the story: there is proper magic in it.

The plaintext I used was a nonsense poem from later in the book. The marginals are directly inspired by the Voynich manuscript - luckily the artist of the Voynich wasn't a particularly good draftsman either.

If you figure it out or try try and fail, let me know? I've never really tested this method on anyone else, so I'd love to know how well it works. Anybody posting a full decryption within the next few days gets their comment screened, but discussion of methods is strongly encouraged. :D

ETA: If you want to know how this encryption works, [personal profile] siegeofangels worked out the cheating decryption method, and I give the rest of it away in comments to her entry.

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March 11th, 2010 10:26 pm - Some scraps of things.
Here are some posts I have made to DW communities in the past week:

[community profile] asexuality: Queering the Census: We ALL Count, in which I gripe about the Queer the Census campaign, which is about greater visibility for LGBT people but erases everyone who isn't heterosexual but doesn't fit it one of the L-G-B-T boxes.

[community profile] common_nature: Welcome!, In which [personal profile] elke_tanzer and I have started a community that is all about nature, and you all should join it! And post stuff there! And leave comments!

[community profile] create_my_comm: Little Details, in which we are all agreed that DW needs a community that is like l_d only awesomer, and none of us want to be the one to start it! (So you should!)

[community profile] starry_sea: Anybody still here?, in which I apologize abjectly for abandoning my own community, and talk about how to get it active again.

[community profile] tarot: An Amazing Tarot Blog, in which I rave at length about Pre-Gebelin Tarot History, which discusses tarot from a strictly historical and rational perspective, a perspective which is deeply awesome and far, far too hard to find.

[community profile] treknovelfest: Illustration for "Three T'kay Stories", in which I have done a lot of research in the Starfleet Archives and found photographs & descriptions of the original ancient Vulcan artifacts that were used to illustrate [personal profile] ljc's treknovelfest entry based on my prompt, From The Terran Coyote to The Klingon K'Ortar: Tricksters of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

...there, that can be my followfriday. :D (What posts have you made to DW communities in the past week?)

Most of those were posts I have been procrastinating on making for months! Having them done is like breathing clear air again. (Also, omg, I might actually have to change my to-do list now - I'm afraid the dry-erase marker might have set in on some of them.) There's several more I've had on hold, though - maybe now that I'm on a roll I can scratch even more of them off.

In the spirit of getting things done, how about that WIPs meme that was going around awhile ago? One paragraph from everything in my "In progress" folder, was it?

This includes fics, meta posts, vids, fanmixes, and various stranger things, in all states of completion, fyi. )
...it says something about me that my reaction to all of that laid out is "That's less than thirty things! Not at bad as I thought!" If you ask for more information about any of them in comments, I will probably give it to you. (At length! ^_^ )

Also while I am doing random meme-y things, poall:
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

If I were to lose all perspective and sign up for [community profile] scifibigbang, I should write:

View Answers

The one with the zero-gravity Olympics.
7 (31.8%)

The one where the prince gets talked into being figurehead for the princesses' girl-power revolution, and there are scimitar cats, magic swords, and a lot of plot-relevant discussion of fashion.
7 (31.8%)

Fanfic. Duh.
4 (18.2%)

You know better than to sign up for a big bang.
4 (18.2%)

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July 27th, 2009 11:33 pm - be that girl
I am deeply amused that my last post had some neat music and meta, and a link to a filk project, and a dozen panels of fanart, but 80% of the feedback was about the sketch of AU Rachel in déshabillé.

SO let's talk about AU RPS girlsex, yesno? :D

I have a file that's been sitting on my desktop for about six months, entitled "Thirteen Ways Rachel Maddow (never) Had Lesbian Sex With Keith". I started it way back in February, after the big meta discussion about the ethics of 'shipping a real-life lesbian with a (presumably) straight man - the f_w post that rounded it all up has been deleted, but the start of it (more or less) was my comment here about Rachel/Keith and genderswap in [personal profile] havocthecat's journal. So Rachel, Keith, and genderfuckery, yes.

I have been slowly adding to the file in bits and bobs ever since, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to write these stories (though if I did write one out full-length, it would be either #5 or #13. Or #10 and #11. Or #8 and #9. Or...)

Anyway! Yes, I totally love the story-sketches in that file and wish they existed full length: the reason I will never write them (besides my general inability to finish fic) is that I have come to realize that I still have limits when it comes to RPS. I'll read anything (well, theoretically: large sections of RPS still bore me); I'll draw anything (that I'm willing to draw in any other live-action fandom, anyway, there are limits to where I'll go with real peoples' bodies even if they're playing other people); I'll write genfic and AUs and really mild 'ship stories and crossover AUs set in an entirely different world. But when it comes to writing sex between real live people who have their own lives and know how to use the internet -- even under the safety net of "things that never happened" - I just squick myself when I sit down to write.

SO! Anyway! I am not writing the 13 ways Keith/Rachel lesbian sex stories. But the file as sitting on my desktop is around a thousand words anyway. And it has fanart. And a fanmix. That have also been sitting on the hard drive for months. So I'm just going to post it all. Yay?

Thirteen Ways Rachel Maddow (never) Had Lesbian Sex With Keith Olbermann )

here be artings )

The fanmix: 'I'll Be That Girl: Music To Bend Gender To' )

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July 24th, 2009 11:14 am - knock and the door shall be opened
So! Stuff has happened. The most relevant, however, is that I have fallen in love.

With a radio show!

I was driving home t'other night and stumbled on a re-run of Tapestry of the Times on my very own local public radio station, WYPR, and it's like it was a radio show designed solely for me. 1

It's a hour of music, history, context and commentary that is entirely from the archives of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, the non-profit record label started in the 1960s for the purpose of documenting folk and world music and later taken over by the Smithsonian. I'm sure it has some appropriation issues - rich white people recording other peoples' culture always does - but Folkways has always at least tried to be non-exploitative, and oh my god, if I had all the time and money in the world I would have already bought out the Folkways back catalog. This show did it for me and picks out an hour's worth of good stuff a week, just enough, and omg yay.

They have their entire archives up as mp3/podcast on the website (less than a year's worth, so far), and I am slowly (savoringly) working through it. The last episode I listened to features "blues piano from Memphis Slim, marimba music from Guatemala, labor union songs, World War II anthems, Tuvan throat singing, and classic old-time tunes from Doc Boggs and Roscoe Holcomb." SERIOUSLY, could there possibly be any radio show better made for me?

As a bonus, most of these songs are basically impossible to find as pirate downloads, so I can't go and download another gig of mp3s that I don't need after every episode. :D (so I downloaded the complete Smothers Brothers discography instead, help p.s. does anyone have any peggy seeger tracks i think i have fallen in love with her too.)

1Mind you, I am the girl who spent her high school years with the radio tuned to the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential tapes instead of rock'n'roll, so my taste may not be yours.

Also, while I am on the topic of hippy music, [personal profile] wintercreek made an mp3 recording of herself singing Enterprise, Starship, the John Denver filk that gets sung on the Enterprise in the novel The Wounded Sky, and posted it to [community profile] starry_sea. You guys, [personal profile] wintercreek is amazing; she has - no lie - fulfilled a childhood dream of mine. Even if that community never does anything ever again, it was all worth it for that.

Ain't fandom amazing? Ask, and it will be given!

Anyway [personal profile] wintercreek mentioned wanting to get a bunch more voices to add to make it a singalong, so I did: Enterprise, Starship four voices: this is my three best takes (recorded with headphones on, and then layered over the original in Audacity.) Y'all should do it too so nobody has to hear my singing in the final version.

...and, while I'm on Star Trek multimedia anyway I guess, [personal profile] gblvr posted the Star Trek Reboot Art Meme (which originated with annime1231 on dA) like, umm ... over a month ago? But I just finished doing it. So here it is:

Long fanart is long. And has no text description. Also, warnings for tentacles, hybrid babies, cocktail metaphors, space floozies, old people, Rihannsu, crossdressing, Star Wars quotes, JF injokes, Captain Maddow, Vulcan-touching, anthropomorphization, bad art, and girlsex. )


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May 19th, 2009 12:17 am - Because I don't know how to duck when inspiration strikes.
For no particular reason:

Lt. Cmdr. Keith Olbermann, buried up to the elbows in tribbles (with another couple on his head and shoulders), looking extremely grumpy about the situation, with the caption 'Lt. Cmdr. Olbermann was entirely covered in tribbles.'

This is, of course, as closely based on Edward Gorey's "The Trouble With Tribbles" as on anything else.

(It is surprisingly difficult to draw when one is covered in tribbles. And by 'tribbles' I mean cats, and by cats, I mean one cat who is completely incapable of sitting still and has possibly mastered the art of bilocation.)

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May 14th, 2009 03:26 pm - USS Bill of Rights
This exists partly because [personal profile] sarken was having a bad day yesterday, partly because I am insane, and partly because I wanted to practice freehand inking in GIMP. None of those are probably good enough excuses:
the Pundit Round Table in Star Trek Original series uniforms, posed around Captain Maddow in a miniskirt in the Captain's chair on the bridge of a starship.

Captain Maddow of the United Star Ship Bill of Rights, with her department heads, left to right: Lieut. Commander Olbermann, Chief of Science; Chief of Operations Lieutenant "Andy" ch'Cuper; Lieutenant Stewart, Communications; and CMO Lieut. Commander Dr. Stehpen (DFA Vulcan Science Academy, and *don't* mention the ears.)

Questions and answers about <i>Bill of Rights</i> )

Also, drawing this has made me realize that part of the reason I love Keith so much is that he exactly matches my mental image of Lieut. Harb Tanzer, Enterprise's chief of Recreation. (Also it makes me want Captain Maddow/Dr. Dehner. Or at least want to draw Ana Marie Cox in Dr. Dehner's uniform.)

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April 8th, 2009 08:37 pm - I arted!
So I just announced to the rest of the Interrobang Studios crew that I had, for the first time ever, posted stupid fanart to my DeviantArt account, and roommate Kevin misheard and thought I had said Scrooge fanart, so I had to admit that I had *written* Scrooge fanfic, because my 2003 Yuletide fic was Scrooge/Marley slash (and it got highlighted on the lj comm today!), and they made faces at me and said "You know I meant Unca Scrooge, right?", so I told them that as far as I knew, I was one of only two people who had written that pairing, and the other one was Henry Jenkins, Director of Media Studies at MIT, and other roommate Sarah said, "Wait, Professor Jenkins? I think he taught my Science Fiction class there. Why didn't I know he did fan studies?"

Ah, geekdom.

Anyway, yes, I have posted stupid fanart at my almost-empty deviantart account. Remember how I mentioned that there are a few LJ comms for pairing I still hang out on? One of them is [community profile] best_enemies, the multi-era Master/Doctor community. (And we mean multi-era: the community is currently trying to fill in the chart of all 216 possible Master/Doctor pairings.) And ages ago, [livejournal.com profile] wingedkamui posted fanart of Shalka!Doctor luring Catboy!Master into the Tardis with a mouse.

Since Shalka!Doctor already has a Sexbot!Master of his very own, and since Shalka!Master goes only to doomed planets, it would be perfectly canonical for him to pick up Catboy!Master, and Saxon!Master has access to hammerspace by way of the Toclafane, and hey, planets don't get much more doomed than Professor Yana's .... the phrase "Gotta Catch 'em All" may have been used, and Tenchi Muyo was mentioned.

So I have been in possession of a Doctor/Master As Harem Anime comics bunny for the past year or so, and I finally got through the first set of character designs, and there be postable art:

(click for larger versions.)

This is a promo poster for Who Needs a Doctor? the (existing only in my head) American manga based on the (non-existent) Japanese anime that was very loosely based on the (
really real) spin-off Shalka cartoon of the British Doctor Who television series. There are a few (very minor, of course) variations from the original British show, as you may have noticed. (I'm claiming that the crappiness of the art is intentional because I'm parodying bad American manga-style art. ...yes.)

The poster shows the Doctor's "travelling companions" circa the end of season one of the anime: (vaguely left-to-right): Magister-san, Snake, Cheetah, the Master, Harry, Kosch-chan, Yana-Sensei, a Kitling and a Toclafane, Crispy, the Chief, and Vworp the baby TARDIS.

But I also do have a three-season-long plot outline, two 24-page comics scripts, a brand new deviantart account, fortyleven bookmarks from TVTropes, and a bunch more character designs (Time Lady Beautiful President Romanadvoratrelundar! Sexy Time Agent Captain Jack! Dalek Caan, because every anime needs a tentacle monster, and who also accidentally gave me a way to make this CRACK tie in with canon! Rani the Zaftig!)

Will I ever get around to drawing any of the actual comic? ...Rassilon knows!

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September 29th, 2008 10:08 pm - Logcat is Log
Today's XKCD was awesome, as usual, but it was Missing something. )

Why yes, that is what happens to me after a whole weekend spent at cons and then another whold day of con autopsy stuff.

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July 21st, 2008 09:46 pm - "World Spinning Round" - a fanmix for John Sheppard
I started collecting these songs and then suddenly discovered I had enough for a mini-mix. So, here I share!

Eight songs, ranging from avant-garde classical to surf rap )

World Spinning Round.zip
Rightclick-save. 40 mb zip file, contains songs+album art+text+.m3u playlist
xposted to [journalfen.net profile] fan_mix (jf) and [journalfen.net profile] mixed_music (ij)

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July 4th, 2008 12:15 am - TIEMCAEK!
[journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust made me TIEMCAEK! Because she knows I want it.
(He's off by a month and a half as well as several years, mind you, but I suppose that's to be expected.)

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