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January 25th, 2012 08:58 pm - Cake.
I have kind of been indulging myself in Homestuck fandom lately. [personal profile] cypher posted a thing about troll romance and asexuality in Homestuck, and then I started thinking about it, and about this thing I kind of wanted to write, and then I decided the time had come to go back and try to figure out where I'd got lost in the comic (and catch up with Act 6) and, well, yeah, so that's where the last few days went. ^_^;;; And probably why I have this headache that won't go away. (Unless I caught the Death Ill from a friend on Sunday, which come to think of it would also explain why I haven't felt up to doing anything but read webcomics since Monday night.)

And then I somehow accidentally tumbled into the land of Fan Adventures, which are text/art/multimedia/user interaction things just like Homestuck itself, only by fans, of course. There is Be The Sea Dweller Lowblood, which is 1100 pages of hemospectrum-reversed worldbuildy joy! There is Hoofstuck, which is exactly what you think it is! There is Whostuck, the Doctor-Who-Plays-Sburb crossover that is, dammit, almost entirely unlike the one I want to exist which means I'm still tempted to try mine. And doing it as a fan adventure would solve the "omg where does the plot go next?" problem.

The thing is, large parts of Homestuck fandom, including nearly all the Fan Adventures, and most of the aggregation of all the other stuff going on elsewhere, seems to happen on the MSPA Forums, and hanging around there makes me feel SO OLD. ALL OF THE YEARS. ALL OF THEM. Webcomics message boards are where I started (in interacting with fandom and in internet life) and it is all so very much exactly the same as it was, only moreso. It's like going back home, only discovering that you can't go home again, because of meteors some time travel shenanigans that mean you aren't 18 any more, dammit, being a fangirl and getting old is hard.

It's hard and nobody understands.

ANYWAY. I also kind of overdosed on stuff about that House episode today, so in order to cleanse my brain, I went ahead and wrote some asexuality-related Homestuck fic.

It is not at all what I wanted to write. It is probably not at all what [personal profile] cypher wanted to read.

It is not in any way a sensitive and thoughtful exploration of how having the 'wrong' sexuality would work in troll society.

Actually it's a Roxy/AR chatlog of silliness/tragedy. But it cracks me up every time I look at it so I'm posting it anyway. (With slightly-off-canon text colors, because omg my eyes, and canon alcoholism, and consider that your warnings.)

di-stri are you there )

...writing Roxy chatlog is way too much fun.

also in completely other news, I baked and iced a cake! (Using all Betty Crocker stuff, but bluh bluh, whatever!) and it turned out really well, so here's a picture:

Fire )

Current Music:: that F$#%@ing House episode

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May 17th, 2009 12:59 pm - ILL of IGHTZ.
Here is HIGH ART depicting the USS Bill of Rights:
a sheet cake with a picture of a constitution-class starship against a starfield, and the words Sally Live Long and Go Boldy

(Yes, I am [personal profile] sally, and yesterday was my birthday. Sole responsibility for the cake, however, lies with [personal profile] stellar_dust.)
more cake picures, this time involving daisy-chained fuses and surprisingly large fireballs, because my mother finds the best birthday candles ever. )

...PS in case you missed it, there is fic about Captain Maddow & Co. happening in the comments to that last entry. Right now mostly by me, but this universe is as open to other authors as Spock is open to mind-melds with random strangers. Just in case you were interested. :P

So far we've got:It's Not That Jim Kirk *Dislikes* Captain Maddow, Seriously, Don't Ask About the Ears, A Short Summary of Lieut. Commander Olbermann's Starfleet Career, Why Rachel Wears the Go-Go Boots, and Rachel's Kobayashi Maru (+ The Tale of Rear Admiral Buchanan).

There will probably be more, unless I have a sudden attack of sanity. (Currently top of the list: "Life on the Bill of Rights is one long series of Moments of Zen," "How the Heir of Clan Cuper ran away from home and joined Starfleet", "That time Keith and Stehpen and Jon got totally blitzed and blinged out the ship", and "Jim and Rachel vs. the Orion Pirates")

Also as part of birthday celebration, [personal profile] stellar_dust brought over her original Star Trek DVDs, and we watched the first disk while sitting out on the screen porch in the rain. The DVDs are in airing order, and this is really the first time I've watched in any order at all (and the first time I've watched most of them in any format other than "really bad reception on Channel 50".)

And I've changed my mind on new movie spoiler 'ship )

Also, watching these episodes again, many of them for the first time since I was pre-adolescent, it's making me realize the difference between the adult and child mind, because I had not remembered the ship being drenched in so much sex. The new movie's everybody/everybody shipping possibilities, again, are totally based in TOS canon; Kirk really does lose his shirt every episode, and spends lots of time hitting on inappropriate people and wrestling while half-naked; Janice Rand is made of win and filmy pink nightgowns (it now makes more sense that I wanted to be her when I was wee, because she's awesome); and Kirk/Enterprise is literally the most canonical relationship on the show. (Please tell me the fic exists where she gets to be a human for a day, and they go on a long walk on a beach together. Please???)

Also, everybody on the Enterprise is utterly incompetent at their jobs, except McCoy and possibly Spock, and Fleet procedure makes no sense - another verification of new movie stuff that I had been skeptical of. Here I am reminded of why I liked the books better; in the books, things are done logically and people are actually good at their jobs.

I think I like the original Enterprise sets better than the movie ones, though. Watching the episodes through snow and with color cutting in and out (and half the time, on the radio in Mom's sewing room that picked up UHF audio) I'd never really gotten more than a vague impression of them. They're very roomy and simple and clean, which granted was probably a budgetary thing as much as anything, but it makes it look actually alien in a way the modern futurism doesn't, and as Ael would say, the sheer waste of space is a large part of what makes the Enterprise impressive. Even if the people running it demonstrably *aren't* streamlined, organized, efficient, and very good at what they do, the ship looks like *she* is.

...here is some fanart with a half-naked Orion woman.

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July 4th, 2008 12:15 am - TIEMCAEK!
[journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust made me TIEMCAEK! Because she knows I want it.
(He's off by a month and a half as well as several years, mind you, but I suppose that's to be expected.)

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