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interrobang studios
June 7th, 2007 09:36 pm
Bootstrap Bill:

Secret Minion of Starro the Conqueror yesno?

(I knew I recognized face!starfish from somewhere!)

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June 3rd, 2007 01:09 pm - canon-rereading
The whole thing with p_p over on lj getting suspended made we want to get back into HP fic-writing - I have some stories that I've been meaning to post to that comm since 2004, no lie, still unfinished. I still like those stories, though, the characters and situations I came up with. And when I do a periodic re-reading of all my old unfinished stories, those are some of the ones that make me think "Wow, this is suprisingly good! Who's the author, and how can I bug her to update? ... oh wait."

The problem, though (beyond my ongoing difficulties with finishing *anything*) is that I haven't re-read the whole series since before book six came out, and I've only read five and six one time each. I tried to sit down and re-read yesterday (okay, sit down and re-listen, since we have the unabridged book on tape and I needed to finish some embroidery) and ... it just wasn't fun.

The HP fandom has ruined the books for me.

It isn't even the fandom's fault, either. I'm glad of the time I was really active in HP, and I still love the corners that I lurk in, and I like the people there and the stories they write. It's just ... the books don't really fit the canon all that well. I mean, they do, but. It's not that the books that have come out since I joined the fandom are *bad*. I quite loved Six at the time I read it, but I read it while on an Indian reservation in the middle of Tennessee after several weeks without regular Internet or being at home. Five was, I believe, in Iowa somewhere. . . hey, wait, that's what a journal's for! I can go back and check.

Book five: Yes, probably somewhere around Iowa. We spent the night in that tiny little family-owned motel in the middle of a cornfield, which must have had a name like "The American Eagle" or something and had the cutest little swimming pool. I was on that road trip with two people who are now dead ...

Book six: Cherokee Reservation, South Carolina: well, just over the river from Tennessee. Also that post from almost two years ago says a lot of the same things I'm trying to say now - I just didn't expect that feeling to last as long, because usually the magic recharges after awhile. But here it is almost time for the new book and I can't even get through the ones in front of me. :/

I think I should arrange to be elsewhere when book seven is out, and keep up the tradition! Hmm. That sounds like a good time to finally do an overnight backpacking trip.

I really to think it's not so much burnout, or being more invested in the fic, as that I've come to associate the books with stress, and arguing, and thinking too hard, and taking things way too seriously. Not that HP fandom in general is particularly bad about that, but when I'm just hovering on the fringes it's most of what catches in my memory, alas.

Strangely, this doesn't apply in the same way to non-book fandoms, though. It did burn me out a bit on the books of both of my last two yuletide stories. But even the tv fandoms where I pretty much *only* go back to the canon for fandom purposes - like XF and HL - manage to suck me into the story right quick.

Although it is happening a bit right now with SGA. Especially after I heard everyone groaning about the last few episodes for six months before they appeared in my area. Maybe it's just that I'm not built to follow ongoing series. Hmm. What d'you think?

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November 8th, 2003 12:19 pm - Fun with semantics!
Yes, I know I just posted, but some things are worth spamming for.

Every so often I pick up S I Hayakawa's classic Language in Thought and Action for a bit of light reading. This dates back to the first time I read So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish and got it mixed up with Language, Truth, and Logic. Anyway, last night I opened it randomly to a chapter about the importance of context to the meaning of a word, and how ignoring context of words and statements is the best way to start endless, uproductive arguments. At the end of the chapter were some exercises:

Exercise 1 asks you to take five sentences using a nonsense word in context and derive a definition therefrom. One of the words it uses as such is 'wanky'.

I think (now I'm done cracking up) that I'm disappointed nobody picked up on the British slang meaning. It's a book on semantics, man! Unless they did it on purpose, in order to make a point about context. In which case they should have used different example sencences. To wit:

1. He seems to be perpetually wanky.
2. Some people feel most wanky in the early morning, but I get that way just before supper.
3. If you want to get over that wanky feeling, take Johnson's Homogenized Yeast Tablets.
4. . . . the wanky, wanky bluebell / that droops upon its stem . . .
5. I'm not cross, just wanky.

I sense a new set of journelfen icons brewing.

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November 7th, 2003 10:18 pm - If I can't squee boringly here, what is it for?
Re: New PoA pictures everyone is fussing about:

Goyle is still the cutest! HAHAHAHA, take that, you ferret-lovers!

Re: New RotK pictures everyone is fussing about:

Sam! Sting! *melts into puddle of greenish ichor*

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October 29th, 2003 12:39 am - As fun as
Some people whose ljs I read, who I respect, are saying vaguely derogatory things about F_W. Now, I've been reading fandom_wank off-and-on for ten months or so, and have actually got a journalfen and been commenting occasionally recently, and I think it's a wonderful, uplifting place that creates a lot of entertainment and fulfills a valuable function in fandom. And I'm not afraid to say so! Look, I'm posting openly and proudly on my journal where everyone can read . .

Oh. Well, yes. Never mind then.

But I do think it serves an important purpose. I didn't start coming there for the wank or the snark; I came because I was bewildered and curious about fandom kerfluffles, and it had slowly become clear to me that F_W was the only place to go to get both sides of the story, clearly laid out, with references, unbiased and open. Yes, my profile here is serious.

People come to fandom wank and find out what the fuss is about. Post updates. Post their disgust with the whole thing. Post about how they're tired of it, and everyone involved needs a life and is various types of female genitals, despite that apparently being contradictory with the metaphor of wank. How the logic is flawed and the motivation is hypocritical Occasionally actually discussing the issues at hand. More and more, at least in HP, the culprits themselves come to F_w to wank. But if they weren't doing it there, they'd be doing it elsewhere. Spewing it all over lj and mailing lists and message boards. Here, at least the only people subjected to it are people who are asking for it, and nobody's let take it too seriously. I believe this makes it die down faster outside.

Take the latest CC mess. Posts on maybe half-a-dozen livejournals, many of which were originally or quickly friendslocked, and none of the open ones had many comments. On F_W? 775 comments. Imagine the mess if all of them had been left lying about all over the place where innocent bystanders and pl3b3y fangirls could stumble across them.

Fandom_Wank: It's about putting all your monkeys in one barrel.


Somebody should icon that.

Somebody should also icon the elephant ejaculate from "Being an Experiment," the work of great literature which introduced me to the word cum and its multifarious synonyms.

I visualise anthill graphics cribbed from B.C. Because how can you beat a satanic bastard offspring of Johnny Hart and Neil Gaiman? Unfortunately, all my BC books are at home, and I don't own either Warning:Contains Language or Angels and Visitations.

I also wish I could find halfway good screencaps of the Pintel/Raghetti scene from PotC where Raghetti's wooden eye gets sporked out. Because how could you *not*?


The storm drain outside my building is blowing raspberries at me. It's seriously irritating. *When will the rain stop?*

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October 6th, 2003 01:57 am - The Melancholy Malfoy
Sirius ISN'T dead!!11!!one!!

The Dramatic and Angfty Tragedy of Draco, the Melancholy Malfoy,
Being a Play in Five Acts.

In Which: Everybody Dies
Bafed Upon the True Account of the Hiftoria Danicae
(and alfo those books by J.K. Rowling.)

Dramatis Personae
DRACO, son of the late Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa
NARCISSA BLACK, widow of Lucius, now married to Sirius
SIRIUS BLACK, cousin to Narcissa

RONALD, her brother
ARTHUR, father of Ginny and Ronald, trusted friend of Sirius
PERCY, son and assistant to ARTHUR

HERMIONE, friend and confidant

CRABBE and GOYLE, school friends to DRACO

FRED and GEORGE, sons to Arthur and members of the DA
NEVILLE, also a DA soldier

HARRY, the Boy Who Lived
REMUS, leftenant to Harry

SYBILL, a Seer, and her TROUPE of STUDENTS

And Others, Asst'd.

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