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December 18th, 2011 09:05 pm - okay posting again anyway
You guys, you guys, you remember the Cordelia Vorkosigan Flimsy Dolls, right? And if you followed the comments, you may have seen me and [personal profile] sara and [personal profile] carmarthen discussing the politics of the Vorhartung Castle Gift Shop, and how somebody should write that story?

Well, [archiveofourown.org profile] miss_lanyon wrote it! As a sequel to Ship Duty, already one of the best recent Vorkosigan fics out there, no less! And you should all go read it because it's brilliant and it's everything it should be. There are old Vor ladies! And stuffed Stegosauri! And Byerly being competent! And Ivan being traumatized by pictures of his mother in her underwear! And discussions of white collar crime and accounting! And many other wonderful things!

A Charity Case: In which Byerly gets a job, Ivan fills in for his mother, the Emperor polishes his retail skills, and the Vorhartung Castle Gift Shop ladies embezzle every mark.

Also, everybody, seriously, you should totally get in the habit of throwing all the random plot bunnies you have out in the open, because I have been doing that, and people keep writing the darn things. It is making my given/recieved ratio on AO3 look completely out of whack, but I don't care, because they are all awesome stories. This is fandom doing what fandom is for! (That is, providing me with a custom drip-feed of the stories I need in my life with minimal effort on my part. ...I mean, um, building new heights of creativity through collaboration and conversation and an ethic of openness of ideas. Yes. that.)

(Now somebody needs to write me the Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane AU set in the Study in Emerald universe. In which Peter is of course a distant descendant of royalty down several lines. Go on. You know you want it now too.)

ETA: btw, [personal profile] terajk is still writing heartwarming Ranma + Ryoga + Akane fic, if you were wondering.

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June 2nd, 2010 01:16 pm - Kink bingo! (Just like everybody else!)
I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo this year! I love how accessible they're making it: low pressure, the minimum is one 500-word story in a year, and they've emphasized that you don't have to be able to write explicit sex or sexual characters in order to play, so I'm fairly sure I can do it. My card:
My Card )
So everybody's going on and on about their kink_bingo cards, and how lucky they are, and I looked at mine and went "huh."

I don't think *any* of the kinks I was really excited about ended up on it, and the two stories-in-progess I'd been planning to use at cheats - each of which have so many kinks they could conceivably blackout a card on their own, with no overlap - are barely represented on the card at all.

I guess that serves me right! Anyway it'll be fun, even if I only end up managing one meta post or something.

I would like to note that as I was going through the kink_wiki yesterday, exploring my options, the questions I was coming up with were things like "Would a story about someone whose erogenous zones are primarily tactile negotiating a scene with someone whose erogenous zones are primarily aural (involving sonics that person A can't produce) work for the 'silence' square?" and "does crossdressing have to involve gender, or can it involve someone whose species doesn't wear clothing dressing up as a human?" and "is 'accidental soulbond with a mechanical life-form due to shoddy safety measures during repair work' suitable for the 'electricity' square?" and "Can I do 'wrist/ankle restraints' on somebody whose limbs don't exactly fit those categories?"

... which just goes to show what pairings I have been getting bunnies for lately. Actually, having gone down the entire kink list, there are only four kinks which require somebody to have a humanoid or vaguely humanoid body (five, if you count 'shaving', which requires a mammalian one at least) and I got three of them...

I also went out to work last night without actually remembering what was on my card, and I ended up plotting out in my head an amazing story - for a kink that's not on my card. But now I really, really want to write "How Bran Tse-Mallory and Truzenzuzex Invented Strip Personality Chess, And What Happened Afterward." (Does kink_bingo give out prizes for "most stories written for the wrong card"?)

...I may at least have to write a Bran/Tru 'ship manifesto, since Mymy/Vyssu/Mav has been such a hit. :D ...and I'm so tempted to try for a bingo with all non-human or cross-species pairings.

Anyway I was going to try to make this short, but this *is* me, and it's an excuse to talk about kink and about ideas for stories I'll probably never write, so here's some brainstorming for every square )

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March 11th, 2010 10:26 pm - Some scraps of things.
Here are some posts I have made to DW communities in the past week:

[community profile] asexuality: Queering the Census: We ALL Count, in which I gripe about the Queer the Census campaign, which is about greater visibility for LGBT people but erases everyone who isn't heterosexual but doesn't fit it one of the L-G-B-T boxes.

[community profile] common_nature: Welcome!, In which [personal profile] elke_tanzer and I have started a community that is all about nature, and you all should join it! And post stuff there! And leave comments!

[community profile] create_my_comm: Little Details, in which we are all agreed that DW needs a community that is like l_d only awesomer, and none of us want to be the one to start it! (So you should!)

[community profile] starry_sea: Anybody still here?, in which I apologize abjectly for abandoning my own community, and talk about how to get it active again.

[community profile] tarot: An Amazing Tarot Blog, in which I rave at length about Pre-Gebelin Tarot History, which discusses tarot from a strictly historical and rational perspective, a perspective which is deeply awesome and far, far too hard to find.

[community profile] treknovelfest: Illustration for "Three T'kay Stories", in which I have done a lot of research in the Starfleet Archives and found photographs & descriptions of the original ancient Vulcan artifacts that were used to illustrate [personal profile] ljc's treknovelfest entry based on my prompt, From The Terran Coyote to The Klingon K'Ortar: Tricksters of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

...there, that can be my followfriday. :D (What posts have you made to DW communities in the past week?)

Most of those were posts I have been procrastinating on making for months! Having them done is like breathing clear air again. (Also, omg, I might actually have to change my to-do list now - I'm afraid the dry-erase marker might have set in on some of them.) There's several more I've had on hold, though - maybe now that I'm on a roll I can scratch even more of them off.

In the spirit of getting things done, how about that WIPs meme that was going around awhile ago? One paragraph from everything in my "In progress" folder, was it?

This includes fics, meta posts, vids, fanmixes, and various stranger things, in all states of completion, fyi. )
...it says something about me that my reaction to all of that laid out is "That's less than thirty things! Not at bad as I thought!" If you ask for more information about any of them in comments, I will probably give it to you. (At length! ^_^ )

Also while I am doing random meme-y things, poall:
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

If I were to lose all perspective and sign up for [community profile] scifibigbang, I should write:

View Answers

The one with the zero-gravity Olympics.
7 (31.8%)

The one where the prince gets talked into being figurehead for the princesses' girl-power revolution, and there are scimitar cats, magic swords, and a lot of plot-relevant discussion of fashion.
7 (31.8%)

Fanfic. Duh.
4 (18.2%)

You know better than to sign up for a big bang.
4 (18.2%)

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May 28th, 2009 04:14 pm - 10 Ships
So there is a meme in which people list ten of their favorite ships that no-one may ever break up, and they try to get people to see if they all have anything in common! So here's some of the 'ships that I'm totally tinhat about, where you can do whatever you want in the story as long as you keep my ship in and I'll be happy:

1. James T. Kirk/Enterprise (Also, Enterprise/Everyone)
2. Jack Sparrow/Black Pearl/Barbossa
3. River Tam/Serenity (Also, Kaylee, Mal, Wash & Inara/Serenity: they're not with each other, they're just all with her.) (The Enterprise crew are all with each other too, though.)
4. the Doctor/the TARDIS (also, the Doctor/Bessie.)
5. Stephen Colbert/the Colbert Report
6. Han Solo/Millennium Falcon/Lando Calrissian
7. Ray Vecchio/the Riv (theirs is a doomed and tragic love.)
8. Dean Winchester/the Impala
9. John Sheppard/Atlantis/Rodney McKay
10. Bruce Wayne/Gotham City

...I may, on occasion, take the word "ship" slightly too literally...

(I was listening to my book on tape of "Presumption of Death" yesterday, for my Dorothy Sayers/Torchwood fest fic that's now officially two days overdue, and I got to the bit where Flying Officer Jerry Wimsey of the RAF is describing what it feels like to stroke a spitfire, and I kind of melted. I mean, young Jerry was win *anyway*, but when you add my pre-existing weakness for flying aces... yeah. mmmmmm.)

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October 6th, 2008 11:55 pm - Specially meme-scented entry!
So I have been trying not to get to emotionally involved with the politics (though I still want to do that "Sarah Palin or TGP: Who Is More Qualified?" point-by-point comparison), but I have been following fivethirtyeight.com pretty closely. And OMG, if Obama takes the South? That will be not only win, it'll be the most important thing to happen in American politics in my *lifetime*.

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your blog.

[journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust gave me "D".
...I had a list of twenty-five characters to pick from, and that was before I checked my notes. So, um, have the short list as meme x 3.

And hey, while I'm at it, why not give me two numbers between 1 and 15 and I'll write you a comment-fic where those two characters meet. :D (Random or calculated, I don't even care.)

Five Large Fandoms )

Five Small Fandoms )

Five Nonexistent Fandoms )

...Yeah, I should probably stop there. Even if it means I have to leave out David Starr, and Mike Doonesbury, and Dick and Dorothea (the D's), and Diana Fowley, and Dick Grayson**, and Dickon Sowerby**, and Daystar, and Death**, and Doli the Dwarf, and ....

(** marks characters I have either written in fic or tried to write.)

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