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interrobang studios
February 17th, 2015 12:45 pm - Snow-Shoveling Thoughts
So I have somehow found myself reading Völsungakviða en nýja which has primarily resulted in the following three thoughts:

1. I can now tell people I'm a fan of Tolkien's Ring Cycle and confuse the crap out of them;

2. I wonder if it was Kid Loki or Sigurd himself who stole the missing quire of the Codex Regius (look there's some stories about yourself you just don't want out there);

3. Oh man, Marvel!Sigurd and Kid Loki constantly make Lord of the Rings jokes about themselves when they're hanging out with each other, don't they, and nobody else thinks it's funny.

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February 4th, 2015 06:10 pm - books
I thought I was doing so good on my "finish all the books you've started and then gotten distracted from" goal - I finished twenty-eight books in the month of January! Eleven of them were even ones that were on my list of things I needed to finish! And I made serious progress on several more! And I haven't started any new books that were left lingering for weeks! I got the list below 30 and have kept it there!

But then Librarything (finally!) instituted tag autocomplete, so I started trying to clean up the tags on my books, and discovered I had a "started to read" tag with. uh. Sixty-five books in it. Granted, some of them are ones I am NEVER going to finish because I have better things to do with my time, because literally anything would be better (DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, most awful book I have ever attempted to read, omg) and ten of them are duplicates from the list I'm currently working through, but. um. yeah.

And then there's the "early review" books which I got in exchange for agreeing to read and review and then punted when I had a really bad year. There's six of them I haven't read. I went ahead and added those. So much for keeping the list under thirty. I have another one coming too because I lack willpower. (One of 'em's by the same dude as Day of the Triffids though. I may just ignore that one.)

...also of course "A Companion to Wolves" which I still have out from the library.

Anyway this whole LibraryThing recheck has me thinking out how badly I need to reshelve my books in a more orderly way. What do you folks thing of reorganizing my nonfiction collection along these main sections:

Read more... )

Good idea? Bad idea? Best idea? (It's not quite as silly as it sounds: about half my nonfiction is on topics that would not be out of place in the Hogwarts library: I have about forty books tagged "divination" already.)

--Anyway I feel like my DW has been higher on boring life stuff than fandom content lately. My fandom life lately has been a) les mis chat, which is very rarely about les mis anymore; b) re-reading old JVJ longfic; and c) obsessing over a Winter Soldier AU where the Soldier is sent to honeytrap Captain America rather than kill him. SERIOUSLY. If that already exists I have failed to find it. Somebody tell me I just haven't looked hard enough. I don't even ship the damn pairing

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December 20th, 2014 03:02 pm - So-called 'continuity'
1. Greetings on this shortest, darkest, most miserable day of the year (by which I mean yuletide due date, of course.)

I unexpectedly got mine in shape to post yesterday, so I'm way less panicked than I was planning to be this morning, and thus feel like I'm flapping around at loose ends (I know, cry moar). Now I just have to decide if I want to do more Yuletide or if I want to just lay back and read comics until after Christmas.

..and if I want to hang with family on Christmas Eve after all or if I want to spend the day in my pajamas watching the rest of AtLA.

2. WXPN, my current favorite radio station, did its morning show as a non-Christmasy winter music set to celebrate the solstice. I approve (and will probably be looking up a bunch of them when I get home.)

3. [personal profile] chordatesrock asked about how the MCU compares to comic universe. There are many ways to compare them! The super-basic answer is the comic universe is so vast and complicated and ever-changing that it's frankly impossible to compare it to anything other than itself. And the MCU isn't (yet.)

But I'm going to pull out one small part of it, and talk about serial storytelling as it pertains to Marvel. )

Does that, uh. Does that answer your question?

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December 17th, 2014 05:00 pm - bears. possibly platypus bears.

2. So I have now read Avengers: The Children's Crusade (which was very very omg good, all my YA feels are now reignited after being slightly meh about the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign trades).

Also I really need all the fic about Billy and Teddy and their grandfather and all the different things that family means. (There are only a couple - Trust Me by dangerouscommiesubversive is really really good - but there need to be more.)

(btw I wrote up an outline of the first issue of the YA-set-in-billy-and-teddy's-apartment series. *innocent whistle*)

3. I keep meaning to catch up on replies to everyone else's posts but at this point I am SO FAR BEHIND. I am reading and enjoying them all though!

4. [personal profile] umadoshi asked: Is there a book/show/movie you've been fully intending to get to this year but find yourself putting off for some reason? (Fear of disappointment, not wanting it to be over--whatever!)

Oh gosh, there are SO MANY of these. I am totally the person who will listen to your recommendations and nod along sagely, but even if it's something that sounds perfect for me, I can never start reading/watching/listening until the time is right. Sometimes that time is ten years later.

Today I am going to talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Anyway just this week I bought a couple of the missing S3 discs at a flea market so maybe I will get back to watching it soon. I could do it over the holiday when I have the TV to myself again except I was planning to spend the holiday watching both series of Cosmos back-to-back (something else I keep trying and failing to watch through.) So I guess we shall see.


And then I can start putting off watching Korra.

5. Bears.

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December 12th, 2014 01:17 pm - I lost the USB drive that had my notes for three days. :(
[personal profile] aoifes_isle asked for: Most oddball piece of research done this year - whether it be for work, wrangling, fic or because the brain-weasels attacked ...

So, uh, is there anyone reading this who has some Russian and would be willing to look over a first-pass translation of some Vysotsky lyrics I'm trying to put into English? I think I've got a rough literal version via Google and two other not-great English translations, but given that I know, like, three words of Russian, it would be nice to have someone to confirm it's all basically right, and stuff like "Does 'в настроеньи питейном' mean 'feeling drunk' or 'wanting a drink'?"

[personal profile] schneefink asked: what would be your ideal next canon YA series?

SO I actually wrote up a version of this right after I got the topic, because, well, Young Avengers! I had a whole twelve-issue storyline that was both something I really wanted to see, and that centered around the Young Avengers' ongoing themes of time travel/AUs, meta and reality shifts, and questions of identity. Unfortunately the main plot hook was "trying to bring Cassie Lang back from dead". Oops.

Anyway the short version: if I was proposing a YA series to Marvel right now, I would want it to center around Loki experimenting with reality-alteration using the power of storytelling (specifically: fanfic! :P) with the help of Billy Kaplan and America Chavez and, if I'm shooting for the moon anyway, maybe Kamala Khan? And whatever assortment of other current, former, and future young superheroes I can get my hands on.

Actually... )

If I could have ANY YA series I wanted, though, and not just one there's a slim possibility Marvel would actually make, what I want is basically the Young Avengers version of Fraction's Hawkeye - 'what they do when they aren't saving the world.'

It starts with Billy and Teddy's housewarming for their first apartment together. )

The chances that Marvel would actually make that are, like, 0%, though, if only because it's clearly aimed at a slightly older audience than Young Avengers is meant for. ...Maybe somebody will fanfic it someday.

Actually though if I could pick any one Young Avengers series to get it would be a movie trilogy. :P You didn't specify comics series, so that counts!

Because if they keep doing comics eventually they will fuck it up completely, because comics always do, but if they do a reasonably good movie, there will be enough movie fanfic for me to dine out on for years. Also, I would love to see some of these characters get a substantial incarnation with simplified/re-imagined backstories.

Set the first movie after whatever MCU does with Civil War, with a similar origin, i.e, the grown-up superheroes have fucked up big, so it's up to us kids come together to try to fix at least the small things.

The first movie is called 'Young Avengers: Red, White, and Black.' )

Call me, Marvel Studios, I'll throw together some spec scripts.

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December 2nd, 2014 07:09 pm - What are my feelings on Agent of Asgard
..ugh I forgot that the problem with the December Meme is that suddenly there's SO MUCH good content on my DW reading list that I am so busy reading I don't have time to write posts. BUT! I will persevere. And by persevere I mean "tl;dr on command."

[personal profile] dhampyresa asked "What are your feelings on Agent of Asgard?"

I'm afraid I won't have anything very deep for you, alas. My current thoughts on Agent of Asgard sort of go like this:

1. SO MANY things I want to talk about and/or want stories about, except there's so much canon out that I haven't read, and I know it's a comics fandom so I should just ignore that, but with a recent series it's hard, okay, augh, THIS IS WHY I TRY TO AVOID OPEN CANONS, by the time I figure out how I feel about something it's already out of date.


3. The thing is, I have a TYPE. And that type is Really Old People (like, age measured in centuries old) who try very hard to stay young despite all their tangled history and memories, and as a result are usually the only Old One, living semi-incognito among mortals, who have really complicated relationships with morality and guilt and the concepts of good and evil (partly because you can't live that long without your morality going at least a bit blue and orange) and with their own identity (ditto the way that outliving worlds screws with sense of identity) and with their own mythology; but who are sustained by endless and unkillable - no matter how hard they sometimes try - reservoirs of love. Love for family, love for students and friends, all-encompassing love for that-which-lives, love for sunlight and cats and stars and breakfast meats. Oh and preferably they have a semi-adversarial, semi-flirtatious relationship with a peer who uses slightly different shades of blue and orange, but that's optional.

I think my first character who fit that archetype was Deth, the High One's harpist. (I feel like there must have been someone before him but I can't think of any offhand. Perhaps that is why Deth hit me so hard when I met him.) And, of course, Methos. And ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ. And the Doctor and the Master. And Crowley and Aziraphale. And certain of the more ambiguous avatars of the Lone Power. and Don Simon Ysidro, the Oldest Vampire in Europe. And I could probably go on into progressively more obscure stuff, but you get the gist. Basically, I should have known better, even leaving aside that it's Loki and I definitely know better than to mix it up with trickster gods.

4. Srsly why no Loki/Sigurd slash????

4a. Dammit if I have to write it myself does that mean that I have to start caring about the Volsungasaga? But I've worked very hard at not caring about the Volsungasaga for thirty years now.


5a. Oh hey it's Advent, that means I can put Lokes Rapsody and Gudesang back in the MP3 rotation!

Anyway for the under-the-cut rambling I'm going to choose to focus on #2, which sadly has less to to with Loki, and more to do with how I go about acquiring comics )

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November 17th, 2014 05:35 pm
1. I have been doing a terrible job with the writing lately. Since last update, I have written a few hundred more words of the ANitLO crossover, some more Montparnasse fic, some more Booby!Marius story, and a tiny tiny bit of the one where Cap and Tony are both fail at coming out.

2. Part of the reason for this is that I keep coming home at night and not wanting to do anything but SLEEP. So yesterday I read [personal profile] rydra_wong's post on winter light and realized that the fact that f.lux is set to make me sleepy at sunset probably isn't helping. I didn't want to turn it off because I still don't need to be staring bright-eyed at Tumblr until 2 AM, so I decided to try reversing the latitude on my f.lux location - it may be getting dark under the daystar, but my laptop's brightness now thinks I live off the coast of South America and it's late spring with the days still getting longer. We'll see if it helps.

3. Also possibly more relevantly to the lack of writing I read the Loki: Agent of Asgard trade and then read all of the Boyband!Loki fic on AO3. I knew better than to start reading Loki:AoA, because getting mixed up with trickster gods is ALWAYS a bad idea, and besides I've read enough Marvel Now trades to know that it'll inevitably get mixed up in a massive crossover event and start to suck. But you know. As of the first trade it is basically flawless and also 100% made of fandom catnip and I can't. Come talk to me about AoA.

Comics!Loki, for those who don't know, has in the past few years gone through a complicated series of disincorporations/autocides/reiterations, more-or-less intentionally, and is currently in a body that frequently gets him mistaken for Harry Styles and/or Justin Beiber, trying to figure out how to stop being the villain of the story and develop a working conscience, despite everything - from his destiny to his Queens - working against him. If boyband!Loki gleefully out-scheming everybody in the Marvel Universe, swashbuckling with hot dudes, going on crime capers as a hot chick, having vaguely-platonic coffee with a cute hipster girl he met while speed-dating, being blatantly objectified by the narrative, being canonically pansexual and genderfluid, and being tragic yet determined about stuff like the nature of free will and stories and truth and good and evil and guilt and redemption sound like your kind of thing - well, run very fast in the other direction from Agent of Asgard, okay, because Loki is always bad news.

(If you've seen the panels where Loki confesses to having created a most terrible slash on the internet, okay, so, on the one hand yay, on the other hand given all the meta stuff about how Loki is defined by the stories written about him, and his newly canonically fluid gender/sexuality, I really want to talk about why Loki is creating slash on the internet, and what stories he's telling.)

(he's writing about Sigurd fucking him in their trash dumpster.)

4. Here are some boyband!Loki fic recs )

You will notice there is no Sigurd in those recs. That is because there is no Sigurd fic on AO3. At all. ...fandom, write me some Loki/Sigurd fic like, yesterday. HOW CAN YOU RESIST THAT FACE

5. I shall put in for the DW friending meme that [personal profile] ladyscribe is running, but it totally expects you to be doing the December posting meme. I have too much stuff going on to commit to posting on certain days, but I will borrow [personal profile] isis's weekly variation. So here is your chance to make me talk about a thing, any thing at all. as long as it's AoA Loki

Give me a topic and pick a week and I will try to talk about that topic on my journal at some point during that week. (disclaimers: topics for a given week are cut off after 5; several topics may be combined into one post.)

Week 1: Dec 1-7 : a book you loved that you didn't expect to and why ([personal profile] the_rck); what are your feelings on Agent of Asgard? ([personal profile] dhampyresa)
Week 2: Dec 8-14 : what would be your ideal next canon YA series? ([personal profile] schneefink); Young Wizards crossovers! Why are they awesome? Can everything be a YW crossover? Discuss. ([personal profile] sineala); Most oddball piece of research done this year - whether it be for work, wrangling, fic or because the brain-weasels attacked ... ([personal profile] aoifes_isle)
Week 3: Dec 15-21 : how the MCU compares to comic universe ([personal profile] chordatesrock); Tell me something (or somethings, if you like) you would like to see more of in the fantasy genre. ([personal profile] alasse_irena); Is there a book/show/movie you've been fully intending to get to this year but find yourself putting off for some reason? (Fear of disappointment, not wanting it to be over--whatever!) ([personal profile] umadoshi)
Week 4: Dec 22-28 : could you talk a bit about Their Majesties' Bucketeers? I reread it not too long ago and I'd love to hear about what kind of fic you wish there was, or some meta if you've got it in you. ([personal profile] fenellaevangela); talk about your writing process ([personal profile] espresso_addict).; perhaps you could talk about The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage ([personal profile] redsnake05)

6. If you're curious about why I sometimes go a long time between DW posts, my process here was literally: a) I can't post the friend meme comment until I've made the DW post to link to; b) I can't make the DW post until I've made the Tumblr post to link to; c) I can't make the Tumblr post until I have scanned the comics; d) I can't scan the comics until I have dug the scanner out of the pile behind the couch; e) I will deal with the pile behind the couch sometime after hell freezes over.

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November 6th, 2014 12:01 am
Today I

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October 22nd, 2014 10:04 pm - Updates on previous post
[personal profile] sophia_sol has posted an attempted interpretation of Oolon Colluphid Was Right! You should all go there and join the conversation so that I can continue to cackle unhelpfully in the corner.

Also, the breakaway hit from the list of bunnies in the previous post (which I am continuing to add things to, btw, as the odds of me actually winning the challenge go down....) was "Avengers Go To A Drag Ball", because apparently for some reason people think I, would, like, do it justice? ahah. ahahaha. hahahaha.

Here, for you edification, is 100% of everything I have done with that idea in the past three years, since I first came up with it (file last edited Jan 2013):

IIRC Tony's drag name was going to be Lady Natasha Touchamy, because he enjoys living dangerously. (and the Natasha is canon of course.) (Natasha's was, uh, something like Tony Tinydick? I think.)

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October 16th, 2014 05:33 pm - I finished another one!
Yay! With the one I finished earlier in the week than still needs some revisions, that means I got two more done in time to sign up for [community profile] intoabar. (Okay only because intoabar extended its signup deadline, but still. :P) So here is story #3:

Ricochet (2361 words) by melannen

Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Captain America's Shield
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Maria Hill, Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: frisbee, Captain America's shield - Freeform, Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Famous National Mall Frisbee Game of 2014

Hurrah for finishing things!

(I'd say it's weird to post in a massively large fandom again and get so many kudos so fast, except...I'm pretty sure I can get used to that again prettyyy darn quick.)

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July 2nd, 2014 10:55 am
I spent basically all of my day off yesterday either sleeping or waking up from sleeping because of headache and sore throat, so that was great, my immune system continues to time things so I'm only sick on days I already don't work. :P (I was considering calling in today, if only so I don't wind up in a paroxysm of anxiety over calling in on the day when I'm really really sick, but I'm somewhat better today and also work has air conditioning unlike home, so I guess I'm going in.)

Anyway, happy Second Half of Year, everyone! July 2nd isn't too early to be planning for Yuletide, right? Here are my current plans for yuletide requests (somebody come talk about these in comments with me....)

Fandom: Young Avengers (2013) (If it makes yuletide quals....)
Characters: America Chavez, Kid!Loki
Requests: I would like a story where America punches Loki in the face a lot and they both enjoy it, please. Sex optional (if sex, f/f America/Loki greatly appreciated), punchings required (kicking also okay.)

Fandom: Number Munchers (the original continuity, I never got into the remakes.)
Characters: Muncher, Troggles
Requests: Something about the Munchers being UTTER SMUG gits to the Troggles, please. Take your inspiration from the great moments in history, only make it personal. And with more maths. (Human AU where they are all genius mathematicians competing to solve an important problem and they all hate muncher dude is also a-ok.)

Fandom: The Asher Novels - Barbara Hambly
Characters: Any
Requests: I would like the story where James and Lydia finally realize that their thing with Simon isn't Simon and Lydia being in love and James being weirdly okay with it, it's Simon being in love with James and Lydia and vice versa, and Simon being "about time you two noticed". (There was even a bit in the Book of the Kindred of Darkness about how when vampires get involved with couples they usually go for both sides of the triangle, idk how Lydia didn't make the connection!)

Alternatively I would like something set during the Great War where James has been called back into intelligence work and is thrown among not just the human war but all the vampires of Europe fighting to survive a war unlike any they have seen before.

Also I would like a story about Simon and Grippen, at any point in their long history together, hunting together in the way vampires hunt together. Alternatively really anything that explores Grippen's feelings about Simon!

Also I would like a story about Lydia's aunts and stepmother finally getting what is coming to them. Say, a story about Grippen deciding to target Lydia's stepmom would be kind of wonderful, wouldn't it?

Basically these stories only have 13 fics on AO3 and that is a crime and a travesty they should have ALL the fanworks.

Let me tell you about Barbara Hambly's vampire novels. (very minor spoilers.) )

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April 13th, 2014 03:50 pm - I share
I saw Winter Soldier last week, as those of you on whose posts I showed up probably noticed! It was good and it was also the kind of story that is going to leave me thinking about what it was trying to do and what it did do for quite awhile, which is a good thing. I did not come out of it with Intense Bucky Feels, partly because when he has his mask on he just looks like Revenge-era Gerard Way and when he has it off I am just staring at his chin going "but why?" But that's okay, because I think the rest of the internet can cover for me on that one.

I did come out of it with intense very minor non-plot related spoilers )

So, of course, I came home from the movie at 12:30 AM and wrote a fic. (Fic is minorly spoilery but headers aren't.) Said fic has somehow become second place on the Pinboard Popular Fandom page in the last three days, which I do not understand because it's basically just an extended in-joke with coworkers who theoretically don't even know my fan name yet, *and* it's gen, but I guess I ought to link it here at some point, huh.

Modern Careers in the Information Sciences (and Other White Lies) (3086 words) by melannen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Random agents, definitely original female characters clearly not based on real people, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoilers, Missing Scene, POV Outsider, Libraries, Librarians, Fort Meade

Any agent knows that the most important thing when planning an op is information. Luckily, there's a public library right across the street from Fort Meade.

ALSO! Miseres fest! Went live! I am still reading through all the good fic and art when I can tear myself away from Cap II stuff (and, you know, adulting, which sucks). I got a gift that is so amazing I still don't even really know what to do with it? I keep thinking about bits from it and then going "oh wait no, that's not actually canon." It's one of Pliny's AMAZING Roman poetry works, but don't let the fact that it's poetry scare you away - it's really good epic poetry, which means it sucks you in and draws you along just like really good prose, only better.

The Wine-Ship, or, In Which Fantine Is Treated With Fennel And Does Not Die (4177 words) by PlinytheYounger
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fantine/OMC, Fantine & Cosette Fauchelevent, Fantine & Jeanne Valjean, Jean Valjean & Jeanne Valjean
Characters: Fantine, Jeanne Valjean, Jean Valjean, Mme. Thénardier, M. Thénardier, Cosette Fauchelevent
Additional Tags: Roman AU, Wine, Aurelian Wall, Alternate Universe - Ancient Rome, Ancient Rome

Roman AU. Jeanne Valjean sees a child mistreated; Fantine goes looking for her child with her burial money; a merchant is down on his luck; Javert is serving the people and doing his duty; and Jean Valjean has to escape via the latrine.

I also wrote a thing for Miseres fest, and THEN IRENY DREW FANART, and the fanart is way better than the fic, so I'mma just link you to the fanart, okay (It links back to the fic if you really want to read it.)

Le Comte d' Barbarie: Sister Simplice, Sister Perpetue, Père Fauchelevent, Jean Valjean, Valjean's Guinea Pig

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December 8th, 2012 01:47 pm - Polybigbang fic: If They Ever Put A Bullet Through Your Brain (I'll Complain)
It's finished! *collapses*

Title:If They Ever Put A Bullet Through Your Brain (I'll Complain)
Author:[personal profile] melannen
Artist:[personal profile] lyonie17
Fandom: Avengers (Marvel Movieverse)
Relationship(s)/Characters: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Bruce Banner/Betty Ross, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Bruce Banner/Betty Ross/Tony Stark/SCIENCE!
Word Count:16,500
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Strong language, Sylvia Plath references
Summary:Bruce Banner doesn't dare stay in one place very long, especially Manhattan. If he'd really wanted to get lost, though, he probably shouldn't have let Tony Stark give him a new phone. It's hard to be lost and alone when Tony keeps telling people to call you.

On AO3: If They Ever Put A Bullet Through Your Brain (I'll Complain)

Bruce Banner lets himself stay three months in Manhattan. )

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October 8th, 2012 12:38 pm - Five Avengers Stories That Someone Should Be Writing Right Now
1. So I've heard about this Thing that is apparently going on in Avengers fandom, where Peter Parker is somehow Tony and Steve's kid? I haven't read any of them, because the setup trips my Canon Logic circuits too hard. But if you do want bb!Peter to end up being parented by Avengers, this is how to do it without tripping my Canon Logic circuits (and also hits my shipper circuits, yes):

Twice-orphaned superhero Peter Parker alters his smartphone with a better voice-activated search application he calls MAI (Modified Artificial Intelligence), to help him while he's out webslinging (and keep him company). Eventually he falls into the middle of an Avengers fight, and JARVIS discovers MAI, and then starts secretly sending her system upgrades; they fall in love. Peter shows up at Avengers Tower asking why his AI has been acting strange ever since that fight, he and Tony realize what JARVIS and MAI have been up to, and Tony declares it adorable and insist they move in. JARVIS and MAI work together to mother-hen everybody even better than either can on their own.

2. I picked up a copy of Men Who Stare At Goats (the supposedly-nonfiction book, not the movie), and now I want General Ross to have spent most of the late '70s and early '80s up to his eyebrows in First Earth Battalion woo, meditating and levitating and 'attuning brain waves' and primal arm-wrestling and sending soldiers against the enemy with flowers and baby lambs and hug power. In fact, this is pretty much my canon now - the book even namechecks General Ross because some of the stuff from the Hulk movie was right out of the New Age Army playbook. IT JUST MAKES SENSE that a guy who ended up on the supersoldier project would have started out there.

I have no idea how to turn this into a story, but I really want someone to figure it out.

3. People in Loki fandom like to bring in Loki's kids and Loki's motherhood experience. I want a story in which it is pointed out that Loki isn't the only one who occasionally gets bored and creates new life just because he can, because Tony does that stuff all the time, and then somehow or other Tony and Loki end up being each other's single motherhood support group. Bonus points if Loki baby-sits the robots sometimes and it's adorable and terrifying, extra bonus points if Loki rescues them from a kidnapper and goes all maternal protective rage, and Tony doesn't understand why the other Avengers are disturbed by this.

Character realism... optional.

4. An AU: In which Dr. Bruce Banner was overcome with white liberal guilt *before* that fateful gamma ray experiment, went out to help the poor of Asia, got captured by the Ten Rings, met Tony Stark in a cave full of scraps, saved Tony's life, talked him into changing his ways, and successfully got himself killed in the escape.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yinsen of Gulmira was recruited into a secret US Army program working with gamma ray immunity, there was a lab accident/poor experimental protocol, and he ended up with his very own green rage monster; he escaped military custody, fled back home to Asia, and managed to stay under the radar until the Black Widow recruited him into the Avengers Initiative to fight the Chitauri. He meets Tony Stark on the helicarrier and they bond immediately, and they live happily ever after as science buddies.

I mean I love Bruce too, but would not that version be really really awesome?

5. The rest of my Poly Big Bang draft, which needs to be done, um, tonight.

If any of these already exist and you know here they are, please tell me! Especially number 5.

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July 25th, 2012 04:42 pm - oldest fandom, newest fandom
While my sister was here, we went through and cleaned out a lot more of the Star Wars junk, so all that's left now fits on and around one bookshelf. (The junk we cleaned out is now sitting on the back porch, while we figure out what to do with it. I was in favor of just emailing the Star Toys museum about another mass donation, but sister wanted to see if anything was worth trying to sell, and meanwhile I'm trying to decide if I can bear to open all the mint-in-box action figures so I can play with them (and store them better), or just donate/sell them as mint in box, and also trying to convince our cousins to take it all.

...so uh anybody want any Star Wars junk?)

My sister gave me a list of the books we have that I haven't read that I should, starting with Jedi Apprentice, so I started with those.

You guys. Jedi Apprentice. I know that I've previously been told, when asked why Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan blew up into a giant fandom, that the reason was Jedi Apprentice, but somehow I was still assuming that most of it came from the fandom. NOT SO MUCH.

Destiny! Soulbound! )

What I am saying is that these books are very silly, and I can't find any Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan on the AO3 that is quite as gay as them.


I also had some crochet I needed to get done, so I decided to start watching Community. It is you guys's fault. Yes, you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, Community people.

I am watching in silly mixed-up order, starting with the five legal free online streaming episodes (all from later in S3) and then at the beginning of S2. (since I have already read ALL THE FIC - and wow, Community people, that didn't take long, get on the ball there - and been to the con-txt panels, and been subjected to many people discussing it - I had already been spoiled, so that seemed like a good order to go in.) I'm about a third of the way through S2 now. Here are my comments:

1. JSYK, if somebody had told me that John Oliver had a brilliant recurring guest role on this show, I probably would have started watching two years ago. :P

some more things that surprised me )

(There is nothing in the above about Troy and Abed and the general geek-friendliness and Annie and Britta and Pierce and Shirley and the Dean and postomdern magical realism and the episodes themselves and etc. because the fandom did prepare me adequately for how awesome all of that is. Yay!)


Oh, so the last part of the Avengers-are-geeks fic went up on AO3 a few days ago, and so did that not!fic I posted on here a few months back, The One Where Tony Stark And Princess Leia Hook Up, since I was writing about Avengers and Star Wars anyway.

My writing has been going interesting places this year! I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout with a wordcount total for the year, and it's the last half of July and I'm actually ahead by a comfortable margin!

The main thing I am learning about my writing is that writing hard things is hard, and writing silly crossovers is easy. So while I have a bunch of Hard Things that I am still pounding away at (including the Avengers fics I was talking about at con-txt, and some Homestuck things, and the next bit of the October megacrossover, and a couple of DF WIPs, yes, before you ask), it makes it easier if I am working on something silly at the same time, to turn to when all writing seems a pit of despair and failure.

Unfortunately once I let myself decide that I immediately got overrun with silly crossovers, so I need you guys to help me out.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

Which crossover that I have started in the last couple weeks should I focus on finishing next?

View Answers

The sequel to the Tony/Leia one, in which Jedi Knight Steve Rogers served with Tony's father in the Clone Wars
14 (48.3%)

The one that follows the careers of the first twelve Alternian initiates to the Jedi Temple
2 (6.9%)

The one where John, Jade, Rose and Dave move in next door to Abed, Troy, Annie and Britta, and discover that Abed and Troy broke the new universe by somehow reaching God Tier without playing sburb
3 (10.3%)

The Vorkosiverse/Study In Emerald one that's Lannamichaels' fault where all Barrayaran Vor are hybrids of humans and Lovecraftian tentacle gods
10 (34.5%)

...okay, I'll be honest, regardless of the poll, it's probably going to be the Avengers/Star Wars one, if only because it only needs about five hundred more words of snappy dialogue for a complete first draft. Unfortunately, despite being a silly crossover, I am filled with angst about what to do with it then.

Completion and pairings )

(While I was working on this [personal profile] lettered wrote a much more coherent post on the topic of pairing tags, which covers the same ground, you should go read that instead.)

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June 25th, 2012 12:30 pm - This post appears to be mostly about poly. HMM.
First, two general notes:
My laptop power cord/socket have reached the point of non-working that it's generating more heat than power, so in the interest of not setting another motherboard on fire, I am going to be opening it up this afternoon and attempting to replace the parts. I have never sucessfully soldered on a motherboard before, so if I unexpectedly go silent, it is probably because I have melted my laptop, jsyk.

Also, I will be going to Boston at the end of this week, and then bringing [personal profile] stellar_dust and her cats (and all of her stuff) back to Maryland after. Any Boston people want to hang out or go see Avengers again or anything? :P I'll be free... um, Friday. I will even have a car and everything this time!

Five slightly more interesting things:

1. I fixed my radio yesterday (the power of rubber bands!) and turned it on just in time to discover that Jim Packard had died. ): The world of radio quiz comedy shows has lost a luminary. (I had to change the channel while I was waiting for the radio to wind down, I couldn't take listening to Michael Feldman trying not to cry anymore.)

2. I have read Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, courtesy of a very kind person who loaned me a copy of the e-ARC! It is general, but no specific, spoilers )

3. Oh and speaking of writers who should definitely keep listening to the fans, one of the ways I know that I have assembled a very good network here is that when I go to my network page, I always find interesting things based on what you all are reading. Yesterday, I learned that [personal profile] dduane ships Nita/Kit/Ronan.

DIANE DUANE HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME. (not going to follow her tumblr though, tumblr still scares me.)

/me continues to believe that bit at the end of Spock's World where Spock and McCoy head off to bed and ask if Kirk is joining them really was intended to be what it sounds like.

4. Speaking of poly ships, somebody at the poly panel at con.txt (I think it was [personal profile] viklikesfic) recommended the Polyamory Weekly podcast as a good source for people writing poly fic who wanted to learn more about the ways people do poly in RL, and I've started listening to it, and really enjoying it.

It's exactly what I wanted - not advice or how-tos, but a glimpse inside a wide cross-section of the poly community - because when I think about poly fic, I often want to write people who identify as poly, and not write them in ways that would make poly people cringe; but all the people whose poly lives I know anything about are in fandom, which might skew things a little. Poly Weekly give me that! And "from a kink-friendly, pansexual point of view" which is even better.

Anyway, highly recommended, and it has me thinking about poly ships in fandom, and that one of the reasons I like explicitly poly fic (and in a different way than plain OT3/OTTeam fic) is that to be good at polyamory, you are expected to communicate openly with your partners, to be self-aware and responsible for your own feelings and needs, to be adult and compassionate, to think in terms of networks of many kinds of important relationships instead of One Person Who Matters.

Because yes. Yes please to all of that. And you don't have to be poly to have that, but you have to have most of that to make poly work.

...which on the surface makes it kind of hilarious that I am having so many polyamory *feelings* about Avengers )

5. Oh and speaking of stuff from con.txt, I posted about the QUILTBAG on the new [community profile] contxt_lounge community. I was going to post a general crafting update here that included all that, but just the QUILTBAG part got way too long, so I threw it up there instead.

Also included in that post is the current draft of the Dalekling crochet pattern from two years ago, if anyone was still waiting for that. :P

Here's the photo and basic description, copied from that post:

Also here is a picture of me in the Sufferer cloak I altered for con.txt )

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June 13th, 2012 05:40 pm - Avengers: Assemble
I just realized that I never made a post here after I saw the Avengers movie.

...um, I saw the Avengers movie a few weeks ago! As has probably become obvious already. But by the time I saw it the internet had pretty much said everything there was to say about it, so I don't really have much to add.

(Except Nick Fury you are my very favorite. But I didn't believe even for a second that Coulson was dead, Nick, you are fooling no-one.)

(Also the plot makes no sense once you think about it, and why didn't they just go hit Dr. Selvig over the head as soon as they found him, cut the fight scene by about fifteen minutes, and prevent the destruction of whole swathes of Manhattan? Bah.)

Anyway, I kind of wanted to finally watch the Hulk movie after that, because, well, BRUCE. And I wanted to re-watch Iron Man 2 which I hadn't seen since it came out. So what I did was I went and downloaded the nine-hour fan cut which chronologically meshes together both Iron Man movies, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and the Coulson short into one long movie. Somebody on my reading list linked to a review of it awhile back, which recommended it as much preferable to trying to watch Hulk straight through. Thank you, whoever linked to that!

I was figuring I'd just skip to the Iron Man 2/Thor/Hulk section, but I kind of wanted to see the transition between the two Iron Man movies, and then I wanted to check some bits of Cap canon, and the next thing I knew it was nine hours later and I'd watched the whole thing (and finished a QUILTBAG for con.txt, so it wasn't a total loss.)

Watching them all put together like that was actually really cool, and it brought out all sorts of themes and recurring issues between the movies that weren't nearly as apparent otherwise.

Also I agree that it's probably the best way to watch the Hulk movie; I suspect I would have been alternately bored and frustrated if I'd watched it straight through, but in the 9-hour fancut, it worked pretty well - just when you were getting a little overwhelmed with the glitter and bombast of Asgard or the frenetic decadence of Stark Industries, it'll cut to a suburban park or a small marketplace or a quiet forest and give you a chance to breathe (and watch Bruce Banner yay.)

Hulk discussion )

So anyway, while I don't recommend it as a good movie or anything, it's very pretty and not too painful, and if you're thinking about writing anything very substantial about Bruce Banner, you should probably watch it; it didn't so much change my idea of his character as solidify some of the things that had already been bothering me about how people have been writing him lately.

And also write stuff that lets Betty live up to her potential, bah.

More things that I noticed watching the 9-hour cut that I wish fandom would do more with:

9-ish things )

...uh, there's more I could talk about but that's probably enough for one post, especially since I should be working on con-txt stuff.

Also [personal profile] brownbetty has made [community profile] cap_chronism for historical stuff relevant to Steve Rogers, which you should join. Maybe I will even get around to posting the rest of my collection of risque artifacts from the '30s and '40s!

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May 16th, 2012 11:49 pm - Meme Fills Update
...okay, that hypothetical crossover meme has reached levels of ludicrosity previously unattained on this journal.

Here is a list of fills so far:

Dresden Files/Vorkosigan Saga for [personal profile] isis (consisting of some extra bits of canon for the crossover I already wrote for this.)
Temeraire/Princess Bride ideas for [personal profile] finch
Pinkwaterverse/Cthulhu mythos for [personal profile] seekingferret (in which I fail miserably; surely *somebody* can come up with a better one?)
--[personal profile] seekingferret does Major League Baseball/The pirate Rabbi and Thor/Star Trek to my prompts
White Collar/Pirates of the Caribbean and DCU/The Lone Gunmen for [personal profile] elf. (Somebody needs to write a pirates/white collar crossover actually. Desperately. Also need fic now where Frohike tangos with Barbara Gordon, but that's a given.)
some flailing as regards Temeraire/Sherlock Holmes for [personal profile] ellen_fremedon
British Comedian RPF/Vorkogisan Saga for [personal profile] marginaliana (This one got kind of out of hand after [personal profile] lannamichaels tapped in. It probably helps to note that we were borrowing some of the characterization from a previous conversation regarding Aral Vorkosigan, Epic Troll. Also: this article on how traditional Chinese stand-up has fared under communism which I incidentally already had bookmarked, yes I did background research for this bit.) [personal profile] marginaliana asked for a British Comedy RPF crossover and I'm afraid in the elaboration we focused almost entirely on the Barrayar part, but I promise if I actually wrote it there would be a bunch of scenes of David and Charlie and Jimmy and Dara and so on meeting in hidden, poorly-lit back rooms at the university and playing at revolution.
Avengers/Sesame Street for [personal profile] lannamichaels. An excuse to write fic for the Teeny Little Super Guy! Yay!
Homestuck/Colbert Report for [personal profile] erinptah, featuring unbridgeable idealogical differences. And stabs. Mostly stabs.
Homestuck/Vorkosigan Saga for [personal profile] biichan. In which there are fantrolls.
Homestuck/Ranma 1/2 for [personal profile] terajk, featuring [personal profile] brownbetty and [personal profile] biichan contributing their own versions as well, which we must encourage them to write. yes.

Unfilled, still to do (list mostly for my reminder):
Avengers/Young Wizards and Vorkosigan/Avengers (I really need to watch that movie, I guess)
Something Sutcliff/Rihannsu-ish (Every time I poke at this I just come out concluding I need to re-read Rihannsu more. Tragic!)

This is actually an interesting way to find out what fandoms my commenters care about! Avengers yes (kind of obviously) but there's lots of Vorkosigan and Homestuck and Temeraire on there too, hmm.

And yes, I will still fill prompts if people leave them. Not crossovered out yet!

And as usual, all bunnies and notfic posted by me here are completely available for other people to pick up and run with, if you should chance to be so inspired.

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November 17th, 2011 05:45 pm - I have an actual angstbunny of my very own now!
So I wrote more Avengers movieverse fic the other day.

(It's like I'm a fanfiction writer or something all of a sudden! I have no idea.)

Anyway, the original was for one of [personal profile] synecdochic's prompts at the Oh My God We Need Some Porn In Here Stat Porn Meme (which is still going if you still feel the need!) but I then I cleaned it up some and posted to AO3, so here's the official post in my journal just to complete the series.

It's been posted to AO3 for just about 24 hours now, and it already has way more kudos than any other story I have ever posted on the archive! Oh, so that's why people write in the super mega slash fandoms! I've never managed to do it before, I hadn't realized. (And aww, Steve/Tony fandom, all grown up! I remember when it was just the only way to get more [personal profile] elspethdixon h/c on days when I needed that.)

(Also this whole thing is teaching me so much about how much tags really matter in the AO3. In small fandoms I guess they don't matter as much because most people who check the archive check the whole fandom, but in Avengers a) there must be a lot of people who only check Steve/Tony and nothing else, because when I put 'Potstickers' in with no pairing tag, it was getting way less hits than any other Avengers fic posted the same time, but then I decided to do an experiment and added the pairing tag for UST and boom, suddenly more kudos!

Also I hadn't realize how much of a mess the tagging system was for fandoms like Avengers movieverse. Behind the scenes as a wrangler, I mean, it's complicated, but it seems to make sense, but from a non-wrangler perspective it's a freaking mess: the accepted wrangler umbrella canonical for the universe is 'Marvel Avengers Movies Universe', so I've just been using that one and it works great for finding fic, and then I realized: if you're not a wrangler there's no way in hell you'd know that tag even exists: for example, looking for 'Avengers Movie' fic does not bring up all fic tagged with the umbrella canonical, and people looking for that tag wouldn't realize there was a broader umbrella tag to look at. Which is the best way we can do it under the current system, but oh man, the current system is freaking terrible.

Oh, I just realized I never linked to the Potstickers journal post to the Potstickers AO3 post. Uh. The link's there now, if you were were waiting for it to show up?)

Anyway, actual fic post time now:

Title: Safeword
Pairings: Tony/Steve, Tony/Steve/JARVIS, Tony/Pepper, Tony/assorted others
Fandom: Avengers movieverse
Notes: ~5700 words, Tony/Steve, Tony/Steve/JARVIS, Tony/Pepper, Tony/being promiscuous. Read the summary, and may that serve as a warning! Also it isn't nearly as porny as it should be. But it does have a tooth-rottingly sweet ending, I promise.

Summary: Tony Stark doesn't need to be safe, sane, and consensual. He has JARVIS instead. (Then he gets Steve.)
Links: Originally posted for a prompt at the Oh My God We Need Porn Here Stat Porn Meme.
On AO3: Safeword
On my DW:

JARVIS had only been fully activated for a few weeks the first time Tony told him,  )

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November 13th, 2011 04:41 pm - More Avengers fic?
Here is something that is fandomy, yet has nothing whatsoever to do with AO3 or OTW. You're welcome.

(No, I don't know where all this is coming from. ... well, yes I do, it's coming from my desperate need to not work on NaNo, I just don't know why Avengers of all the possible things.)

Title: Of Phil, Son of Coul
Fandom: Avengers movieverse x Welsh mythology
Content: 1700 words, gen, slightly cracky, no warnings
Notes: Every time somebody has Thor use the phrase "Son of Coul" I think of this, so now maybe you will too. :P
Summary: The Avengers are fighting a giant pussycat in Battery Park. Then it gets weirder. )


Endnotes )

(on AO3)

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