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interrobang studios
July 2nd, 2011 10:02 pm - It's all right
It is July! And I have written over 75,000 words of fiction! Which means I met my year's goal in only six months. Hooray! Granted, the magic spreadsheet says that only about 43000 of those are finished+posted, and 71,000 were for the d_f anon meme (which means I have 28000 words of WIP sitting on the anon meme, shhh.)

What I should aim to do for the rest of the year is either: a) turn out 75000 words of original fiction, or b) increase the finished/unfinished ratio. Or I could just keep filling random meme prompts as long as the meme goes on. I am... debating.


Yard sailing today! No big sales, probably due to the holiday, so all I ended up with was $1.75 in: Two Dover coloring books and an "Easy-To-Make Castle" book (the Dover books are Art Deco, and Dinosaurs with Feathers. The Castle is a gag gift for certain people who have spent three years trying to build a castle;) also a half-gallon plastic water bottle to replace the one that failed me awhile back.


So [personal profile] commodorified posted We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years, a music mix for going to the barricades; and then [personal profile] sara posted De America, Yo Soy, her mix of angry leftist music, and then [personal profile] lotesse posted Oh, Freedom on a similar theme. And I downloaded them all, and they are all awesome. If you have any leftist passion in your heart, you should go listen.

So I thought I'd pay it on.

Only, nearly all of my going-to-the-barricades music is still trapped on the external hard drive that failed, so I'm cheating. :P This is a songmix that's been sitting on my hard drive for almost two and a half years - since January 21, 2009, in fact. What it is, basically, is my account of going to see Barack Obama's presidential inauguration, done as a fanmix instead of a journal or a photopost - a combination of songs that were played there, songs that should have been played there, and songs that got stuck in my head anyway. I meant to post it way back then, but kept coming up with new things to tweak, and it didn't happen.

So, given the occasion, it's less go-to-the-barricades and more 'cautious hope liberally mixed with engrained bitterness and cynicism', but I figured what with the new election campaign starting up AUUUUUUUGGGHHH, and the holiday and stuff, maybe I'd finally post it.

Party at the Crossroads )

Party at the Crossroads / 100 mb / direct download

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May 16th, 2011 02:48 pm - Link Housekeeping
A bunch of things going on otherwheres that I've been meaning to mention here and haven't:

  1. [personal profile] sophinisba did a podfic of that fic what I wrote where Spike and Dru make George Bailey into a vampire and they all live happily ever after. My first time being podficced, and it was awesome! I love the way she even managed to make the bits of wording that I cringe at every time I read it sound amazing.

    *snuggles it*

    (Although it is weird to be listening to that fic now, it is such a Christmas fic for me. Not because It's a Wonderful Life, but because when/where/why I wrote it. And because of the Christmassy themes of bleakness and loneliness and despair, and rebirth into death, and taking joy in the nasty and horrible, and what family is and isn't. Oh and birthday presents.)

  2. I posted something over at [community profile] starry_sea, my poor lonely Star Trek paracanon community.

    Specifically I posted the FST to Diane Duane's novel The Wounded Sky, which I've only been messing with for about a year, and which is possibly the dorkiest fanmix I have ever thrown together. (It has a track which encodes the protein structure of spider dragline silk. Yes, that dorky. And two tracks featuring the musical styling of Stephen Hawking.)

    So here it is for you guys to find too: Anentropia.

    (And I know I said something about doing longer commentary for it, but that turned in to a general 'how Melannen does fanmixes' post with special notes on those tracks, so it might be awhile.)

  3. I posted a tour of wild edibles in my yard + a plea for help with shade gardening in [community profile] common_nature (which yay for my little community which stays not-lonely even when I leave it alone for awhile! And is full of helpful people!)

  4. I posted 101 Asexy Sex Scenes to [community profile] asexual_fandom, which is just a list of 101 prompts for sex scenes involving asexual characters, and it seems to have been a hit.

    But I also made up a non-existent fandom to use in the prompts (involving asexual Ash and Alex, bisexual Bailey, pansexual Pat, etc.) and they seem to have been even more of a hit. [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has written an entire TV show, Schroedinger's Heroes about them, OMG.

    I have to say, it is so very weird to have someone take a story premise you came up with and go in entirely different directions with it than you would - weirder than I expected, maybe even weirder when it's as barebones as Alex and Bailey's story intentionally was, because there's nowhere to point and say, 'actually, this'. I have mostly been staying out of the way on that because I don't want to step on toes, and also, risk of dripping the weirdness feelings where they don't belong.

    But also, awesome! OMG I can't believe she actually wrote fanfic of my nonexistent fandom! \o/

    (I am also finding it unexpectedly difficult to take seeing people assign those characters genders and gendered pronouns. There was a story I started writing back in high school where the protagonists refused to identify with a gender (okay, two stories, but Spec eventually admitted to being what I would call trans, although he still gets squirrelly about pronouns sometimes), and I guess playing with Jamie, who won't even let me use a gender-neutral pronoun because of considering that lazy language when Jamie does just fine without any at all (even when insisting on being written in third person), has convinced me that agendered is agendered dammit even when I didn't actually mean to be writing agendered characters.

    ...someday I will actually post that epic post that is hiding on my hard drive about me and my genderqueer&trans original characters, but that will not be today.)

  5. Also [community profile] asexual_fandom ran another asexy prompt meme!

    I have two fills up there so far:

    Untitled Charlie and Roxy fic, an HP story about mentorship and family and legacy and expectations when you're asexual, which came out kind of unexpectedly personal (because my mom's family is much like the Weasleys, only larger and stranger.) I kind of want to write a bunch of sequels to this now, about Uncle Bilius and Uncle Charlie and (eventually) Aunt Roxy. And dragons.

    and Love Letter for the Truthy, which is very silly blackboard!diagram for a prompt about character!Stephen and Glenn Beck!Jon (oh Beck!Jon, why do I find you so wildly attractive?)

    There's a bunch of other great fic on there! And unfilled prompts! (Including some I still half-want to fill: there's the ace!Gregor one, dammit, and I suddenly got bunnied to write the first prompt on there as "Four and Romana visit Torchwood Three". Feel free to borrow that idea, anybody!)

  6. Also, it is the six-month-ish anniversary of the Ace Manifestos Project! Come celebrate and help us come up with more ideas for characters! (And also claim somebody - you know you want to.)

  7. And finally, [community profile] kink_bingo round three is ending; long live round four! I didn't ever actually make an amnesty post to the comm, even though I did get one fic finished during the original period, because I lived in hope of finishing something else (I did write a lot of kinky fic, but most of my energy went into prompt memes over this last year, and k_b doesn't allow stories written for other prompts, so...)

    I did do a prize though, and apparently that's enough to qualify for the next round! I don't know what k_b's policy is for linking to prizes before the official prize post is up, but if you would like to see more Captain Rachel Maddow of the U.S.S. Bill of Rights (back when she was just a lowly Ops officer on the S.S. Susanoo-no-mikoto) you could look on my AO3 account.... ;)

    Now I have to decide if I'm signing up for the next round...

    (There will probably be a large-ish AO3 update coming once 3W4DW is over, by the way, featuring the fic linked here + a bunch of anon meme stuff back to my first story on the lolitics meme a year ago today, btw. Need to decide if I'm going to backdate it all first...)

also it is my birthday and as we speak Mom is decorating a cake for me. With feathered dinosaurs on it, so I am told! I decorated one for the vaguely-birthday-ish friends gathering on Saturday that said "Ars longa, vita brevis" on it with human skeletons, because we are old and will die soon, and also if you've carefully trained your friends to expect that kind of stuff from you, you might as well take advantage.

ETA: Also, almost a year late to be relevant: I can totally remove the orangey bit intact from the middle of a Jaffa Cake. It's way easier than peeling the cream filling out of an Oreo. You British people must be spoilt.

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October 31st, 2009 11:07 pm - look, I posted.
I have been told I need to update already so that people know I am still here.

Let's see: what have I been doing since my last update?

Messing around on the internet; fighting off huge internet-induced bouts of self-loathing; watching old episodes of Top Gear; applying for jobs; fighting off job-search-induced bouts of self-loathing; reading Top Gear fanfic; watching the news and falling into bouts of loathing the entire world; working on interrobang studios stuff with RL friends; horrifing RL friends by telling them that Top Gear fandom is awesome because instead of genderswap slashfic where somebody is turned into a girl because it's okay to have sex with girls, it has turned-into-a-car slashfic because it's totally okay to have sex with cars, obv.; playing the terribly addictive flash game that RL friends introduced me to in order to distract me from talking about having sex with cars; helping Mom with her volunteer & church work; helping former roommates move & attempting to deal with post-move out issues; falling into massive bouts of self-loathing RE:inability to actually be a grown-up; listening to NPR because if I can't be watching Top Gear or HIGNFY I can at least be listening to Car Talk & This Just In; continuing to go through my massive collection of STUFF in an attempt to manage it; fighting off lack-of-money induced fits of self-loathing; and writing Top Gear/Doctor Who crossover fanfic.

Mostly, I haven't been posting because things I did in one of the last massive anti-oppression discussions have left me unable to say *anything* fandom-related without becoming despairingly convinced that what I am saying is full of fail and privilege and will hurt people. (This is my problem, not anyone else's, but just fyi I am probably going to have to work through a lot of crap on my own part for awhile before I feel comfortable speaking in *any* kind of meta discussion whatsoever, which, frankly, sucks, because I love meta. Also, it isn't helping that the fandom I kind of became obsessed with in the meantime is basically the story of three middle-aged rich white men being as rich, white and male as possible on camera.) (Edited to removed language-of-privilege, WHY IS THIS SO HARD.)


I have been around, although reading & commenting a lot more sporadically than I had been, in an attempt to manage the self-loathing.

I have also done the last four Spink comics *all by myself* while the main studio had no internet, about which I am quite proud! And I did the Friday's Trigger Star strip all by myself! And posted about the first quarter of this years's book reviews on librarything, though I still have a bunch of read-this-year books waiting to be reviewed.

And I had signed up to do a fanmix for [community profile] polybigbang, and ended up claiming the very first fic on the claims list, [livejournal.com profile] tania_sings's amazing, epic, gloriously kinky story in which Ariel the Sprite sleeps with basically every other character in Shakespeare, Perfection, which was just an utter delight to mix for & illustrate. I did get the mix & art done & submitted in time, & my author loved the mix about as much as I loved her story, despite me being so flaky to workwith lately! So yay! The mix, which contains only songs that are vaguely, by some definition, in-period for Shakespeare, by which I mean lots of bawdy ballads via [livejournal.com profile] dreamsquirrel and [livejournal.com profile] niquerio, is at Ariel Sings Stormy Weather (.zip file) and here is the Ariel cover art. I was playing with using vectors/paths for the cover art, which I haven't done seriously in about ten years, and was impressed with how well it came out. (And listened to about thirty times as much new music as I actually put on the mix, which means I actually have a hope of being able to navigate my current mp3 collection now, yay!)

What I did *not* do, see re:self-loathing above, is finish the second disc of the mix and make a proper mix post with tracklistings & explanatory notes like I said I would, because the notes started growing in length exponentially as I started looking for actual attested dates for the period music. I am still hoping to finish that post very soon, but I have realized that if I wait to post until I've finished that, it would be quite easy to keep not posting for a very long time.

Reading [community profile] polybigbang and [livejournal.com profile] rpf_big_bang have been great fun, too, (and partly responsible for my giving in and reading Top Gear slash, because I think there is more un-flocked Top Gear stuff there than anywhere else on the net up until now) and I am full of general reccingness for them.

I am probably not doing nano this year - I know, first year since way back before I was even in fandom, but it's beginning to seem a bit silly to keep signing up and writing less than 12,000 words - unless of course the Top Gear/Doctor Who crossover of doom keeps writing itself as fast as it has been. <_< I am doing yuletide, though. There's only been one year in history where the self-loathing was strong enough to keep me away from yuletide.

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July 27th, 2009 11:33 pm - be that girl
I am deeply amused that my last post had some neat music and meta, and a link to a filk project, and a dozen panels of fanart, but 80% of the feedback was about the sketch of AU Rachel in déshabillé.

SO let's talk about AU RPS girlsex, yesno? :D

I have a file that's been sitting on my desktop for about six months, entitled "Thirteen Ways Rachel Maddow (never) Had Lesbian Sex With Keith". I started it way back in February, after the big meta discussion about the ethics of 'shipping a real-life lesbian with a (presumably) straight man - the f_w post that rounded it all up has been deleted, but the start of it (more or less) was my comment here about Rachel/Keith and genderswap in [personal profile] havocthecat's journal. So Rachel, Keith, and genderfuckery, yes.

I have been slowly adding to the file in bits and bobs ever since, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to write these stories (though if I did write one out full-length, it would be either #5 or #13. Or #10 and #11. Or #8 and #9. Or...)

Anyway! Yes, I totally love the story-sketches in that file and wish they existed full length: the reason I will never write them (besides my general inability to finish fic) is that I have come to realize that I still have limits when it comes to RPS. I'll read anything (well, theoretically: large sections of RPS still bore me); I'll draw anything (that I'm willing to draw in any other live-action fandom, anyway, there are limits to where I'll go with real peoples' bodies even if they're playing other people); I'll write genfic and AUs and really mild 'ship stories and crossover AUs set in an entirely different world. But when it comes to writing sex between real live people who have their own lives and know how to use the internet -- even under the safety net of "things that never happened" - I just squick myself when I sit down to write.

SO! Anyway! I am not writing the 13 ways Keith/Rachel lesbian sex stories. But the file as sitting on my desktop is around a thousand words anyway. And it has fanart. And a fanmix. That have also been sitting on the hard drive for months. So I'm just going to post it all. Yay?

Thirteen Ways Rachel Maddow (never) Had Lesbian Sex With Keith Olbermann )

here be artings )

The fanmix: 'I'll Be That Girl: Music To Bend Gender To' )

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December 3rd, 2008 06:40 pm - Christmas Music!
Okay. So, I'd planned to do a christmas music advent thing this month - upload three or so songs on a given theme every day to offer to download. (Because just what you lot need this time of year is more christmas music!) But being unable to get into my webspace delayed it, so I'm going to do dec 1, dec 2 in this post and Dec. 3 later tonight (and hopefully I'll stay caught up for the forseeable future.)
December First is the first day of Advent - or, well, the Sunday nearest Nov. 30 is, but 12-1 is the fixed date that the secular calendar has attached it to. It's also World AIDs day. So for December 1, have two Advent carols and the Christmas song from RENT.

RENT original Broadway cast - Christmas Bells.mp3
"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is sung in church every Sunday in Advent as the Advent wreath is lit, one verse per candle. It's one of the things I look forward to most in Advent. (And I think I'll only be there for one week of it this year.) Actual hymns are surprisingly hard to find covers of (or I'd have "Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus" here too), so here's two interesting covers of "Emmanuel".
Belle & Sebastian - O Come O Come Emmanuel.mp3
Peter Paul & Mary - O Come O Come Emmanuel.mp3
And my very favorite carol from my family's traditional Christmas mixes (which my father had recorded from LP to reel-to-reel and then reel-to-reel to cassette, and I should rip to CD before Mom throws them out) is "Do You Hear What I Hear". I love the echoes calling and the story it builds.
Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Do You Hear What I Hear.mp3

December Second marks the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, so here's some drunken Christmas music:

Sherwin Linton - Santa Got A DWI.
This is off the "Bummed Out Christmas" CD I gave Mom a few years ago. You will be seeing more of this CD, because, seriously, a hobo-themed Christmas album, that is the awesomest thing ever. And there are songs on it that I'd never heard of before but are not horrible, which when you collect novelty music, is the real novelty.
Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & Wine.mp3
By the time I was about ten, my parents had suggested that perhaps Santa would prefer wine with his Christmas cookies instead of milk. (This appears to have gone over well, since the wine was always gone. Unlike the cookies.)
Elmo and Patsy - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.mp3
She'd been drinking too much eggnog / And we begged her not to go.
Yeah, well, I had to. (This song has actually been a real comfort to me. My relatives have a bad habit of dying in November, and it was good to be reminded that I wasn't the first person to wonder do we open up the gifts, or send them back.)
(I know, I'm a terrible person.)
Steve Schuch and The Night Heron Consort - Here We Come A-Wassailing.mp3
Lest we forget that getting liquored up is the *true* spirit of Christmas!

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November 4th, 2008 12:28 am - SPECIAL US ELECTIONS PLAYLIST!!!!

The tracks can all be individually downloaded at http://melannen.katycat.net/fanmix/calm/ .

(here you see the difference between "this fanmix is a work of art!" and "I need to do this so I don't go insane. Might as well share!")

...'cause, yeah, you can bet I'll need to have this on repeat *all day* tomorrow.

(How are Jon and Stephen not doing a live webcast?? *weeps*)

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October 28th, 2008 12:39 am - The Sound of Drums Fanmix
Okay, I have finally posted the Doctor Who "Sound of Drums" fanmix that's only been in the works for oh, six months or so.

It's up at [journalfen.net profile] fan_mix : Revolution Just For Fun, and also at the best_enemies community on LJ (with bonus material.)


(The John Sheppard mini-fanmix I posted awhile back -- World Spinning Round, featuring the world's only known Surf Rap track -- is still up for download, btw, but I'll probably take it down whenever I get my next fanmix up. And I have no idea when that will be, since I seem to generate Doctor Who playlists like the cats generate sheddings, but then take forever on the associated stuff.)

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September 2nd, 2008 11:08 pm
So, can anyone here guess who it is in my new icon???

(It's cheating if you recognize the book it's from.)

For me, it's a weird sort of illusion- picture: if I look at it from the corner of my eye, or while distracted, I absolutely recognize her; but if I look at it straight on, it doesn't look a thng like her at all.


I saw that book while at B&N this evening. I also found the current Tokyopop Star Trek manga, which I entirely expected to suck, but they don't suck entirely! They got good established Trek writers, and the art isn't actually trying to be manga-style. I saw two Wil Wheaton stories, and one by Diane Duane (she of Rihannsu-verse) in which the sexy, vulnerable alien queen the Enterprise is escorting gloms onto Dr. McCoy at first site and spends the whole trip completely ignoring Kirk in favor of attempting to seduce the good Doctor.

Also, there is a manga adaptation of David Gerrold's Bandi, which I read in one of the really early Trek short stories collections, and couldn't be better suited for a manga adaptation. Plus in the manga version it's even slashier, K/S wise, than the original. Also, Kirk saves the Enterprise in a page-spread where he radiates sparkles and love-hearts at a sad teddy bear with Bambi eyes.


Anyway, politics: I have been pretty much ignoring the presidential race since it was decided who I'm going to be voting for, but this Sarah Palin thing is actually catching my interest again. Okay, I do feel bad for the kids, but srsly: Secret babies? Hidden teenage past as a terrorist secessionist? Spunky librarians? Eight hours in labor on a plane? Forced marriages? Russians *right next door*! Bears and wolves and PUMAs, oh my!

Now *that's* the stuff of a proper old-fashioned political scandal.

(And on a serious politics note: give me back my civil liberties, please.)


I have a fanmix 99% ready to post, but I have *lost* the stylus for my tablet, and if I can't use my John Simm GIMP brush to strew rainbow-colored Master heads over everything, what's the point?

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July 21st, 2008 09:46 pm - "World Spinning Round" - a fanmix for John Sheppard
I started collecting these songs and then suddenly discovered I had enough for a mini-mix. So, here I share!

Eight songs, ranging from avant-garde classical to surf rap )

World Spinning Round.zip
Rightclick-save. 40 mb zip file, contains songs+album art+text+.m3u playlist
xposted to [journalfen.net profile] fan_mix (jf) and [journalfen.net profile] mixed_music (ij)

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July 18th, 2008 05:03 pm - Five Reasons Doctor/Master Is The Best Dr. Who Pairing (And One Way To Make It Better)
So, you may have noticed I've been talking about the Master and the Doctor quite a lot lately. That's because they are awesome, and they are evil ex-BFs across all centuries and galaxies and universes. Honestly, I swear. So I give you a recs post, which had the working title "Recs List of Doomy Doom". There are five recs under each of the five categories, and also I will be sneaking a sixth category at the end, because this is Dr. Who fandom and you can always sneak in an extra S6. This is by no means *complete* - you should read all fics by all writers rec'd (I stuck to one fic per writer) - and then you should go read everything else under the Doctor/Master tag on my del.icio.us. Many of these are standards in the fandom, but not all of them, and some are actually far more obscure than they should be.

Also, this recs list is so awesome that it has its own *soundtrack*. Of songs that were too shippy to go on my Master playlist. Click on the category titles: download the songs!

1. (Emmylou Harris) Bang the Drum Slowly : Post "Last of the Time Lords" fixit fic.
I meant to ask you how to fix that car / I always meant to ask you about the war / And what you saw across a bridge too far / Did it leave a scar
Because the only slash cliche this pairing hadn't covered yet was dying in each others' tearful embrace. Thank you, Rusty, for that.
And because this is the fandom that denies canon so blithely they often don't even bother to mark "post-LotTL AU" in the headers. Which is perfectly reasonable, considering that *canon* denies canon so blithely. Past this section, assume that any given fic may be blithely assuming a "The Master Didn't Die" AU. Everybody knows the Master isn't dead for good anyway.
To the fic! )

2. (Spike Jones) My Old Flame : Other Doctors and other Masters, schoolboy!fic and looping timelines.
My old flame / My new lovers all seem so tame / They won't even let me strangle them!
Because the Doctor and the Master have forty years, five media, and about twenty bodies' worth of subtext, and if you thought tSoD/LotTL was it, you ain't seen nothin' yet. (If you want some more canon background for these, try the best_enemies lj community, which is all about the Master and the Doctor's forty-year love affair and has help for getting caught up. Warning: From here on in, these recs could include any possible permutation of Doctors and Masters. However, you really don't need any more than the basics for these: I read the fic first, caught up on the show later, and it worked fine.
To the fic! )

3. (Georgia Gibbs) Kiss of Fire: Kink!
Just like a torch you set my soul within me burning / I must go on along the road, no returning
Because - well, seriously, one of the people in the pairing is called "The Master"; did you really think we wouldn't go there? Also they are both deliciously screwed up, and also not human, and also in the most cracky fandom since DC Comics; the potential for good, hard, in-character kink is endless. Assume all fics below this section have general kink warnings. And when these warnings say BDSM, they *mean* it. (this set is all Ten/Simm, but there is kink for other combinations - I was hobbled by trying to get in as many different good authors as I could. Also, no one else takes it quite as *far* as fast as Ten and Simm.)
To the fic! )

4. (They Might Be Giants) Doctor Worm : Humor fic!
I like to play the drums. / I think I'm getting good / But I can handle criticism.
Because they're wacky and silly and cracky and manic and insane, and there's some really, really good humor fic being written in this fandom. Which you need, after a while of watching Ten and Three and Five drip the angst. Assume all fics below here might very well be crack.
To the fic! )

5 (Alanis Morissette) Not the Doctor : Master/Someone Other Than the Doctor
I don't want to be adored for what I merely represent to you / I don't want to be to be your babysitter / You're a very big boy now
Because frankly, I wouldn't inflict either of them on anyone else. But sometimes it's fun to watch them try.
To the fic! )

6. (Spike Jones) None But the Lonely Heart : Post-Journey's End Fixit Fic
Because the Master will make it all better. (Everything below this cut can be presumed to have S4 spoilers; nothing above it does.)
To the fic! )

and, um - pardon the two times I accidentally posted this while working on it. You saw nothing.

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June 6th, 2008 10:03 pm
I'm going to ignore all the deeply depressing parts of "The Doctor's Daughter" and focus on the fact that Donna is *so* not going to die, she's going to OPEN HER FOB WATCH. (AND BE ROMANA.)

Clearly they have also been reading Time Lord!Ianto fics and realized that the sure sign of secret-time-lord-ness is being obsessed with dates and filing. :D

(Now to go add "Jenny from the Block" to my companions fanmix. :P)

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May 6th, 2008 09:38 pm
So, in my copious spare time (read: to prevent panic) I am working on a couple of fanmix, and in the process I've discovered all sorts of interesting music.

The coolest is probably the string quartet cover of the Dr. Who theme. :D

I've also just found a folder on my computer entitled "Jinx" which contains an album by an Icelandic rap group, and nested inside *that* folder, a mix called "It Takes Two", which has no cover art or notes or anything with it, and inside *that*, a folder called "b-side lovers". I apparently downloaded these in February, but I have *no idea* why, or where they came from. I suppose I could search the journals of everybody on all my flists from about that time, but knowing me, I downloaded it off the fflist of somebody I share a community with and have no hope of ever figuring out where. (It would help if I at least knew the fandom! Love songs: not distinctive on a fanmix, just so you know. I try to put at least one giveaway song on mine...)

Though that would be an interesting thing to try: post fanmixes *without* saying what they're for, and see if people can figure it out...

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