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interrobang studios
December 20th, 2014 03:02 pm - So-called 'continuity'
1. Greetings on this shortest, darkest, most miserable day of the year (by which I mean yuletide due date, of course.)

I unexpectedly got mine in shape to post yesterday, so I'm way less panicked than I was planning to be this morning, and thus feel like I'm flapping around at loose ends (I know, cry moar). Now I just have to decide if I want to do more Yuletide or if I want to just lay back and read comics until after Christmas.

..and if I want to hang with family on Christmas Eve after all or if I want to spend the day in my pajamas watching the rest of AtLA.

2. WXPN, my current favorite radio station, did its morning show as a non-Christmasy winter music set to celebrate the solstice. I approve (and will probably be looking up a bunch of them when I get home.)

3. [personal profile] chordatesrock asked about how the MCU compares to comic universe. There are many ways to compare them! The super-basic answer is the comic universe is so vast and complicated and ever-changing that it's frankly impossible to compare it to anything other than itself. And the MCU isn't (yet.)

But I'm going to pull out one small part of it, and talk about serial storytelling as it pertains to Marvel. )

Does that, uh. Does that answer your question?

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December 6th, 2014 03:00 pm - a book you loved that you didn't expect to and why
So for the record, I am totally going to finish liveblogging the bag of STUFF tonight. If you catch me not doing that, call me on it, pls. (Also thank you so much for actually, like, spending your Fridaay night reading my cleaning liveblog, which I did truly not expect anybody to do - the steady trickle of comments really did a lot to help me keep going.)

Anyway, December Meme Week 1 Prompt 2: [personal profile] the_rck asked for "a book you loved that you didn't expect to and why"

This was actually pretty hard to come up with an answer for! Because I have broad enough reading interests, and a long enough to-read list of stuff I know I'll like that I don't usually read books unless I've convinced myself, at least a little, that I will love them. Unfortunately this means I read a lot more unexpectedly bad books than I do unexpectedly good books.

(Occasionally I will hate-read through something that is a classic of its genre, even though I expect to hate it, just so I can say I've read it, but usually in those cases I know exactly why I will hate it going in, and usually I am right.)

So I am going to talk about something that is probably not quite what the prompter requested and answers the question via a lot of sort-of-off-topic rambling, in a pattern that will probably be very familiar to you by the end of the month. :P I could talk about some books that I expected to like and ended up falling in love with a lot more than I thought I would, but instead, I'm going to talk about Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Book One. (And to some extent ChordTime Piano: Classics.)

Because, as I think I've mentioned here a few times, for about the past year I've been semi-seriously trying to get back into learning piano, after not really doing anything but messing around since I stopped my lessons in elemetary school.

On Piano Lessons )

What I did come out of piano lessons with was a deep, deep hatred of a) having to play classical pieces on the piano, and b) any piano book that looked like it was intended as a lesson book, since in my experience that just resulted in boringness and not learning what I wanted to learn. So I'd play with a book of Pop Hits or Favorite Old Singalong Tunes but avoid the teach-yourself books and exercise books or anything classical (I don't have anything against classical music to listen to, but most of it's not well-designed to be played melody-line-only by a poor pianist, and I had bad associations from childhood recitals.)

But then three things happened at once: 1) I got tapped to fill-in as accompanist at our church (because 'can pick out melody line' was still better than the only alternatives in the congregation); 2) I bought a copy of ChordTime Piano: Classics for a quarter at a flea market; 3) I started to put all the songs from my increasingly ridiculous collection of piano music into a spreadsheet, for easy searching.

(also 0) Mom attempted but failed to give away our piano since nobody was playing it much.)

And suddenly I was really enjoying lesson books? )

So I'm still working through those three piano books - slowly and haltlingly, because let's face it, I'm still not very good at this, and I'm easily distracted (my sister just gave me Les Mis Easy Piano for Christmas, so that'll be nicely distracting for awhile, but I CAN SIGHTREAD IT WITH BOTH HANDS, which is so far beyond where I was this time last year, OMG,) and I'm really enjoying it.

Anyway I was going to close this post with a recording of me playing last fall and me playing now, but, uh, I'm not that much better yet. :P

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July 24th, 2009 11:14 am - knock and the door shall be opened
So! Stuff has happened. The most relevant, however, is that I have fallen in love.

With a radio show!

I was driving home t'other night and stumbled on a re-run of Tapestry of the Times on my very own local public radio station, WYPR, and it's like it was a radio show designed solely for me. 1

It's a hour of music, history, context and commentary that is entirely from the archives of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, the non-profit record label started in the 1960s for the purpose of documenting folk and world music and later taken over by the Smithsonian. I'm sure it has some appropriation issues - rich white people recording other peoples' culture always does - but Folkways has always at least tried to be non-exploitative, and oh my god, if I had all the time and money in the world I would have already bought out the Folkways back catalog. This show did it for me and picks out an hour's worth of good stuff a week, just enough, and omg yay.

They have their entire archives up as mp3/podcast on the website (less than a year's worth, so far), and I am slowly (savoringly) working through it. The last episode I listened to features "blues piano from Memphis Slim, marimba music from Guatemala, labor union songs, World War II anthems, Tuvan throat singing, and classic old-time tunes from Doc Boggs and Roscoe Holcomb." SERIOUSLY, could there possibly be any radio show better made for me?

As a bonus, most of these songs are basically impossible to find as pirate downloads, so I can't go and download another gig of mp3s that I don't need after every episode. :D (so I downloaded the complete Smothers Brothers discography instead, help p.s. does anyone have any peggy seeger tracks i think i have fallen in love with her too.)

1Mind you, I am the girl who spent her high school years with the radio tuned to the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential tapes instead of rock'n'roll, so my taste may not be yours.

Also, while I am on the topic of hippy music, [personal profile] wintercreek made an mp3 recording of herself singing Enterprise, Starship, the John Denver filk that gets sung on the Enterprise in the novel The Wounded Sky, and posted it to [community profile] starry_sea. You guys, [personal profile] wintercreek is amazing; she has - no lie - fulfilled a childhood dream of mine. Even if that community never does anything ever again, it was all worth it for that.

Ain't fandom amazing? Ask, and it will be given!

Anyway [personal profile] wintercreek mentioned wanting to get a bunch more voices to add to make it a singalong, so I did: Enterprise, Starship four voices: this is my three best takes (recorded with headphones on, and then layered over the original in Audacity.) Y'all should do it too so nobody has to hear my singing in the final version.

...and, while I'm on Star Trek multimedia anyway I guess, [personal profile] gblvr posted the Star Trek Reboot Art Meme (which originated with annime1231 on dA) like, umm ... over a month ago? But I just finished doing it. So here it is:

Long fanart is long. And has no text description. Also, warnings for tentacles, hybrid babies, cocktail metaphors, space floozies, old people, Rihannsu, crossdressing, Star Wars quotes, JF injokes, Captain Maddow, Vulcan-touching, anthropomorphization, bad art, and girlsex. )


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April 21st, 2009 12:25 am - Some things.
1. I posted a tutorial on how to set up an OpenID account on Journalfen to [community profile] getting_started, so if anyone has JF comments importd here that they'd like to eventually claim, they should mark it. ([community profile] metafandom is still linking to the draft version of the tutorial, but hopefully that will change.)

/me officially washes her hands of S2 forever.

2. /me has sauntered vaugely downward into the #dw irc channel. Curse you, Opera, why did you make that so easy?

If previous experience with IRC stands, I will stay in channel for about a week, and then get behind and never go back. But hEll bot is adorable.

3. [personal profile] damned_colonial posted this meme:
Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.
...and I told myself that the next time somebody I read posted it, I would do it. So:
local politics, regional soft drinks, spike jones, the primordial ass, crossovers, fleegix, and oracular pigs )

PS: Is anyone else getting an occasionally-recurring error when they try to preview from the web interface? I keep getting: [Error: Can't call method "imgtag" on unblessed reference at '/home/dw/current/htdocs/preview/entry.bml' line 106. @ dfw-web02]

Unblessed indeed, DW. Unblessed indeed.

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October 30th, 2008 04:36 pm - FREE STUFF (take two.)
Okay, let's try this again.

The lists of free books have been updated. I am giving away all the books tagged "togoaway" in my LibraryThing Account.

You can see the list at my LibraryThing account here, or if LT is being buggy, it's up my webspace here.

I am also giving away books from my Dad's library, here at Librarything and and here at my webspace.

If you want any, leave me a comment with titles, and I will send them to you for shipping costs or less. Get me your email address (either here or at thisaccountname at yahoo) and I'll get back to you early next week for details once I've actually pulled out your books.

Also! Have another weird LP rip. This one appears to be the soundtrack of a son et lumiere production given at Gizeh of the pyramids in 1961. Full of bombastic classical music and very British historical voiceovers and random, old-fashioned translations of Egyptian texts. Fun! It's one mp3, because there were no natural breakpoints, 50 minutes. Here History Began.mp3

..also, as part of my ongoing effort to be less lurky online, I'm friending some of the people I've been watching through friendsfriends. So if I've just friended you, Hi! I've been watching you! Claim some books.

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August 28th, 2008 09:16 pm
Somebody needs to vid this song around Five's regeneration into Six. (Especially if they're clever enough to work in references to what's coming with Seven. But yes.)

...why yes, I do have all my MP3s on the same computer now, why do you ask?

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August 1st, 2008 09:41 am - your precious fingertips
So one way to tell I'm really properly in to a fandom is that when I listen to one of my old CDs I mentally vid *every single song* to that fandom.


(But seriously? This song? Somebody needs to do a Ten vid to that song. Like, this song was *written* for somebody to do a Ten vid to it.)

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July 30th, 2008 04:27 pm - Oh, come on!
How is it possible to screw up *rice krispie treats*? (Well, cheerios treats actually, but the principle's the same.) Six year olds can make them!

...I've decided to blame the marshmallows. The marshmallows were too old. I was only making them in the first place in order to use up the elderly marshmallows.

Ah well. I needed an excuse to scrub down the entire kitchen anyway. And I did get a lumpy thing that's a third the size the recipe called for and is closer to the "popcorn ball" end of the scale than the "rice krispie treat" end, but still nummy. And some quite excellent homemade caramel chews.

Moral of the story: next time you need to use up baking sweets, just go right for the caramel and cut out the middle-man. You always end up there *anyway*.

In other news, have been playing with USB turntable and record collection. The first one I ripped was "When Dalliance Was In Flower, Vol. III" by Ed McCurdy, which is a 1959 record of bawdy British folksongs, mostly from the early-18th-century collection "Wit And Mirth or Pills To Purge Melancholy". It's not musically brilliant - standard male singer accompanied by banjo and guitar. And it's both a lot less witty and a lot less bawdy than your typical bawdy folksong of today. But it's very, very early-60s-folk-movement. And some of them are catchy. (Especially "Bees? In my cunny? It's more likely than you think!") Anyway I couldn't find the tracks easily available online anywhere, except at collector's prices on LP, so here, share! (I may attempt to set up a torrent later. But that scares me.)

Zip, cover, & tracklist under cut )

The case had some pretty severe water damage, so I did the best I could with the cover and the text. The record was in good condition, though. I did mess with noise removal and click reduction on some of these tracks, and then decided it didn't really need it. You can tell me if you can tell the difference.

And yes, there was a Dalliance 1-2 and a Son of Dalliance, but they haven't shown up in any of my local thrift shops yet. Sorry.

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July 24th, 2008 02:03 am - Relevant to my interests
Somebody linked to clips on youtube of Neil Patrick Harris in Cabaret. Too bad the video quality isn't better. :D

This is reminding me of the only fantasy-casting I ever really did: the burning need we had to have my high school drama group do Cabaret. (It would have been epic, and the boys would have *totally* rocked it, too.)

Also, speaking of epic, I feel like, given that a) the Doctor *canonically* can sing Sally's part from Cabaret, and b) Barney Stinson is a Time Lord, and c) John Barrowman, there ought to be some way to connect all of these dots. I just haven't figured it out yet.

(Jack/Barney: y/y?)

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July 21st, 2008 09:46 pm - "World Spinning Round" - a fanmix for John Sheppard
I started collecting these songs and then suddenly discovered I had enough for a mini-mix. So, here I share!

Eight songs, ranging from avant-garde classical to surf rap )

World Spinning Round.zip
Rightclick-save. 40 mb zip file, contains songs+album art+text+.m3u playlist
xposted to [journalfen.net profile] fan_mix (jf) and [journalfen.net profile] mixed_music (ij)

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July 18th, 2008 05:03 pm - Five Reasons Doctor/Master Is The Best Dr. Who Pairing (And One Way To Make It Better)
So, you may have noticed I've been talking about the Master and the Doctor quite a lot lately. That's because they are awesome, and they are evil ex-BFs across all centuries and galaxies and universes. Honestly, I swear. So I give you a recs post, which had the working title "Recs List of Doomy Doom". There are five recs under each of the five categories, and also I will be sneaking a sixth category at the end, because this is Dr. Who fandom and you can always sneak in an extra S6. This is by no means *complete* - you should read all fics by all writers rec'd (I stuck to one fic per writer) - and then you should go read everything else under the Doctor/Master tag on my del.icio.us. Many of these are standards in the fandom, but not all of them, and some are actually far more obscure than they should be.

Also, this recs list is so awesome that it has its own *soundtrack*. Of songs that were too shippy to go on my Master playlist. Click on the category titles: download the songs!

1. (Emmylou Harris) Bang the Drum Slowly : Post "Last of the Time Lords" fixit fic.
I meant to ask you how to fix that car / I always meant to ask you about the war / And what you saw across a bridge too far / Did it leave a scar
Because the only slash cliche this pairing hadn't covered yet was dying in each others' tearful embrace. Thank you, Rusty, for that.
And because this is the fandom that denies canon so blithely they often don't even bother to mark "post-LotTL AU" in the headers. Which is perfectly reasonable, considering that *canon* denies canon so blithely. Past this section, assume that any given fic may be blithely assuming a "The Master Didn't Die" AU. Everybody knows the Master isn't dead for good anyway.
To the fic! )

2. (Spike Jones) My Old Flame : Other Doctors and other Masters, schoolboy!fic and looping timelines.
My old flame / My new lovers all seem so tame / They won't even let me strangle them!
Because the Doctor and the Master have forty years, five media, and about twenty bodies' worth of subtext, and if you thought tSoD/LotTL was it, you ain't seen nothin' yet. (If you want some more canon background for these, try the best_enemies lj community, which is all about the Master and the Doctor's forty-year love affair and has help for getting caught up. Warning: From here on in, these recs could include any possible permutation of Doctors and Masters. However, you really don't need any more than the basics for these: I read the fic first, caught up on the show later, and it worked fine.
To the fic! )

3. (Georgia Gibbs) Kiss of Fire: Kink!
Just like a torch you set my soul within me burning / I must go on along the road, no returning
Because - well, seriously, one of the people in the pairing is called "The Master"; did you really think we wouldn't go there? Also they are both deliciously screwed up, and also not human, and also in the most cracky fandom since DC Comics; the potential for good, hard, in-character kink is endless. Assume all fics below this section have general kink warnings. And when these warnings say BDSM, they *mean* it. (this set is all Ten/Simm, but there is kink for other combinations - I was hobbled by trying to get in as many different good authors as I could. Also, no one else takes it quite as *far* as fast as Ten and Simm.)
To the fic! )

4. (They Might Be Giants) Doctor Worm : Humor fic!
I like to play the drums. / I think I'm getting good / But I can handle criticism.
Because they're wacky and silly and cracky and manic and insane, and there's some really, really good humor fic being written in this fandom. Which you need, after a while of watching Ten and Three and Five drip the angst. Assume all fics below here might very well be crack.
To the fic! )

5 (Alanis Morissette) Not the Doctor : Master/Someone Other Than the Doctor
I don't want to be adored for what I merely represent to you / I don't want to be to be your babysitter / You're a very big boy now
Because frankly, I wouldn't inflict either of them on anyone else. But sometimes it's fun to watch them try.
To the fic! )

6. (Spike Jones) None But the Lonely Heart : Post-Journey's End Fixit Fic
Because the Master will make it all better. (Everything below this cut can be presumed to have S4 spoilers; nothing above it does.)
To the fic! )

and, um - pardon the two times I accidentally posted this while working on it. You saw nothing.

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July 17th, 2008 05:26 pm - He Waltzed with the Girl with the Strawberry Curl
...And The Band Played On: The original DoctorDonna song, y/y?

(Am going through old records while working on Recs Post of Doomy Doom. Is not stopping my brain from trying to vid things in my head.)

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June 16th, 2008 12:21 am
So rather than going home, packing some, working up a real con report and doing the follow-up stuff I promised, I went to [journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust's apartment and she mixed us both Sonic Screwdrivers and we watched DW 4x10 and Torchwood (Meat) while I taught myself how to tie cherry stems in knots with my tongue. (It seems like a useful skill.)

DW was generally good, and we spent about ten minutes afterward being annoying-sisters to each other in one of the traditional ways, but it was *creepy* this time (seriously, I bet all the mothers in Great Britain are cursing RTD by now) but OMG, Rusty, spoiler )

Meat was awesome, my first actual Torchwood ep after lurking the fandom for two years, and Rhys rocks, and I agree with sister (and Jack!!) that Rhys and Jack have mad, mad UST and need to do something about it STAT, preferably with Gwen in the middle and Ianto and Owen off having sex somewhere else, because OMG.

I remember the reaction when the episode first aired - the old-school macros, the anti-gwen panic - but am I the *only* Torchwood fan who's read enough bad Highlander fic to immediately realize why immortal Jack was so determined to give that story a happy ending? God, talk about nightmares, and I hope it never comes out that it actually *did* happen to him (or, bad thought but knowing Jack, he *volunteered* for it.)

So anyway sister also downloaded a bunch of John Barrowman singing showtunes which I need to steal off her hard drive and then bed. But first, for my own memory, list of fics I was told I needed to write while at the con:
Read more... )

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June 6th, 2008 10:03 pm
I'm going to ignore all the deeply depressing parts of "The Doctor's Daughter" and focus on the fact that Donna is *so* not going to die, she's going to OPEN HER FOB WATCH. (AND BE ROMANA.)

Clearly they have also been reading Time Lord!Ianto fics and realized that the sure sign of secret-time-lord-ness is being obsessed with dates and filing. :D

(Now to go add "Jenny from the Block" to my companions fanmix. :P)

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May 6th, 2008 09:38 pm
So, in my copious spare time (read: to prevent panic) I am working on a couple of fanmix, and in the process I've discovered all sorts of interesting music.

The coolest is probably the string quartet cover of the Dr. Who theme. :D

I've also just found a folder on my computer entitled "Jinx" which contains an album by an Icelandic rap group, and nested inside *that* folder, a mix called "It Takes Two", which has no cover art or notes or anything with it, and inside *that*, a folder called "b-side lovers". I apparently downloaded these in February, but I have *no idea* why, or where they came from. I suppose I could search the journals of everybody on all my flists from about that time, but knowing me, I downloaded it off the fflist of somebody I share a community with and have no hope of ever figuring out where. (It would help if I at least knew the fandom! Love songs: not distinctive on a fanmix, just so you know. I try to put at least one giveaway song on mine...)

Though that would be an interesting thing to try: post fanmixes *without* saying what they're for, and see if people can figure it out...

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January 26th, 2008 06:42 pm - America can't say no
I spent most of this afternoon measuring out chalklines to screw sheetrock to 16" studs. As a result, the Decembrists' 16 by 32 is *still* stuck in my head.

Somehow, this is all Stephen Colbert's fault.

In that mode, let's trying playing the new game that [journalfen.net profile] siegeofangels came up with the other day: load five songs at random, and figure out how they apply to John Sheppard and Atlantis (since all songs, after all, can be vidded to John/Atlantis : that's a basic law of fandom.)

Here's what I've got:
Da Vinci's Notebook - Window Washing Cowboy : okay, so this is a story about the tragic love life of a man who is very, very fond of tall building with lots of glass, and has a vaguely comic death-wish. That's pretty much John/Atlantis all the way. (Plus, the make 'em shiny clean chorus would have so much "oh my god John, you di'n't" potential.)

Dido - White Flag : This has always been a Jack Sparrow/Black Pearl Song to me, with Jack singing Dido's part because the Pearl left him for Barbossa but he just won't *let it go* already. But, you know: insane man/inanimate seafaring object: it would be so easy to re-map as Atlantis singing it to John - and it would be even *better* that way, because you would re-interpret it from a woman who won't let a relationship go, to a woman whose devotion is teaching her to fight to the end for *herself* because he makes her learn to value herself, and it would be kickass and end with John making the city fly. Yes.

Garth Brooks - Two Pina Coladas : This one starts with Jack tempting John out of Antarctica to Atlantis ("he said that heartaches are healed by the sea") and really is a love story between John and Atlantis, John falling in love with the city and knowing she loves him back (and whenever he asks for something, she gives it to him) with flashbacks to his horrible backstory on Earth.

(any of fifty bajillion covers) - Hallelujah : This one's kind of a gimme, becaue it's another law of fandom that Hallelujah can be vidded to any character or pairing, but - "the secret chord?" "the hallelujah"? This is set after one of the many times when Pegasus and the Ancients betray John, and he's lost all his faith because he's been hurt and people have been *killed* - he's killed people for *her* - and Atlantis doesn't even understand why he *cares*, but he walks though her corridors and he feels her hallelujah singing through his veins with his blood and he knows he can never leave her no matter how much he comes to hate her.

Eagles - Hotel California : Hotel California is actually an outsider's view of the freaky relationship John (and, okay, the rest of the expedition, too) has with Atlantis: specifically, that of the Wraith they captured and experimented on. Atlantis is Hotel California (she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls friends.) Or you could do it as just straight John/Atlantis, actually, with a sort of sinister twist where John is being seduced by Atlantis into accepting the ancient code of "ethics".

So in conclusion: Yes, it is possible to vid John/Atlantis to any arbitrary song. Now you try!

ETA: Some days, I wonder about how I ended up so fannish. Other days, I'm packing away the dollhouse furniture I played with in elementary school and find Starbuck and Apollo cuddled up together among the quilts. :D (I have no memory of ever owning Starbuck and Apollo action figures, and yet, there they were...)

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November 30th, 2007 08:53 pm - So many things seem filled with the intent
After looking for them for three days, I finally looked in the place where they *belong* and found my car keys to the car that has the CD player.

That means I can drive around listening to Christmas carols now! We've got one CD that my dad picked up in colonial Williamsburg of traditional songs arranged for piano, violin, harp and glass armonica, which is just sheer beauty in sound.

My dad had a thing for glass armonica music. Along with orchestrions and the Moog. He told me once when I was getting into his old LPs that after he bought the first Moog album in the 1960's, he'd play it every morning as he got ready for work, until the downstairs neighbors got together and petitioned him to *buy another album already.* Me, I like harpsicord and calliope and theremin. But we agree on glass armonica. I always looked forward to formal banquets as a kid because I knew that at some point in the evening, Dad would snag everybody's half-empty wine glasses and play Ode to Joy on them.

I'd listen to the glass armonica songs a lot more, except that glass armonica is all about perfect purity, and on a crappy sound system they *just don't work*. Even for someone like me who is so far beyond tin ear that we're getting into plastic, and whose usual mode of listening to music is either laptop speakers or FM radio, the slightest bit of off-ness in the sound system changes the piercingly lovely armonica notes into shrill nails-down-the-chalkboard cringing. And don't even think about ripping them to mp3! Even the car CD player, which is the best sound system we've got, leaves some of the should-be best songs (like Carol of the Bells, all in glass armonica) completely unlistenable.

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September 7th, 2007 11:06 pm - Beach.
Today, I went to the beach and flew my kite.

I love the beach. And kites.

You can tell I'm as mellow as I get when Beatles songs spontaneously start echoing in my head.

The tragedy, of course, is that there are no Beatles songs currently on this computer. So I had to go looking. That eventually led, by a bonny road, to me finding the original Sesame Street version of Mahna Mahna on youtube.

Great Shub, that's disturbing.

I -- it's just *disturbing*. Somehow, a song that's only deranged when performed by two pink muppets and a caveman and just kind of silly when introduced by Kermit the Frog is *really effing wrong* when it's sung by two little girls and an escaped convict.

...and that's the version that was on the preschool show. You know, I used to complain about how insipid Sesame Street is these days compared to how it was in my day, but I am more and more learning that my version of the show was but a *pale* imitation of the real thing. When do the DVD sets come out, again?

Then, of course, I found the Star Wars OT vid to the song, and got all mellow again. Mmmm. First off, how did I not know that Cake had covered Mahna Mahna? Second of all, I'm more and more realizing that that's the kind of vid that I just love, unreservedly. I have a list of favorite vids that I like because they're clever, or deep, or pretty, or technically elegant, or make a good point, or wrap canon around their sticky little fingers. But I'm realizing more and more that the vids that I just *love* are the ones that don't have anything more (or less) profound to say than "this story has a song in its heart."

I will never, ever, ever be able to make that kind of vid.

Anyway, I now have a shiny new "Feelin' Groovy" playlist. Pardon me while I try to figure out where I left my mp3 of "A Horse With No Name". (I suppose to balance the karma the next playlist I need to make is a "Revolution" one.)

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August 18th, 2007 10:52 pm - Things I Learned Today
So it turns out that back in the day, Sesame Street used to have a lot of current pop songs performed on it. And there was a Songs From Sesame Street LP, which I have now held in my own hands.

...Apparently "Yellow Submarine" is 'a song that teaches about colors and making friends', "Good Morning Starshine" 'teaches about distance and space', and "Feelin' Groovy (59th street bridge song)" is about 'learning to be cheerful and good-natured'.

...Apparently the original creators of Sesame Street spent a lot of time stoned out of their minds. This explains a lot.

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May 29th, 2007 01:32 pm
I've heard lots of theories about what POTC3 was supposed to be about: honor, love, choosing sides, making your own way ... but I think I've figured it out for *reals*.

It's actually about having to stand in line too long at Disney World.

And if I had the movie footage right now, I'd do the vid. But since I don't, I've got the outline and the lyrics )

See, now it's stuck in your head, too! Here's the mp3 I was using.

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