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Kink bingo! (Just like everybody else!)

I signed up for [community profile] kink_bingo this year! I love how accessible they're making it: low pressure, the minimum is one 500-word story in a year, and they've emphasized that you don't have to be able to write explicit sex or sexual characters in order to play, so I'm fairly sure I can do it. My card:

So everybody's going on and on about their kink_bingo cards, and how lucky they are, and I looked at mine and went "huh."

I don't think *any* of the kinks I was really excited about ended up on it, and the two stories-in-progess I'd been planning to use at cheats - each of which have so many kinks they could conceivably blackout a card on their own, with no overlap - are barely represented on the card at all.

I guess that serves me right! Anyway it'll be fun, even if I only end up managing one meta post or something.

I would like to note that as I was going through the kink_wiki yesterday, exploring my options, the questions I was coming up with were things like "Would a story about someone whose erogenous zones are primarily tactile negotiating a scene with someone whose erogenous zones are primarily aural (involving sonics that person A can't produce) work for the 'silence' square?" and "does crossdressing have to involve gender, or can it involve someone whose species doesn't wear clothing dressing up as a human?" and "is 'accidental soulbond with a mechanical life-form due to shoddy safety measures during repair work' suitable for the 'electricity' square?" and "Can I do 'wrist/ankle restraints' on somebody whose limbs don't exactly fit those categories?"

... which just goes to show what pairings I have been getting bunnies for lately. Actually, having gone down the entire kink list, there are only four kinks which require somebody to have a humanoid or vaguely humanoid body (five, if you count 'shaving', which requires a mammalian one at least) and I got three of them...

I also went out to work last night without actually remembering what was on my card, and I ended up plotting out in my head an amazing story - for a kink that's not on my card. But now I really, really want to write "How Bran Tse-Mallory and Truzenzuzex Invented Strip Personality Chess, And What Happened Afterward." (Does kink_bingo give out prizes for "most stories written for the wrong card"?)

...I may at least have to write a Bran/Tru 'ship manifesto, since Mymy/Vyssu/Mav has been such a hit. :D ...and I'm so tempted to try for a bingo with all non-human or cross-species pairings.

Anyway I was going to try to make this short, but this *is* me, and it's an excuse to talk about kink and about ideas for stories I'll probably never write, so here's some brainstorming for every square:

Sensory deprivation: My first thought here is Time Lords, playing with time-sense and telepathy (that's often my first thought, you'll notice) but if I wanted to do conventional sense-deprivation: something is calling to me about Madelyn/Nora; they always read very sensory to me, and there's something about a detective being deprived of her ability to observe (This could be done gen, eroticizing sense-dep as a training/teaching exercise. For either of of those pairings, really. Or several others. Hmm. Mymy/Mav/Vyssu? :D )

Caning: I am generally... uninspired by impact play, but kink_wiki notes we can do canes as in walking canes, too, which, phwoar. I've actually been wanting for awhile something that explores the First Doctor's cane, especially as regards how mobility impairment fits within Time Lord society. So if I do this one it will probably be Koschei and Theta being subversive, taboo-breaking, and not very RACK-compliant.

Electricity: This is the one kink on my card I was genuinely hoping to get, and now I'm overwhelmed by possibility! Tony Stark! EoT-Master! So many others! But right now I'm oscillating between that Richard/Oliver soulbond story and "figure out how to pretend getting the 80-year-old Violet Wand in the attic working is fannish."

Enemas: ...I think this is the square I'm calling safeword on. (Not because I think it's gross, just because... safeword. Unless I can figure out how to detach from it a little bit.) Two things to note (well, three things): Any Victorian/Edwardian fandom: those people really, *really* liked enemas. No, really. My home-remedies books from that period basically suggest administering *everything* by clyster. Connected to that: enemas as a drug delivery system, yes please. And fandom note: Charlie Brooker basically threw the gauntlet out there on television, *somebody* should take it up!

Pervertibles: Too many possibilities! Srsly. If I decide that HP wands count as pervertibles, there's a seven-year-old story I still want to finish and post, but I'm fairly convinced those wands count as deliberatly manufactured sex toys.

Nippleplay: Another one I find pretty uninspiring. Extending it out to breast-play in general makes it slightly less uninspiring, especially if I bring in a non-mammalian partner, but there's still nothing making me go 'wow'.

Suspension: ZERO-GRAVITY, 'nuff said. Not sure what fandom (barrayar?) but yes, needs moar zero-g. Although come to think of it, I could probably count the Jack/K's'tlk story here if I wanted too, there's a *lot* of spider silk involved. (heck, I could maybe even put zero-g in the Jack/K's't'lk story...)

Prostitution: Generally not inspired by sex-for-money as a kink, and actual rentboy fic gets me too squiffed about the problematic aspects, but I do like trading-sex-for-things-other-than-money and dubcon inherent in that (hello, "coalition negotiations"), and outright sex slave scenarios. Both of those touch on sex work, but I'm not sure via the kink wiki if they actually count. --oh, no, you know what I could *totally* do? Finish that House of the Red Fireflies fanart!!!

Humiliation (situational): This one I geniunely have *no* thoughts on. Like, my mind is completely blank. Um.

Bites/Bruises: This one, like pervertibles, is something that seems almost vanilla to me; it's hard for me to come up with a fic centering around it because, well, who wouldn't?

Bondage (wrist/ankle restraints): Wrist/ankle restraints aren't my favorite sort of bondage *qua* bondage, but what I *do* like is the marking aspect of it, the bruises and rope-burn afterward, the wrist-kink. And similaraly, bracelets/anklets/cuffs as symbolic bondage. There is that part-finished SGA fic where Rodney is a genie with Aladdin-style cuffs... Heh, now I'm wondering if writing more Dark Mark kink would be cheating. :D

Masters/slaves/D/s: There's a kink-meme fill I did about a year ago for a "collaring" prompt that I've been wanting to re-work - I *love* the scenario where somebody loans their sub's collar to another dom temporarily or on a timeshare basis - but I'd want to do a lot more research on both poly + lifestyle D/s and on non-orgasm-oriented D/s first, because the RL negotiations are half the kink but I want to get them right. ...alternatively, there's the Top Gear slavefic AU where Jeremy sends his body-servant James to Oz for concubine training. :P

I really, really like my free space. :)

Guns: So what I would *like* to write for this is based on a story in one of the first Star Wars pro-anthologies, and involves a Mistral Guard, a lot of spy vs. spy intrigue, a small piece of what will eventually be the Death Star's main laser, and a lot of lube. That may be a bit too out-there, though. Me + gun!kink, the short version: Guns as danger, threat, or coercion: uninteresting; blades, hands-on, poison, or, hell, tanks of radioactive sharks are all much more interesting. Guns as general technology/competency kink: being good with your hands, mastering something you hate doing, all those teach-you-how-to-shoot scenes: yes please. Guns as "this is an object designed for no other purpose than death, watch it seethe there in its malice, now we will use it for sex instead": unnf.

Oral Fixation: yet another one that I enjoy but am just generally uninspired on. My first thought: tentacles. But it's also really, really good for extended teasing scenes, intentional or unintentional (food. pens. fingers. smoking. licking rocks.) which is what I'll probably end up doing if I do this one.

Orgasm denial/control: Okay, the story I think about sometimes but have never, ever told anyone about before: the one where the reason that the Master went through so many regenerations so quickly is that he and Theta tinkered with some physiological/telepathic/erotic triggers they really, really shouldn't've, and he regenerates whenever he comes. :D Do I dare write it? Um. ..In general I really, really like this kink when it involves body-sharing, telepathy, and soulbonds - Vulcans are really, really good at it too.

In public: this is where the Amelia/Vivian from "Stones of Blood" fic would fit; it's also where I'd probably have to end up dropping in the K/R/A exhibitionism. Or the PRT crossdressing one. Really, writing kink outside a conventional scene/sexual context involves a public element a *lot*, so basically half the fics I've come up with here would include this. (And there's always the House of Commons, of course. Yes, let's fill a room with leather and then make people spend hours under stress and scrutiny, sitting so close together they touch from shoulder to ankle! Oh let's, please!)

Uniforms/military fetish: So there are so many fandoms this would work in, but honestly, what has suddenly caught my attention is Jacob/Selmak. Y/N? Everybody likes a bit of Jacob/Selmak kink, right?

Crossdressing: This is where I finish the Sherlock Holmes pre-movie Mary/Irene fic, once I get the courage to actually write a story that's simultaneously about an MTF character who plays at crossdressing as a man and about British colonialism in India. (Also, it wants to turn into an epic OT4 with MTF genderqueer Irene, FTM not-at-all-genderqueer Watson, pansexual Mary, and asexual-but-fascinated Holmes...failing that, Vyssu/Mymy/Mav! Or the story about The Time Bel Thorne Met By And Donna.

Tickling: Okay, to me, tickling immediately hits noncon, and not in a fun way - what other activity makes it socially acceptable to keep touching someone while they're screaming "stop!", and claim it's okay because they were smiling and laughing? Put it in an explicitly sexualized context and it just makes me go more D:, and I don't think the problematic elements about it have been worked through enough for me to be able to write it as kinky noncon. What I *could* write is something about out-of-control laughter, no touching required, because *that* is awesome (Pundits and/or British comedians, anyone?) but I'm not sure it would be technically allowed. The other thing I could do is light/feathery teasing touch without intent to provoke the laughter reflex, but again, not sure it counts.

Silence: I am thinking I want to work this in to the Jack Harkness/K's't'lk one, yes. Hamalki sex is all about song, so it'll automatically involve a lot of kink around speech and silence, and add in the themes of entropy-anentropy and death-without-rebirth and static/dynamic and the spaces between the stars, and, yes.

Teasing: Another one that I'm having trouble pulling out a specific kink bunny because I'm having trouble thinking of a story I'd write that doesn't have at least a little teasing involved. Again, a lot of non-orgasm-oriented gen-ish sorts of kink have a major element of tease involved.

Hand fetish: another one in which there are so many possibilities I don't know where to start, hm. But if I write it it probably involves competence!kink.

Penance/punishment: This is basically everything the Doctor has done since about midway through Five's run, plus (in a completely different sense) the entirety of Three's run, and then you get Theta/Koschei and all the possibilities of boarding schools... and Romana needing to keep Four in line *somehow*... and Two, season 6b, and the CIA... yeah.

Possession/Marking: Two different thoughts here: I have really, really needed Harriet/Peter and collars, ever since I read Gaudy Night, and while it wouldn't really work in the more general D/s sense, I think it *would* work if it was just about ownership (come to think of it, I bet I could work the bruises kink into that one, too.) The other possibility: Lucky Starr fic in which Lucky and Wess or Hector and Conway get kinky with their Council of Science tattoos. Because it would be so awfully sweet.

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