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March 9th, 2010 08:45 pm - Where did I put my roller skates?
Alternating between reading Bujold fic and Winter Olympics RPS has me wanting a story about elite-level Zero-Gravity Athletics competition. The Extra-Atmospheric Olympic Committees require that ZG athletes spend at least thirty percent of their time in more than .5g, which is of course the source of much shenanigans, angst and H/C.

Also, I think one of the main characters of the story started their career as an Abolympic competitor (that's a sort of "special" competition limited to people who use no or only minor biomodifications, chemical enhancements or technological augmentation; the real competitors think of it as kind of the cute little sibling, but it has a rabid following of its own, 'rabid' often being the operative term). As a result of a major practice injury last season, said character was disqualified from the Abolympics, and made the unusual choice of moving to standard competition rather than retiring, and is having a lot of trouble fitting in. Being kind of an asshole isn't helping. The other main character is one of the only elite-level XA athletes to have grown up on an actual planet and gets a lot of crap about it (incluing constant suspicion that XA judges are biased against planetaries), but refuses to be anything but sparkly and peppy and is the favorite of nearly all the planetary fans who follow XA sport. Character also actually enjoys having to spend time in grav (despite having the same ostopenia and asthenia adaptation difficulties that are common to ZG athletes), and whenever there's a competition near a settled planet is constantly trying to get fellow athletes to go snowboarding and ice-skating.

...that would actually slot right in to my existing space opera universe. And the established FTL physics I have there would add the extra layer that anyone competing in intersystem leagues would have chosen to accept the temporal isolation that comes with regular relativistic accelaration... The Galactic Olympics are held every four years standardized time, but most of the athletes on the competition circuit would've only aged about two-three years in that time - and another regulation is that they are *required* to have at least 18 months subjective time between Olympic entries.

>_< I am going to spend the next few days writing this story in my head, I can tell. LIKE I NEEDED ANOTHER STORY TO WRITE. Somebody else offer to pick up the bunny, please, so I don't have to??

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October 30th, 2006 07:36 pm - NaNo planning!
Okay, Mom's watching CHUCK NORRIS on the Hallmark Channel, and they just aired a commercial for a
Special TV Event rom com about the stresses involved in writing an *entire novel* in only 30 days.

I just ... what?

But I did say I'd post to this filter a few days ago. And then I came down with a sudden case of Jedi nights, and didn't make the time for it.

So meanwhile, I've been waiting for NaNo to start with bated breath, and needed something to occupy me in the meanwhile. Something that involved thinking about my story, but not thinking about it *too* hard, because thinking about a story too much gives me writer's block. I know that some writers like to cast their stories with pictures of actors or random shots off the internet, but I've never really done that for two reasons. First, I find staring at bunches of pictures of actors to be *very boring*. Secondly, my imagination isn't really all that photographic. My characters don't look like actors, they're people, and like the people I know in real life, my mental images of them has more to do with emotional colorings and non-visual impressions than it does with what they are visually. But by that same token, I know I need to get better at putting the solid sensory impressions into what I write, and figuring out how those mental shapes translate into appearance (even, perhaps especially, with a story where most of the characters are psychic to some degree or another.)

So I cast them with Impressionist paintings instead. :P And post-Impressionists. And Expressionists. And Cubists, Modernists, Symbolists ... basically if it was painted between 1870 and 1970 and wasn't Realist it was fair game. (This is SF. Realism is so passé.)

Actually, these aren't even the characters: the character list was too long to code on a night when I still have homework. So instead, I have portraits of nine planets. Nine small images under the cut. )

These are, as of now, some of the more important planets to the story. Mind you, I don't promise to write about all of them. Or only them. And they may not actually wind up looking like they look here. Because tying myself down to a list gives me writer's block.

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