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interrobang studios
September 9th, 2011 11:49 pm - Administrative duties
I did some long-overdue gardening on my DW circles today. I tend to put it off for months and months because I imprinted on just how soul-destroying it was to do it in LJ, and then I finally get around to it in DW and it is so easy it is like floating through a field of dandelions. <3

So anyway I basically just went down the circle list of people who have subscribed/accessed me since the last time I did this, and subscribed/accessed some of them - quite a lot, actually, I hope I didn't become giddy with how easy it was, and regret this later! If I didn't add you back, please don't feel bad about it - I seriously can't keep up with all of it these days, and yes, this does make me feel weirdly BNF-y. O_o (also weirdly BNF-y: going down the list of people who have subscribed to me and finding multiple names where my knee-jerk reaction is "But I can't subscribe to them, they're too popular! they'll never notice me!" I must be faking it pretty good lately or something. Or else I've just been hanging around these parts too long.)

I added people based on a quick skim of your recent entries and a complicated set of algorithms and momentary impulses (the most quantifiable of which are a) you have made at least one post I can see in the past month and b) I have some sort of vague memory of having interacted with you at some point.) If I have confused you greatly by doing so, I apologize, I promise you I confused myself as well in the process.


Next step in the "cleaning up DW" categories are a) clear out the comment notifications in my inbox and b) fix my severely broken layout already! The issue with a) is ANSWERING COMMENTS IS HARD. The issue with b) is that the one thing I want in a layout is the ability to make the "custom colors" be a large block that extends the entire vertical length of every entry on my reading page; this does not appear to be something that CSS is willing to do, so every time I've tried to fix it, I have ended up retreating back to my current broken style that does that one thing that makes reading so much easier for me. But maybe in the past six months someone has made a DW style that does it for me! And maybe DW has made it less painful than LJ to preview styles in a way that shows the friendspage! Into the breach.


In other news: I got a Diaspora account. I was avoiding all the G+ stuff up on my ivory tower; at the time I was thinking smugly to myself that I am uninterested in being a beta tester, but then I thought about DW. and LT. and AO3. And, heck, all the way back to Keenspot. And realized it was more that I'm not interested in doing free beta testing work for a large corporation that could buy my entire town if they wanted to. So I am on Diaspora; I will probably not do much with it; I mostly got it so that I have somewhere to point people who cannot comprehend the fact that I am entirely ignorant of Facebook and like it that way, and may get a professional-face account there at some point if I decide I can stand it.

A discussion on LT has recently made me conceptualize better why I have been so uninterested in Facebook and Myspace and the like: those sort of social networks seem to be mostly about maintaining relationships that primarily exist in other spheres. Whereas on the kind of social networks I'm interested in - like DW - the relationships are performed on the service itself. And I like making new friends and acquaintances and socializing with strangers, too. But I also prefer keeping my relationships uncomplicated enough that I don't need a computer program in order to maintain them. Maybe I am missing out on great opportunities for joy, and being a bad friend to my existing people, by thinking this way. On the other hand, I have known for quite some time that I am much more the sort of person who spends three hours every morning working on my correspondence than the sort of person who goes around in a carriage every Wednesday dropping off calling cards, so I think I'll live.

Anyway. Diaspora account. I am melannen there too. I hope that link actually goes to my "homepage" there; I believe I mentioned that I am completely ignorant of all facebook-like things, and I have not learned my way around Diaspora and its purposes yet. Also I can't for the life of me figure out why it won't let me upload an avatar.


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November 2nd, 2010 10:33 pm
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 36

Pick one option:

View Answers

If I am already on your (never-used) origfic filter, and you start posting nano stuff to it, I want off.
1 (2.8%)

If I am not already on your (never-used) origfic filter, and you start posting nano stuff to it, I want on.
19 (52.8%)

Ahaha, who are you kidding, you're never gonig to actually use that filter, or win nano either
0 (0.0%)

Actually that's right, this whole poll is really just a bugfix test for DW developers, so I'm going to choose an option anyway
2 (5.6%)

This optoin is not a radio button.
3 (8.3%)

Blorg! I Am A Pickle! (The Blorg-Pickle Master's guide to transformative enlightenment.)
11 (30.6%)

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September 8th, 2010 09:01 pm - Some admin-y things
Having finally imported my LJ into my DW, I have set about the task of trying to organize my tags into something ... usable.

This is best described as hellish, although the improvements made to DW's tag management system are making it, at least, bearable (in that the headaches are caused by the nature of tagging itself, rather than the implementation of it.)

I am also learning interesting things about myself in the process. For example, I had a separate 'science' tag and 'science!' tag, because I think we can all agree that "SCIENCE!" has a different meaning than science. However, when I actually looked at my tag uses, I realized that having two separate tags was redundant. Because it's all SCIENCE! :P

Also, things that I have decided, on balance, require fandom: tags of their own include sodapop, sports, springtime, and squid.

In other news, I am giving in and getting myself an Etsy account. If I have to. I guess. Anybody want to be my referrer? (Does being a referrer get you anything?)

(Also, linkedin is creepy. jsyk.)

I spent most of yesterday and the night before, with some very welcome help, attempting to fix all the computer hardware. As result, instead of using a power cord with a socket made of electrical tape that burnt through every three days and stopped working if you looked at it wrong, I now have a power cord that causes my computer to completely shut down without warning if you look at it wrong. I'm not sure which is preferable really, though I suppose the new way is less of a fire hazard.

(Other things that did not actually get fixed: my newest mp3 player (which seems to have firmware issues, and no way to actually alter or access the firmware); my external media drive (which I was able to confirm does still have the data on, but still cannot get to function as a drive, and have nothing to copy the data onto); my sound system (which used to sound tinny in the speakers but fine with headphones, and now sounds tinny with headphones too.)

On the upside, my monitor is no longer floating around loose in the case with scary rattly noises, and my CD/DVD-RW drive works again! And that means I can run a linux liveCD! And oh, linux, how I miss you! And oh, linux, how I do not miss trying to find the necessary drivers to make my peripherals work!

I think the next large-ticket item I am buying is a brand-new terabyte external drive. Perhaps with my election judge money. Any recommendations?

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May 8th, 2010 10:31 am - Not Exactly Follow Friday (Again)
It says ... something ... about just what kind of a dork I am that I went to see Iron Man II, and while there were many things about the movie that I liked and would enjoy discussing, the actual squee!OMG! moments?


...I guess I am still a math geek at heart.

Also, a double pendulum (aka "Chaos Machine") is the best symbol for movie!Tony ever. I could go on and on about the scene with Tony and the double pendulum.

If I was the sort of person who could make things like that, I would figure out how to make a wind-up clock with a double-pendulum tick. I have wanted to for years. Since I can't, I am so tempted to go down to the cave tonight and build me just the pendulum, counterweighted to swing a long time like the one in the movie. With a box of scraps.

(Note: this is not cut because neither the pendulum nor the tesseracts have any actual spoilery significance whatsoever; they were set dressing. Thus my enormous levels of geekery.)


Click on this cut if you would like to see some racy vintage postcards of silent-movie era Hollywood Bathing Beauties. )

If you are not interested in racy vintage postcards of women wearing bathing costumes I would dearly like to own, then we clearly have very different tastes in postcards. But perhaps you would be more interested in one of these posts I have recently made on dreamwidth communities:

At [community profile] sca_attire, photographs of me wearing nothing but a period linen shirt! I understand some of you are interested in that sort of thing. Also featuring: discussion of crossdressing while re-enacting, and me whining about how sewing is hard.
At [community profile] topgearslash (locked) and [community profile] crossovers (unlocked), Part One of the Top Gear/Dr. Who(/Torchwood/Sarah Jane/Big Finish) crossover of doomy doom! (Featuring: men who love their cars and/or spaceships too much, and also bonus multimedia enrichment downloads.)
At [community profile] poetry, this week I am posting an elaborate four-part stealth argument-by-example for poetry as fanwork: NASA RPS from 1970, three variations on Dover Beach, and about a Flemish tapestry. And also some very silly things.
And at [community profile] common_nature, an account of a trip to the beach, in which there are kites, hidden treasures and fossil-hunting.


Also, overcome by election coverage (OMG, I have discovered that it is possible to be fannish over election results for countries that *are not mine*! So exciting: all the fun, 75% less stress. Hooray!) I have started writing up a post - probably to be posted to [community profile] punditfic - entitled "A Guide To British Fake News for Americans". Are there any British persons reading this who would like to look it over before I post it, for blatant errors?

I also now really, really want the alternate future where David Mitchell started the revolution, Charlie Brooker led it, Andy Zaltzman ended up Home Secretary, and mtf!Patchula J. Oliver spent years in prison after Bristol Palin was elected President of the USA. (They write these things *for* us, guys.)

And finally, if you would like to be on my "obsessing over diversity, privilege and appropriation re: my original characters as an excuse to not actually write anything in their universes" filter, first post to go up soon entitled "wow I have a lot of trans* characters", please click here:
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 38

I would like to be on the original fiction filter:

38 (100.0%)

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December 15th, 2009 08:41 pm
I just went through and gave access to basically everyone who I have reason to believe is reading this journal - if I missed you and you want access, let me know in comment. No obligation to give access back, of course.

I'm still not really planning on using access-lock much if any, but my *burning desire* to talk about yuletide has made me realize that I do kind of miss having the ability to lock if I want to, even if I don't ever bother doing it. If I do start locking things, it will probably be mostly wittering about wips, assuming I keep working on the wips I'm playing with, or to very specialized filters.

(Oh my god, folks, my yuletide canon has a [noun phrase] in the [noun]! Can you really put a [noun phrase] in the [noun] and have it be [adjective]?? Dude. And [proper name] [verb]s [noun]! [noun]!! And [another proper name] thinks it's [adjective]! How utterly awesome is that? And I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with [part of speech] - yes, in the next six days, thanks - it could be amazing (I'm thinking about using [Linnaean binomial] as my starting point) or I could fail utterly, and I am scared.

I may post that un-redacted under lock tonight. Or not, depending on how daring I feel. Feel free to play mad-libs in the comments. :P)

I also am considering finally importing my lj here, due mostly to the #$%@$^% annoying page-covering video ads they have on LJ now, but also the gender!fail. Haven't decided yet, though.

(also, I committed action figure porn over on jf.)

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May 12th, 2009 01:48 am
Hi! I am still way behind on internets stuff (I have something like twenty fic tabs up, and yes, [personal profile] damned_colonial, I'll do those AoS posts eventually), but I did at least catch up on comments to my own posts, and related things.

It's been ages since I had a post with collapsed comments; I forget how much sheer *time* it takes to stay abreast, not to mention social energy. And I now have more people watching this account than I had watching my LJ at any point over the five years I had it. So - hi? I have no idea how people with hundreds of circle people do it.

I also read a bunch of the other 13th Child posts, and all the ST responses I had open, commented on a bunch of them, and then rapidly lost track of which ones I needed to reply back to. Oops.

But! The poll has spoken! [community profile] starry_sea exists! If you want to get in on me trickling out fair copies of all the pirate TOS e-books I torrented, you should join. Also you should join if you want to talk about ST:TOS, the Star Trek books, why the new movie missed the point but was fun anyway, and the other sorts of ST things I tend to maunder on about. Also if you would like to come on as a co-mod, please speak up; I tend to be very laid-back about modding and co-modding. I will hopefully have an intro post up by tomorrow, and some book re-read stuff shortly thereafter.

Also, one thing I kept seeing in the movie reaction posts was people who liked the movie but had no inspiration to write fic about it. I had the opposite reaction: I never had much inspiration to fic for the original continuity (well, except in Rihannsuverse), partly because there was so much already there. But the movie hit that balance for me of "this is fun and full of interesting bits, but it's actually really terrible" that makes me want to fic it.

So here, for sharing, are the stories I now want to write about ST:Reboot. Please write them (or link me to them), so I don't have to:
Six stories, and shockingly, only one is about McCoy. )

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