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interrobang studios
April 8th, 2009 08:37 pm - I arted!
So I just announced to the rest of the Interrobang Studios crew that I had, for the first time ever, posted stupid fanart to my DeviantArt account, and roommate Kevin misheard and thought I had said Scrooge fanart, so I had to admit that I had *written* Scrooge fanfic, because my 2003 Yuletide fic was Scrooge/Marley slash (and it got highlighted on the lj comm today!), and they made faces at me and said "You know I meant Unca Scrooge, right?", so I told them that as far as I knew, I was one of only two people who had written that pairing, and the other one was Henry Jenkins, Director of Media Studies at MIT, and other roommate Sarah said, "Wait, Professor Jenkins? I think he taught my Science Fiction class there. Why didn't I know he did fan studies?"

Ah, geekdom.

Anyway, yes, I have posted stupid fanart at my almost-empty deviantart account. Remember how I mentioned that there are a few LJ comms for pairing I still hang out on? One of them is [community profile] best_enemies, the multi-era Master/Doctor community. (And we mean multi-era: the community is currently trying to fill in the chart of all 216 possible Master/Doctor pairings.) And ages ago, [livejournal.com profile] wingedkamui posted fanart of Shalka!Doctor luring Catboy!Master into the Tardis with a mouse.

Since Shalka!Doctor already has a Sexbot!Master of his very own, and since Shalka!Master goes only to doomed planets, it would be perfectly canonical for him to pick up Catboy!Master, and Saxon!Master has access to hammerspace by way of the Toclafane, and hey, planets don't get much more doomed than Professor Yana's .... the phrase "Gotta Catch 'em All" may have been used, and Tenchi Muyo was mentioned.

So I have been in possession of a Doctor/Master As Harem Anime comics bunny for the past year or so, and I finally got through the first set of character designs, and there be postable art:

(click for larger versions.)

This is a promo poster for Who Needs a Doctor? the (existing only in my head) American manga based on the (non-existent) Japanese anime that was very loosely based on the (
really real) spin-off Shalka cartoon of the British Doctor Who television series. There are a few (very minor, of course) variations from the original British show, as you may have noticed. (I'm claiming that the crappiness of the art is intentional because I'm parodying bad American manga-style art. ...yes.)

The poster shows the Doctor's "travelling companions" circa the end of season one of the anime: (vaguely left-to-right): Magister-san, Snake, Cheetah, the Master, Harry, Kosch-chan, Yana-Sensei, a Kitling and a Toclafane, Crispy, the Chief, and Vworp the baby TARDIS.

But I also do have a three-season-long plot outline, two 24-page comics scripts, a brand new deviantart account, fortyleven bookmarks from TVTropes, and a bunch more character designs (Time Lady Beautiful President Romanadvoratrelundar! Sexy Time Agent Captain Jack! Dalek Caan, because every anime needs a tentacle monster, and who also accidentally gave me a way to make this CRACK tie in with canon! Rani the Zaftig!)

Will I ever get around to drawing any of the actual comic? ...Rassilon knows!

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April 7th, 2009 06:23 pm - *dies dead*
I think ... I think I may have just got the first Dreamwidth post to get linked on [community profile] metafandom.

(And there is a DW metafandom now! Yay! This place is waking up *so fast*, omg, I blink and another whole segment of fandom is here, it seems like.)

Anyway, with encouragement (in the form of "I wish our users would stop being so damn chicken", though possibly with more profanity) at the stitch'n'bitch Sunday, I finally sent some beta-y-notes to [personal profile] domtheknight; hopefully I will send the ones that go to [staff profile] denise today. (This seems like small news, but omg, I am so bad at interacting at any sort of official level about anything, it's really really sad.)

I'm actually sort-of doing site beta stuff on three different places now: closed beta at http://dreamwidth.org ; http://librarything.com which has been in beta for five years now, is still in beta, and will always be in beta; and http://interrobangstudios.com, the artists' collective/independent comic studio I work in with some RL people, that is in the middle of yet another redesign. And the process is so very different!

For interrobang, which consists of five people and one site and spare time, it consists of messing with stuff and then yelling at das Flughafen over Skype when I see something that looks off, and then having formal meetings where we talk about design and vision and all sorts of deep stuff.

For librarything, it consists of going on the site talk, bug collectors, and recommend site improvements boards and whining about whatever's wrong, and if the developers notice and feel like it, they'll fix it, and if they don't you keep whining until they do. (It's only been four years of whining for some features!) Meanwhile we write haiku back and forth with the people in charge. LT is a hobby site that got out of hand, and the guy in charge is the sort who in principle likes open source, but in practice is too ashamed of his coding practices to let the public see what he's perpetrated.

And then there's DW, which is all about teamwork and openness and joy! And once you've figure out who you need to talk to and where you need to go and what documentation you need to look at, things just get done!

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September 26th, 2008 02:39 pm - Weekend Plans!
Tomorrow, I will be at The National Book Festival on the National Mall! In the rain!!

There's nothing particularly I need to schedule around this year (except the Librarything Meetup at 2 pm at the NMNH) so if anyone is going to be around and want to meet up, leave me a comment and I'll give you my cell number.

Sunday I will be at the Baltimore Comic-con, spending most of the time being eye candy at the Interrobang Studios booth. Come say hi! (They will be there without me on Saturday, too.)

(Interrobang Studios re-opens this month!)

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October 31st, 2007 10:58 pm - All Hallows!
This is me, [journalfen.net profile] lindentreeisle, and [journalfen.net profile] kyabetsu trick-or-treating! We were spinking.

(I am the baby spink. They are the momma spinks. Until we traded costumes partway through.)

Then we wheeled and dealed over our candy (of which there was lots!) and now we are preparing to start NaNo in an hour! (Yay NaNo!)

ETA: 2,000 words! 2,000 words of utter crap, but it's prologue, and that's always utter crap anyway. But it's done!

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