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interrobang studios
May 19th, 2015 09:45 am - Benefit
So last weekend I accidentally Ancillary Justice.

...I accidentally Ancillary Justice despite having a ridiculous to-do list of fifty-one fairly major items all of which absolutely must be finished by Friday morning.

You know, I have a long, half-finished post sitting around that explores why I don't read many novels anymore, but really, the whole thing boils down to: when I'm reading a good novel, I make stupid decisions like ignoring the entire ridiculous fifty-one item to-do list to finish it. and then ignoring it some more to write dw posts about the book.

Anyway, Ancillary Justice: SO GOOD. *chinhands*

So if you took Lord of Light, Sutcliff's Dolphin Ring cycle, The Left Hand of Darkness, the Alternian Empire from Homestuck, and most of Anne McCaffrey's FSP books, put them in a blender, skimmed off all of my favorite bits, and then reshaped them into something entirely new and wonderful, that would sort of begin to explain how I enjoyed Ancillary Justice.

I kind of regret not waiting until the whole trilogy was out tbh although probably better this way, for all I didn't need to spend that time on it this weekend I definitely didn't need to spend three times the time on it.

Here are some non-plot-related-but-possibly-spoilery thoughts under the cut:

Shipping, ft. ships )

On Radchaai gender )

I am totally going to have the two words "Anaander Mianaai" stuck in my head like a mantra for the next week. Thanks, Ann Leckie.

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May 15th, 2015 03:53 pm
I signed up for Remix. Everybody else better sign up too so I don't regret it. (I ended up qualifying in five fandoms, which kind of stunned me. And that doesn't even include drabbles, under which I could probably make it in a couple more, but I've been too lazy to collate my drabbles. I guess if you hang around fandom long enough you just accumulate fic one way or another. On the other hand those fandoms are kind of a wall of regrets: Harry Potter, SGA, MCU, Dresden Files, and Les Miserables.)

In other news, a couple days ago at work we were discussing a much-sought-after-book, and I said someone else could have it first, because I was literally reading thirty-seven books right now.

This got me thinking about how many books I am actually currently reading. By my goodreads "Currently reading" shelf, the number is thirty-two. That's a little bit misleading though. It doesn't include the waist-high pile of books by my bed which were pulled from my LT "in-progress" tag that I decided not to add to GR all at once because the number scared me. It also doesn't include my pending-very-soon library books. On the other hand, most of those are books I haven't touched in over a month (sometimes years) - the list of "books with progess made since mid-April" is somewhere between five and eleven, depending on what you count.

I have found in my tracking over the past 18 or so months that I tend to be actively reading a fairly steady number of books, one each in certain stable roles. Right in "books I have touched in the past month" I have:

Ten. Ten books. )

That's ten. I don't really ever see it getting much below ten, either. It's usually more like eleven or twelve because I might have a couple going in the same category, left in different places around the house. (I'm probably going to start Ancillary Justice before I finish the Silm because I'm enjoying drawing the Silm out, for example.)

Anyway now I am curious. Counting by whatever rules you feel like counting by, how many books are you reading right now?

Poll #16687 How many books are you currently reading?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 48

How many books are you currently reading?

View Answers

2 (4.2%)

6 (12.5%)

22 (45.8%)

3 (6.2%)

4 (8.3%)

1 (2.1%)

it's more complicated than that ok
10 (20.8%)

what are books?
0 (0.0%)

this is why you never get around to watching tv, mel
0 (0.0%)

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May 13th, 2015 03:11 pm
So yesterday I got up and was like "I am going to be so productive today! I am going to do ALL THE THINGS and get my todo list under control!"

"Actually," said my brain, "You are going to write 1500 words about Les Amis playing paintball."

"That's what I said," I repeated. "1500 words about Les Amis playing paintball."

A vaincre sans péril (1533 words)
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Enjolras (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Feuilly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Paintball, Canon Era, War Games, Fluff with foreshadowings of canonical character death, references to alcohol
Summary: So Courfeyrac talked to Grantaire and Grantaire hooked him up with a man who loaned him about a dozen air guns modified to fire beeswax marking rounds, and some quilted canvas protective smocks, and then Courfeyrac cajoled all his friends into spending a week at one of his father's estates playing war games, which Courfeyrac still maintains was one of his better ideas.

...unexpected crackfic aside, though, I have been leveling up in HabitRPG a lot faster than the other new people in my party? I don't think it's that I'm that much better at buckling down and doing stuff, though. I think it's partly the aforementioned tendency to automatically optimize games, and partly that I came to it having already leveled up many times in "making to-lists". I am probably about level 88 in "making to-do lists" at this point.

Anyway I reached the level where I get to pick a character class. The trick with Habit RPG is that once you do your character sheet the only way to change it is to give them money, so I have to pick exactly right. Anybody have any advice? The choices are warrior, healer, mage, and rogue. I leveled up so fast (with help from well-chosen spells and quests from our leader jam) that I don't really have any idea what the advantages are.

I am basically 100% always a Ranger in "what d&d class are you" quizzes, if that helps. :P

Speaking of me losing saving rolls, I am super-tempted to do Remix Redux this year. I've wanted to do it FOREVER and this is the first year that I can recall that I actually qualify. On the other hand, I just failed out of intoabar. And I'd have to come up with a list of fandoms I can write. And the only other remix exchange I've done ended poorly. Somebody talk me out of this please. Or help me talk Les Mis people into signing up.

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May 7th, 2015 04:10 pm - Are five things posts supposed to be for Fridays? have I been doing this wrong all along?
1.Tumblr update )

2. me vs. games )

3. Writing update! )

4. Nature )

5. Books )

anyway friends, what have you been up to?

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May 4th, 2015 04:54 pm - Age of Ultron
So, I have a WIP I'm working on that's about toddler Natasha and the Winter Soldier having to go into deep cover as uncle and niece.

Currently I'm using a combo of movie canon and the bits of comics/fanon backstory I like and whatever I feel like.

Poll #16662 to those of you who have seen AoU
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 49

Should I:

View Answers

Watch AoU to incorporate new Natasha canon before I go any farther
0 (0.0%)

Pretend very hard that AoU doesn't exist and keep going as I am
13 (26.5%)

It doesn't matter that much it's unlikely anything in AoU will be worth changing your story for
27 (55.1%)

Watch AoU because there might be interesting stuff to incorporate but assume the story will be going AU from movie canon
8 (16.3%)

quit the wip for a couple years and see what the next cap movie ignores/retcons
1 (2.0%)

(try to avoid massive spoilers in comments?)

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April 29th, 2015 02:42 pm - The Next MacGuyver
OK, I did it, I just submitted Hard Core Lego to The Next Macguyver contest for TV series ideas about women engineers.

I seriously doubt I will ever hear back because a, it's not really targeted at teenagers, and b, the way I wrote it up it's way way too cynical and political to play on TV, and c, I did not put in much effort on polish, and d, I don't actually want to win because being a TV showrunner kinda sounds like my idea of hell. But I figured I owed it to Josie & Co. just for the amount of private joy they've given me by existing in my head.

Anyway here's what I submitted, for the curious:
I didn't think I should get away with calling it Hard Core Lego )

The deadline is May 1. If I have time in the next two days (spoiler: I do not have time in the next two days) I'm tempted to write up some version of the Kid Avengers On A Spaceship thingy, which is probably closer to what they expect anyway. But you all should all submit something too!

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April 21st, 2015 03:17 pm - here is almost seven hundred words of poetry all about spiders
It's Blank Verse Blog Week! I suppose, today
I’ll have to try to write in rhythmic glee.
(Am I the only one who feels dismay
That that name's less of iamb than spondee?)

I'm in the mood for formal language play
Because I'm reading in the book called "Doom"
Or sometimes "Angry Elves" if you're my friends,
By which I mean the Silmarillion,
Which I have tried to read before, and failed,
But this year's goal is "Finish all the books
That sit, half started, lonely, on your shelves"
And so I'm pushing though until the end.

I've got at far as fair, lost Beleriand
But must confess I still don't care for elves
Who love unmoving shadows in the West
And sometimes I mix Finrod and Fingon
And so on, but there's one old name I love,
Who's passed right through the story, and then gone
To an unsung and silent happy age,
And that, of course, is she, Ungoliant.

Long I’ve loved spiders, curious and quiet,
The weavers, hunters, builders, mothers, friends,
The fat and fuzzy, bright-eyes-in-the-dark,
Festooning silent places, guarding trails,
But most of all I think I love the way
They are the ones that we cannot shut out:
In all the sealed and sterile homes we've made,
Hidden from the earth that lives, for fear
Of anything that’s free, unclean, Not-Us.
And watching flick'ring lights as evening falls,
It's spiders that will find the open doors,
And dash across the shower-wall and say:
You can't shut out the world though you may try
For there is more outside than you can find,
And it is life, like yours, and not alone.

In the same way as dark Ungoliant
Who walked into the Pure-Land-Walled-From-Fear
And taught them light unshared is light devoured
In that uneasy twilight of the world
When all the Powers kept the world in dark
Except their private garden of the Trees:
Until she came and sucked up all the glow
So covetously kept corralled away,
And left no choice to them but share the Sun.

Not only light she sucked up that dark year,
For of the Nine Fell Oaths that were ill-sworn
Those days before the first dawn of the world,
The first-sworn of them all, and first fore-sworn,
Was Melkor's oath to aid Ungoliant:
And when that oath he broke, she broke his power,
No more with Valinor could he contend,
But tied to Children's clothing, weak he strove
Against the swords of Men and Angry Elves,
His black hands always burning with his Oath
He broke to she who cared not for their cares.

And as to she herself - she rolled eight eyes,
Expecting nothing less from Eru’s spawn,
And went away beyond the pains of song,
And wove her cloth to catch the gen’rous light
Of the bright Sun, the fruit she did not eat,
But left to spread for all beneath the Sky.
And had no truck with Oaths and Wars and such
And raised her daughters and her sons in peace,
To a great dynasty that spanned the World,
Until she chose to leave it her own way,
The only creature ever under sky
Who conquered Melkor and the Valar both,
And in one day, and only as she chose.
(If she *did* leave - the Moriquendi tell,
In the far South, and in the East, that still
She throws her silk into the sky and climbs
To dim the Moon to blood, from time to time.)

I mean, it could just be that she’s the first
Who bears the pronoun she, in all that book,
To do aught more than cry, grow plants, and sleep,
And that is why I love her, like her child
Shelob in Frodo’s tale, who’s feared alike
By Dark and Light, still scorning all their wars.

But mostly I have loved the ones who stay
Outside the realms where Kings and Noldor fight,
The spiders, Old Tom, Hobbits who wed Fae,
And all who learned to live between the light.

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April 14th, 2015 01:21 pm
1. My laptop power cord suddenly died last night (instead of slowly dying, like my last several) so I shall probably be rather less online until I figure out what I'm doing about that (not entirely not-online, because phone + work computer + backup laptop, but less.)

This is probably good for me and hopefully I will get a lot done? :D Maybe?

2. Speaking of I went and found my copy of the Silmarillion this morning since I couldn't just stare at the internet. (It's a First American Edition with a foldout map in the back that my uncle stood in line to buy on the first day.) I've only ever read the Ainulindalë and the Valaquenta out of it because tbh the Feanorians always seemed just boringly overwrought. But [ profile] sathinfection is trying to get people to write Akallabeth-based Sauron slash and well. Usually I am strong against that kind of thing. But. someone needs to stop me I own a Ring that I haven't put on once in ten years why is this so hard to resist

2. You've probably seen the stuff about the site that has scraped large amounts of fanfic from Ao3 and reposted it under a paywall, probably in order to phish for credit card numbers and maybe personal info from takedown notices. I am kinda flattered tbh because nobody's ever pirated my stuff before.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens because iirc this is the first time those kinds of sites have targeted fandom large-scale, and I doubt it's going to stop now that the box has been opened, and now that it HAS been opened, it's going to bring all kinds of copyright questions out into the open that we've just been letting sit.

...unless we-as-fandom just collectively ignore it and let the pro authors who are also on the site handle it, which tbh is what I'm leaning toward.

3. Oh speaking of boxes that once opened cannot be closed again, I'm seriously considering buying a Hugo vote this year. I've actually been seriously considering it for several years, because a corresponding Worldcon membership is a pretty good deal in return for a collection of what's currently hot in SF, but I was stopped by the fact there was no way I'd actually get around to reading all the nominees in time to vote. This year, though, some thoughtful fans have conveniently reduced the number of nominees I'd need to read by over half, and that might actually be doable.

4. I am seriously considering starting another side tumblr titled "This book actually exists?" because I am stumbling on them ALL THE TIME now that I work at a library. Examples from the past week:
-An Easy Reader picture book titled Can You Spot a Jedi with a sinister-looking Yoda on the front cover that is definitely not Imperial propaganda, nope.
-A kids' series in which Sherlock Holmes' American great-great-great grandchildren, Xena and Xander, solve crime together.
-A book that retells Tom Sawyer from the POV of Becky Thatcher and her girlfriends who were having WAY better adventures than he was.

5. For Camp Nano I am currently playing with a set of characters that originated in a text-based adventure I programmed for my TI-83 when I was 13*. IT HAS BEEN SUPER-FUN. 13-year-old me had great OCs. But also I am remembering all the way that original fic is way harder to write than fanfic. (There's currently a Jupiter Challenge going on Tumblr to encourage people to write the stories they've had laying around in the back of their minds since they were preteens. I don't think I'm going to do it because tbh I never actually needed the extra encouragement to hang on to my old OCs, but it sounds pretty cool!)

*they live in a world that's like the Early Bronze Age except the glass tech is further advanced because the desert dragons like to chew on sand like bubblegum and thus taught people glassblowing v. early on. Sadly though I haven't figured out how to work this fact into any actual storyline so I am telling y'all instead.

6. Steven Universe. That is all.

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March 28th, 2015 05:52 pm
I have been having a grump sort of day (possibly I have hit my limit for human interaction for the week already. Oh well, just a memorial viewing, church social hour, lunch with family friends, and a play left for the weekend, and then I can... start all over....)

anyway here is some grump for you, DW.

This is a short and very incomplete list of edible plants that currently grow in my yard, which is full of mature trees and very shady:

wild onion
wild raspberry
wild strawberry
wild mint
wild mustard
feral cherry tomatoes
wood sorrel
wild grape
(and part of the reason why it is very shady: black walnut, pecan, mulberry, wild cherry, sugar maple.)

Here is a 100% complete list of domesticated vegetables and varieties that master gardeners and gardening books have suggested to me for mostly or full shade:

...cabbage, maybe, if you put it in a wheelbarrow and move it around to where the sun is.


Clearly it is possible to grow a variety of edibles in forest understory, since a variety of edibles are currently growing in my yard, and given the focus on resilience/sustability/urban homesteading/heirloom varieties/whatever right now, you'd think somebody would be promoting, say, a variety of potato that grows well in mostly-shade? Or publishing books that go into detail on what plants you can get some harvest from in the shade, even if it's not as much? I mean, I don't need maximum productivity, I can barely keep up with the wild raspberries as it is.

And yet all the vegetable gardening books and organic gardening gurus have to say about "if your garden is shady" is "well, maybe cut down some trees?"

I have looked into "edible forest gardens" a little, that seems to be the buzzword, but they seem to be mainly focused on planting trees and shrubs, and I'm good on trees and shrubs actually, I'd just like a squash once in awhile, is that so hard??

...anyway this is mostly just a grump but if you do have any good recs for sources for vegetable gardens that are 30% sun or less, I would be happy to get them.

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March 25th, 2015 06:36 pm - of APIs and catch-22s
So for the past, oh, year or so, I have been sporadically and half-heartedly working on* a fork of writtenkitten that will let you pull images from more fannishly-oriented sites than flickr, because tbh when you put in "kaiju" or "methos" as your search term it doesn't pull up much from flickr/creative commons.

Anyway, I have gotten as far as rebranding it "wrotegoat", fixing the bug for the first kitten goat, and adding some more user options, but when it comes to actually getting images from Tumblr, I run up against the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing with APIs, and Tumblr makes you "register your application" before you can play with their API.

So if there is anyone here who knows anything about APIs, can you answer me one simple question? To make an app with the tumblr API, I have to register an app. To register an app, I have to have made an app. To make an app I have to register an app. To register an app I have to have made an app. HOW DOES THAT WORK?? Can I register with a dummy URL, keep coding with the files on my hard drive until it at least vaguely works, and then change it later, or something?

...also shouldn't programmers know what an 'infinite loop' is?

*when I know I should be doing other stuff but really really dunwanna

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March 24th, 2015 02:45 pm - 5 things for the internet
1. I have signed up for [community profile] intoabar again! With Katharine Dunleavy from Jupiter Ascending and Snarkout Boys, The Librarians, Steven Universe, and Saga as my four possible fandoms. There is no possible way I will ever regret this.

2. I also did indeed sign up for Camp Nano for April. I will probably regret this. So far I mostly just want to make more lanyards.

3. First day of class went well! I think it will be fun and not as exhausting as I was afraid, mandatory group project aside.

4. Other than that I have been getting basically nothing done, as predicted. lalalala.

5. [ profile] sathinfection posted a writing meme on Tumblr where you get to be your own worst critic. I kinda feel like on the one hand it would be good to actually get some of that out there and talk about it instead of being a secret shame? But on the other hand once you go down that rabbit hole it is hard to come back up. So here I will post it on DW for answering in comments instead of smearing it all over my tumblr dash:

If you want to see me do one of these, leave a number in a comment and I'll answer! If this feels too dangerous to you do not click the cut.

you're interrogating me from the wrong perspective: a writing meme )

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March 14th, 2015 09:26 pm - jupiter ascending
So I went to see Jupiter Ascending to celebrate Pi Day.


very vague spoilers under cut )

There are a bunch of ways I just expect a movie to betray me eventually and watching it is sort of like just counting down until the inevitable betrayal and this movie kept NOT DOING THAT. The internet had warned me about most of them so I was prepared to maybe not be betrayed in the standard ways? BUT NOBODY WARNED ME ABOUT THE SCIENCE. NOBODY WARNED ME THAT THIS WAS A REALLY SMART MOVIE BY PEOPLE WHO REALLY LOVE THE "SCIENCE" IN SF AND TRUST THE AUDIENCE TO ALSO BE SMART. WHY DID YOU NOT WARN ME.

that was a really good choice to celebrate pi day.

Current Mood:: [mood icon] ecstatic

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March 8th, 2015 08:48 am - Rest of pairing meme
I finished the pairing meme prompts yay!

Spike/Dru, meet the parents, for [personal profile] lady_ganesh
Javert/Montparnasse, fake dating for [personal profile] carmarthen
Ivan/By first kiss for [personal profile] carmarthen
Les Mis, Rihannsu AU for [personal profile] genarti


February 25th, 2015 03:15 pm
So re: the pairing meme in my last post so far I have done:

Marielon/Renee, fake dating for [personal profile] siegeofangels
Cosette Fauchelevent, Secret Space Princess for [personal profile] muccamukk
Valjean the groundskeeper at Beauxbatons for [personal profile] miss_morland
Holmes/Watson, sex pollen and buttercups in the spring for [personal profile] tazlet
A synopsis and etymological notes on the Old Norse epic poetry version of Pacific Rim for [personal profile] neotoma
Aral meets Mrs. Naismith for [personal profile] stellar_dust
AoA Loki and Sigurd, bodyswap for [personal profile] fay_e

I have three left (one Barrayar, one Les Mis, one Buffyverse) but there is plenty more on my to-do list and I really don't want to work on any wips, so y'all are still welcome to leave pairings and numbers for me.


February 21st, 2015 09:32 am - Pairing sillies meme!
This meme seems to be going around again - I got it via [personal profile] avanti_90. I need something to bribe myself to get to-do list done with, anybody want to give me a pairing and some numbers?

It can be any pairing from any of the fandoms you know I know canon for, except I'm going to exclude RPF this time, because I'm so incredibly behind on canon for all my old RPF fandoms. (There are some fiction canons I'm also incredibly behind on, I'll let you know if you hit one of them.)

Comment with the name of a ship from a fandom I know and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following scenarios would go down for them:
1. Fake dating
2. Bodyswap
3. Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it
4. Dark!fic
5. Their first kiss
6. Meeting the parents
7. Moving in together
8. A crossover of my choice
9. An AU of my choice
10. If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice

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February 19th, 2015 10:24 am - the rule of fives
1. I spent yesterday morning at work planning out a honeytrap involving scantily-clad dudes with really cut abs, and yesterday evening getting ridiculously annoyed about the way Cap II fandom will critique anything involving fan portrayals of Winter Soldier's past until nothing is left but tiny crumbs of spite, while collectively ignoring the fact that Captain America tortured a prisoner onscreen and this was presented as a-ok;

2. I got into the Master Naturalist class! Unfortunately they don't have enough other applicants so now I get to wait and see if the class is cancelled for lack of interest...

3. So RE: my question about archiving ficlets and notfic on AO3, [personal profile] grey_bard pointed out that if my main concern is cluttering up my profile/dash, I can set up a separate pseud for that stuff, and it'll still be connected to my account but won't get mixed in with my main account.

WHICH IS BRILLIANT. And actually I'd already set up a pseud account to go with the LJ name I used to use for that stuff, so hey. So I'm going to start posting old scrap fic to AO3 today, starting with the Tumblr stuff, and we'll see how far back it gets before I run out of steam. I am probably going to combine posting stuff to my main account as individual works if it's good enough, posting to the scrap pseud account as individual works, and posting to the scrap pseud account as not-fully-tagged chaptered works.

4. Also re: that entry, here is the list of fiction sources people rec'd. I haven't read any of them yet (I am still putting off finishing starting A Companion to Wolves) but it makes an excellent list so I share:
Online, free-ish short story publications )

If anybody has more suggestions I am still open! Doesn't have to be SFF either.

5. Oh speaking of wolves! So I did not get around to any of the stories in my poll but hey I posted that Doctor Who one so it counts as doing the fest this year. :P But there are seven other stories added to the collection this year and they all look good, with the usual assortment of mostly smallish fandoms!

(I decided that doing the Carol one would require more knowledge of Carol's canon than I have any plans to acquire, boo. I still kinda want to do a Frontier Wolf one, though, if I can get through canon review by the end of the month...)

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February 17th, 2015 12:45 pm - Snow-Shoveling Thoughts
So I have somehow found myself reading Völsungakviða en nýja which has primarily resulted in the following three thoughts:

1. I can now tell people I'm a fan of Tolkien's Ring Cycle and confuse the crap out of them;

2. I wonder if it was Kid Loki or Sigurd himself who stole the missing quire of the Codex Regius (look there's some stories about yourself you just don't want out there);

3. Oh man, Marvel!Sigurd and Kid Loki constantly make Lord of the Rings jokes about themselves when they're hanging out with each other, don't they, and nobody else thinks it's funny.

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February 4th, 2015 06:10 pm - books
I thought I was doing so good on my "finish all the books you've started and then gotten distracted from" goal - I finished twenty-eight books in the month of January! Eleven of them were even ones that were on my list of things I needed to finish! And I made serious progress on several more! And I haven't started any new books that were left lingering for weeks! I got the list below 30 and have kept it there!

But then Librarything (finally!) instituted tag autocomplete, so I started trying to clean up the tags on my books, and discovered I had a "started to read" tag with. uh. Sixty-five books in it. Granted, some of them are ones I am NEVER going to finish because I have better things to do with my time, because literally anything would be better (DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, most awful book I have ever attempted to read, omg) and ten of them are duplicates from the list I'm currently working through, but. um. yeah.

And then there's the "early review" books which I got in exchange for agreeing to read and review and then punted when I had a really bad year. There's six of them I haven't read. I went ahead and added those. So much for keeping the list under thirty. I have another one coming too because I lack willpower. (One of 'em's by the same dude as Day of the Triffids though. I may just ignore that one.)

...also of course "A Companion to Wolves" which I still have out from the library.

Anyway this whole LibraryThing recheck has me thinking out how badly I need to reshelve my books in a more orderly way. What do you folks thing of reorganizing my nonfiction collection along these main sections:

Read more... )

Good idea? Bad idea? Best idea? (It's not quite as silly as it sounds: about half my nonfiction is on topics that would not be out of place in the Hogwarts library: I have about forty books tagged "divination" already.)

--Anyway I feel like my DW has been higher on boring life stuff than fandom content lately. My fandom life lately has been a) les mis chat, which is very rarely about les mis anymore; b) re-reading old JVJ longfic; and c) obsessing over a Winter Soldier AU where the Soldier is sent to honeytrap Captain America rather than kill him. SERIOUSLY. If that already exists I have failed to find it. Somebody tell me I just haven't looked hard enough. I don't even ship the damn pairing

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January 27th, 2015 05:25 pm - Hello lazyweb!
I have two questions for which I desire input from the collective wisdom of Dreamwidth. Can you help?

1. When I uploaded all my fanfic back catalog to AO3, lo these many years ago, I only included stuff that was at least a thousand words and a "real" story. Since then I have generated more short bits (some of them on Tumblr, and therefore even more impossible to find.) At this point I would like to get them all compiled together on AO3 with my other stuff. What is your favorite method (As a reader and/or writer) for putting a ton of tiny bits of fic on AO3?

The options I have seen are:
1. Post them the same way as any other fic
2. Post them as individual fics, but in a ficlet collection or series
3. Post them as chapters in one work, which you then tag with everything
4. Post them as chapters of various works separated by fandom/pairing (i.e., an "HP drabble challenges" work, a "les mis injokes" work, a "misc. poetry filk" work, etc.)
5. Post them as chapters of one work but don't tag everything (so they would be on AO3 to link to, but nobody could find them via tags)

These all have things I really don't like but I don't know of any method I actually do like. (My kingdom for a "scrapbooks" option on AO3!) What do y'all think of them? Any other ideas?

2. So when I resolved to read one complete recent fiction magazine or equivalent a month, I thought my library got some and I could just read them through it, but it turns out they stopped getting them early last year.

Does anyone have recs for currently publishing, pro-paid, online original fiction magazines/equivalent (any genre, really), preferably ones that would not require giving anyone my credit card number in order to read the most recent issue?

(I know, paying people for their work is important, but I really want to know how badly it's going to suck before I commit. And given my last few attempts at reading pro-published fiction short stories... >_< The most recent issue of Analog my library carries had two stories about how heroic and tragic it was to be an elderly white dude with no friends. And I don't mean the elderly white dude did anything special, getting old while a lonely white dude was apparently sufficiently heroic to require two stories lauding and rewarding them for for being so brave as to be elderly and so annoying their family won't talk to them anymore. I guess that's what Analog's demographic needs, idek.)

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January 25th, 2015 09:40 pm - Big Hero Six
So last night I went to see Big Hero Six at the new cheap movie theater! I approve of the new movie theater. It's nice to be able to just go to a theater and see a movie without first having to walk through a quarter-mile of mall and endure an "entertainment experience" or whatever. Plus, 1/3 the price, and showtimes that work with what I want to see!

Also Big Hero Six was lots of fun. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen if you can. Very very pretty with some great design work and I love how much the whole thing was a love song to the tech we're just on the verge of having. Fun characters. Other than the one giant gaping plothole, nice story. why is all the fanfic incestshipping

Then I came home last night and this happened:

"They couldn't even manage ten years without destroying it?" Newton Geizsler exclaimed, surveying the still all-too-familiar devastation that had flattened several blocks of the center of San Fransokyo. ficlet, mildly spoilery )

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