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interrobang studios
January 27th, 2015 05:25 pm - Hello lazyweb!
I have two questions for which I desire input from the collective wisdom of Dreamwidth. Can you help?

1. When I uploaded all my fanfic back catalog to AO3, lo these many years ago, I only included stuff that was at least a thousand words and a "real" story. Since then I have generated more short bits (some of them on Tumblr, and therefore even more impossible to find.) At this point I would like to get them all compiled together on AO3 with my other stuff. What is your favorite method (As a reader and/or writer) for putting a ton of tiny bits of fic on AO3?

The options I have seen are:
1. Post them the same way as any other fic
2. Post them as individual fics, but in a ficlet collection
3. Post them as chapters in one work, which you then tag with everything
4. Post them as chapters of various works separated by fandom/pairing (i.e., an "HP drabble challenges" work, a "les mis injokes" work, a "misc. poetry filk" work, etc.)
5. Post them as chapters of one work but don't tag everything (so they would be on AO3 to link to, but nobody could find them via tags)

These all have things I really don't like but I don't know of any method I actually do like. (My kingdom for a "scrapbooks" option on AO3!) What do y'all think of them? Any other ideas?

2. So when I resolved to read one complete recent fiction magazine or equivalent a month, I thought my library got some and I could just read them through it, but it turns out they stopped getting them early last year.

Does anyone have recs for currently publishing, pro-paid, online original fiction magazines/equivalent (any genre, really), preferably ones that would not require giving anyone my credit card number in order to read the most recent issue?

(I know, paying people for their work is important, but I really want to know how badly it's going to suck before I commit. And given my last few attempts at reading pro-published fiction short stories... >_< The most recent issue of Analog my library carries had two stories about how heroic and tragic it was to be an elderly white dude with no friends. And I don't mean the elderly white dude did anything special, getting old while a lonely white dude was apparently sufficiently heroic to require two stories lauding and rewarding them for for being so brave as to be elderly and so annoying their family won't talk to them anymore. I guess that's what Analog's demographic needs, idek.)

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January 25th, 2015 09:40 pm - Big Hero Six
So last night I went to see Big Hero Six at the new cheap movie theater! I approve of the new movie theater. It's nice to be able to just go to a theater and see a movie without first having to walk through a quarter-mile of mall and endure an "entertainment experience" or whatever. Plus, 1/3 the price, and showtimes that work with what I want to see!

Also Big Hero Six was lots of fun. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen if you can. Very very pretty with some great design work and I love how much the whole thing was a love song to the tech we're just on the verge of having. Fun characters. Other than the one giant gaping plothole, nice story. why is all the fanfic incestshipping

Then I came home last night and this happened:

"They couldn't even manage ten years without destroying it?" Newton Geizsler exclaimed, surveying the still all-too-familiar devastation that had flattened several blocks of the center of San Fransokyo. ficlet, mildly spoilery )

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January 23rd, 2015 07:51 pm
via everybody: When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

I assume this means "use a random number generator on your wips file", right?

1. The sloe wine was already ice-cold from the snow, rich and strong as Amelia poured it off the sloes, brownish-red like old blood. They'd bottled last year after the first frost, with Amelia's recipe that used cheap strong vodka and the absolute minimum of sugar, and Vivien could taste the bite of the alcohol and the bitterness of the sloes and the cyanide under it all.

2. "Hogan, do you think I like the idea of asking Hochstetter for a favor? Do you think I do not know what sort of man he is, to give one of my prisoners into his care? But I cannot simply lock you both in the cooler for a week, you must see that, she is a koningenwolf."

3. "Boopsie!" he said. "You're still here." Enjolras had no idea why Grantaire always called him 'Boopsie', but considering how much it made Jehan and Bahorel laugh every time, it was probably some sort of obsolete pop culture reference. He'd just started answering to it after awhile.

ANYWAY also I wrote a thing last night? It has psychic wolves in it! Sort of. Sort of wolves, anyway.

A Soldier Needs a Wolfsister (500 words) by melannen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: The War Doctor (Doctor Who), The Doctor's TARDIS
Additional Tags: Dark, Time War, Bad Wolf, Alternate Universe, Psychic Wolves
Summary: A chameleon arch can do a lot of things, and a soldier needs a wolfsister. that wasn't one of the options in the poll. Uh. It was an accident. Just be glad I didn't try writing the Les Mis one or the ACD one or, oh dear, the Frontier Wolf one, when I was in that sort of mood.


January 22nd, 2015 10:16 am - Wolves!
So it's almost February! How time flies when you haven't done any fiction writing since Yuletide.

Also I think my first-half-of-February book display at work is going to be wolves and werewolves. I was going to do books about how it's okay to be single and you shouldn't feel pressure to find The One, but - and I don't know why I was surprised by this - we don't have enough books in the library system to do a display on that.

So wolves it is. I even put A Companion to Wolves on hold to use in the display. Maybe I'll actually read it first, even.

So hey, if I were to write something about wolves this February, completely for no reason at all except to jumpstart my writing again, OR even for this year's Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia fest, what should I write?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 35


View Answers

The sequel to the Les Mis one I did last year which is basically just Eponine domming the hell out of Montparnasse
10 (28.6%)

The Reichenbach part of the ACD Holmes one
6 (17.1%)

Finish the one you started two years ago that's based on the Men Who Stare At Goats, only with wolves instead of goats
5 (14.3%)

Finish the Hogan's Heroes one you started three years ago
6 (17.1%)

Write a ficlet that is just Chewie the cat and Carol Danvers's wolfsibling Really Really Really Not Getting Along, w/ guest appearance by Rocket
13 (37.1%)

Read the copy of Frontier Wolf you got for Christmas and do something with that
11 (31.4%)

Write more of the Community werewolf AU even if werewolves don't quite count
6 (17.1%)

Something else about which I will be telling you IN DETAIL
0 (0.0%)

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January 20th, 2015 01:40 pm - Decembre Meme: Their Majesties' Bucketeers
A belated december meme post: [profile] fenellaevangella asked: could you talk a bit about Their Majesties' Bucketeers? I reread it not too long ago and I'd love to hear about what kind of fic you wish there was, or some meta if you've got it in you.

So for those of you who don't know about the thing of beauty and joy forever that is Their Majesties' Bucketeers, it is a short sf novel that is also a Sherlock Holmes pastiche that is set on a desert planet occupied by trilateral furry crab people with three genders.

But other than that it's exactly like Sherlock Holmes. It's set in that planet's equivalent of the high Victorian era, down to steam cars, a raging controversy over the new theory of natural selection, and a society built on racist imperialism. (In fact lamviin-Holmes's mother was the equivalent of east Indian, and his surfather was also foreign, though was his father was upper-class English equivalent and he seems to be successfully coasting on that, one of many things I wish canon had explored more except not really because I don't trust the writer to not suck at politics, so I guess we need fic.)

Anyway you can read more about it in this old entry about pro Holmes fic or my yuletide letter the year I asked for nothing but increasingly bizarre Holmes pastiches--everything in those still applies. And I still want more of the WIP about Srafen and rher inexplicable romantic life that I got as a treat that year, you're not off the hook.

I will also probably talk about the Srafen plot in this more in my entry on Lovelace and Babbage because they're probably my two favorite versions of steampunk ever.

But anyway. [profile] fenellaevangella knows all that already so now I am going to talk about a specific worldbuilding/speculative biology thing that Bucketeers does, and so do several other sffy things from that period, that I wish somebody would take a closer and more rigorous look at: a culture where it's taken for granted that you don't know what your adult gender will be until puberty. )

So I guess that's one answer to your question: I'd like more stories that explore the really different ways gendering might happen in a world where gender is never assigned at birth.

Not necessarily Bucketeers, really any version of that world you'd like to build, although I would still like fic that explored that with any of the canon characters, especially Vyssu or Srafen.

(I'd also like stories that do it more like Kazul's people, where gender isn't assigned at all but you are expected to pick one sooner or later. I suspect in a human society like that we'd still be fucked up about gender, because unfortunately, as you know, people, but in ways that were expressed quite differently. Some of the non-Α/Β/Ω D/s AUs used to touch on that, but again usually in ways that pretty closely reproduced contemporary gender issues and rarely in any depth.)

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January 18th, 2015 10:15 pm - Librarians update!
So far with my new smartphone I have: texted my sister, accidentally called my friend, been sent a picture of a cat, set the picture of the cat as my wallpaper, downloaded two apps and wishlisted a bunch more, taken a photo of some candy, transferred my contacts, uploaded an icon for myself, listened to the radio, and played 333 games of Flow.

Anyway! So, my fellow Librarians people, if you were one of the Librarians, which Librarian would you be?

I ask this because about 10 minutes before tonight's episode, an old family friend called my mom out of the blue to say he and his wife had been watching it and Cassandra reminds them of me.


I personally think I am less the sylphlike math genius who hallucinates, and more the dude who decided to waste all his potential living at home with his mom and posting about obscure facts on the internet.

I also think that minor spoilers for tonight's episode )

Anyway not a bad way to end it if that is the end, I may even write fic for it, who knows!

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January 17th, 2015 03:01 pm
1. I bought a smartphone yesterday. I feel like I've gone over to the enemy.

(It's a super-cheap no-contract one. I think I'm going to get the "0 data" plan in hopes of staying untethered as much as possible. The reviews said it "lacks most high-end features but would be good for someone who mostly wants to tramp around in the woods" and it was half-off. Also it supposedly has FM radio and GPS that doesn't depend on data. It's called "Hydro Vibe" and it's waterproof. I probably should have spent the $60 on, you know, the thing a "waterproof Hydro Vibe" sounds like it should be.)

Everybody says I'll get addicted but considering so far my thoughts have been "ugh, now I will have to do stuff with it" I'm hoping maybe not. (Probably I will mostly use it as a camera.)

2. I got one tile away from 131072 on 2048 and decided this was ridiculous and quit cold turkey. So I have started playing Eterna again, which is approximately the same level of addictively frustrating, but also comes with achievements to chase, so it's harder to stop.

Also, it's one thing to say "Ugh, I wasted all day yesterday playing a stupid browser game and watching QI", but it somehow sounds entirely different to whine "I wasted all day taking part in a multinational collaboration to design molucular-scale nanomachines based on RNA proteins in order to help cure cancer." You just sound stuck-up when you complain that that's all that you accomplished yesterday, even if you should have been doing laundry.

(I'm not actually helping cure cancer yet, I'm compulsively working through all 500+ of the tutorial puzzles first. It is super-addictive if you like twiddly puzzle games, though. Plus, you know, living in the future and all that.)

3. I feel like I'm posting mostly lists lately, but eh, I will post my last two December meme entries Soon, I Swear. In the meantime, lists! I got my currently-reading list down to 23! (And then, of course, started two more. But you win some you lose some.) Then I went through all my e-books and gathered together all of those that I've started in the past couple years with the intent to finish someday, and there were... well there were 14. But four of them are already in Goodreads! So that only brings the list up to 35!

This "get the list below 20" thing is never going to happen, is it.

Anyway, since I did want to catch up on some stuff that doesn't go in Goodreads, too, under the cut will be my year's tracking of "media consumed that do not belong on goodreads".
ooh how long will it get? )

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January 13th, 2015 06:42 pm - Yuletide fandoms
Oh right, Yuletide was a thing that happened, wasn't it.

Let's talk about this week's episodes of The Librarians, shall we? It continues to be gloriously predictable in a very enjoyable way. Also I'm finally starting to get properly fannish feels about the Librarianettes, so yay! I can't believe the season is almost over already? But that's probably good because let's face it this is about as long as I can manage to keep up with a currently-airing TV show these days. Maybe I'll actually pick up Agent Carter next?

shippy spoilers )

So for yuletide I wrote about the conspiracy of evil Librarians who are trying to keep magic from leaking back into the world. ^_^

Five Times Leavenworth Smedry Was Late Returning A Book (And One Time He Wasn't) (5257 words) by melannen
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Alcatraz Series - Brandon Sanderson
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Leavenworth Smedry, Shasta Smedry, Himalaya Smedry, Bastille Broadmoor, Alcatraz Smedry, Kanchenjunga Sarketjåkkå, Attica Smedry
Additional Tags: implied Alcatraz/Bastille, Future Fic, pov: librarian, Libraries, Yuletide 2014, implied Kanchenjunga/Leavenworth, Tentacles, librarian in-jokes, Dinosaurs, Books, Sexual Harassment, 5+1 Things, Lateness, Time Shenanigans
Ranganathan's Five Laws of Non-Evil Library Science are:
Books are for use.
Every reader its book.
Every book its reader.
Save the time of the reader.
The library is a growing organism.

Dealing with Smedry talents, however, can make them difficult to remember, even for a Reformed Librarian.

This story has feathered dinosaurs, librarian in-jokes, grandparent shipping, a documentary framework, and a metatastic frist person POV, so basically everything you'd expect in a story by me. You may have seen it without the "(And One Time He Wasn't)" in the title because, of course, Leavenworth was late returning the sixth part, so it didn't get posted until right before reveals. I signed up for that fandom at the last minute because [personal profile] the_rck mentioned that nobody had and her prompts looked fun, and I'd seen it cross the desk at the library and had been meaning to read it. It's just four kids' novels so I figured it would be an easy enough canon to pick up, I can read a longish kids' novel in two hours or so.

I should have remembered - it was right in the title of the books - that libraries are evil. We did have the whole series, but books two and four were only available as e-audiobooks. In a format incompatible with my audio player. So it ended up taking me way longer than it should have to get through canon and there was some mild panic there at a few points.

But I'm glad I offered it! I really enjoyed the series, I had a heck of a lot of fun writing the fic (mild deadline panic aside) and [personal profile] the_rck either didn't hate it or did a really good job hiding her dislike, so I thnk everything turned out ok.

The Alcatraz Smedry Series - for the vast majority of you who have never heard of it - is about a preteen boy named Alcatraz in foster care who suddenly encounters a strange old man who claims to be his grandfather. )

I kind of want these books to have a large fandom just so I can BS with people about what our Smedry talents are and strategize on how to use them. (Mine is that I can't get laces to stay tied. Since my shoelaces are never tied it has all the advantages of the tripping talent plus I can make other people trip. Also tripwires aren't much trouble and never try to tie me up. If I was in really serious trouble I might even be able to do terrible things to the Threads of Destiny but don't test me on that.)

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January 12th, 2015 07:57 pm
So it's been a WEIRD week. First we closed my workplace for most of a week because the heat was broken (the head had been broken. the heat will be broken. but they finally decided that we couldn't keep going with the terrible space heaters in a building that size. So they closed us for four days while they... sourced some better space heaters rather than fixing the boiler, apparently.)

Anyway, that meant I had an unexpected day off and then spent several days working in a completely different building with a different group of staff than usual, and then spent today back in the regular building doing five days' worth of accumulated stuff. So that was fun.

Then on my unexpected day off I decided to finally wipe & reinstall Windows on this laptop. It was doing a thing where whenever certain programs tried to open the save as/open file dialog, it crashed the program, and the best we could tell was that there was something screwy somewhere in Windows. LET ME TELL YOU how fun it is to attempt digital art when you can't Save As without crashing the program. Anyway it had been doing the thing on and off and then it started doing the thing every time, so I finally go annoyed enough to fix it. Theoretically I probably could have tracked down the specific file with the error but I figured just reinstalling from the restore partition would be simpler, since it had gotten pretty crufty anyway.

BOY WAS I WRONG. I spent Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening just running Windows Update and then restarting over and over again. And then I tried to reinstall all my programs. Here is the list of programs I consider essential: The ones that have stars are ones that required some kind of substantial messing around before they would consent to working properly:

List of essential programs, all but one freeware )

So all in all could have been even more frustrating but I am glad to be DONE. (And we are setting restore points this time, yes precious.) Hopefully I can get back to more normal sort of computer use now that that's done, and finish up the DW posts I'm obligated to while I'm at it. I'd still like to organize my own files better but like that'll ever be finished, and I'd like to set up torrenting again but it's been so long I bet everything's changed, so I moved that to a secondary list.

Or, you know, they will have to close work again and we'll have another snowstorm and I'll spend three days curled up in blankets. I'd be okay with that too.

(I'm still ticking stuff off my massive to-do list from three weeks ago. Maybe I will actually finish it someday...)

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January 3rd, 2015 01:07 pm - Goals 2015
So I have closed down my booktracking for 2014. Once I added in my Yuletide canon at the last minute (which I will definitely post about sooner or later), I had 181 books read for the year, and total of 200 books in my Goodreads account. (I probably missed one or two ebooks or picture books in there, especially before I started with Goodreads, but it's pretty close.) You can see the whole horrifying list on my librarything account.

181 sounds like a lot, but bear in mind that 67 of them were comics, and another 30 were picture books or easy readers, not to mention all the glossy artbooks, piano books, pamphlety things, and field guides. In fact if you add up just proper books with more words than pictures, it's more like 70.

(Although even with the picture books and comics I'm averaging about 170 pages per book which isn't too shabby.)

To nobody's surprise once I'd put it in a spreadsheet to get that info I did a bunch more stats. :P A Bunch More Stats )

My first reading goal for 2014 is to finish all 26 of the books currently in my current-reading. ^_^ And then keep the current-reading below 20 for the rest of the year.

Other reading goals:
1. Hit my 200-total-books-read challenge on Goodreads
2. Of which at least 100 are books I owned before 2015
3. And at least 24 are novels (or book-length story collections)
4. Not included in 200 total: read one current short story magazine every month, and read through my longbox of floppies
5. Review at least half of them
6. Own fewer unread books at end of year than beginning (current tally: 1997. 245 of them added in the past twelve months. *sigh*)

That should be totally doable, right? *gnaws fingernail*

As for the rest of my goals for the year.. )

Several of those require sustained amounts of adulting, which is gonna be hard, so I guess we'll see what happens!

Current Mood:: [mood icon] accomplished

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December 30th, 2014 10:42 am - Sheer Madness
I will do my last two December meme posts... soon. Right now I am just trying to catch up on comments on the old ones. Meanwhile, I have barely dipped into the Yuletide archive (and probably won't before reveals), but I have read all of the Madness works that are over 100 words and up to 1000 words in fandoms I care about, so here are 20 recs for short Madness stories (and two sonnets, a sestina and a vid.)

In more-or-less reverse wordcount order )

Also, my Madness gift has got me thinking about vids again. And when I was clearing stuff out, I found an old mix CD from c. 2008 that was labelled "to vid". So let's play a fun game! Can you match the song to the fandom/pairing I wanted to vid it to in 2008?

1. A Weekend In the Country from A Little Night Music
2. All This Useless Beauty - June Tabor
3. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
4. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
5. Cabaret from Cabaret
6. Don't Need the Sunshine - Catatonia
7. Finale from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat
8. Hotel California - The Eagles
9. Is That All There Is? - Peggy Lee
10. It's A Small World After All - The Sherman Brothers
11. Light Up My Room - Barenaked Ladies
12. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong - Spin Doctors
13. My Heart Will Go On from Titanic
14. Nine Inch Will Please A Lady - Robert Burns/Traditional
15 Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf
16. Postcards from Mexico - Girlyman
17. Que Sera Sera - Doris Day
18. Sixteen Tons - Merle Travis/Traditional
19. Son of a Preacher Man - Pansy Division
20. The Band Played On - Guy Lombardo
21. The Way - Fastball
A. Doctor Who, All the Masters
B. Doctor Who, Doctor/Master
C. Doctor Who, Jack/Rose
D. Doctor Who, Peri and Five's regeneration
E. Doctor Who, Shalka!Doctor
F. Doctor Who, the DoctorDonna
G. Free Space (I don't remember)
H. Harry Potter, McGonagall the ladies of Hogwarts
I. Highlander, Joe/Methos
J. Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End, Ensemble
K. Sherlock Holmes (RDJ version, but BBC would work), Everybody/Everybody
L. Superman Returns, Lois Lane
M. Supernatural, Dean
N. Supernatural/Bones, Dean/Temperance
O. The X-Files, Alex Krycek
P. The X-Files, Byers/Suzanne
Q. The X-Files, Mulder/Krycek
R. The X-Files, Mulder/Scully S9
S. The X-Files, Teena Mulder
T. Torchwood, Jack Harkness
U. Stargate : Atlantis, Ensemble

...We're not even going to talk about the other old CD I found, which is labeled just "TARDIS: The Musical". It starts with House Prydon singing "All That's Known" and features such gems as Delgado Master singing "If I Loved You" from Carousel and Nine singing "Everything's Comin' Up Roses." The real mystery, though, is: I made this mix CD no later than 2009, so WHY, after the big LotTL climax, did I decide to end it with the Master singing "Now that I'm A Woman, Everything Has Changed" from The Last Unicorn? Time travel?

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December 29th, 2014 12:03 am - YULETIDE!
I got two fabulous stories for yuletide:

Lucky Starr and the Ambassadors of Eris (4259 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: Lucky Starr - Isaac Asimov
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Bigman Jones/Lucky Starr, John Bigman Jones/OFC
Characters: Lucky Starr, John Bigman Jones, Ben Wessilewsky, Hector Conway, Gus Henree, OFC
Additional Tags: Space Flight, Emotional Baggage, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Human Biology, Science, Sexual Tension, Canon Compliant, Mild Sexual Content

A mysterious ship has been discovered entering our solar system. Lucky doesn't know that Bigman keeps a ring in his boot. Will Conway survive the stress of it all?

For my main gift I finally got Lucky Starr fic after all these years! \o/ It's like a new slice of canon only with more women and more three-dimensional relationships. And up-to-date-science. It's wonderful. (This now makes two Yuletides in which I have gotten fanfic that is about how Pluto is not a planet. I think that means I win.)

Five Numbers That Got Munched (And One That Can't Be Proven) (2777 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Munchers
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Munchers - Character
Additional Tags: 5+1 Things, Mathematics, Food Issues, Dialogue-Only, Yuletide Treat, Yuletide 2014

Throughout history, humans have turned to mathematics to express deep insights.

Throughout history, Munchers have been trying to eat things.

For my treat I got a NUMBER MUNCHER. MUNCHING THINGS. While a poor mathematician tries to teach the muncher math. It is adorable and full of math geekery. It is great.

And then! Unexpectedly! I got a Madness gift, that was marked as a Les Mis/Top Gear crossover, and I had no idea what to think, since I hadn't requested either of those fandoms? And like, Jeremy Clarkson is really not much like Jean Valjean. But then it turned out it was a vid.

A vid of the Top Gear Botswana special to "One Day More".

TBH I thought I was over Top Gear fandom, but the minute Oliver came in, singing Cosette's part in the song, I realized I would never, ever be over Richard/Oliver. Plus this is basically EXACTLY the kind of vid I like: shamelessly literal interpretation of a song that really shouldn't work with the fandom and yet does. It's beautiful.

My own story is full of obvious giveaways that it's me, but it's a super-obscure fandom so hardly anyone has read it. (I will just have to get you all into the fandom after reveals....)


Meanwhile, I did really amazingly great on the giant to-do list (well, for me, anyway) until about dinnertime yesterday, and then, uh, not so much, including a break for staying up till 5 AM reading fanfic *sigh*. I did manage to watch this week's Librarians after missing the previous one, though!
I guess if I'm trying to actually watch I will keep doing weekly reaction posts like I did back in the day when I had shows? )

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December 24th, 2014 10:43 am
Whoo, Yuletide is *done*! IDK if I will end up writing any treats (I did go through the spreadsheet I posted to [community profile] yuletide and pull out four prompts that I'm most interesting in writing, but on the other hand, I could just lay around and watch TV and read comics instead.) Ah, well, the chance of any of them ending up over 1000 words, with this little time, was fairly low anyway, so I can post to Madness tomorrow if I feel like it.

Meanwhile I have made a list of things I would like to get done by the first of the year (I do have four of the next five days off work, with NO PLANS! HURRAH! so maybe it can be done?) I will come back here and cross them off as I go.

ETA: ..this list is working for me so far, so I am by fiat extending the time limit on these to Sat 1/3.

List o' doom )

I may be... I may be slightly overambitious there.

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December 23rd, 2014 06:08 pm - Sunreturn! (well no, actually more cold rain. Theoretically sunreturn!)
[personal profile] espresso_addict asked about my writing process.

Since the alternative is actually writing, here it is: Way more than you wanted to know. )

...and all of that is really misleading because it's not so much my writing process as what I know my writing process should be.

My actual writing process more often than not is "flail, whine to friends that writing is impossible, post unrelated tl;dr meta on DW accompanied by a disclaimer that I should be writing, screw around on Tumblr. Words? No, no words. No more words ever. *wordvomit something that I can pretend is a complete story that makes sense in the two hours before the deadline*."

..It is always changing, though. I can actively feel myself getting better at writing longer and more complicated stuff now. Note to self:It would be interesting to do this again in five or ten years and see how utterly different it is.

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December 20th, 2014 03:02 pm - So-called 'continuity'
1. Greetings on this shortest, darkest, most miserable day of the year (by which I mean yuletide due date, of course.)

I unexpectedly got mine in shape to post yesterday, so I'm way less panicked than I was planning to be this morning, and thus feel like I'm flapping around at loose ends (I know, cry moar). Now I just have to decide if I want to do more Yuletide or if I want to just lay back and read comics until after Christmas.

..and if I want to hang with family on Christmas Eve after all or if I want to spend the day in my pajamas watching the rest of AtLA.

2. WXPN, my current favorite radio station, did its morning show as a non-Christmasy winter music set to celebrate the solstice. I approve (and will probably be looking up a bunch of them when I get home.)

3. [personal profile] chordatesrock asked about how the MCU compares to comic universe. There are many ways to compare them! The super-basic answer is the comic universe is so vast and complicated and ever-changing that it's frankly impossible to compare it to anything other than itself. And the MCU isn't (yet.)

But I'm going to pull out one small part of it, and talk about serial storytelling as it pertains to Marvel. )

Does that, uh. Does that answer your question?

Current Mood:: [mood icon] cranky

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December 17th, 2014 05:00 pm - bears. possibly platypus bears.

2. So I have now read Avengers: The Children's Crusade (which was very very omg good, all my YA feels are now reignited after being slightly meh about the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign trades).

Also I really need all the fic about Billy and Teddy and their grandfather and all the different things that family means. (There are only a couple - Trust Me by dangerouscommiesubversive is really really good - but there need to be more.)

(btw I wrote up an outline of the first issue of the YA-set-in-billy-and-teddy's-apartment series. *innocent whistle*)

3. I keep meaning to catch up on replies to everyone else's posts but at this point I am SO FAR BEHIND. I am reading and enjoying them all though!

4. [personal profile] umadoshi asked: Is there a book/show/movie you've been fully intending to get to this year but find yourself putting off for some reason? (Fear of disappointment, not wanting it to be over--whatever!)

Oh gosh, there are SO MANY of these. I am totally the person who will listen to your recommendations and nod along sagely, but even if it's something that sounds perfect for me, I can never start reading/watching/listening until the time is right. Sometimes that time is ten years later.

Today I am going to talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Anyway just this week I bought a couple of the missing S3 discs at a flea market so maybe I will get back to watching it soon. I could do it over the holiday when I have the TV to myself again except I was planning to spend the holiday watching both series of Cosmos back-to-back (something else I keep trying and failing to watch through.) So I guess we shall see.


And then I can start putting off watching Korra.

5. Bears.

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December 15th, 2014 04:56 pm - Saving the World and So On

Leave Us Time To Waste (5457 words) by melannen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pacific Rim (2013)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb, Raleigh Becket & Mako Mori, Newton Geiszler/Kaiju
Characters: Newton Geiszler, Hermann Gottlieb, Tendo Choi, Raleigh Becket, Mako Mori
Additional Tags: Aliens make them not have sex, Post-Canon, Drift Side Effects, Platonic Relationships, Sleepy/Unconscious Sex, Dubious Consent

One of the side-effects of Drifting is that Drift partners are no longer capable of being sexually attracted to each other. At all. Dr. Newton Geiszler is not happy about this.

Look, look, I finished a fic!

2. For the talky meme, [personal profile] alasse_irena asked for: Tell me something (or somethings, if you like) you would like to see more of in the fantasy genre.

Well, first, I have a confession to make: I don't read a lot of fantasy these days. (And don't watch much TV or movies, either.) There are a lot of fantasy novels I read back in the day that are still very dear to my heart, but in the last twelve months, I have read a total of six grown-up fantasy novels for grown-ups - if reading a five-book series about Edwardian vampires and one book about She-Hulk counts. (If you add in kids' novels and comics it's a little better but not much.) So it's possible they're already doing all the things I like and I just haven't noticed... but hey, when did not knowing what I'm talking about ever stop me?

My first version of this post was going to be "things fantasy novels could do to make me more likely to read them", but that really quickly turned into "reasons I enjoy fanfic more than published novels". Which was actually really interesting to write out, but not really the question I wanted to answer here, so I may post it later (I do still have slots open for the last week of meme....)

So instead I am going to talk about one thing that I would like to see less of in all the stories I consume, but especially in fantasy novels: the good guys only winning because they find the Cheat Codes of Destiny.

Or, explained at much greater length... )

Also I would like more diversity in characters and worldbuilding, obviously. And less heteronormativity and gender essentialism. And for it to be exactly like fanfic in every way. And more Capital Letters of Emphasis, obviously.

But mostly I would like a ban on using Cheat Codes of Destiny to take out the Assholes In Charge, and more of whatever we come up with instead.

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December 12th, 2014 01:17 pm - I lost the USB drive that had my notes for three days. :(
[personal profile] aoifes_isle asked for: Most oddball piece of research done this year - whether it be for work, wrangling, fic or because the brain-weasels attacked ...

So, uh, is there anyone reading this who has some Russian and would be willing to look over a first-pass translation of some Vysotsky lyrics I'm trying to put into English? I think I've got a rough literal version via Google and two other not-great English translations, but given that I know, like, three words of Russian, it would be nice to have someone to confirm it's all basically right, and stuff like "Does 'в настроеньи питейном' mean 'feeling drunk' or 'wanting a drink'?"

[personal profile] schneefink asked: what would be your ideal next canon YA series?

SO I actually wrote up a version of this right after I got the topic, because, well, Young Avengers! I had a whole twelve-issue storyline that was both something I really wanted to see, and that centered around the Young Avengers' ongoing themes of time travel/AUs, meta and reality shifts, and questions of identity. Unfortunately the main plot hook was "trying to bring Cassie Lang back from dead". Oops.

Anyway the short version: if I was proposing a YA series to Marvel right now, I would want it to center around Loki experimenting with reality-alteration using the power of storytelling (specifically: fanfic! :P) with the help of Billy Kaplan and America Chavez and, if I'm shooting for the moon anyway, maybe Kamala Khan? And whatever assortment of other current, former, and future young superheroes I can get my hands on.

Actually... )

If I could have ANY YA series I wanted, though, and not just one there's a slim possibility Marvel would actually make, what I want is basically the Young Avengers version of Fraction's Hawkeye - 'what they do when they aren't saving the world.'

It starts with Billy and Teddy's housewarming for their first apartment together. )

The chances that Marvel would actually make that are, like, 0%, though, if only because it's clearly aimed at a slightly older audience than Young Avengers is meant for. ...Maybe somebody will fanfic it someday.

Actually though if I could pick any one Young Avengers series to get it would be a movie trilogy. :P You didn't specify comics series, so that counts!

Because if they keep doing comics eventually they will fuck it up completely, because comics always do, but if they do a reasonably good movie, there will be enough movie fanfic for me to dine out on for years. Also, I would love to see some of these characters get a substantial incarnation with simplified/re-imagined backstories.

Set the first movie after whatever MCU does with Civil War, with a similar origin, i.e, the grown-up superheroes have fucked up big, so it's up to us kids come together to try to fix at least the small things.

The first movie is called 'Young Avengers: Red, White, and Black.' )

Call me, Marvel Studios, I'll throw together some spec scripts.

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December 8th, 2014 01:37 pm - Can everything be a YW crossover?
[personal profile] sineala asked: Young Wizards crossovers! Why are they awesome? Can everything be a YW crossover? Discuss.

These are both excellent questions. I am going to answer the first one via answering the second one, otherwise this will get even more too long than it is.

The answer to the second question is, of course, simultaneously yes, everything, and no, nothing at all. For if you define a 'crossover' as a story that combines several different, unconnected universes, nothing can be a YW crossover, because the story of Young Wizards canonically encompasses all other universes that there are, and therefore, no matter what you are writing, whether you know it or not, you are writing a YW crossover.

...but if you define "crossover" more broadly as entangling two pieces of story that previously didn't formally coincide, then everything can indeed be a Young Wizards crossover! After all, canonically, the YW multiverse includes them all, so there must be a way to cross them over.

That said, some universes are harder than others. And it is curious, given that all stories flow to Timeheart one way or another, that relatively few of our other canons acknowledge the presence of wizardry outright, even those set on worlds that ought to be astafrith. But I suppose that's part of keeping Earth's dominant colonialist/capitalist culture safely sevarfrith, for now.

It is tricky to find the wizards who serve the Powers in some stories, it's true, especially those which have a system of wizardry that is very definitely not the wizardry that Kit and Nita and Rhiow and Ssaash practice. And it's also true that wizardry, as we see it through Kit and Nita's eyes, is very heavily influenced by the way American Christian culture sees the world, and how it sees stories.

But we know - from canon - that the way wizardry comes out in the world can very a lot from place to place, from universe to universe. )

Basically, there are several ways to do a YW crossover: one is your basic "okay, if wizardry here works pretty much how it does for Kit and Nita, who would the wizards be, and what would they being doing?" For worlds where that doesn't work - where Kit and Nita's wizardry would not happen - you can have a character from the YW universe fall through into their world, or vice versa, and use them to figure out how wizardry in their world will work. And even without YW book characters, you can always take a world that's deep in the Lone One's power and give a few characters the Oath, so they can start to pull it out...

Although I'd also love to see more worlds that do the crossover by playing "find the wizardry" also take into account the ways in which wizardry might feel very different for those wizards, on very basic levels, even if they're on an Earth that looks like Kit and Nita's, even while following their recension of the oath. Not everybody's "growing and living well in their own way" will look like that. Of course, that's a lot harder to do! And really I just want all the YW crossovers in general.

(btw this is one of the reasons I side-eye the way AO3's tags, in practice, have been leaning toward labelling all fusion crossovers as AU. My story where Sitwell is a wizard may or may not be a crossover, but there's absolutely nothing about it that's AU. :P)

Anyway, I think it's time for another round of "Who in your fandoms is under the Oath, and how?" Who has new fandoms since last time? Who has new wizardy headcanons? Who's new here and missed the last round and wants to play?

My super-duper-new fandom is the Librarians! Because so far it's basically Leverage dropped in a blender with Stargate SG1, as you might expect, given the showrunners! And who doesn't want that, c'mon.

So. Librarian wizardry )

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December 6th, 2014 03:00 pm - a book you loved that you didn't expect to and why
So for the record, I am totally going to finish liveblogging the bag of STUFF tonight. If you catch me not doing that, call me on it, pls. (Also thank you so much for actually, like, spending your Fridaay night reading my cleaning liveblog, which I did truly not expect anybody to do - the steady trickle of comments really did a lot to help me keep going.)

Anyway, December Meme Week 1 Prompt 2: [personal profile] the_rck asked for "a book you loved that you didn't expect to and why"

This was actually pretty hard to come up with an answer for! Because I have broad enough reading interests, and a long enough to-read list of stuff I know I'll like that I don't usually read books unless I've convinced myself, at least a little, that I will love them. Unfortunately this means I read a lot more unexpectedly bad books than I do unexpectedly good books.

(Occasionally I will hate-read through something that is a classic of its genre, even though I expect to hate it, just so I can say I've read it, but usually in those cases I know exactly why I will hate it going in, and usually I am right.)

So I am going to talk about something that is probably not quite what the prompter requested and answers the question via a lot of sort-of-off-topic rambling, in a pattern that will probably be very familiar to you by the end of the month. :P I could talk about some books that I expected to like and ended up falling in love with a lot more than I thought I would, but instead, I'm going to talk about Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Book One. (And to some extent ChordTime Piano: Classics.)

Because, as I think I've mentioned here a few times, for about the past year I've been semi-seriously trying to get back into learning piano, after not really doing anything but messing around since I stopped my lessons in elemetary school.

On Piano Lessons )

What I did come out of piano lessons with was a deep, deep hatred of a) having to play classical pieces on the piano, and b) any piano book that looked like it was intended as a lesson book, since in my experience that just resulted in boringness and not learning what I wanted to learn. So I'd play with a book of Pop Hits or Favorite Old Singalong Tunes but avoid the teach-yourself books and exercise books or anything classical (I don't have anything against classical music to listen to, but most of it's not well-designed to be played melody-line-only by a poor pianist, and I had bad associations from childhood recitals.)

But then three things happened at once: 1) I got tapped to fill-in as accompanist at our church (because 'can pick out melody line' was still better than the only alternatives in the congregation); 2) I bought a copy of ChordTime Piano: Classics for a quarter at a flea market; 3) I started to put all the songs from my increasingly ridiculous collection of piano music into a spreadsheet, for easy searching.

(also 0) Mom attempted but failed to give away our piano since nobody was playing it much.)

And suddenly I was really enjoying lesson books? )

So I'm still working through those three piano books - slowly and haltlingly, because let's face it, I'm still not very good at this, and I'm easily distracted (my sister just gave me Les Mis Easy Piano for Christmas, so that'll be nicely distracting for awhile, but I CAN SIGHTREAD IT WITH BOTH HANDS, which is so far beyond where I was this time last year, OMG,) and I'm really enjoying it.

Anyway I was going to close this post with a recording of me playing last fall and me playing now, but, uh, I'm not that much better yet. :P

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