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2017-10-06 04:29 pm

Yuletide letter!

Hi yuletide writer! This will be pretty useless to you so far because it's just a repost of my signup but I wanted it here for reference. Hopefully it will turn into a proper letter before you see it, but if not, have no fear. I am super easy to please as long as you write in one of these fandoms! And I believe wholeheartedly in ODAO and Yuletide Is Meant To Be Fun. Also feel free to scroll down this tag for previous years' letters, most of which still apply, and other thoughts of mine on these fandoms.

The Girl with the Silver Eyes - Willo Davis Roberts
Okay so: WHAT DID THEY DECIDE? AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THEY DECIDED? I feel like staying home would be the wiser choice, but going would be the better story. And there are so many directions it could go, once they go. Also, it's canon that there are other superpowered kids with all different kinds of superpowers there, so there is a lot of scope for crossovers there... I'd also love more about the lives and personalities of the other three silver-eyed kids - how similar are they to Katie? How different? How do they get along when it's not a crisis situation? I'm also really interested in all the grown-ups from the books! Also I headcanon that Ms. K also has some kind of secret psi powers. And ship her with Mr. C. And/or Monica.

The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells
I cannot get enough of Murderbot? So mostly I would just like More Of. Here are some ideas: Something set in the Preservation Aux camp (any POV) before canon started when all was calm, or Murderbot dealing with one of its previous more-soap-opera-y past assignments (either before or just after it hacked itself), or something from one of the surveys on the planet before everything went terrible - how different are they from each other personality-wise? How do they work together on group assignments?, or there's just a bare possibility that one or more of the other secbots survived - what did they do? maybe they got left behind for dead and learned how to hack themselves and became hobby archeologists; or everyone on the station gossiping about what Murderbot has done this time. I also really loved the glimpses we got of what life is like in the Preservation Alliance, so anything building on what the Survey crew do after Murderbot leaves would be fun!

DNW: Anything where Murderbot just needs to Learn To Make Friends And Talk About Its Feelings or equivalent. Let Murderbot continue to be someone who is happiest sitting in a corner with its shows! That is OK! Also: no Murderbot falling in love with anyone. Other Secbots making other choices is fine though.

James Asher Vampire Series - Barbara Hambly
I OT3 this hard! I just keep waiting for the point where James finally realizes he and Simon are in love with each other too and it's a triangle not a V, and it keeps not happening for me in canon. I really want a story set after Pale Guardian where James slowly comes to the realization that Ysidro has transferred his promise to watch Lydia into a promise to watch over James. I would also love any backstory for any of the three of them, though! I am also getting increasingly intrigued by Grippen and his relationship with James and or/Ysidro. I'd also enjoy anything about the ancient vampires Ysidro remembers from his youth. Also: would be okay with just a series of attempts by Ysidro to convince a cat to be his friend.

I am also okay with crossing over Ysidro into a far-future SF fandom, those are always cool and I'd love to see how Hambly's vampires work in that kind of world (Also see my Benjamin January request.)

Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
I love everything in this fandom? I would be super into anything about Hannibal's relationship(s) with Rose and Benjamin - OT3 if you want, but also just anything about their dynamic. Similar with the Dominique/Henri/Chloe. I would also be SUPER into solo backstory for any of the nominated characters. And of course the Meyerlings are always great. Also: Rose and/or Chloe doing SCIENCE!! (or science) and/or interacting* with any of the Great Men Of Science of the time. *where interaction could = explosion. And anything else in this fandom, really, honestly. Also, if you also know the Ashers books, I would love some of those vampires showing up in January's world - either via Hyacinthe, who almost certainly learned her piano from January, or just stumbling over them in their travels.

Mr. Trash Wheel (Anthropomorfic)
Stories you could tell about the trash wheels: what things have they found in their rivers? Say, maybe, a ring that shows fiery letters only after it has gotten warm on Mr. Trash Wheel's power supply. Or a magic sword? A cursed pirate coin? A mysterious message in a bottle? A space drive from a damaged UFO that's all ready to be installed? An unidentified body and a murder mystery to solve? A suitcase full of printed-out fanfic from the 1990s? Perhaps the spirits of Baltimore's waters need to appoint champions to fight a great threat! Maybe they get a visit from their future selves and kin who are the centerpieces of a Baltimorean solarpunk utopia! So many possibilities.

Fandom: Brennu-Njáls saga | Njal's Saga
So, I am not, like, a great scholar of the sagas, I just read this once and listened to the SagaThing podcasts on it, so you do not need to be a great scholar of the sagas either, but it is so full of things I would like fanfic of. I really enjoy headcanoning Njal as a trans man, so if you would like to do that, either in canon or in a different-setting AU, that would be awesome (He has powers! He could go to Mr. Cooper's school!) Also, I totally ship Njal and Gunnar and hateship their wives, so anything along those lines would be fun, or really anything exploring wtf was up with those four's relationships in any form. Other things I would love to see include: more CSI:Bergthorshvoll along the line of the famous cheese mold, Njal lawyering like a mofo, Things We Are No Longer Allowed To Do At The Allthing, Icelanders in Space, etc.
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2017-09-12 07:05 pm

Not-exactly-fmk: Gor and Yuletide

So in FMK reading adventures, I finally finished the first Gor book, that was voted K early on but I decided I wanted to read before dumping just so I could say I had.

I should have trusted y'all: it was mostly just incredibly pointlessly bland, occasionally rising to actively annoying. It wasn't even really bad enough to be interestingly bad. There was a lot more flying around on giant soulbonded warbirds than I expected, tbh (somehow I had though that Tarnsman meant "man of the mountain lake country" but I think that was giving him too much credit for having a vocabulary,) but the warbirds are so badly wordbuilt and lacking in individual personality and the flying scenes so lacking in joy that the only time I actually cared about them was when the abused half-starved ones were about to eat the MC and I roused enough to cheer them on. The plot is built on bad characterization and improbable coincidences; the language aspires to basic competence; you can very easy disassemble it into its component stereotypes; and all sense-of-wonder or hints that the MC is not a sociopath are missing. Also amused that the author refuses to comment on whether it's John Carter of Mars fanfic (it's really badly done John Carter of Mars fanfic, omg.) I understand the series gets far more batshit later, but I don't think I need to read far enough to find out.

Also, thank you all for your help with picking a yuletide nomination! I shall be ignoring the clear preference of the poll, and nominating Mr. Trash Wheel RPF. He didn't win, but he did win the vote of everybody I know who has taken a selfie with him, and their votes count 10x, sorry.

(this is Mr. Trash Wheel: )

I will also be nominating Professor Trash Wheel and a five foot long West African Ball Python as characters, of course. I am stuck on who should be my fourth nom, though. A modular robotic eel that hunts for water pollution? Lynyrd Skymmer? Some other celebrity of the waters that I don't yet know about?

Clearly there's a market for Always Coming Home, though. Someone else should nominate it. (If I requested it, it'd just be as "tell me a story of the Valley", so I don't care about characters.)

Meanwhile, I re-read The Girl With The Silver Eyes to prepare to nominate. That one does hold up very well! Things I had forgotten about this book: the muumuu wearing old fat lady who lives alone with her cats and her books and gives no fucks and is #rolemodel. The fact that Katie can TALK TO CATS. The constant references to other YA fantasy/sf novels by the same imprint that she is reading. How much this book distrusts all adult men. How much this book also distrusts all non-readers. How yes they have psi powers and are super-smart, but they're also explicitly non-neurotypical in a way that read a lot more Autism Spectrum than any of the books about supposedly autistic kids that I was reading at the time, and that's more of an issue for them than the psi powers.

The book really needs an active fandom if only so we can have epic fanwars about whether they spoilers )

Anyway I am stuck for character noms there too, because I want all the kid characters but I also want Mr. C, Mrs. M, Miss K and Jackson Jones.
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2017-09-09 01:48 pm

yuletide etc.

So, Yuletide noms are open!

I am definitely nominating:

The Saga of Burnt Njal (with characters from Njal's generation - all the existing fics are post-canon about Kari)
The Girl With The Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts (because we all had a discussion on one of [personal profile] rachelmanija's FMK posts about how we all wanted MORE after we read that.)

I can't decide on number three, and I'm pretty sure the other stuff I definitely want to request will have other noms. So:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

My third yuletide nomination should be:

View Answers

Always Coming Home by Ursula K. Le Guin
15 (68.2%)

The Hidden Almanac (the podcast)
6 (27.3%)

King's Blood (Steve Jackson games)
1 (4.5%)

Mr. Trash Wheel RPF
4 (18.2%)

I am also trying to at least finish the first chapter of the Discworld Sedoretu fic before I let myself read any of the fics that are now revealed in the fest, but I have not yet. :/

Instead, have some reviews of the CDs I bought for $.10 each this morning:

Delmarva Groove Kings
Genre: Is "Groove" a genre?
Local kitsch factor: Well, "Delmarva" is in the title, but they appear to actually be from Clinton, which isn't really Delmarva? Also we're pretty sure the bridge on the cover is the Golden Gate, not the Chesapeake. 2/5
Cover art: Oil painting of a viking ship sailing past a decaying suspension bridge against a red sky. -1 point for not being the right bridge and for not having any cover credits so I can't track down the original. 4/5
Song titles: Titles include "Northeast Corridor Blues", "Evil", and "Dueling Hillbillies on the Mother Ship". 4/5
Music: Ehh? Some of the songs appear to be just screaming over boring electric guitar chords, but some of the more bluesy ones are pretty okay. 3/5
Comment: This was originally a benefit to pay for someone's cancer treatment. Why do I still live in a county where people think it's ok that you have to sell benefit CDs to pay for someone's cancer treatment.

Celtic Fury - O'Malley's March
Genre: Basic American Celtic
Local Kitsch Factor: Yep, it's O'Malley as in Governor Martin O'Malley! This was his band's first CD, that they put out while he was still just on the city council. 5/5
Cover Art: Black-and-white photo of the band. TERRIFYINgLY BAD PHOTOS. Two of them look like they are planning to lure you into a white van, one of them looks like he is wearing a human mask and hasn't quite learned how to make it smile yet, and one of them looks like they stuck a dead person's head on a mannequin. O'Malley hardly looks sinister at all in comparison, which may be a first. 1/5
Song Titles: Mostly your basic sort of Celtic standards, but there is one called "Mickey Chewing Gum" and one called "Streets of Baltimore". 3/5
Music: Would hire them to play on one of the outdoor stages at a street fair. Competent. The lead singer sounds weirdly insincere about everything he sings, but maybe that's just because I know it's O'Malley. 3/5
Comment: It's autographed by the whole band! I wonder if I could sell the Governor's autograph for more than I paid for the CD. ...Actually I probably know some people who would pay me at least twice that just to burn it while cackling.
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2016-12-28 01:25 pm
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(no subject)

Hi everyone! I am still mostly avoiding the internet, and I am given to understand this is a good choice because 2016 is still 2016-ing. Avoiding the internet while snowed in a small town in northern Iceland is a pretty good way to do it, though. I am currently listening to the gale howl outside while my sister makes Iceland-style Chocolate Soup; in a couple hours we plan to walk down the street to the outdoor geothermal hotpots, and maybe walk to the beach and see what the whitecaps on the fjord have washed up. So, overall, could be worse off.

Between the lamb and the fish and the reindeer pate and cheeses and skyr and jólaöl and all the butter-based seasonal pastries I think Iceland is going to earn me back all the winter energy stores I used up when I was sick.

I am enjoying yt this year though! Also a good companion when you are in the Arctic and all the roads out of town are closed. I finally got an Ashers fic! (Right when I have been reading all the Ben January, too. Discussion exercise: compare and contrast narrative roles of Hannibal and Don Simon in literary and political context. Bonus points for using them as a gateway to analysis of constructs of race in historical vs. fantasy fiction in the late 20th century.)

(alternatively write me fic where Hannibal meets a vampire in Paris at just the wrong point.)

Anyway here is my gift:

A Visit From a Friend (1022 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: James Asher Vampire Series - Barbara Hambly
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James Asher/Lydia Asher/Simon Ysidro
Characters: Lydia Asher, Miranda Asher, James Asher, Simon Ysidro
Additional Tags: Surprises, Presents, Post-Book(s), Fluff, Oxford

Ysidro visits the Ashers the only way he knows how.

I did manage to post mine before leaving the country, even if as usual it's not as polished as I'd like! Also it's probably blatantly obvious this year which one I wrote.

...hopefully the roads south will be open again by the time we need to get to the airport...

eta: dear Europe: your exclusive pokemon is horrifying who decided a part clown part gecko part bat was a good idea
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2016-10-20 04:06 pm

(no subject)

1. \o/ I wrote 1700 words today after about a week of not much! On yuletide, even! Unfortunately not my assigned yuletide, but we try. Now, can I do that for all of November?

2. I am really excited for my actual assignment but I have a pile of background reading about a foot high to do as much of as I can first, and I keep adding to the pile. Raise your hand if you're surprised.

3. I.. may or may not actually get around to writing a letter...? YT writer, you're fine with what's in the assignment email and in the old letters, right? Nothing has changed I promise.

4. I am not doing super-well with, like, keeping up with life. But then this is the time of year when my body thinks I should be preparing to hibernate. And I think work is getting more back into a routine? Maybe? If they manage to fix the roof before it falls in?

5. I finished rewatch of S1 of Leverage! I forgot that my tragedy in that fandom is that all I actually want out of it is a long, meaty, hilarious pre-canon fic about Nate and Sophie chasing each other all over Europe. But I cannot write it because the bits of backstory are spread out over many, many canon episodes and I am not a person who can consume AV fandoms in a way that will let me collate all that. And all the current fandom gives me is The Best OT3 Ever, and don't get me wrong, I love them all and I love their canon OT3, but. The Golden Trio basically already have figured out who they are and have decided they like who they are and the only problem they need solved is finding other people who agree with them about liking who they are, and they've pretty much got that solved by halfway though S1, the rest is all details. Sophie, on the other hand. Sophie has layers. (I really really love the fact that the S1 ender that you expected to be all about Nate and his manpain ended up actually being about Sophie's issues and Sophie's past. Sooophie. Every time I tried to write OT3 it ended up being about Sophie and figuring out Sophie is HARD so I never finished anything.)

(now I remember, I stopped watching in the first place because Sophie left. At least now I know she definitely comes back after.)

Other things I would like that the fandom is not giving me: Sophie/Eliot. Maggie/Parker. Five-way found family telepathic soulbond (which is basically canon already, the way they use the earbuds thematically is SO GREAT, now I just need the post-canon fic where Nate and Sophie are off on a cruise somewhere and start hearing the other three on a job even though they don't have earbuds in.)

6. *cough* anyway

So [personal profile] jjhunter and I have been talking about Ancillary London (or maybe Rivers of the Radch?) You should come join us.

Also somebody needs to convince me I don't actually need to read The Science of Discworld in order to write Rivers of Ankh-Morpork. Even if Peter Grant probably has read it already.

I have the first comics trade but haven't read it yet because I have been reading Peter as looking vaguely like, oh, Rainbow Sun Franck c. SGA, and Thomas looking vaguely like Tim Gunn or sth, and at least judging by the cover, that is really not where the comic went with character designs, so I am scared.

7. Also I keep switching between Fivethirtyeight to obsess and Leverage to watch evil corrupt billionaires cry, which was a mistake, because now I want a story about the *other* Nate being the mastermind of a team of the world's greatest criminals. And they were a YT nom. And they could pull off a great caper plot, I am convinced. Whiz Kid Harry drinking his endless bottles of diet root beer that he somehow finds even in the middle of Antarctica. I just can't think of anything I want to see them steal.
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2016-10-10 09:00 pm

(no subject)

hi yuletide writer! I did not expect assignments to go out That Fast.

I am at a convention and will probably not be able to get my letter up until Wednesday evening at the earliest.

This is the good thing about linking to a tag instead of a placeholder, right, you can keep coming to the tag and finding my increasingly desperate excuses for not having the letter done yet. It also means when you accidentally link the wrong tag in the sign-up you can just edit the tag instead of the sign-up.

Anyway for generalities you can scroll down the fandom:yuletide tag to previous years' letters, pretty much everything still applies. And feel free to just go by what's in the actual requests, as always, they were complete and accurate.

If you matched on Ashers or Paleontologists, there are requests in previous letters down-tag. If you matched on Saxons vs. Vikings (+ Emma is her own faction by herself), I am pretty sure you are [personal profile] monksandbones and were actually the first person ever to write for me in an exchange so you know what's up. (If you are somebody else and matched on that I LOVE YOU and don't worry I don't know much about the period so you can get away with anything.) If you matched on Imperial Radch or Rivers of London, check recent posts in the fandom:sf lit tag for my various ramblings on those at the time I read them. I don't think anybody offered Barnaby, but if you did, you know what you're doing, and if you didn't, it's not really an easy-access fandom alas, so don't worry about it.

I will still try for an actual letter once I'm home but this should hold you in the meantime.
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2016-09-16 10:10 pm
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yt noms

OK I yt nommed:

?! Solar System (Fandom)
?! Rosetta (ESA Spacecraft)
?! Philae (ESA Spacecraft)
?! Juno (NASA Spacecraft)
?! New Horizons (NASA Spacecraft)

?! Second Viking Invasion of England (1013-1016) RPF
?! Cnut the Great
?! Eadric Streona
?! Edmund II Ironside
?! Emma of Normandy

?! Barnaby - Crockett Johnson (Comic)
?! Barnaby Baxter
?! Jackeen J. O'Malley
?! Barnaby's Father
?! Jane Shultz

(I also may have gotten inappropriately passionate in the evidence post about why space robot fandom cannot be neatly categorized as Anthropomorphism or RPF because that is an inappropriate place to make a judgement call about the edges of personhood.)

(I was going to nom Cope/Marsh again but somebody else got there first.)

(Edmund Ironside and Emma of Normandy are SO EPIC tho why are there not, like, ten classic movies a Marvel superhero and at least two cable series about them already)

(I have no idea what I am requesting I'll have to look at the tagset first.)
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2016-01-02 04:48 pm
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I received an excellent story that was everything I ever wanted in Princeless fic:

you never left my thoughts (1324 words) by doctorcakeray
Fandom: Princeless
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adrienne Ashe/Raven Xingtao
Characters: Adrienne Ashe, Raven Xingtao
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Mutual Pining

It's been years since Adrienne has seen Raven. She's realized a few things since then. A few very important things.


There’s a journal, beaten up with bent in corners, traveled miles and miles and miles from a lonely little tower, a page marred with “STUPID PARENTS” in Adrienne’s big chunky sprawl. In another, slightly newer, journal, in the same lettering, a page of Adrienne’s diary reads “STUPID ME.”

And an excellent treat that is a Lovelace & Babbage/Babbage RPF crossover that is about my FAVORITE RL Babbage anecdote:

A Scientific Proposal (421 words) by russian_blue
Fandom: Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage
Additional Tags: Epistolary, Yuletide Treat

How can you fight crime if you haven't properly studied its source?

For yuletide, I wrote a story that is completely unlike any of my previous yuletide stories, in that it's a) based on something that is not a book, and b) porn. I really liked having the motivation to stretch myself, though, even if porn is still really hard. :P Here's to actually finishing some of my porn wips in the new year.

Rewatching the movie with my recip's prompt in mind really made me notice stuff about the movie, and especially the treatment of splices, that had rung with me on the first viewing, but then I'd sort of forgotten about over the course of reading all the excellent fanfic about Jupiter and Caine being fluffy together. Specifically, the scene between Caine and Jupiter after the bureaucracy montage, when she comes on to him again, and he says 'no', and she backs down like she hadn't even considering anything other than taking his no for an answer? So yeah. That's a lot of where this came from. (Also that scene with Titus & the floating orgy, ngl. I suspect my freefall sex mechanics weren't quite right but it's not real freefall it's fake orgy room freefall, right?)

Surely Some Revelation (2460 words) by melannen
Fandom: Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Titus Abrasax/Caine Wise
Characters: Titus Abrasax, Caine Wise, Titus' winged orgy whatsits
Additional Tags: Pre-Movie(s), Sexual Coercion, Slavery, Posthuman, Aphrodisiacs, Orgy, Begging, Zero-gravity sex, Hatesex, heed the noncon warning

Caine Wise had forgotten how to be a splice and not a person.

I decided that this year I was going to be less ridiculous and try not to read the whole archive before reveals, I was just going to read one fandom per letter of the alphabet. ....I got through 1/3 of the letters.

Anyway, if you want my YT recs for Imperial Radch, Jupiter Ascending, Kings, Loki: Agent of Asgard, the Martian, Nimona, Over the Garden Wall, Princeless, [and I didn't know any Q fandoms], they're at the top of my AO3 bookmarks right now.

Some day I will get around to reading other yt fandoms.

Howeve, the Christmas season is for HL fic, and the [ profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange will never die, so I have a bunch of wonderful new Highlander stories to read; that fest hasn't revealed yet and if you're an HL person you should definitely go look.
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2015-10-28 05:10 pm

Yuletide letter

Do you ever sit down to just, like, look up a few old entries, and next thing you know it's three days later and you're in the middle of re-reading a four-year-old kinkmeme?


Anyway, the fandom:yuletide tag on this journal should now be up to date with all my old yuletide posts and all posts relevant to this year's requests! So if you came here from my YT request, you can backread in the tag and find stuff about what I like in yuletide. And I can link it more easily in my letter.

Oh yeah I should do a letter I guess shouldn't I. Although last year I didn't and that worked out wonderfully, I got an amazing story and two amazing treats, so if you'd rather not bother with the letter, yt writer, everything you actually needed was in the request, the rest of this is just to indulge my own desire to ramble about these fandoms, so you are welcome to ignore.

Here's my requests:

19th Century Paleontology RPF
Edward Drinker Cope
Othniel Charles Marsh

I would like Shenanigans, please. Cope/Marsh hatesex in the boneyards is fine. AU where they can summon the spirits of the creatures they have Named and make them fight duels for them is fine. Rap battles in the Academy of Sciences are fine. Sent back in time by steampunk contraption and forced to work together to survive the Jurassic is fine. The Feud gets out of control until they are two mad scientists battling to rule the world is fine. Basically if it's over-the-top and tropey and about Cope and Marsh's epic hatemance, it is fine. (You can also write something historically accurate and meticulously researched, I wouldn't turn it down.)

More about Cope/Marsh if you don't know the fandom )

More about my Cope/Marsh desires )

James Asher Vampire Series - Barbara Hambly
Any Character

If you write me James and Lydia and Simon, I really really need a story where James and Lydia finally have to acknowledge that James and Simon love each other just as much as Lydia and Simon do. If you don't want to write that, you can write me gen backstory for any of the three before they met, or gen or relationship fic about literally any other pair of characters in canon, I would love any of that too because all the characters in this series are so great and have such fascinating relationships with each other. I just can't take any more J/L/S where one leg of the triangle is missing, canon is hurting me on purpose, so if you write me any part of that 'ship please write me all of it.

More about Ashers if you don't know the fandom )

More about my Asher-related desires )

Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie
Any Character

I haven't read Ancillary Mercy as of writing this letter, but I will by reveals, so if you want to go with something from Mercy please do, I am sure I will love it, I just don't know how to prompt it yet. Other than that: I would love fic about Ships' relationships with their captains or crew from the POV of anyone (including OCs) but Breq; I would love Anaander Miaanaai backstory or POV of any kind whatsoever; I would love anything about the process of Radchaaization from one of the characters who is trying to navigate between Radchaai and the culture she was part of before the Radch came; I would also love anything else you write about any of the many characters who were nominated.

More about the Radchaai if you don't know the fandom )

More about my Imperial Radch desires )

Adrienne Ashe
Raven Xingtao

I am reading this in trades so I'm behind, but mostly I really need Adrienne/Raven slash? So bad. Age them up a bit and have Adrienne suddenly realize that Raven SOO did not want to be sisters. And then adventures + kissing. Yes? Yes. If you don't feel the Adrienne/Raven I would also love anything at all about Adrienne's mother and/or brother, or about Raven off adventuring on her own.
More about Princeless if you don't know the fandom )

More about my Princeless desires )

Theophile Gautier's Cats RPF
Any Character

Hi this is your safety fandom, just find "My Private Menagerie" in Google Books and read the chapter about the cats and write me a thousand words about the Black Dynasty. (although animal harm warning, they do all die eventually, as they are cats who lived a century ago.) Mostly I would like anything at all from their POV. What did Enjolras actually do out on the streets all day? What did Gavroche's alley-cat friends think of him? What did Eponine think of her brothers, or of being left with only her new paramour, or being prevented from eating at the table like a person when there were guests over?

More about the Black Dynasty if you don't know the fandom )

More about my Famous Historical Cats desires )

Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
Any Characters

Please write me something about Lovelace and/or Babbage and/or Brunel and/or anyone else from canon or anywhere else in canon period being ridiculously awesome and awesomely ridiculous, thank you. If you are stuck for ideas, pick a page at random from Babbage's memoirs, or something from the notes that didn't get expanded in canon, and work it into the comic's pocket universe.

More about Lovelace & Babbage if you don't know the fandom )

More about my Lovelace & Babbage desires )

Also: crossovers. )

...I feel like doing this for six requests takes far more than twice as long as doing it for three...but be proud of me, I only offered 1% of the fandoms this year.
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2015-10-13 10:37 pm

It's Ada Lovelace Day!

...or at least it still was when I started writing this.

Last December we did a meme where we wrote about topics suggested by readers (you all remember that, right?), and [personal profile] redsnake05 asked me to talk about The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, which I am now doing.

...almost a year late, but we're in a small pocket universe where time sometimes folds back on itself, right?

Actually the delay was due to a couple of things, first that I wanted to get my hands on the book, which I sadly didn't manage to do until this month. Second that I don't really have anything deep to say about Lovelace and Babbage except OMG, it's the BESTTTT, you all HAVE TO READ IT ok, look I now understand about quaternions! this comic is magical.

And third that if I wanted to write anything more coherent about Lovelace and Babbage, I would have to talk about my feelings on steampunk in general, but I can't really do that, because my feelings on steampunk in general is "gosh, it's all so insipid compared to Lovelace and Babbage, why bother", and thus I don't have enough background in it to make a fair comparison.

But I shall make a valiant effort anyway! After all, not knowing what he was on about never stopped Babbage.

So here are my Three Things I Want In Steampunk, broken down into ridiculous layers:

  1. The Victorians Were Goddamned Off-The-Wall, Turned Up To Eleven, there is basically nothing you can write in speculative fiction about them that can't be outshone by something from real history that was more amazing, spectacular, horrible, terrible, cruel, ridiculous, awesome, etc.
    • This Also Applies To Their RL Tech vs. Invented Tech, i.e., the real stuff is always going to be way weirder and more interesting that the made-up stuff, and if they didn't quite get there in real tech, there's probably some related tech in actual Victorian spec fic that's more interesting than the tech in 21st century cod-Victorian spec fic.
      • Which Is Not To Say That The Victorians Were Any More Off The Wall Than Any Other Group Of Humans, but they were courteous enough to also exist at the first point in history at which they were able to leave us copious and detailed documentation of all the weirder-than-fiction things they did

  2. New Technology Catches On When Society Is Ready For It, not as a result of some lone genius working on his own, no matter how dramatically compelling it is
    • And When Society Is Ready For It means that the materials, tools, and skill needed to make it exist and make it go are reasonably available, the transportation/communication/trade networks needed to transport those things around are in place and secure enough to be usable, and a real demand exists for the technology that makes putting all the above together worthwhile.
      • When It Does Catch On, It Changes Everything, and especially things nobody would have expected it to change.
        • Human technology is always changing at an accelerated rate, faster than we can keep up, it always has, and thirty years later we've always forgotten it was ever any different.

  3. The Victorians Lived At The Inflection Point Between When It Was No Longer Possible For One Person To Know Nearly Everything, And When It Newly Possibly For Nearly Everyone To Know Many Things
    • The Last of the "Polymaths" - the upper class, classically educated gentlemen who could make major contributions in all the sciences -- were dying out and being slowly replaced by modern hyperspecialization, as the amount of known information rapidly outpaced what one person could know
      • At The Same Time, Everybody Could Do Groundbreaking Science In Their Shed - mass literacy, relatively cheap printed materials, and urbanization which gave access to public lectures created a class of non-wealthy people who could follow science fairly closely as a hobby, but at the same time most sciences and technologies were still at a point where a relatively intelligent person could replicate groundbreaking experiments cheaply at home, and have a pretty intuitive understanding of the results.
        • The whole point of steampunk is that if anybody stuck gears on something, they would do something. Probably something that nobody had ever figured out how to make gears do before. Make your gears do something real.

If you know anything about Lovelace and Babbage - and if you don't, you need to scroll back up and follow that link and read it all, I'll wait, there's not that much - you'll probably start to understand why I love it so, because Syndey Padua quite apparently shares my views on at least the first of those things: that nothing she could make up could ever outdo the actual history, and thus her best function is to make the primary sources as accessible and compelling as possible - partly through fictionalizing in an (excellently put together and hilarious) AU, but at least as much through copious footnotes and quotations, because yes. Footnotes.

But anyway rather than talk about that to illustrate my completely unfounded by wide reading issues with steampunk as a genre, I'm going to talk about some other books I've been reading lately, which include:

Raising Steam, by Terry Pratchett
Rockets, Missiles, and Men In Space, by Willy Ley
The Knight and the Umbrella, by Ian Anstruther
Passages from the Life of a Philosopher by Charles Babbage

You'll note that only one of these is fiction. )
Which is all just to say, read Lovelace and Babbage. It doesn't get any better than Lovelace and Babbage.
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2015-08-20 02:13 pm
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(no subject)

Heyyyy it's August, that means time to start thinking about Yuletide, right?

I think I'm going to go for a lesbian feminist separatist theme with my noms this year, which means: fandoms where at least 3/4 of the main characters id as female.

So far I've got Imperial Radch, Princeless, and Lumberjanes. Sadly both Steven Universe and Fury Road do not qualify. ): Anybody got any suggestions? I guess I could finally read those "Dykes to Watch Out For" collections that are sitting on my shelf.

Anyway I haven't posted because it hasn't felt like there's much to post. I've been doing stuff, but mostly just a lot of little things, or working on ongoing projects. Theoretically I am going through all the pictures from the Iceland trip last month, but that is going... slow. Theoretically I am also digging out the sewing room after the mess I made of it re: Pennsic. I think I will get that done tonight? And then maybe I will take pictures of all the half-done projects I find and post a Wall of Shame on my Tumblr.

Anyway, for lack of a better way to organize my thoughts, have some commentary on my current Habits in Habit RPG. I use this for stuff I don't need to do on any particular schedule, but also that does not really have an ending point, I just need to keep working on it.

I think that's not exactly how you're supposed to use habits - it seems to be set up for things that happen multiple times a day instead of "once a week if you're lucky" - but eh, it's working for me. (Though I still haven't managed to do all of them in one day yet.)

so much stuff to do )

So that's how I've been, Internet. How have you been?
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2015-06-14 01:25 pm

(no subject)

You have about ten more hours to sign up for the Lost Library exchange, everybody! C'mon it'll be fun!

I ended up requesting works from Steven Universe, Imperial Radch, Vorkosigan Saga, and Chronicles of Chrestomanci! (No it's not an exact match for my noms but that's okay, [personal profile] primeideal requested Les Mis so it's covered.)

If my assigned writer is reading this: Hi! I am a very non-picky recip, write anything you want on these and I'm sure they will be good! One of the things that fascinates me about these fandoms is that we know so little about them and yet individual fans can extrapolate so much from that.

Under the cuts are some stuff about what I personally have extrapolated on these and/or what I would love to see in the excerpts you're providing, but if you would rather not, just don't read, I don't really care.

Mostly I would prefer that you make it clear that you are just providing excerpts of the originals that you have uncovered? Like, this fest is for providing the originals, not for fanwork, so please remember that. [which is to say that as long as you keep up the game that these are all real, I will be happy.]

I know I am requesting a lot of things that are not prose fiction - poetry, holodramas, an album. If you want to provide the originals in the original format I would not object! But I know for some of these that can be hard to get. If you want to provide prose translations or novelizations or episode guides that would be great! Also explanatory material like liner notes or critical prefaces would be A-OK. Also of course for the novels I don't expect you to re-type an entire novel onto AO3! A few representative scenes would be great.

Imperial Radch )

Steven Universe )

Chrestomanci )

Vorkosigan Saga )
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2015-06-04 03:13 pm
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have some thoughts about stories about which I have been thinking

and by "thoughts" i mean elaborately worked out fanwank theories

Fury Road )

Imperial Radch )
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2015-05-19 09:45 am


So last weekend I accidentally Ancillary Justice.

...I accidentally Ancillary Justice despite having a ridiculous to-do list of fifty-one fairly major items all of which absolutely must be finished by Friday morning.

You know, I have a long, half-finished post sitting around that explores why I don't read many novels anymore, but really, the whole thing boils down to: when I'm reading a good novel, I make stupid decisions like ignoring the entire ridiculous fifty-one item to-do list to finish it. and then ignoring it some more to write dw posts about the book.

Anyway, Ancillary Justice: SO GOOD. *chinhands*

So if you took Lord of Light, Sutcliff's Dolphin Ring cycle, The Left Hand of Darkness, the Alternian Empire from Homestuck, and most of Anne McCaffrey's FSP books, put them in a blender, skimmed off all of my favorite bits, and then reshaped them into something entirely new and wonderful, that would sort of begin to explain how I enjoyed Ancillary Justice.

I kind of regret not waiting until the whole trilogy was out tbh although probably better this way, for all I didn't need to spend that time on it this weekend I definitely didn't need to spend three times the time on it.

Here are some non-plot-related-but-possibly-spoilery thoughts under the cut:

Shipping, ft. ships )

On Radchaai gender )

I am totally going to have the two words "Anaander Mianaai" stuck in my head like a mantra for the next week. Thanks, Ann Leckie.
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2015-01-13 06:42 pm

Yuletide fandoms

Oh right, Yuletide was a thing that happened, wasn't it.

Let's talk about this week's episodes of The Librarians, shall we? It continues to be gloriously predictable in a very enjoyable way. Also I'm finally starting to get properly fannish feels about the Librarianettes, so yay! I can't believe the season is almost over already? But that's probably good because let's face it this is about as long as I can manage to keep up with a currently-airing TV show these days. Maybe I'll actually pick up Agent Carter next?

shippy spoilers )

So for yuletide I wrote about the conspiracy of evil Librarians who are trying to keep magic from leaking back into the world. ^_^

Five Times Leavenworth Smedry Was Late Returning A Book (And One Time He Wasn't) (5257 words) by melannen
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Alcatraz Series - Brandon Sanderson
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Leavenworth Smedry, Shasta Smedry, Himalaya Smedry, Bastille Broadmoor, Alcatraz Smedry, Kanchenjunga Sarketjåkkå, Attica Smedry
Additional Tags: implied Alcatraz/Bastille, Future Fic, pov: librarian, Libraries, Yuletide 2014, implied Kanchenjunga/Leavenworth, Tentacles, librarian in-jokes, Dinosaurs, Books, Sexual Harassment, 5+1 Things, Lateness, Time Shenanigans
Ranganathan's Five Laws of Non-Evil Library Science are:
Books are for use.
Every reader its book.
Every book its reader.
Save the time of the reader.
The library is a growing organism.

Dealing with Smedry talents, however, can make them difficult to remember, even for a Reformed Librarian.

This story has feathered dinosaurs, librarian in-jokes, grandparent shipping, a documentary framework, and a metatastic frist person POV, so basically everything you'd expect in a story by me. You may have seen it without the "(And One Time He Wasn't)" in the title because, of course, Leavenworth was late returning the sixth part, so it didn't get posted until right before reveals. I signed up for that fandom at the last minute because [personal profile] the_rck mentioned that nobody had and her prompts looked fun, and I'd seen it cross the desk at the library and had been meaning to read it. It's just four kids' novels so I figured it would be an easy enough canon to pick up, I can read a longish kids' novel in two hours or so.

I should have remembered - it was right in the title of the books - that libraries are evil. We did have the whole series, but books two and four were only available as e-audiobooks. In a format incompatible with my audio player. So it ended up taking me way longer than it should have to get through canon and there was some mild panic there at a few points.

But I'm glad I offered it! I really enjoyed the series, I had a heck of a lot of fun writing the fic (mild deadline panic aside) and [personal profile] the_rck either didn't hate it or did a really good job hiding her dislike, so I thnk everything turned out ok.

The Alcatraz Smedry Series - for the vast majority of you who have never heard of it - is about a preteen boy named Alcatraz in foster care who suddenly encounters a strange old man who claims to be his grandfather. )

I kind of want these books to have a large fandom just so I can BS with people about what our Smedry talents are and strategize on how to use them. (Mine is that I can't get laces to stay tied. Since my shoelaces are never tied it has all the advantages of the tripping talent plus I can make other people trip. Also tripwires aren't much trouble and never try to tie me up. If I was in really serious trouble I might even be able to do terrible things to the Threads of Destiny but don't test me on that.)
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2014-12-30 10:42 am

Sheer Madness

I will do my last two December meme posts... soon. Right now I am just trying to catch up on comments on the old ones. Meanwhile, I have barely dipped into the Yuletide archive (and probably won't before reveals), but I have read all of the Madness works that are over 100 words and up to 1000 words in fandoms I care about, so here are 20 recs for short Madness stories (and two sonnets, a sestina and a vid.)

In more-or-less reverse wordcount order )

Also, my Madness gift has got me thinking about vids again. And when I was clearing stuff out, I found an old mix CD from c. 2008 that was labelled "to vid". So let's play a fun game! Can you match the song to the fandom/pairing I wanted to vid it to in 2008?

1. A Weekend In the Country from A Little Night Music
2. All This Useless Beauty - June Tabor
3. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
4. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
5. Cabaret from Cabaret
6. Don't Need the Sunshine - Catatonia
7. Finale from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat
8. Hotel California - The Eagles
9. Is That All There Is? - Peggy Lee
10. It's A Small World After All - The Sherman Brothers
11. Light Up My Room - Barenaked Ladies
12. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong - Spin Doctors
13. My Heart Will Go On from Titanic
14. Nine Inch Will Please A Lady - Robert Burns/Traditional
15 Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf
16. Postcards from Mexico - Girlyman
17. Que Sera Sera - Doris Day
18. Sixteen Tons - Merle Travis/Traditional
19. Son of a Preacher Man - Pansy Division
20. The Band Played On - Guy Lombardo
21. The Way - Fastball
A. Doctor Who, All the Masters
B. Doctor Who, Doctor/Master
C. Doctor Who, Jack/Rose
D. Doctor Who, Peri and Five's regeneration
E. Doctor Who, Shalka!Doctor
F. Doctor Who, the DoctorDonna
G. Free Space (I don't remember)
H. Harry Potter, McGonagall the ladies of Hogwarts
I. Highlander, Joe/Methos
J. Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End, Ensemble
K. Sherlock Holmes (RDJ version, but BBC would work), Everybody/Everybody
L. Superman Returns, Lois Lane
M. Supernatural, Dean
N. Supernatural/Bones, Dean/Temperance
O. The X-Files, Alex Krycek
P. The X-Files, Byers/Suzanne
Q. The X-Files, Mulder/Krycek
R. The X-Files, Mulder/Scully S9
S. The X-Files, Teena Mulder
T. Torchwood, Jack Harkness
U. Stargate : Atlantis, Ensemble

...We're not even going to talk about the other old CD I found, which is labeled just "TARDIS: The Musical". It starts with House Prydon singing "All That's Known" and features such gems as Delgado Master singing "If I Loved You" from Carousel and Nine singing "Everything's Comin' Up Roses." The real mystery, though, is: I made this mix CD no later than 2009, so WHY, after the big LotTL climax, did I decide to end it with the Master singing "Now that I'm A Woman, Everything Has Changed" from The Last Unicorn? Time travel?
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2014-12-29 12:03 am


I got two fabulous stories for yuletide:

Lucky Starr and the Ambassadors of Eris (4259 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: Lucky Starr - Isaac Asimov
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Bigman Jones/Lucky Starr, John Bigman Jones/OFC
Characters: Lucky Starr, John Bigman Jones, Ben Wessilewsky, Hector Conway, Gus Henree, OFC
Additional Tags: Space Flight, Emotional Baggage, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Human Biology, Science, Sexual Tension, Canon Compliant, Mild Sexual Content

A mysterious ship has been discovered entering our solar system. Lucky doesn't know that Bigman keeps a ring in his boot. Will Conway survive the stress of it all?

For my main gift I finally got Lucky Starr fic after all these years! \o/ It's like a new slice of canon only with more women and more three-dimensional relationships. And up-to-date-science. It's wonderful. (This now makes two Yuletides in which I have gotten fanfic that is about how Pluto is not a planet. I think that means I win.)

Five Numbers That Got Munched (And One That Can't Be Proven) (2777 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Munchers
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Munchers - Character
Additional Tags: 5+1 Things, Mathematics, Food Issues, Dialogue-Only, Yuletide Treat, Yuletide 2014

Throughout history, humans have turned to mathematics to express deep insights.

Throughout history, Munchers have been trying to eat things.

For my treat I got a NUMBER MUNCHER. MUNCHING THINGS. While a poor mathematician tries to teach the muncher math. It is adorable and full of math geekery. It is great.

And then! Unexpectedly! I got a Madness gift, that was marked as a Les Mis/Top Gear crossover, and I had no idea what to think, since I hadn't requested either of those fandoms? And like, Jeremy Clarkson is really not much like Jean Valjean. But then it turned out it was a vid.

A vid of the Top Gear Botswana special to "One Day More".

TBH I thought I was over Top Gear fandom, but the minute Oliver came in, singing Cosette's part in the song, I realized I would never, ever be over Richard/Oliver. Plus this is basically EXACTLY the kind of vid I like: shamelessly literal interpretation of a song that really shouldn't work with the fandom and yet does. It's beautiful.

My own story is full of obvious giveaways that it's me, but it's a super-obscure fandom so hardly anyone has read it. (I will just have to get you all into the fandom after reveals....)


Meanwhile, I did really amazingly great on the giant to-do list (well, for me, anyway) until about dinnertime yesterday, and then, uh, not so much, including a break for staying up till 5 AM reading fanfic *sigh*. I did manage to watch this week's Librarians after missing the previous one, though!
I guess if I'm trying to actually watch I will keep doing weekly reaction posts like I did back in the day when I had shows? )
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2014-10-25 04:18 pm
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(no subject)

I have successfully yuletide-sign-upped! Well, assuming I didn't screw up my bucket offer again this year. I decided to be conservative and only offered 60 fandoms this time (...though it would have been 96 if I'd included my six requests and the 30 nominated fandoms that I'd already written or been gifted in exchanges.)

Anyway I'm not doing a yuletide letter this year out of a sad and ineffective protest against the increasing amounts of pressure put on both writers and requesters re: optional letters which are optional, but here is a repost of my requests this year, just for posterity:

Young Wizards )

Munchers )

Ashers )

Lucky Starr )

Lovelace and Babbage )

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot )

If there's anything else my writer needs to know, they have ten years' worth of YT under this tag to comb through, but really, it's all in the signup, don't worry.
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2014-07-02 10:55 am

(no subject)

I spent basically all of my day off yesterday either sleeping or waking up from sleeping because of headache and sore throat, so that was great, my immune system continues to time things so I'm only sick on days I already don't work. :P (I was considering calling in today, if only so I don't wind up in a paroxysm of anxiety over calling in on the day when I'm really really sick, but I'm somewhat better today and also work has air conditioning unlike home, so I guess I'm going in.)

Anyway, happy Second Half of Year, everyone! July 2nd isn't too early to be planning for Yuletide, right? Here are my current plans for yuletide requests (somebody come talk about these in comments with me....)

Fandom: Young Avengers (2013) (If it makes yuletide quals....)
Characters: America Chavez, Kid!Loki
Requests: I would like a story where America punches Loki in the face a lot and they both enjoy it, please. Sex optional (if sex, f/f America/Loki greatly appreciated), punchings required (kicking also okay.)

Fandom: Number Munchers (the original continuity, I never got into the remakes.)
Characters: Muncher, Troggles
Requests: Something about the Munchers being UTTER SMUG gits to the Troggles, please. Take your inspiration from the great moments in history, only make it personal. And with more maths. (Human AU where they are all genius mathematicians competing to solve an important problem and they all hate muncher dude is also a-ok.)

Fandom: The Asher Novels - Barbara Hambly
Characters: Any
Requests: I would like the story where James and Lydia finally realize that their thing with Simon isn't Simon and Lydia being in love and James being weirdly okay with it, it's Simon being in love with James and Lydia and vice versa, and Simon being "about time you two noticed". (There was even a bit in the Book of the Kindred of Darkness about how when vampires get involved with couples they usually go for both sides of the triangle, idk how Lydia didn't make the connection!)

Alternatively I would like something set during the Great War where James has been called back into intelligence work and is thrown among not just the human war but all the vampires of Europe fighting to survive a war unlike any they have seen before.

Also I would like a story about Simon and Grippen, at any point in their long history together, hunting together in the way vampires hunt together. Alternatively really anything that explores Grippen's feelings about Simon!

Also I would like a story about Lydia's aunts and stepmother finally getting what is coming to them. Say, a story about Grippen deciding to target Lydia's stepmom would be kind of wonderful, wouldn't it?

Basically these stories only have 13 fics on AO3 and that is a crime and a travesty they should have ALL the fanworks.

Let me tell you about Barbara Hambly's vampire novels. (very minor spoilers.) )
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2014-01-01 05:58 pm

New Year!

Yuletide Reveals!

I got two stories, both of which were really good:
Five Time Enjorlas Dropped a Barricade On Someone (1594 words) by Bobcatmoran
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Arm Joe, Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Enjorlas (Arm Joe), Ponpon, Police (Arm Joe), Marius (Arm Joe)

Dropping barricades from the sky is not a skill that is mastered in just one day, nor is it one to be taken lightly.

ARM JOE FIC WITH AMAZING WORLDBUILDING. Unfortunately this failed at accomplishing the main thing that I was hoping requesting it for yuletide would do - which is to say, sating my mad desire for Arm Joe fic, because this is so PERFECT and WONDERFUL that I now want ALL THE ARM JOE IN THE WORLD even more than I did before because there is hope some of it might be as good as this. I'm not going to rec this at length because really if ARM JOE FIC about ENJORLAS DROPPING BARRICADES with WORLDBUILDING doesn't do it for you than you're probably beyond hope anyway. Thanks, bobcatmoran.

a good song to sing you to sleep (1267 words) by elithewho
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Otzi the Iceman RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Otzi the Iceman
Additional Tags: Religion, Death, Yuletide Treat

Yew for love, yew for death, yew for the names no one would ever speak.

There were three Ötzi stories in Yuletide this year, and they were all really good (especially the one for me though, of course) - I really recommend reading them all together, because even though they were all for different people and by different people, the Ötzi requests were all basically the same, and they make a really good set. Not to say that the fics themselves were at all the same - one thing that makes reading them together so neat is that they all went in completely different directions, which is what I was hoping would happen if this fandom got fic written!

I really like the one that was for me because, where the other two both tell a fairly straightforward story, extrapolating from the evidence we have to build an answer about how Ötzi came to die on the mountain, my author went in a much less concrete direction, trying to build a picture of Ötzi and his world and more than that, the way Ötzi's worldview shapes his world, without really setting out to answer any questions. It really effective drew me back to the same reactions I had when I was little, reading the first media stuff to come out about Ötzi's discovery, the combination of the creeping horror and the comfortable coziness that are all mixed up together in the story.

I wrote two stories, both of which I really enjoyed writing:

What I Did On My Summer Vacation in "The Bronx" (8432 words) by melannen for [personal profile] waywren
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: PINKWATER Daniel - Works, Alan Mendelsohn the Boy from Mars - Daniel Pinkwater
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alan Mendelsohn/Leonard Neeble
Characters: Alan Mendelsohn, Leonard Neeble
Additional Tags: Mars, Alien Cultural Differences, Pre-Slash, Teenagers, POV First Person, Summer Vacation, Friendship, Bookstores, "The Bronx", Comic Book Collecting, 1970s, documentary fic, grandparentshipping, Post-Canon, fleegix

Welcome to another great year at Bat Masterson Junior High School. For your first homework assignment, you will write a two-page composition about what you did on your summer vacation. Some of you may get a chance to share them with all of your classmates! Due Monday.

Extended Notes for Pinkwater )

Girl Of My Dreams (1051 words) by melannen for [personal profile] stellar_dust
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Lil BUB, Dinosaurs (Anthropomorfic)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lil BUB/Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Characters: Lil Bub - Character, Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex
Additional Tags: Dating, Hot Air Balloon, Dinosaurs, theropod paleopathology, Bub Ub Bub, visiting in dreams, Science and Magic, Post-Episode: s01e05

Lil BUB and Sue finally go out to dinner. Nobody gets eaten (except some fishes!) GOOD JOB BUB

Extended notes for BUB )

I haven't had time to read many YT stories - I feel like I've been going nonstop since Thanksgiving and no end in sight - but I did manage to read all the Madness stories over 500 words that were in fandoms I felt like reading, and bookmarked the ones I liked in the yuletide_recs collection, so they are in my bookmarks if you care. Next step is to get caught up on post-YT tag wrangling, so my goal is to read all YT fics in fandoms I wrangle and bookmark-rec in those too. :P By then it'll probably be mid-February.