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October 20th, 2007 10:14 pm - YULETIDE.
Dear poor person who got my Yuletide requests,

Someone this year suggested that the best way to do this letter was to just talk about why you love these fandoms, and I think that's an excellent idea. Plus, it means I have an excuse to gush over some tiny fandoms that I love, and any chance at that, I take. So this is unforgiveably long and very, very gushy.

I'll start off by repeating from last year that I'll love anything you do, and don't fret too much over the details I requested, or trying to sound like canon. My tastes in fic are very broad. If you're interested in the kind of stories I go for, I suggest looking at the bunnies tag on this journal, or at my del.icio.us account. As they should demonstrate, I like gen stories, 'ships, and sex scenes of all kinds, am fond of both the drippiest romances and the driest experimental prose, adore crack and strange AUs (as long as the characters are recognizable) and will read crossovers even if I don't know half the characters, but also love stories that seamlessly build out of canon. Please, wherever your heart leads you, go wild.

Also, please don't let this letter intimidate you in any way, and feel free to skip the rest of it if you're already scared of me; I swear I will squee madly at anything you write, as long as it's in the fandom. And none of them have much in the way of canon, so if you'd like to try one you didn't already know, that would be full of win.

About the fandoms: Don't click on the cut if you think hearing more from me will make you nervous - this is very, very long, full of squee, and not at all necessary to know to make me deliriously happy. But if you want more ideas, or help narrowing them down... )

And just to re-iterate: I LOVE THESE STORIES. Anything at all that continues them, builds on them, talks about them, expands them, deepens them, reshapes them, or anything else your heart desires, will make me happy as long as it is also full of love for one of these fandoms.

And thank you so much for writing for me.

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August 3rd, 2007 08:46 pm
Is it worth upgrading my account just so I can have a Tek Jansen mood theme, y/n?

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