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March 28th, 2014 02:03 pm - Dreamwidth!
Hooray for Tumblr Les Mis fandom deciding to try DW! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES.

Somebody should start a friending meme on [community profile] les_miserables. Somebody who is not me.

Anyway this has guilted me into actually posting to DW. The problem is that I've been avoiding it so long that I've forgotten what I was procrastinating about?

OH RIGHT! [community profile] invisible_ficathon! I got two amazing stories which I have not yet commented on, because I am a loser, which is no reflection on the stories I got!

The Law of Sympathetic Magic (201 words) by Remember When
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Stonebender Family stories by Jubal Harshaw
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Andrew Stonebender, Ma Stonebender, Alicia Stonebender
Additional Tags: Clothing, Magic Gone Wrong, Books, Literature-Magic, Invisibility, Origin Story, Backstory

The law of sympathetic magic is this: it cannot be undone.

I Forgot a Bit of the Title Here, But the Story Goes... (734 words) by temvald
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Secret Tunnel (Folk Song)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Three couples who failed to make it through the Secret Tunnel, and one who did.

You should read them both, and leave comments, because I am still being a failure at that. My contribution to the fest was, well, one of my favorite of the small-fandom-exchange fics that I've written in a state of sheer panic right before the deadline while only vaguely conversant with canon. So clearly this fest was an unqualified success and we need to have it again every year! ^_^

Um, in other news, I've been feeling like life is overwhelming me and I'm drowning in Things Not Done, which was my general resting state for most of my life until the last few years when I started to get a bit of an equilibrium and hoping I'd finally Figured Shit Out, so it's kind of uncomfortable to be back there. But then I realized that I am currently:
1. working full-time;
2. OTW staff;
3. On the executive committee for a small business that's trying to expand;
4. Trying to stay active at church;
5. Teaching myself to play the piano;
6. Keeping up a steady-ish, if scattered, creative output;
7. Trying to go out in the fresh air at least once a week; and
8. Keeping up a semblance of a social life

And I start to think it's actually not that much of a failure that I'm feeling slightly frazzled about keeping up. So yeah, there's THAT. (It is, I guess, a realistic life load *before* I added in the "working-full-time" part. Now it is possibly less so. Although still less than a lot of people I know handle, but those people are MAGIC, which doesn't count.)

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February 12th, 2014 10:26 pm
I have literally had no time to think since last Thursday. (I have had a small amount of 'free' time but have not had any thinks left for it. sadly.) Hopefully, this Thursday I will have a snow day, and will have time to think!

And I will be able to do things like post a Dear Author letter for Invisible Fication which I almost missed sign-ups for. Sorry, person I matched with!

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January 30th, 2014 07:08 pm - Invisible ficathon!
I've spent the last couple of days, in my spare time, playing around in the [community profile] invisible_ficathon tagset and learning about how to be a tagmod in an AO3 ficathon. (It is an amazing tagset so far, and you still have time to nominate, if you're lucky! ^_^

I finally put my own nominations in last night, and now I get to convince all of you to sign up to write them! As a lot of the fandoms in this fest will be, most of mine are pretty light on canon, so you should be able to sign up even if you didn't know them already

Here are the four of mine that have the easiest canon - all you need to write them should already be in this post!

  1. Howard Goldberg, Frontiersman is a book that appears in a couple of Daniel Pinkwater novels. It's the story of the first Orthodox Jewish Indian Scout in the US. The longest description of its contents is in Yobgorgle, as excerpted below: It was a pretty interesting book. )I know there are people reading this who have just been waiting to do justice to the story of the first Orthodox Jewish Indian Scout. Perhaps you are one of them?

  2. Wonder Wombat: This is another one that appears in several Daniel Pinkwater novels, as an old comic that people collect. (It is *not* related to the DC animated character or the video game character.) We know almost nothing about their contents - only that by the late 1970s, they were very sought after, and it was very difficult to collect a complete run of Wonder Wombat. Surely you all would like to volunteer to flesh out the story of Wonder Wombat! Come on. WOMBATS. OLD COMICS. What is not love?

  3. The Stonebender Family Stories by Jubal Harshaw: Jubal was a writer who was a character in some of Robert A. Heinlein's novels, and toward the end of The Number of the Beast, we get to hear a few paragraphs of one of his stories, written collaboratively by himself and an AI. Here is what we get: Uncle Tobias we kept in a bucket )
    That's it, that's all there is to know about the Stonebender family. Aren't you burned up with curiosity about why Uncle Tobias needed that bucket, or what exactly unsympathetic magic involves, or how Cousin Julius came to fit into the family, or who exactly the narrator is, or any number of other things? Yes, so am I. We should all offer to write this!

  4. The Jack Colquitt Adventures by Raul Bloodworth The Jack Colquitt Adventures were written under a pseudonym by the Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files. They are only mentioned in one episode, 4x07 "Musing of a Cigarette Smoking Man", which is often taken to be not-entirely-canon by the fandom. We know very little about them, except that they are adventure stories about aliens and assassinations, and that the published version was heavily altered from original manuscripts. Here are some excerpts:
    "Jack Colquitt sat alone in his apartment at Christmas. He believed in sacrifice. Yet, some nights, he longed for a second chance..."
    "I can kill you whenever I please... but not today"
    It's implied that the events of the episode, as narrated by Frohike, are loosely based on the Jack Colquitt story that was published. There's a transcript of the episode up at inside the x (hurrah for oldfandom and their episode transcripts!) and it's pretty easy to find the episode online to watch. You really don't need to know anything else about XF to write about Jack Colquitt - frankly, the less you know, the better, I suspect, although if you are as fond as I of CSM, you could also do glorious things with the possibilities.

Hurrah! I see no reason why those can not get many sign-ups. ^_^ Next up: the ones that require a bit more canon knowledge.

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January 25th, 2014 02:48 pm - And in IMPORTANT FANDOM NEWS
[personal profile] jadelennox is running [community profile] invisible_ficathon!!! Yes, it's true, finally the fest we were all waiting for, the exchange for fanfic about those fandoms that don't actually exist! I'M SO EXCITED.

It's running more-or-less by Yuletide rules, I think, so it's currently in nominations. You should all go nominate! I haven't yet because I'm still trying to come up with my list. Current list:

Definitely nominating:
1. Wonder Wombat (the Golden Age comic, not the modern DCU character)
2. Raul Bloodworth's Jack Colquitt Adventures
3. The Lazarus Bowl (Movie)
4. Stephen Colbert's Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure (book canon)
5. The Stonebender Family stories by Jubal Harshaw
6. Howard Goldberg, Frontiersman (Book)

1. Martin Miggs, the Mad Muggle (Comic)
2. The Kathy Reichs novels by Temperance Brennan
3. Harriet Vane's Robert Templeton novels (I believe one of these is already nominated but we need the whole series)
4. the Millie books from Chrestomanci
5. The Gray Ghost (TV Show)
6. Wendy the Werewolf Stalker (TV Show)
7. Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan
8. The Six Bunnie-Wunnies book series
9. The short stories of Nal Eiili of Proxima II
10. "The King in Yellow" (play)
11. "The Song of the Twelve" (23rd century song cycle)
12. Troy and Abed in the Morning RPF
13. "The Hobo Wars" (American Experience episode) (or possibly something else hodgmanverse have to check)
14. Supercaptaincoolman (Comic)
15. The Captain Vortalon vid series (and/or The Tales of Vorthalia the Bold)
(And I'm pretty sure there's more I wanted that I'm forgetting, augh, somebody remind me what they were?)

And yes, I will ABSOLUTELY be posting fandom resource posts for all of the ones I nominate - these are by definition almost all five-minute fandoms, everybody who nominates should post intros, I think this ficathon would gain admirably if we get a lot of people writing who know *only* the nominated fandom and not the fandom of origin.

You should all go nominate too! You can nominate without writing (although you should write too) and I kind of want this tag set to be as large as possible. :D

Current Mood:: [mood icon] excited

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