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June 8th, 2006 10:09 pm - stargazing
This has been an utterly gorgeous summer so far. Sometimes I really love Maryland, herself. The weather's had just enough hot days to make me feel welcome without making me pass out from heat exhaustion, and - the best part - I have zero mosquito bites so far!

Tonight, on the drive home, it had rained, and mist was rising up from the roads and the creek. I put my brights on as I went through the twisty lane that follows the creek bottom just so the ghosty swirls would have more substance. Now, outside, it's raining again in the dark; and bright orange lightning against the sky. Plus, there were bagpipers playing on my walk to the car.

...no, actually I don't know what the bagpipes had to do with anything, either. Except that I seem to really like bagpipe music now. It makes my subconscious say "you're at the Renfest! Yay!" (Much the same way rainy summer evenings signal camping trips to me, actually.)

Speaking of Renfest, my conversation with [livejournal.com profile] melsmarsh about garb inspired me to pull out a sewing project last night. I need some sort of low-key handwork to keep my mind occupied during my long summer classes, and I remembered that I had bought some Folkwear peasant blouse patterns on the cheap last summer. The one that I really want to make is the Ukranian shirt, and that one suggests a large, heavily embroidered placket down the front. Embroidery is a *good* handwork project for me: takes just enough attention that my mind doesn't wander, without taking *too* much attention. But the suggested embroidery pattern is big huge roses, and I *hate* designs of big huge roses. Irrationally. Possibly partly because my mother loves them, but also, they're ugly. SO! A chance to design an ethnic-looking embroidery pattern!

I want to do Earth's Stargate address. (Actually, I want to do two of these shirts; the first one, with the Stargate address, in plain muslin, to see if I like it, because I can never have to many cream muslin peasant shirts. If I do, I have this wonderful, soft, slate gray wool that I could sew another, more formal one in; that one, I would just do minimal embroidery: just plain black, the runes Sifl, Simn, Pirr, and Ges at the collar and cuffs; but that would be for later; I really don't want to mess up that fabric.)

So. Earth's stargate address )

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