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interrobang studios
November 29th, 2014 03:08 pm - comics
I have spent most of my holiday so far cleaning, first to prep for guests, and then to avoid working on yuletied. The most recent step was going through and re-organizing my longboxes of comics.

So here are the comics I am collecting in floppies:
(and by "collecting" I mean "I will take 'em if I can get them for less than $.50 a book"):

The Tandy Computer Whiz Kids
***(and any other giveaway 'educational' or promotional comics in general)
The Dynamite Barsoom comics
***(and any other adaptations of golden-age SFF novels or similar 'wow, there was a comic adaptation of *that*?' miniseries)
Any paper editions of 20th century webcomics
Top Cat
The Three Mouseketeers (the DC Silver Age run)

Honestly I thought that list would be longer but I think that's basically it? I don't know if I'm doing comics REALLY WRONG or REALLY RIGHT. But I have managed to pare it down to one longbox of comics I want to keep, which is mostly the above plus older comics I had as a kid, and then half a shortbox of comics I want to read but not necessarily collect. (The main criterion for ending up in the shortbox is "Is there a woman or girl on the cover? Is she wearing clothes that make sense? Is her skin colored some realistic shade other than white?" Not out of any political stand so much as that experience has taught me that's the quickest way to weed out the total crap. Or if it has a dude being menaced by tentacles on the cover. Sometimes my needs are simple.)

(...we're not talking about the trades, tankobon, graphic novels, and daily strip collections. They are their own PROBLEM.)

(Most of the ones in the shortbox are recent non-superhero comics that I got from a friend with connections in the industry. They are a very, very random lot. Maybe I will actually get around to


May 16th, 2013 08:49 pm - Great Giveaway 2013
Guess what, everyone! It's time for Hobbit birthday presents!

And I have cleaned out my library!

Any books listed in the Great Giveaway Collection on my Librarything is being gotten rid of. Many of them are review copies I was given, and I'd like to pass them on to you guys, if you want them!
So check out the listing, and comment here if there are any you want, first come first serve.

If you want a few, I know you and you're in the US I'll send them to you USPS book rate (if you want to pay me back for postage in DW points, that would be great, but you don't need to). If I don't know you and/or you're not in the US and/or you want more than a dozen or so, comment anyway - in that case, I'll probably want help with postage - but I mostly just want them going to a good home.

They're mostly graphic novels and Star Trek novels but there are also a few other random things scattered in here and there.

Also there's an additional list of things that got cleared out that never made it into LT:

List of Books To Give Away )

This offer is open until the morning of Saturday, June 8, at which point any unclaimed volumes will either be donated to charity or put back on my shelves, depending how strong my willpower is that day...

(I may pull out some more between now and then; if so, I'll add 'em to the end of the list under the cut.)

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