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December 5th, 2014 02:43 pm - provisionally discarded material objects
Okay so there's this bag. Every time I tidy, there's always some STUFF left over that I don't know what to do with, and by that point I have decision fatigue, so I just put the remaining STUFF in the bag. Like a sourdough starter, it lingers, growing and shrinking but never quite empty.

Today I am going to empty the bag of STUFF, one way or another. And y'all lucky people are going to watch me liveblog it. :P

first hundred items from the bag of STUFF )

OK that just hit a hundred items, time to figure out what to do with those before I tackle more.

4:16: stuff that has a place where it goes is there; trash is in trashcan, toys are in toybox, things that are the missing bits of other things are in empty cookie tin, crafting-related-stuff is in drawstring bag, personal-care-related stuff is in strawberry bag, pile of stuff to donate on is in pile. which leaves me 16 things to make actual decisions on.

I think I will pull 84 more things out of bag first.

next 84 things out of Bag of Stuff )

...and at 5:24 that brings me back up to 100 objects that need dealt with, so I think there is going to be another round of putting away followed by dinner.

7:19 OK! Dinner eaten, 95k fanfic finished, previous batch of stuff put away (we are now up to 21 items in the "deal with later" pile, and the definitions of "crafts" for the crafting bag is.. drifting). Time to carry on! Yes! I can do this!

more things from Bag of Stuff, up to 250! )

an it's 8:30 at we're at 250 objects and the end is in sight! Time for another actually-put-stuff-away break.

...I think I may have to call it a night, because I am running out of both Can and Givadamn and I have to work tomorrow. :/ All that's left fits in one small shoebox? Not counting the Bag of Personal Care Stuff and the Bag of Crafting Stuff and the Tin of Missing Pieces and the thirty-three items in the 'O God I don't Know' pile but. it's a start? I feel like it's a start. I can finish tomorrow evening. yes. tomorrow. it's only a day away.

DAY 2:
More stuff, liveblogging as we go! )

...and that's half of what's left, time for another putting-away break. (All the tiny stuff sinks to the bottom, so we are getting progressively smaller and less exciting as we go.)


And that is IT! All the THINGS that were in the bag of STUFF. Now I just need to do something with the rest of them....

ALL of the stuff from the bag of stuff is now either:
1. thrown away
2. put away
3. in the bag of stuff to donate
4. in the bag of stuff that goes in the crafting room somewhere
5. in the bag of stuff that goes in the bathroom somewhere
6. in the Box of Missing Pieces
7. in the... new... improved... but at least much smaller? bag of Stuff.

...I will deal with the remaining three bags tomorrow. (But I will not be liveblogging! Sorry.)

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