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April 25th, 2011 06:41 pm - holiday!
So it's 3w4DW again already! I thought about trying to post everyday, getting out one of the many unfinished things I have sitting in my hard drive or my commonplace books or my brain (and I made a list - there are enough of them for me to do 3w4DW just taunting you guys with stuff I might post, maybe, if I ever feel like finishing it.)

But, the thing is, there's plenty of content on DW already, and posting more just when everybody else is will just add to the flood. Plus, one of the things I like best about the online journal format is the way it encourages discussion-through-community, and especially the non-temporally-synchronous way that conversation happens. A good post is going to have discussion going on it for more than a day, for more than a week sometimes (the polyamory post I made more than three weeks ago still has meaty comments trickling in; the discussion post I made on [community profile] asexual_fandom a week or so after that is still going a bit, too.) Posting something thoughtful every day doesn't give enough space for the discussions to happen; it's doing a disservice to the content of the posts, and you guys who do the discussing. And there's going to be more than enough content that you won't need mine: there already is.

And when I left LJ I left it pretty much completely; I still read my few friends who post only there, but some of my content, with one of the first communities I joined, was taken out in one of the first content purges with strikethrough, and after that I didn't trust it enough to post anything there, because I didn't see the point of a journal where I had to censor myself every day. A lot of water's been under the bridge in --what, four years already? These days I'm less worried about LJ censorship and more just dislike a site that's full of iffy javascript, peppered with ads, and clearly deeply worried about monetization, but I'm still not crossposting anything there. (And I'm not going to stop posting the other places I do post - these days it's mostly AO3 and deviantArt [I don't like dA aesthetically or ethically either but there's a RL community I can only seem to talk to these days there or facebook - and I like dA better than facebook.])

So what I will probably be doing is more or less the same: trying to write something good every week or so if I can manage, and something not-so-good once in awhile in between. And maybe post something once or twice that's specifically because of 3w4DW. Maybe I will concentrate on finishing some of those unfinished posts, so I can spam you with them right when everyone else is slowing down! Maybe I will try to comment more on other folks' posts. And I am definitely going to make at least a token effort to do something on some of the communities I care about, because many of DW's communities still seem to trouble.

And I'm planning to re-up my paid account finally. :D Hooray for refundable tax credits!

(I was actually planning to make a post about something more than 3w4DW today - [personal profile] stellar_dust was home for the holiday and all sorts of adventures happened and thoughts were had! - but today was the first really hot day of the year, and I am remembering why I prefer winter even when it means I go three months at a time without my toes or fingers ever being thoroughly warm. My brain is lukewarm porridge and all I really want to do is lay in the hammock on the screenporch with a cool drink and read a book.)

Current Mood:: [mood icon] hot

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