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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2007-08-10 03:41 am

thoughts on the hopelessness of the human condition

I'm reading that Jon/Anderson Steven/Keith epic people keep mentioning to me, and suddenly I feel a *deep* and *abiding* desire for Anderson Cooper/Jack Hodgins fic.

And I don't ... I don't .. what? It's almost four in the morning and I've been reading Daily Show fic since the *first* showing of tonight's episode. And the two of them meet up, both on assignment, in some third-world disaster somewhere, knee-deep in mud and bodies, and Jack identifies a bug for Anderson on-air and they end up in the hotel bar (what there is of one) talking about death and detachment and pain and families and acting out and just how homoerotic it was at the Dalton School: and they end up shortly after that in Jack's hotel room (because you know Jack totally would).

And then it somehow segues into Keith Olbermann lounging on Hodgins' couch in front of a baseball game, attempting to lecture Zack Addy on the basics of manliness while Jack drapes himself over something and laughs and laughs and Anderson and Angela raise eyebrows in unison across the room like two finely-crafted bookends (because you know Angela totally would).

And somehow it's all my sister's fault.

ETA: And now, having read this fic, I want to see Jack and *Lex* go at it. Because *that* would be fireworks, my *god*. I can't decide if they'd fight like two barn cats or team up to conquer the world, or both. At once.

[identity profile] varkias [] 2007-08-10 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
My vote, both at once. XD But it would be awesome, hoyes.
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[identity profile] melannen [] 2007-08-10 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
...they would totally agree on the subject of Superman being the figurehead of some sort of evil conspiracy. And on how SCIENCE is the coolest thing ever. But I'm pretty sure they'd disagree on everything else.

Maybe they'd team up to bring down Superman and *then* fight it out between themselves. :D

[identity profile] varkias [] 2007-08-11 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
It would still be awesome. I defies description, really, but just IMAGINE...

*accepts blame*

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asdgpd;, what. There's the Jon/Anderson epic ( and the Stephen/Anderson(/Jon) ( epic and the series of fluffy that's kinda Jon/Stephen Keith/Anderson and ten billion Jon/Stephen epics, but ... what is the one of which you are referring to, plz?? (It's probably the one I haven't been following, isn't it. And now I'll have to read it, won't I.)

(and plz to learn to spell S-T-E-P-H-E-N kthx.)

And also, Hodgins/Anderson would be *awesome*.

*follows link* ... Oh. You *do* mean the PRT, then. Hm.

And you're still following Expecting (, right? And Image ( ( And I hope you've read the Wonderland parody ( And you SHOULD be following the Age of Sail AU ( and the ON CRACK high-school AU (!

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Re: *accepts blame*

[identity profile] melannen [] 2007-08-10 11:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Gah! Recs! In my face! I caught up on Expecting and PRT and then went looking for more Anderson Cooper. Which is odd 'cause I still can't sit through his show, but in writing he's really, really awesome. Whether he's doing the writing or not.

(Somehow, Stephen to me now means Stephen Maturin and I can't break the habit of spelling all others the other way. But I'll try.)

It's the one that's on the front page of tds rps right now, 'cause I still don't have fakenewsfic friended. Honestly I can't rec it wholeheartedly, which is why I didn't link to it (when I stop reading in the middle of a fic to plot out epic crossovers in my head, you know it's not terribly absorbing) : it's one of those fics where it has so much potential but the writing is *terribly* clunky but you keep reading in hopes that it'll improve as the writer writes more (and it did, too - by the last chapter she has up, it was much better, if still full of head-hopping and random epithets and slash-cliche characterization.) But the author really, really loves the guys (including the occasional bit of Paul Dinello or Dan Patrick, &rt;3 ) so I stuck with it for joy.

Re: *accepts blame*

[identity profile] stellar_dust [] 2007-08-10 11:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Anderson's 20-minute podcast is just about right, I think. It has a larger Anderson-to-Other-Crap ratio and includes the best of the Recurring Segments.

(Yeah, ok, it weirds me out when I see "Stephen King" these days because dude, there can be only one.)

Yeah, that's the one I haven't been reading. Not sure if I'll get to it or not now, after that glowing review. (speaking of, I don't *wholeheartedly* rec the Jon/Andy one (it does get better as it goes on, though), and the AoS AU is a little clunky but Keith is a pirate captain so it kind of wins regardless. And you would probably think the Stephen/Anderson(/Jon) one is too full of slash-cliche-characterization, but it kills me with the adorableness, so I ♥ it. Same for the VLA (, which was better in its early days than it is now, but I still ♥ it.)

fakenews_fanfic is much cooler than tds_rps these days, since the OH NOES A HATE COMM wank when all the best writers moved or started x-posting. XD

Re: *accepts blame*

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