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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2007-08-10 03:41 am

thoughts on the hopelessness of the human condition

I'm reading that Jon/Anderson Steven/Keith epic people keep mentioning to me, and suddenly I feel a *deep* and *abiding* desire for Anderson Cooper/Jack Hodgins fic.

And I don't ... I don't .. what? It's almost four in the morning and I've been reading Daily Show fic since the *first* showing of tonight's episode. And the two of them meet up, both on assignment, in some third-world disaster somewhere, knee-deep in mud and bodies, and Jack identifies a bug for Anderson on-air and they end up in the hotel bar (what there is of one) talking about death and detachment and pain and families and acting out and just how homoerotic it was at the Dalton School: and they end up shortly after that in Jack's hotel room (because you know Jack totally would).

And then it somehow segues into Keith Olbermann lounging on Hodgins' couch in front of a baseball game, attempting to lecture Zack Addy on the basics of manliness while Jack drapes himself over something and laughs and laughs and Anderson and Angela raise eyebrows in unison across the room like two finely-crafted bookends (because you know Angela totally would).

And somehow it's all my sister's fault.

ETA: And now, having read this fic, I want to see Jack and *Lex* go at it. Because *that* would be fireworks, my *god*. I can't decide if they'd fight like two barn cats or team up to conquer the world, or both. At once.

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