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yt noms

OK I yt nommed:

?! Solar System (Fandom)
?! Rosetta (ESA Spacecraft)
?! Philae (ESA Spacecraft)
?! Juno (NASA Spacecraft)
?! New Horizons (NASA Spacecraft)

?! Second Viking Invasion of England (1013-1016) RPF
?! Cnut the Great
?! Eadric Streona
?! Edmund II Ironside
?! Emma of Normandy

?! Barnaby - Crockett Johnson (Comic)
?! Barnaby Baxter
?! Jackeen J. O'Malley
?! Barnaby's Father
?! Jane Shultz

(I also may have gotten inappropriately passionate in the evidence post about why space robot fandom cannot be neatly categorized as Anthropomorphism or RPF because that is an inappropriate place to make a judgement call about the edges of personhood.)

(I was going to nom Cope/Marsh again but somebody else got there first.)

(Edmund Ironside and Emma of Normandy are SO EPIC tho why are there not, like, ten classic movies a Marvel superhero and at least two cable series about them already)

(I have no idea what I am requesting I'll have to look at the tagset first.)
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Are you familiar with Pauline Stafford, Queen Emma and Queen Edith: Queenship and Women's Power in Eleventh-Century England? If not, it seems relevant to your interests!

But wow, eleventh-century RPF, I had not even considered!
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I would think Rosetta etc. would be under space vehicles fandom? Is that what you were arguing against?
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?! Solar System (Fandom)

♥ you are the best :D
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Space vehicle fandom forever!
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Robot personhood!