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I share

I saw Winter Soldier last week, as those of you on whose posts I showed up probably noticed! It was good and it was also the kind of story that is going to leave me thinking about what it was trying to do and what it did do for quite awhile, which is a good thing. I did not come out of it with Intense Bucky Feels, partly because when he has his mask on he just looks like Revenge-era Gerard Way and when he has it off I am just staring at his chin going "but why?" But that's okay, because I think the rest of the internet can cover for me on that one.

I did come out of it with intense Sam Wilson feels, and intense Steve & Sam & Natasha & Bucky friendship feels, in which I believe I have company, and also my MCU OTP-of-OTPs, Nick/Peggy secret spy marriage, is still standing stronger than ever (Nick thinks it's very important that Steve knows he shares, even if he can't quite bring himself to explain *what* he is sharing) and all the little bits in my impossible-to-write Nick/Peggy WIP that I figured would get jossed, from Peggy's current situation right down to the swing records, are canon now! SO HURRAH. I love it when I'm fanning a series that I accidentally accurately predict stuff for.

Also, one of the fangirls at my work mentioned that there was a scene set right across the street from where I work, about which she was misleading (actually all the spoilers I thought I had turned out to be deeply misleading, which is an interesting way to see a movie. It does not actually end with an implied Steve/Bucky/Natasha threesome, btw, if some of you were still confused about that.)

There is not a scene set there, there is a noodle incident set right across the street from where I work. I hereby petition for "Fort Meade" to become the new Budapest. (I will happily Fort Meade-beta for anyone who needs one.)

So, of course, I came home from the movie at 12:30 AM and wrote a fic. (Fic is minorly spoilery but headers aren't.) Said fic has somehow become second place on the Pinboard Popular Fandom page in the last three days, which I do not understand because it's basically just an extended in-joke with coworkers who theoretically don't even know my fan name yet, *and* it's gen, but I guess I ought to link it here at some point, huh.

Modern Careers in the Information Sciences (and Other White Lies) (3086 words) by melannen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Random agents, definitely original female characters clearly not based on real people, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoilers, Missing Scene, POV Outsider, Libraries, Librarians, Fort Meade

Any agent knows that the most important thing when planning an op is information. Luckily, there's a public library right across the street from Fort Meade.

ALSO! Miseres fest! Went live! I am still reading through all the good fic and art when I can tear myself away from Cap II stuff (and, you know, adulting, which sucks). I got a gift that is so amazing I still don't even really know what to do with it? I keep thinking about bits from it and then going "oh wait no, that's not actually canon." It's one of Pliny's AMAZING Roman poetry works, but don't let the fact that it's poetry scare you away - it's really good epic poetry, which means it sucks you in and draws you along just like really good prose, only better.

The Wine-Ship, or, In Which Fantine Is Treated With Fennel And Does Not Die (4177 words) by PlinytheYounger
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fantine/OMC, Fantine & Cosette Fauchelevent, Fantine & Jeanne Valjean, Jean Valjean & Jeanne Valjean
Characters: Fantine, Jeanne Valjean, Jean Valjean, Mme. Thénardier, M. Thénardier, Cosette Fauchelevent
Additional Tags: Roman AU, Wine, Aurelian Wall, Alternate Universe - Ancient Rome, Ancient Rome

Roman AU. Jeanne Valjean sees a child mistreated; Fantine goes looking for her child with her burial money; a merchant is down on his luck; Javert is serving the people and doing his duty; and Jean Valjean has to escape via the latrine.

I also wrote a thing for Miseres fest, and THEN IRENY DREW FANART, and the fanart is way better than the fic, so I'mma just link you to the fanart, okay (It links back to the fic if you really want to read it.)

Le Comte d' Barbarie: Sister Simplice, Sister Perpetue, Père Fauchelevent, Jean Valjean, Valjean's Guinea Pig
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I'm looking forward to my husband's response to the Ft. Meade bit as he used to work there. I've only ever been by it on the way to our fish store and to the Cryptology Museum off the BW Parkway.
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Oh I know, I've already seen it. He was just out of town and hasn't yet. I work in Rosslyn and came out wanting to write so much self-indulgent self-insert fic so it's a good thing I can't write fiction at all.