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SG1 Prediction: the amazing, ascended-being-killing weapon is Plif the Hoojib.

ETA 1: OMG DANIEL I LOVE YOU FOREVER, you know that the Holy Grail isn't a cup! Take that, Mr. Josh Anaphylactic Shock Bernstein.

"Waiting till it's over so that I can get some sleep" is probably not the best state of mind in which to be watching the season finales. Unfortunately, it's also the state of mind I was in when I watched several of the prerequisites for these storylines, which is contributing to my utter lack of caring-ness.

Well, Cam and Daniel were cute.

ETA 2: There is no way that the SGA thing is on the up-and-up, because if they actually go through with this, they will never be able to ally with *any* Pegasus human culture ever again, and they'll be totally screwed.

The wraith queen is kind of pretty though. I like the way they did her make-up.

Also, they established back in the middle of season one that Wraith can feed on other Wraith. Just thought I'd mention.
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I know the village leader and the sword-girl from somewhere. Where?

(Daniel so isn't allowed to make fun of Indy anymore.)
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Daniel has a bad habit of going Rambo with a machine gun whenever he gets frustrated.

(I don't recognize any of the people)
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SHE ( was in episodes of X-Files and Smallville, and the scifi Earthsea movie.

HE ( ... was Denethor of Gondor. *facepalm*
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Wait wait, I know! They're all gonna die and S10 will be SGAscended!
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Nope! Josh knows that. That guy in France definitely told him. Good try though! ;D
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I think he mentioned it passing among a list of possibilities, but that somehow didn't stop them from spending the whole episode looking for a cup.
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Just because the "Holy Grail" is probably not a cup, doesn't mean that *a* cup doesn't exist somewhere, either The Cup, or just A Cup that a bunch of knights tried to protect, Grail or no. d-:
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But that's not the Holy Grail, that's the Cup of Christ! Particularly any Cup that the Crusaders found in Jerusalem, since that was more than a hundred years before the Cup of Christ and the Holy Grail were mashed together by a bunch of silly French poets. So there.
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But it's still convenient to *call* it the Holy Grail when you're doing a show meant for mass consumption, especially if you plan to make ten billion Indiana Jones and Monty Python references. So there.
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Go ahead and call the *episode* "The Search for the Holy Grail" if you must, but to use that term for a whole hour without even discussing the original Celtic grail stories is sheer misinformation, so *there*. q-: They should have sent Josh to Annuvin, that would have been fun.

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Me on tonight's:

The Ori are possibly headed to Earth. The Wraith are headed to earth. Didn't they say something about the winner of contest being on both the season premieres? I suspect we're going to see some nifty ancient mojo happening.

Dean Stockwell's preacher... was a cylon.
What happens when the hallucinations get together?
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I ... skipped out on BSG and went to bed. I figured I'd be better off for that one waiting until I was closer to the other half of the cliff-hanger. And more away.

Forget what happens when the hallucinations get together, what happens when the non-hallucination ones gets together? It'll be like matter and anti-matter.

I'm not that worried about what the Wraith are going to do, because Dr. McKay *said* he'd secretly hacked the hiveship while fixing it, so not only is he going to save the day, he already knows *how* he's going to save the day.
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what happens when the non-hallucination ones gets together?

... and this is why you should always stay up to watch BSG. d-:

Also, didn't McKay's hack get found out, since his secret beaming remote didn't work? He may still *think* it was found out, anyway.
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It seriously wouldn't have mattered if I had, because I was only barely able to follow the plot of *SGA* by that point; BSG would have gone in one ear and turned into oatmeal, like the rest of my brain. I suppose I could have taped it, but I figured you had anyway. q-:

The beaming remote depended on the anti-jamming program, which anyone with half a brain, or a memory of the last Replicator storyline, knew wouldn't work anyway. The hacking, presumably, was something the Wraith didn't know about, or at least he didn't *know* the Wraith knew about.

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There is no way that the SGA thing is on the up-and-up, because if they actually go through with this, they will never be able to ally with *any* Pegasus human culture ever again, and they'll be totally screwed.

Yeah, 'cause this on top of the fact that the Genii are already trying to rally people against them, and the fact that they woke the Wraith in the first place... Plus, these are the Wraith. They obviously have some evil scheme in mind and are planning to double-cross them. You don't negotiate with food in good faith.

Also, they established back in the middle of season one that Wraith can feed on other Wraith.

So I'm not the only viewer who was remembering "The Defiant One" and going wtf?
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No, you're not the only one going 'wtf'. Now that it's been revealed as a trick, I can accept that the Wraith were lying, I just can't accept that all the SGA people conveniently *forgot* and calmly fell for it.

I'm hoping that the SGA people knew all along and have a reverse-double-cross planned and ready.

You don't negotiate with food in good faith, and sheep who have any intelligence don't negotiate with wolves, either. And if any Athosian gets as offended by this as I am, (considering they were apparently all in the city at the time) and starts spreading the story of how the Tau'ri are allied with the Wraith... not to mention how do they negotiate with anyone in good faith now? "Yes, help us, we are all enemies of the Wraith" ... except that would be a *lie*, because apparently you roll over and beg for *anyone* who offers you a few technical schematics.