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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2006-03-10 07:58 pm
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SG1 Prediction: the amazing, ascended-being-killing weapon is Plif the Hoojib.

ETA 1: OMG DANIEL I LOVE YOU FOREVER, you know that the Holy Grail isn't a cup! Take that, Mr. Josh Anaphylactic Shock Bernstein.

"Waiting till it's over so that I can get some sleep" is probably not the best state of mind in which to be watching the season finales. Unfortunately, it's also the state of mind I was in when I watched several of the prerequisites for these storylines, which is contributing to my utter lack of caring-ness.

Well, Cam and Daniel were cute.

ETA 2: There is no way that the SGA thing is on the up-and-up, because if they actually go through with this, they will never be able to ally with *any* Pegasus human culture ever again, and they'll be totally screwed.

The wraith queen is kind of pretty though. I like the way they did her make-up.

Also, they established back in the middle of season one that Wraith can feed on other Wraith. Just thought I'd mention.

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