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interrobang studios
September 11th, 2011 11:30 pm
Reading list, I have a question: does ~3,000 words of Methos and Joe Dawson talking about the Lone Power, Ahriman, Immortality, and the Song of the Twelve count as "a Highlander/Young Wizards crossover fic" or "boring self-indulgence"?

Because that seems to be appearing on my desktop, and I'm not sure which one to file it under.

So yesterday was the church picnic. And Saturday I went to the Books for International Goodwill book sale in Annapolis, and pulled A Calendar of Dinners with 615 Recipes (printed 1923, last revised 1913) off the free-cookbooks shelves.

I was thumbing through it and found a recipe for The Wholesome Parkin, which turns out to be a traditional molasses-oatmeal-ginger bread from Northern England, famous for only getting better as it gets staler ('excellent when a week old'). And partly because I have a thing (inculcated by LotR at a young age) for durable breads, and partly because I realized that it only uses ingredients that I have in my basic camping kitchen, I decided I needed to make it for the church picnic.

Here is a picture, and a recipe, and also Crisco and some other things. )

Other books acquired at that sale )

PS: I am testing the new AO3 update in IE6. Always offer to test in IE6: it is so much fun, there are so many things that don't work.

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