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June 12th, 2007 06:52 pm - I has a soapbox! (At least, until THEY be takin it!)
Fanlib.com is now the first google search result for fanfic for my Stargate otp. To those of you saying FanLib was doomed and irrelevant: ttpphhptt! With tentacles on top!

Okay, so the author of said fics took them down after she noticed the debacle. Still! How long d'you think it will take all 115 of those search results to sink out of Google's database and stop polluting my need to read every single published piece of soppy Asgard romance? Apparently until *just before* I whine about it on lj. :P

Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts is stalled out at just under 34000 journals. Berkowitz's last [livejournal.com profile] news post was remarkably more reassuring than his last, proving that at the very least someone has now drummed the concept of 'customer relations' into his head.

However, [livejournal.com profile] lolita_icontest, a Nabokov fandom community, is still suspended, along with a variety of other journals and communities, proving that the return of journals and communities had more to do with how many people complained about them than about any actual attempt at making things right. On one hand, the return of journals people care about while the languishing ones continue to languish proves that they did listen to us. On the other hand, not terribly working on regaining my trust here, 6A. (PS: Your new lj homepage *sucks*. And, incidentally, is broken on lynx view.)

And a new version of Movable Type has just been announced.

I know a lot of people, now that the initial rage is dying down, have been talking about the deletion debacle as a tempest in a teapot, asking whether it's so important that they deleted our porn.

It wasn't about deleting our porn. It was about *deleting anything at all*. It was about thoughtcrime. LJ markets itself as a place for private journals and discussion forums, as well as for publishing and networking - that's why many of us are here. And when you tell someone it's evil, wrong and illegal to write about something in their personal journal (however risky it might be when that journal is on the internet) you're about two inches away from telling them that it's wrong and evil to think it. Persecution for yhoughtcrime should *not* be allowed to stand, wherever it is. (And yes, that includes pedophile journals. Even if they were actively breaking the law, lj should have called in law enforcement first. If they weren't actively breaking the law, they've as much right to be here as our porn - maybe more, if you want to start talking about writing as therapy.)

Meanwhile, I'm still planning on posting anything that isn't specifically for an lj audience over at my jf account.

And the offer to make people jf accounts is still open. Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having at jf?

It's quiet - too quiet - but it reminds me of my early days here on lj. Where everything was shiny and new and I didn't have to think about playing to my audience, because they didn't know what to expect of me yet. When my fandom on lj was still small enough that I could try to follow everything, more or less.

Also, I posted a crack crossover poll the other day and got over 1/3 of my flist to answer - a total flist that includes people I know for sure only log in when LJ is down! I post a poll here, I'm lucky to get 1/10. (Be honest - all ya'll filter me out, right?)

Which reminds me: I remembered this poll, from last year. [livejournal.com profile] frek and [livejournal.com profile] stephanometra, you tied for first with two wrong answers each! (everybody got those two wrong - Tia *didn't* get to mack on Will (anyone notice how much they tamed down her sexuality in this movie? I could go on about that, but I won't.) and I was the only one to predict that Jack wouldn't get the Black Pearl in the end. :D ) Name your prizes, winners!

PS: Lt's down. Has been for almost two days now. On the days I set aside for book-organizing, no less. Three things LJ could learn from LT about crisis management:

1. Treat your customers like allies, not enemies. And like they're intelligent. Communicate. Honestly. If you go awhile without updating the news, mention that it was an unforgivable mistake, and explain that it was due to technical issues. Not due to not trusting your customers.
2. Give them something to do. They want to be doing something. If you make a useful suggestion, chances are they'll do that. If you don't ... they'll have to occupy themselves.
3. Don't be evil. And sing along with the songs in your comment thread. :D

Also, speaking of the internets breaking, the FCC's deadline for public comment on Net Neutrality is June 15th. That's until this Friday to keep our internets out of the hands of monopolistic robber barons (to the extent that it isn't already, anyway.) Speak out here:

Save the Net Now

...or anywhere else, really. We got LJ to listen to us; Congress isn't beyond our reach.
Here's what I sent, for posterity. )

Yeah, I know, but I can't *not* sputter about "interstate commerce act! 1887! @^@$%" every time Net Neutrality comes up. Mrs. Savignac trained me well in AP History, bless her tiny Reaganite heart.

And if that wasn't meme-y or sky-is-falling enough for you, try a zombie uprising on for size. :P

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February 24th, 2007 12:27 pm - Help! My slash goggles are stuck!
(Meta for Notcapade)
(And many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] siegeofangels and [livejournal.com profile] stellar_dust for readover and reassurance that I am not completely mad. I have learned why people rarely get meta betas: because they are smarter than you are, and won't stop thinking long enough to let you post!)

Or, 'My Thoughts on Yaoi.' Don't read if you don't want to know, guys. )

Whew! Long essay. And I made it all the way to the end without ever using the terms 'patriarchy', 'privilege', 'subversion' or 'objectification'! Go me. There's a lot in there and a *lot* of places I could take it from there - I keep coming up with ways to answer old fannish questions in terms of this theory, which if I were an astrophycist at least would be a point in my favor. And more importantly, maybe, I need to think some more about the ethical implications of using, and glorifying, that particular way of seeing.

But I've been unable to stop thinking about things in terms of slasher's gaze ever since I first found it - which is probably part of the reason I've been quiet on the meta front; I was waiting for a way to talk about what I've been thinking effectively, and to figure out whether it works at all outside my own head. I'm not entirely sure I've succeeded, but I'm desperate for any sort of answer back from the void on this. So, please, feedback, discuss, tell me I'm off my rocker, tell me somebody else came up with all this ten years ago! Or just go off and ponder it all in your hearts for awhile, like I did. I'm just tired of not having anyone else who knows what I'm talking about.

And that's really what fandom's for, after all.


3/10, ETA: Okay, two weeks later, I think I'm finally caught up on comments here - I'll do my best to be better to keep up with new ones coming in. I'm really sorry it took so long. I have issues, which is neither an apology or an excuse, but at least believe me it wasn't personal. (Except with stellar_dust. That was totally personal, that was :P)

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