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Okay, let's see, what have I been doing lately other than reading and posting hate about beloved feminist classics.

1. I watched the Never Gonna Give You Up video for the first time in awhile due to that April's Fools Day post that's going around. I had correctly remembered that he is an Immortal, but I had forgotten that he is totally singing to the bartender. (It's not just me, right? He's singing to the bartender, that's the only way that video makes sense.)

2. I did [personal profile] darthneko's sketch-a-day calendar for March after I saw [personal profile] sholio post about it! I haven't mentioned it before now because I had no idea whether I would actually finish or not, but it was super-fun.

I did it in ballpoint with no undersketching and minimal pre-planning and deliberately picked a kind of thing I am not practiced at drawing. It definitely deserves Ursula Vernon's "you are allowed to make bad art" stamp but it was really fun and I am fond of the result. It was supposed to be a giant massive spectacular spaceship but I got the scale really wrong on the first couple days so it ended up being the spaceship equivalent of a Winnebago that was parked in somebody's back pasture for twenty years. I am pretty okay with this. Boy did I not manage consistent lighting or perspective, though! (but the wavy bit in the rings is not me misjudging my curves, it's a shepherd moon. definitely.)

3. I also made a very hungry caterpillar! For a baby shower that was two weeks ago. Ooop.

I used a different texture for every section because when I was little I really loved cloth toys with different textures, but maybe most babies aren't into that? idk. It was a fun way to use stash, anyway.

4. I have started re-shelving my nonfiction by dewey decimal number! I HATE THE RULE OF APPLICATION SO MUCH

(I'm using dd because it's what we use at work, I don't need to be convinced there are better systems. I am actually making up my own system for my books, mostly because the ptb suddenly and without input banned us from doing anything "non-work-related" on the work computers regardless of how bored we are when it's slow, so I am pretending inventing my own private classification system is work-related. It does not have any rules - I made the major divisions and most of the second-level ones and am now classifying my nf using the "random book" option on LT, putting things wherever they feel right, and I will later go back and try to figure out what rules I was using. Should be fun!)

5. There has been a sudden surge of OMGCHECKPLEASE love on my reading list the last couple days! which seems to always include a rec of my fic augh every time i look at it i see so many problems It's kind of making me want to go back to the half-finished stuff in that 'verse, which is half pre-4th of July stuff about Kent trying to deal with it and eating a lot of baked goods, and half post-4th of July stuff in which Kent proposes that he and Jack come out together as a couple and that way nobody will think Jack and Bitty are dating so Bitty will be safe, and everybody somehow thinks this is a good idea, and there are SHENANIGANS and FEELS. (I don't think I actually have the capacity to write that one, so somebody else should.) Also EVENTS have MOVED ON since then and idk if I can even still write it.

6. Cat pic?
This is now what I see every day when I get home from work.
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What a great welcome home!

The caterpillar certainly appeals to me, all those wonderful, different squishy textures. I'll bet it will be a hit.
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Cat pic yay!

Caterpillar = AWESOME!!! Also, different textures of cloth are a thing I loved as a small child AND a thing I can justify as Important For Learning And Play as an educator; if you are interested I will fish out relevant links. Nice.
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[personal profile] alasse_irena 2017-04-02 08:50 am (UTC)(link)
Yes! I'm pretty sure a variety of textures is a thing many babies enjoy. It's a fun tactile adventure, and babies are tactile little creatures.
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My second favorite part of that photo (after the kitty face) is the swirly doom vortex in the middle of the window.
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[personal profile] stellar_dust 2017-04-02 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
the other end probably opens in this flat, it would explain why i´m always encountering random cats in the hall when my roommate´s away
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[personal profile] sylvaine 2017-04-02 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG that cat xD

Would you be willing to post about your personal classification system once you've got it up and running? :D
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[personal profile] redsnake05 2017-04-03 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
Nice caterpillar! I think babies like different textures, particularly if they are still at the ages where everything must be investigated via chewing. Also, that cat looks very expectant about something - snuggles, food, whatever, but they want it now. Awesome.