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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2017-01-31 07:05 pm

Wednesday Reading

Hi Dreamwidth!

I am back in the place where I am reading ALL THE NOVELS because being continuously reminded of reality makes me too nauseous to eat so I am avoiding pretty much all social media and am 8 books ahead on my Goodreads challenge for the year. How are you?

Also is there anyone else who has read all the way to the end of Nemesis in the Marcus Didius Falco mysteries and can explain to me WTF WAS THAT ENDING???

I mean admittedly I was blackrom shipping them pretty hard* all along but I don't think it warped my perceptions that much? How was that supposed to suddenly be justifiable?

*These books did make it clear that if you need to flesh out the personal life of a series protagonist without turning it into a soap opera, just filling all four troll romance quadrants ASAP really does make a great shortcut.
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I too felt that the [spoiler] at the end of Nemesis came rather out of left field. I guess you can argue that what spoiler was doing in that book was worse than anything before, or that it was a last straw situation. And it's true that 2000 years ago that sort of thing was more of an option than it is today. But from a 21st century perspective, having spoiler do THAT is a big deal. And it kind of ruins the reader's relationship with spoiler. I'm glad she doesn't seem to be interested in writing any more Marcus Didius Falco books, because I'm not sure I'm interested in reading them.

I did really enjoy the first part of the book though - painful, but good.