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we're not cousins anymore

Speaking of Con.txt panels I am running, I am also running the Imperial Radch panel.

Current plan is to sing the song about the thousand eggs until someone in the audience volunteers to mod instead. (Alternatively, we just cast some omens and discuss whichever lines of the text Amaat wills.)

But now I am curious, what tune do you get the egg song stuck in your head to? I get stuck with "Make new friends, but keep the old", the old Brownie Girl Scout round:

Make new friends/ but keep the o-old
A thousand eggs/ all nice and wa-arm
One is silver/ and the other gold
Peep-peep peep peep a-/ nother chick is born.

It scans better with three peeps than four, and you have to sing nine-nine-nine eggs instead of nine-hundred-ninety-nine (etc.) but other than that it works pretty well. It's even a round so it would work really well for ancillary units and/or cars full of small children to sing ad infinitum!

("The Station Goes Around The Sun" is always Farmer in the Dell in my head, by the way, even though I know there are other tunes for it out there. The circle game would even work!)
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I tend to sing it as if I'm singing Frere Jacques with the doubling taken out, with extra repeats to cover the peeps, which makes it extra craze-inducing.


   Fre-  re    Jac- ques / Dor-mez vous?
A thou-sand eggs all / nice and warm

Son-nez les  ma-TI-nes   /      Din,      Din,    Don
Pe-EP  peep peep PE-ep! / another, chick is, born

Son-nez les  ma-TI-nes   /      Din,      Din,    Don
Pe-EP  peep peep PE-ep! / peep-peep, PEEP, PEEP

                     Fre-          re    Jac-ques /Dor-mez vous?
Nine hundred and ninety nine eggs all / nice and warm


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How did the con.txt panel end up going, by the way?
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This is just to say that I started singing after this post and I might have recorded my very favorite One Song to the Tune of Another. No Imperial Radch content, just goofiness. I will email it to you if you like.
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I promise that in this instance, you do.
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Ooh, is there a second verse? How does it go?
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Good earworms. If there is such a thing.
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Oh I do. :)
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The egg song. (I wrote the tune, then AL modified it.)

It All Goes Around. (Foz Meadows wrote and sang it.)