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So yesterday I got up and was like "I am going to be so productive today! I am going to do ALL THE THINGS and get my todo list under control!"

"Actually," said my brain, "You are going to write 1500 words about Les Amis playing paintball."

"That's what I said," I repeated. "1500 words about Les Amis playing paintball."

A vaincre sans péril (1533 words)
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Enjolras (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Feuilly (Les Misérables), Bossuet Laigle, Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Paintball, Canon Era, War Games, Fluff with foreshadowings of canonical character death, references to alcohol
Summary: So Courfeyrac talked to Grantaire and Grantaire hooked him up with a man who loaned him about a dozen air guns modified to fire beeswax marking rounds, and some quilted canvas protective smocks, and then Courfeyrac cajoled all his friends into spending a week at one of his father's estates playing war games, which Courfeyrac still maintains was one of his better ideas.

...unexpected crackfic aside, though, I have been leveling up in HabitRPG a lot faster than the other new people in my party? I don't think it's that I'm that much better at buckling down and doing stuff, though. I think it's partly the aforementioned tendency to automatically optimize games, and partly that I came to it having already leveled up many times in "making to-lists". I am probably about level 88 in "making to-do lists" at this point.

Anyway I reached the level where I get to pick a character class. The trick with Habit RPG is that once you do your character sheet the only way to change it is to give them money, so I have to pick exactly right. Anybody have any advice? The choices are warrior, healer, mage, and rogue. I leveled up so fast (with help from well-chosen spells and quests from our leader jam) that I don't really have any idea what the advantages are.

I am basically 100% always a Ranger in "what d&d class are you" quizzes, if that helps. :P

Speaking of me losing saving rolls, I am super-tempted to do Remix Redux this year. I've wanted to do it FOREVER and this is the first year that I can recall that I actually qualify. On the other hand, I just failed out of intoabar. And I'd have to come up with a list of fandoms I can write. And the only other remix exchange I've done ended poorly. Somebody talk me out of this please. Or help me talk Les Mis people into signing up.
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I'm torn, about Remix Redux! On the one hand, I have also been wanting to do it forever, and it occurred to me that I finally qualify this year. On the other hand, my summer is already busy, I REALLY do not need an exchange fic filling my time, and I'm sufficiently allergic to at least one of the juggernaut pairings of Les Mis fandom that I would have a very hard time writing a fic with it even in the background. But. But remixes! I love remixes! So I'm torn.
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Ooh, that's good to know! I like the characters quite a lot, singly and together; it's just the requited-relationship thing I'm allergic to. But also I think I had a vague conception of Remix Redux as being a big populous exchange full of various fandoms' BNFs due to my years of bouncing merrily about the peripheries writing a single fic for each canon ever, and now that I think about it that is... not the case. Or at least I gather not the case anymore, if it ever was. So my visions of getting a total stranger's Generic Coffeeshop AU Shipfic #1-17 are probably not accurate ones.

Anyway the time issue is a much more pressing one than the pairing issue, which is really a relatively minor qualm. I told myself I wasn't going to enter exchanges this spring/summer, and I've already broken that vow at least once! Buuuuut this also looks really cool. Dammit, temptation. I will ponder it seriously! Because I really do love remixes. And everyone I know who's participated in this one has been an excellent person and writer, which also bodes well.
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I chose a class and then regretted not buying all the Warrior gear before I chose. Because I could have done that. Many golds, more shiny stuff and things. And then I could have chosen between different stat boosts for different tasks.

Warriors hit things, and having done boss quests solo, wow was I annoyed not to be a warrior. But they weren't really intended for doing solo, so.

Thief gives you Stuff and Things, golds and eggs and foods for your pets at it says higher rates. If you are most motivated by shinies, thief sounds good. But I found I couldn't think of any rewards to spend the golds on. I have 28K of gold, and it's just not that interesting any more. I am however also very close to having All the Mounts and have had All the Pets and will be able to again as soon as I've fed the first lot, so that's pretty cool.

Mage levels fast, I think. And Healers don't die and help their party not die. But I haven't played those.

I don't know what other character classes do, but the Backstab / Pickpocket / Tools of the Trade stuff I can do is pretty okay. And Stealth saves my character... actually most nights, that's depressing, I need to get better at my dailies.

I don't know if character class does much for my experience or helps me use the thing, I just like the idea of getting points for things. I'm thinking of being a Mage next but levels keep taking longer so I don't know how long it'll take from here.
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pets do nothing. they look pretty. sort of.
they're just a collect the set thing as far as I can tell.
I'm level 82 and still haven't quite made all the pets into mounts, I've got like 2/3 of them, so collect the set is not simples.

equipment does things, but the seasonal stuff is never quite as good as the standard best stuff for your class, and you get bonuses for wearing stuff meant for your class, so you can't get teh full benefit of warrior stuff without being a warrior.

Some quests are collecting things quests, like I'm doing a moonstones quest right now, and the Tools of the Trade thing boosts the whole parties' chance of collect things, I think. So thief can be useful to party.
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I'm also torn about Remix! I qualify with Marvel comics and Ancient History RPF, but I don't know if anyone will want to remix those.
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[personal profile] dhampyresa 2015-05-17 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
On the other hand, if it's happening right now, it's not very likely there'll be fic written for it already.
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If you're going to try to solo bosses, go with warrior, as they do the most damage. Rogue is good for collecting potions and eggs and probably gold (which can be useful if you're going to give them money, because then you can turn your gold into gems and use it to buy new clothes/backgrounds for your avatar. Otherwise, gold gets useless pretty fast.) Mage can also do OK damage and level pretty quickly, but you're kneecapped by your MP. Their other spells give buffs to Intelligence and MP. Mages do have the prettiest outfits, tho, imo. Healers I've not had any experience with, but if their main thing is to heal your party, that can be very useful or very not useful, depending on your party and your playstyle. If you and your party never get dinged because you always check off your things (or otherwise mess with your deadline/schedule so that they don't ding you), then healing would be pretty useless.

Have fun! :D