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interrobang studios
February 23rd, 2011 09:06 pm - my alot is named idek.
What the heck, am I actually writing?

(Also, what the heck am I actually writing?)

I'm just going to give in and do a progress bar, so I can stare at it in crogglement:
33146 / 75000 (44.19%)

...that's a little over 10,000 words since this time last week. Nearly all of that was on the same fic: folks, the anon fill-of-shame I am currently working on over on That Kink Meme is about to hit 10,000 words on its last part, which will make it the longest fic I have ever finished, by about twice again. Why must something like this happen with a fill-of-shame?

And while I'm at it, does anyone know a good way to get a Word Count option into the right-click context menu for .txt files in Windows XP? I swear I got it working once, but then I had to re-install windows, and I never made it work again. The issue is that all the simple wordcount programs I can find are command-line dos, and when windows explorer pulls up a DOS window from a context menu command, it won't keep it open long enough for me to read the freaking output. Help?


And now it is time for a fanart dump! Here is a dresdenfiles kink meme fill I de-anoned on already, so might as well post it here:

Margaret Dresden and Leanansidhe being hot, and a discussion of art and technique. )

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December 16th, 2010 10:46 pm
I have finally posted more of How the Master Stole Christmas! The next two pages (both double-page spreads) are up at [community profile] doctor_and_master: How the Master Stole Christmas Episode 2. It's also up at my dA account, in the SeussWho gallery, if you'd rather read there, though without the extra text-only pages.

But I am reposting the latest page on this journal anyway, because I am proud of myself and want to look at it some more :P
Why for nine hundred years I've put up with it now! )

...I finally finished that update because I told myself I wasn't allowed to draw any lolitics girlband!AU fanart until I finished the Who-Christmas-Sing. I know, I know, normal people are motivating themselves around their yuletide at this point, but whatever, I have my plot, I have a very clever way to cheat and quadruple my wordcount, and I know I can churn out a few thousand words as soon as I make myself sit down and concentrate.

And in the meantime there is girlband!AU. :D This is the latest shared-world AU of awesome to take over the lolitics meme. I don't know - do other anon fic memes do these amazing shared AUs? The other ones I've followed haven't but then I haven't followed them as immersively. Anyway, girlband!AU involves taking the democratic leaders, past and present, of Great Britain (and occasionally other countries) and re-casting them as members of Spice-girls-esque girlpop bands. And they make so much more sense that way, OMG, just.

Plus it is helping with my ongoing feelings of guilt about being all into British politics and ignoring the US! By turning them into genderswapped shallow pop-culture celebs with zero actual relevance, instead of people who are supposed to be FIXING THE WORLD DAMMIT, I can finally get detached from policy enough to think about US politicians without wanting to stab myself in the gullet! \o/

(Yes, I know, [personal profile] sarken did it first with Disney Band PRT. But still I am in love! And also I have discovered Sleevage, the blog for people who are more interest in the art of album cover design than in the actual music. I just wish its search engine worked better. ... I really need to attempt to organize my blogroll again.)

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November 4th, 2003 01:41 am

A completely different Harry Potter Mary Sue, because, well, they're fun and easy to write, and I'm behind already.

I did not *intend* for this to be femmeslash-really-but once I brought in the Fritz Lieber crossover they refused to behave.

First part here

Rated R for three naked girls in a tub, language, and, um, mpreg. )

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