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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-01-23 07:25 pm (UTC)

There were people handing out hats on the subway the whole way there, actually! I let them go to people who couldn't just go home and make their own. I ended up snagging one of the ones Planned Parenthood was giving out, though, so I have my souvenir. (I just. I literally made a pink hat exactly like that last weekend when I was figuring out how to use my friend's new knitting loom! If only I had known....)

I don't think it was unconscious racism from the organizers. There were plenty of great speakers of color early on too, they just didn't belong on the list of people who could be shouted over either :P I think the most popular speaker of all with the people there was six-year-old Sophie Cruz speaking for undocumented immigrants. It was just getting the timing really, really wrong - usually you save important speakers for last - and there being enough people in the *crowd* who had enough unconscious racism to not understand why there were certain speakers you don't chant over.

I didn't see a single misspelled sign! I heard a rumor that there was one near us while we were marching, but I can't vouch personally, every one I saw personally had correct spelling. And I saw a LOT of signs. It was amazing.

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