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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2017-04-18 08:00 pm

FMK: Break

OK, there will not be an FMK poll this week, I way way behind on reading (Still only about halfway through Snow Queen) and need a catch-up week.

I blame a) the weather being nice enough that I'm working outside, b) the two holiday weekends eating up my usual reading time, c) the fact that I did something painful to my shoulder and have been sleeping like crap as a result, and d) the cats, for being both cute and extremely manipulative.

We will be back next week, I promise! And hopefully there will be three response posts this week to catch me up.

Here is a filler poll to fulfill my need to obsessively watch poll responses once a week!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 56

When I answer a poll, I:

View Answers

Fill out the poll, then check the comments
32 (58.2%)

Check the comments, then fill out the poll
5 (9.1%)

Fill out the poll, then check the comments, then possibly go back and change my poll answers
15 (27.3%)

I never read the comments, don't you know the rules of the internet
1 (1.8%)

I never fill out polls, what is this weird circly thing and why isn't it bringing me cake
2 (3.6%)

Pardon me, I didn't hear that?

In fandom news, I kind of had to drop out of Check Please! really suddenly because I needed something way more escapist than that for awhile, and also the last thing I posted got jossed basically immediately and I remembered why I hate open canons. But I have been starting to catch up lately. Last night I dreamed that Prince Eric the Fair had sworn never to marry anyone except the person who could out-skate him, and somehow nobody on AO3 has yet written that particular AU, so now I've been forced to spend all day daydreaming out it. Also there is a book on the display at our library called "Shifty's War" and my coworker misreads the title every time and then brings it to me and tells me we need a Check Please WWII AU, so somebody get on the Tragic Gay WWII Fighter Pilots AU pls, or at least draw me the art.

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