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March 1st, 2006 07:59 pm - your moment of zen
Well, so far the Lenten fast is going well. I kept the laptop closed during all three classes today. I also drew a Sierpinski gasket with a fractal dimension of seven, and calculated Pascal's Triangle to the eleventh level in base 36, and read two more chapters of "A History of Playing Cards."

I am *fascinated* by the dribble that book is letting out about the midieval cartier's trade. Apparently the making of playing cards was a major industry in some Rennaissance cities, enough that there were cartier's guilds and lots of disputes about imports and exports - which makes sense, because playing cards must have been one of the first cheaply mass-produced luxury items - in many countries, the making of playing cards was the first economically important use of printing techonology. And apparently women were very important workers in the trade, from the beginning. I desperately want an excuse to learn more about this, and possibly write a story on it.

In other news, I want to talk about Boston Legal some more. I know very few (if any) of the people on my flist who like slashy TV are watching Boston Legal. I just want to know *why* they aren't.

This is the fandom that my sister pimped me into by telling me "Captain Kirk and Daniel Jackson are sleeping together. *Canonically*." (Which was true.) If you're watching House or Smallville or SGA and saying "My god, are they really that gay?" - no, they aren't. Denny Crane and Alan Shore are. There's the sleeping together, and the slow dancing, and the suggestive cigar smoking, and the *constant* heavy flirting, and the pre-wedding jitters, and the frequent promises that they'll be there for each other no matter what, and no girlfriend will interfere, and the longing gazes - and that's just in the half-dozen episodes I've actually seen. I'll bet a sawbuck that it's even gayer than The Sentinel.

So, anyway, here's the BL gay marriage story that I fear I am never going to see, unless the fandom grows exponentially (as it really should):

This is the story I told myself to go to sleep by last night. )

It would be titled "It's Legal in Boston!". Or something like that. *g* The thing is? This could be an episode of the show! Seriously! It's all one-hundred-percent in character, and fits with the tone of an average episode, and they've done storylines nearly this controversial before. The only reason I can think of that they *wouldn't* do it is if they think that resolving the sexual tension between the romantic leads would be a bad thing, which after my XF experiences I can sympathize with. On the other hand, apparently there are rampant rumors that Denny Crane is going to get a boyfriend later this season, which breaks my brain. If that's true it had better be Alan. Or lead into Alan/Denny. Would this be the first m/m slash 'ship to go canon? (Not counting Spike/Angel, which was too coy to count as true canon in my book. q:)

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