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interrobang studios
August 8th, 2013 01:38 am - Meme via tumblr
Okay, I hardly ever meme, but I need something to re-awaken my fanfiction organs, I think, so here, ask me about the one that's going around tumblr right now. (Not posting to tumblr because trying to do this sort of thing in tumblr posts is terrible in all ways.)

Put a ship in my ask a comment and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following scenarios would go down for them:

Okay, requests closed, sorry, I've wasted too much time on this already. :P
  • Fake dating

  • Bodyswap 

  • Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it

  • Dark!fic

  • Secret kinks

  • Their first kiss

  • Meeting the parents

  • Moving in together

  • A crossover of my choice

  • An au of my choice

  • If you like, another trope/scenario of your choice

...any ship, but depending on what ship you ask for, you may get what you deserve.

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July 29th, 2013 11:44 pm - This probably tells you all you need to know about what I've been doing with my time lately
The Liberation of Night Vale (5080 words) by melannen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale, Les Misérables - All Media Types, Arm Joe
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Cecil/Carlos
Characters: Cecil (Welcome to Night Vale), Carlos (Welcome to Night Vale), Combeferre (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Jean Valjean, Grantaire (Les Misérables), Enjorlas (Arm Joe), Trish Hidge
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Reincarnation, revolutionary rhetoric, The Dog Park, Cecil's Radio Show, embedded music, Crossover, character fusion, Friendship, Chief Guide Center, I'm the one who'd have to wrangle it so I'll be good and not tag this E/C/C even though I want to, Unreliable Narrator, Local Politics
Series: Part 5 of Les Mis Crossovers That Should Not Be

Carlos's friend, who may or may not in fact be an angel, moves to Night Vale, and things start to get strange in a new and different way, even for Night Vale.

It's officially Part Five in the "Les Mis Crossovers That Should Not Be" series! Strong emphasis on the "Should Not Be" this time. Also possibly only makes sense to me, because the Unreliable Narrator and Dramatic Irony and Significant References are strong with this one.

(Also the story originally planned as the fifth crossover is still sitting there 2/3 finished. I should probably do something about that.)

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June 17th, 2013 11:50 am - Yet another post where I haven't been on this journal because I've been everywhere else instead
1. BOOK GIVEAWAY: This is your absolute last chance to claim any of the books I'm giving away, in the Great Book Giveaway. I'm going to pack them up tonight and mail them out as soon as I can. (I know I said your absolute last chance was a week ago, but we ended up not donating them where we thought we would, so I still have them hanging around, and you're still very welcome to claim.)

However! To mail them to you I need an address. So if you want your books I still need mailing addresses or other arrangements for:

[personal profile] the_rck
[personal profile] marginaliana
[personal profile] dizmo
[profile] greybard
[personal profile] zana16
[personal profile] coyotegestalt

PM'ing your address to me is fine; alternatively, if you are local to DC/Baltimore or Chicago, we can make arrangements to meet up, but, uh, you should PM me to propose the place and time because I am terrible at arranging these things. ('[personal profile] melannen's place just to hand them off, give me *your* address', is fine as arrangements, although if you do that you might be forced to sit on the screen porch and talk for awhile, and also while it's just barely *possible* to get here by MD public transit, it is not exactly easy. Where I will be in Chicago you can get to by el train, though.)

2. I posted a tagwrangling-related post to asexual_fandom the other day, about the relationship tags we get that are midway between / and &, because I wanted to see where other people saw the dividing line between the two symbols. You are all invited to fill it out, and pass on the link if you want!

Putting Relationships Into Binary Boxes

...since posting that I have also acquired a 'ship tag for "A/B/C Platonic Power Trio". ohfandom.

3. Also [community profile] sutcliff_swap went live! uh, about a week ago, oops. I actually participated it in this year, which means that after about fifteen years as a Sucliff fan I've finally written fic for it!

My story was For My Song's Sake, written for Carmarthen, based on The Shining Company which was based on Y Goddoddin.

The story I got was The Emperor's Bodyguard, based on Frontier Wolf, and it was everything I could have wanted - Julius Gavros, minor-character Third Ordo officers, Hilarion Leaning On Things, and Roman ruins being reinhabited.

I am alas being terribly dilatory about leaving proper feedback for this fest but every story I've read in it so far was good and if you're into Sutcliff you should check 'em out.

For My Song's Sake (1372 words) by melannen
Fandom: The Shining Company - Rosemary Sutcliff
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Prosper (Shining Company), Cynan Mac Clydno

Patterns don't always turn out the way one expects them to.

Not the Emperor's Bodyguard (1598 words) by bunn
Fandom: Frontier Wolf - Rosemary Sutcliff
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Julius Gavros, Hilarion (Frontier Wolf), Vedrix (Frontier Wolf)
Additional Tags: Roman Britain, romans, sutcliff_swap 2013

Julius Gavros arrives at Castellum in charge of the Third Ordo Frontier Wolves. It's not really the job that he'd hoped for...

4. I've also reposted the three Les Mis crossovers I posted a couple months ago to AO3, and also added a fourth, which is a repost of a kinkmeme fill: a Homestuck crossover based almost entirely on the update where Rose is drunk and rambling about that awesome guy who led the antimonarchist revolt. They're all in the series Les Mis Crossovers That Should Not Be. Hopefully #5 will be up soon, I just have to sit down and finish writing the thing out. (I'd better do it soon; I just finished Book #2 of the Brick and if I get to the Amis part before I finish it, it'll no longer count as a Fic Written Without Actually Knowing Canon, alas.) (I also have three more of these half-finished on my hard drive, and I reserve the right to add chapters to any of those, because: me/crossovers OTP, so that series may or may not keep growing...)

Les Mis Crossovers That Should Not Be

5. And finally: Growstuff has pictures now! If you go to my growstuff account you can see pictures of my sad attempt at keeping a vegetable garden as well my pre-existing sad attempt at a garden journal!

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May 26th, 2013 12:00 am - Discworld fic!
So, like, months ago, [personal profile] carmarthen was talking about shaving kink and how people should write it, and I was reading Night Watch at the time, and I realized I had basically been waiting to write Vimes/Vetinari shaving fic all my life.

So. Uh. Have some Vimes/Vetinari for the Twenty-Fifth of May! (I totally had a minute left to go when I posted it.)

Honed (3040 words) by melannen
Fandom: Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Havelock Vetinari/Samuel Vimes
Additional Tags: Unresolved Tension, Shaving, straight razor, Trust Issues, Mind Games, it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you

There are very few people Samuel Vimes is willing to trust with a blade at his throat. Havelock Vetinari's list is even shorter.

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May 20th, 2013 04:40 pm
1. Minor thirdhand spoiler from ST:ID )

Here is new favorite gif to give you some spoiler space:

a giant tribble is sitting in Kirk's captain's chair. It breathes.

2. I posted a fic!

Hand In Hand (1595 words) by melannen
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Canonical Character Deaths
Relationships: Cosette Fauchelevent/Marius Pontmercy
Characters: Cosette Fauchelevent, Marius Pontmercy, Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Prehistoric, Empty Chairs, Cave Paintings, Post Barricade, Caves, France (Country), Painting, Memories
Summary: In the south of France, a group of young men once came together to teach, to learn, and to fight for the rights of all humankind.

...I am told it makes people cry, so, uh, be warned? (all of the fic I want to write in this fandom right now is about all of Marius's friends being dead, don't ask me why.)

3. Speaking of, there is now a general, everybody-welcome Les Misérables community on DW so we don't have to keep trying to have serious discussions on Tumblr:

[community profile] les_miserables

If you are even peripherally in Les Mis fandom, come join! Come play! My current plan is to keep posting stuff about Waterloo there until other people start posting just to stop the pain. :P

4. Reminder that the Books and Comics giveaway is still active. If we have ever had any interactions in person or on the internet you count as someone I know.

(Oh btw, if you claim any books: can you PM or email me a functional mailing address? I kind of forgot I would need that when I made the original post.)

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January 15th, 2013 11:12 am - A Game
1. RE: current events in Homestuck:

So "all ships are canon" + "shipping is cancelled for 2013" + trickster mode = 36-person group marriage, y/y/mfy? :D

2. Speaking of how all stories with romance in them should end with BIG GROUP MARRIAGE, Diane Duane tumbled about the canon YW/ST crossover, and now her fandom has suddenly realized OH HEY YW CROSSOVERS! They are all canon! :D

So let's play a game that I play sometimes in my head:

1. Pick one of your current fandoms.
2. Decide which characters in it are Wizards and/or carriers for Powers.
3. Profit!

Here's mine. Come argue about them with me in the comments! (Or post your own!)

Homestuck )

Frontier Wolf )

MCU Avengers )

The Thick of It )

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October 22nd, 2012 06:29 pm - Things To Do While Not Watching The Debate
The last few nights before bed, I've been watching The Thick Of It (starting with S1 - I'm now caught up through the specials). This was a show I've been aware of in a vague sense since it started, but especially (obviously) when I was active in British Politics RPF fandom. I drifted out of that fandom about the time that the new government stopped being an exciting story and started clearly being about screwing over the young, old, poor and disabled.

But then [personal profile] thatyourefuse started watching it and posting about it, and that means it almost certainly has interesting female characters and powerplay, and apparently what I really needed now was a political fandom I could enjoy that had no real-world stakes, and being a BBC show this one has a much less intimidating amount of canon than West Wing, so I started watching.

For the record: watching this before bed every night is possibly not a great idea. :P

Some Things about The Thick of It s1 + specials )

For the past month or more my fandom activity has been: watching QI and HIGNFY and listening to the Bugle and The News Quiz; attempting to work on my Avengers polybigbang fic and other fics in that universe; attempting to finish one of my Community fics; poking at last year's yuletide (which I am going to post more of this year! I swear!) and related canon; keeping up with a couple of webcomics; watching The Thick Of It; and, when I just want braincandy, reading Teen Wolf slash.

I have no desire to watch Teen Wolf canon, though. It's partly because it's clear this is one of those fandoms that exists to spite canon, but let's be honest, it's at least partly because Derek and Stiles both have epically terrible hair.

I think NaNo is going to be werewolves this year, though. Just because (and because I have nine different things in my wips file that involve wolves, coyotes or werewolves in some way, for some reason.)

...no, I am not going to write a Thick Of It werewolf AU, stoppit.

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April 8th, 2012 08:27 pm - Ashes
So those of you who aren't fans of Homestuck but have carried on reading this journal regardless may not have picked up on this yet, but one of the reasons I love Homestuck fandom so much is that it has a completely different concept of romantic relationships than any other fandom I've been in. In Homestuck canon, "romance" does not mean "two people of the same (or opposite, if not slash) gender fall in love, have sex, and commit to be in a relationship only with each other." While there are some other SF fandoms where the canon has an opening for this kind of thing, Homestuck is the first one I've encountered where the majority of the active fandom seems to have really embraced the possibilities instead of falling back on standard monogamy.

And I don't just mean the fact that at least two-thirds of the main characters come from cultures where homosexuality "isn't even a thing" - where a few of them have an expressed preference for partners of one gender, a few of them have an expressed preference for partners of another, but it isn't the most important thing about them, and the vast majority of the characters simply don't care.

It's the fact that in Homestuck fandom, "romance" can mean a lot of different things. There is sexual romance and non-sexual romance, romance based on hate, and romance based on compassion, and romance based on necessity, and romance based on lust; romances of two people and romances of three people; romances that fit the normal human ideas and romances that are compromises between people who have different needs and preconceptions; and romances that transcend all definition. And it is ordinary and expected that everybody will be in several romantic relationships of different types, with different people, at the same time. And if you start having romantic tension with somebody, the first step is flailing around about exactly what kind of romantic attraction you have for them and if it matches the kind they're feeling. And all of these forms of relationships have 'romantic' and 'platonic' versions, and people actually remember to specify which one it is.

And Homestuck accepts this as how you do romance. It understands that romance is not a simple concept that only means one thing. And in Homestuck fandom, a 'ship in which the partners have sex and stare dreamily into each other's eyes is given exactly the same status and consideration as a 'ship in which the partners gag at the idea of sexual contact with each other, but make sure they get enough to eat and sleep and cry on each other's shoulders and die at each other's side. And it is perfectly okay to 'ship a character the first way with one person and the second way with another person, and it doesn't mean either 'ship is 'less important'. (And in fact the two most-beloved canon ships in all Homestuck are the non-sexual kind.)

And Homestuck fandom has a whole, vibrant, functional vocabulary for talking about all these things; and forget about / vs. & - Homestuck fic hearders regularly use six different pairing delimiters. People write black flirting and pale porn and ashen infidelity and flushed cuddling and everybody knows exactly what all of those things mean. And the terms work, and people accept them instead of arguing about them, and talk about all of this stuff (and write it in fic) in a nuanced way, and none of the terms make me cringe and want to page away. (okay people's attempts at spelling them yes, the terms themselves no.) Basically, Homestuck fandom on romance is what the asexual community wishes it was. And they do most of this on Tumblr.

(Or possibly it's just what I wish the asexual community was. Can we please appropriate 'moirail' and stop using the terms 'zucchini' and 'queerplatonic' and so on? Please?)

Anyway, all of the above is to say that I've written ashen pwp. Or possibly "have been writing it", since I put up the first one on [community profile] bucketlist a few weeks ago and then just finished the second one last night. They're up on AO3 now, so here are the links:

Intercession (1702 words) by [archiveofourown.org profile] melannen
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: The Handmaid ♣ The Grand Highblood ♣ The Sufferer

The Sufferer is the Auspistice of the World, for his cloak is Ashen, and he standeth amon9st us, and sayeth, Peace. 6y which he meaneth, shut the fuck up, for I am Sick of dealin9 with your Shit.

--2nd Testament of the Disciple, 4:13

(for a kinkmeme prompt wanting anything involving the Grand Highblood and another (or more) of the ancestors that's either ashen or black. Given the choice, I obviously had to figure out who I shipped him ashen with! And now this is my favorite ancestor ship of all.)

Passion (4089 words) by [archiveofourown.org profile] melannen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: The Handmaid ♣ The Grand Highblood ♣ The Sufferer, Darkleer/The Handmaid, Darkleer ♦ The Disciple

You cock your head, pretending to think this over. And then you lean over the table, your face bare inches from hers. "Nah," you say. "I DECLINE THE HONOR. Bright fuck-off scarlet DON'T ALL UP AND MATCH MY DECORATING SCHEME."

(Or, the Ancestors do Easter.)

Because once I had the Sufferer and the Grand Highblood and the Handmaid in a quadrant together, I couldn't not do the Sufferer's version of the Passion story. (Which, uh, it's an Easter fic, it's not spoilers to warn that the Sufferer dies, right? No graphic torture or death scenes though. Also I think despite writing a fic based around the Passion story, I only made one bingo on all those cards I wrote up last entry, and that one uses a free space. This story pokes at entirely different kinks than the version with Human Sufferer in it.)

And now that that's written and posted, maybe I can actually concentrate on some other creative project now. Any other creative project! That wasn't even the Easter fic I was supposed to be writing.

---also, while I am here, I want to whine about the fact that various male relations are allowed to get online during the family Easter dinner, so that they can check on their fantasy baseball teams, and not only that they put the game on, and nobody says anything about it, but I'm can't check to see if the new fic I posted to AO3 has any new comments, because it's a family dinner. It's not that I want to be able to check AO3 instead of playing with younger cousins, it's just, dude, if fantasy baseball is more important than your kids' Easter, why are you even here? And why do they let you get away with that?

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February 16th, 2012 04:33 pm - Psychic Wolves!
The Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia stories are up!

There are about 23 stories in 22 fandoms, and they are all good, and almost all small fandoms, interestingly - I think my story and the Star Trek one are the largest fandoms in the fest. The only duplication is two Eagle stories, but c'mon, when you've got a canon wolf cub... there's also an amazingly amazing Frontier Wolf story (have I mentioned recently how much I love that Sutcliff's Roman Britain has a fandom now? And that it has the soulbonded wolves it's always cried out for?)

Anyway, here's mine:
The Proper Study of Wolfkind by [personal profile] melannen
Length: 4763 words, 3/3 chapters (for now)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Notes: I really really wanted to be able to tag this Watson⋄Holmes, Holmes♣Watson♣OWC, which probably says all sorts of bad things about me. You give me a challenge which comes down to "psychic soulbonds make them have sex" and I write a story where psychic soulbonds make them not have sex. Also, this follows canon pretty closely (with the addition of Watson's soulbonded psychic she-wolf, obviously) including a fair amount of direct quotations. The three chapters up occur during STUD, SIGN, and SCAN; I have chapters outlined for alternate HOUN, FINA and EMPT (which really covers all the essential Holmes & Watson canon) but may or may not ever write them.

Summary: Often, strangers would look at me, with my cane and my wolfsister, and either understand nothing about us at all, or think they understood far too much. The young man with the test tube only shook my hand, with a strength I should hardly have credited him, and said, "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive."

...Should I mention how deeply saddened I am that none of the proposed BBC Sherlock + soulbonded wolves stories came through? I mean I figured my story would be buried under at least three modern-day AUs. It really is odd how heavy on small fandoms the collection currently is. Awesome, but odd!

(I have another soulbonded wolves story about 1500 words in, all written in the last three days since I suddenly found myself hijacked by my latest fannish enthusiasm. We'll see if that one gets finished, either. I'll just mention that I may possibly be the only person who has re-written the 1929 Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War to take into account soulbonded wolves.)

ETA: Also, if you read the SH story when it first went up on the Archive, I added another chapter of ~2000 words after it went up last night, so it comes to a bit more of a conclusion now.

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February 7th, 2012 01:05 am - Four things that I'm just going to blame on Homestuck (and one I'm not)
1. So I thought, hey, if I'm going to try to write about Dave Strider, I should attempt to learn at least a little bit about the art of the turntable.

DJing has fascinated me ever since I realized what it involved. I mean, I don't think I've ever been to a live event that actually had a DJ who used turntables, because I have always been about as far as one can get from being a coolkid, but I love the beats and the samples, and I love the whole make-do-with-what-you've-got flamboyant analog tactile remixy transformative goodness of it. My dad was a fan of early electronic music, too, so I know & love a bunch of early synthesizer and tape-splicing stuff. Somewhere on the web there's even an ancient attempt by me at a Harry Potter Mary Sue who uses electronica for her magic, and timetables are basically the most brilliant gimmick for time travel ever.

But. )

2. Also I wrote this thing, and the only real explanation I have is that the internet rots one's brain.

Under the cut, find the unedited version of Charlie Brooker's hypothetical review of the hottest new game of the year, Sburb.

Note: Charlie Brooker did not write this. I wrote this, after overdosing on Homestuck fanfic and internet video game reviews. All I know about Charlie Brooker is the persona he uses in his writing and public appearances.

I think we may have finally reached the limit of Open World games. )


ETA: AO3 link

3. Among numerous other bad habits Homestuck fandom is in the process of giving me is the temptation to write stories around fanart/fanart around stories/weird text/fanart hybrids that are satisfying as neither. And yet, in a fandom which is all about the graphics, it's surprisingly hard to find good graphics resources. I mean, yes, if you want HTML color codes for things, they're everywhere, and templates for making fan characters, sure. But anything else? It must all be hidden somewhere that I can't find it.

...which is just to say does anybody know the name of the fancy font that got used for things like introducing the names of the lands? I need it. For reasons.

4. I have here 2500 words and counting of lesbian xeno threesome porn for the [community profile] kink_bingo Write all of the kinks. All of them February mini-challenge, and it is by far the dirtiest thing I have considered posting non-anon in years. I was actually debating whether I dared post it non-anon, and then I realized that wait, I already have a NC-17 story associated with this username that features 14-year-old girls and bloodplay, and it's actually far more perverse than the Homestuck one, so it is kind of pointless to pretend to be bashful...

(I am so conflicted when it comes to troll dialogue! When I punctuate it properly it sounds out-of-voice. When I carry over the quirk punctuation to prose dialogue it looks incredibly annoying. alas for trolly webcomics and attempting to take them seriously.)

5. I'm still not watching Con Air, though. There are limits okay.

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January 6th, 2012 09:14 pm - Statistics! Statistics.
Because sometimes a girl just has to get her spreadsheets out on a Friday night.

In 2011, I:

Added 418 items to my LibraryThing catalog;
of which 289 were new acquisitions;
acquired from at least 25 different sources;
and completely failed to track my reading (but it was a lot fewer books than 289.)

Went yard sailing on 14 Saturdays between March and November;
bought things at 29 separate sales;
spent $150 almost exactly (assuming my spreadsheet is finally right);
on 220 separate items;
for an average cost per item of 68¢ (this is why I say my standard of pricing is very, very off)
of which 140 were books, at an average price of 50¢ (this is why ebooks are not yet in my price range);
with an average total spent per sale of $5.17;
had a ridiculous amount of fun making the spreadsheet.

Posted 23 complete works to AO3;
With a mean/median word count of 3533/1729;
Including about 35 different fandoms;
With a mean/median feedback ratio ((kudos+comments+bookmarks)/hits) of 7%/6%;
With two stories over 10,000 words (for the first time ever!)

Worked on 35 distinct fanfic stories (plus Nano, several long bits of not!fic, some original fic, lots of journal entries, and some fragments too short to be separately counted);
for a total of 164,658 fannish words written;
of which 31 stories were posted, somewhere;
26 stories are complete, 4 are unposted works in progress, and 5 are languishing as WIPs on some kinkmeme somewhere.
4790 of those words are het; 14246 are slash or femslash; 9825 are gen; and 88924 are things I don't feel confident about putting in any one of those categories.
14 are crossovers; 6 are on the borderline of being crossovers; 15 are not crossovers;
which allows for me to have written 30 fandoms this year (I count fandoms differently from AO3.)
19 of the posted stories, and 79,000 of the words, were originally posted anonymously.
The average length of a story, finished or not, is 4207/1991 (mean/median) words; the mean length of a finished story is 3053 words; of an anon meme wip is 5277 words.

And there is much more data to be mined from the spreadsheets. What else would you like to know? :D

ETA: OMG, we took down the holiday decorations today, and the Three Wise Men left a ridiculous amount of cash in my stocking last night. :O We need to stop Mom from learning about other Christmas traditions, it's dangerous. I guess that's my 2012 yard sailing money.

And while I'm at it, might as well post, this year for Christmas I got: )

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January 5th, 2012 09:33 pm - Sherlock
Oh, did I mention that I was forced to watch all of BBC Sherlock this week? It was not bad, as Holmes adaptations go, and the acting/production values were pretty good, and the characters are great, but somehow I am no more enthralled by it than I was just by way of the fic.

Basically, I think, if you want to sell me on a series that is supposed to be about the solving of puzzles, you need to be better than that at writing puzzles... (I am told that thinking about the cases is missing the point and I should be looking at the pretty people, but, dammit, the cases would be interesting! If they weren't shot through with massive plotholes and total impossibilities.)

Five things about Scandal in Belgravia )

My reaction to the rest of the series )

Reactions to the series as a whole ) and I come full circle right back to where I started in July 2010, when I first heard about the BBC doing an updated Holmes.

...or wash up on [personal profile] verity's Madelyn Mack AU.

And on that note, I think I'm done being in BBC Sherlock fandom now.* Three days was long enough! :P Off to read the other Madelyn story from Yuletide. Or maybe some Phryne Fisher.

*except for the rest of those werewolf AUs that [personal profile] lindentreeisle linked me, of course. I do need to do research for my Night in the Lonesome October fic, after all.

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November 17th, 2011 05:45 pm - I have an actual angstbunny of my very own now!
So I wrote more Avengers movieverse fic the other day.

(It's like I'm a fanfiction writer or something all of a sudden! I have no idea.)

Anyway, the original was for one of [personal profile] synecdochic's prompts at the Oh My God We Need Some Porn In Here Stat Porn Meme (which is still going if you still feel the need!) but I then I cleaned it up some and posted to AO3, so here's the official post in my journal just to complete the series.

It's been posted to AO3 for just about 24 hours now, and it already has way more kudos than any other story I have ever posted on the archive! Oh, so that's why people write in the super mega slash fandoms! I've never managed to do it before, I hadn't realized. (And aww, Steve/Tony fandom, all grown up! I remember when it was just the only way to get more [personal profile] elspethdixon h/c on days when I needed that.)

(Also this whole thing is teaching me so much about how much tags really matter in the AO3. In small fandoms I guess they don't matter as much because most people who check the archive check the whole fandom, but in Avengers a) there must be a lot of people who only check Steve/Tony and nothing else, because when I put 'Potstickers' in with no pairing tag, it was getting way less hits than any other Avengers fic posted the same time, but then I decided to do an experiment and added the pairing tag for UST and boom, suddenly more kudos!

Also I hadn't realize how much of a mess the tagging system was for fandoms like Avengers movieverse. Behind the scenes as a wrangler, I mean, it's complicated, but it seems to make sense, but from a non-wrangler perspective it's a freaking mess: the accepted wrangler umbrella canonical for the universe is 'Marvel Avengers Movies Universe', so I've just been using that one and it works great for finding fic, and then I realized: if you're not a wrangler there's no way in hell you'd know that tag even exists: for example, looking for 'Avengers Movie' fic does not bring up all fic tagged with the umbrella canonical, and people looking for that tag wouldn't realize there was a broader umbrella tag to look at. Which is the best way we can do it under the current system, but oh man, the current system is freaking terrible.

Oh, I just realized I never linked to the Potstickers journal post to the Potstickers AO3 post. Uh. The link's there now, if you were were waiting for it to show up?)

Anyway, actual fic post time now:

Title: Safeword
Pairings: Tony/Steve, Tony/Steve/JARVIS, Tony/Pepper, Tony/assorted others
Fandom: Avengers movieverse
Notes: ~5700 words, Tony/Steve, Tony/Steve/JARVIS, Tony/Pepper, Tony/being promiscuous. Read the summary, and may that serve as a warning! Also it isn't nearly as porny as it should be. But it does have a tooth-rottingly sweet ending, I promise.

Summary: Tony Stark doesn't need to be safe, sane, and consensual. He has JARVIS instead. (Then he gets Steve.)
Links: Originally posted for a prompt at the Oh My God We Need Porn Here Stat Porn Meme.
On AO3: Safeword
On my DW:

JARVIS had only been fully activated for a few weeks the first time Tony told him,  )

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November 13th, 2011 04:41 pm - More Avengers fic?
Here is something that is fandomy, yet has nothing whatsoever to do with AO3 or OTW. You're welcome.

(No, I don't know where all this is coming from. ... well, yes I do, it's coming from my desperate need to not work on NaNo, I just don't know why Avengers of all the possible things.)

Title: Of Phil, Son of Coul
Fandom: Avengers movieverse x Welsh mythology
Content: 1700 words, gen, slightly cracky, no warnings
Notes: Every time somebody has Thor use the phrase "Son of Coul" I think of this, so now maybe you will too. :P
Summary: The Avengers are fighting a giant pussycat in Battery Park. Then it gets weirder. )


Endnotes )

(on AO3)

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November 11th, 2011 09:56 pm - America this is quite serious
Have something Steve/Tony-ish for Armistice Day. :D

Granted it somehow manages to be Steve/Tony without touching on military issues at all, but in my defense the story I started solely so I could have Christine Everhart use the headline "America Getting Screwed By Military-Industrial Complex" is turning out a lot more complicated that it was supposed to be.

So, um, Captain America fandom, like White Collar fandom and a few others, is a fandom that makes me want to make art. Unlike in White Collar fandom, though, I don't have to match the skill of a once-in-a-century artistic genius, I only have to be able to kind of pass as a very out-of-practice, out-of-date and never fully trained illustrator, which is slightly more doable.

Which is only to say that I keep starting fanart pieces which I end up signing with 'S.Rogers' instead of my initials...

The art under the cut is actually meant to go with the aforementioned fic (than I am totally not writing, because I am working hard on NaNo, yes) with Everhart and the snarky headlines, but really, it could be an illustration for any of probably a dozen Avengers movieverse fics (you know who you are.) And as I was working on it I came up with a deleted-scene bit that covers the creation of the art itself, and since I know fandom well enough to know that a picture plus 1000 words gets lots more feedback than just a picture, you get fanart and fluffy ficlet, yay.

Art: Still Life with Potstickers and Welding Torch, or, Tony Stark at Rest, by Steve Rogers, 2011

Digital painting, 850x1000, worksafe, w/description )

Fic: Still Life With Potstickers and Welding Torch
Fandom: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Movieverse
Notes: fluff, slashy gen, ~1200 words
Summary: Steve is picking up 21st Century art techniques quickly. Tony is impressed. Pepper is amused.
At AO3: Still Life with Potstickers and Welding Torch

So much in this new century is different, but somehow what hits Steve particularly hard is the art. )

...I like Dutch masters, okay? Maybe someday I'll be good enough to do Darwin's Proof Table over that De la Tour Magdelene.

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September 15th, 2011 07:47 pm - AO3 update
So I went ahead did an AO3 dump of the stuff that is both finished and archive-worthy from Round 3 of the Dresden Files kink meme, with six more works. The two boy wizards named Harry are now tied for most stories on my AO3 account! (also I now have exactly 69 stories up, snicker.) Looking at these in a set: wow, I appeared to be working through all sorts of standard slash tropes. Also: a lot more Marcone-heavy than I thought at the time.

Title: Mu
Summary: A monk asked Jõshû, "Has a dog the Buddha Nature?"
Words: 1,297
Notes: For a prompt in which Mouse gets turned into a human. Obviously my first thought was that Mouse and Hendricks would be a matched set! So this is Mouse and Hendricks being a matched set (possibly will eventually get used for kink_bingo, despite being aggressively gen: also quotes Barrayar and Eagle of the Ninth on the subject of hounds.)

Title: The Ballad of Lord John and Lord Harry
Summary: This is some fragmentary pieces of a traditional ballad recorded a century or so ago on the fringes of the Chicagolands. It's clearly related to the myth cycle called "the Matter of Chicago", but it seems to carry the relationship in a different direction, and may be based on different source material, including bits incorporated from unrelated traditional ballads.
Words: 1,847
Notes: Somebody asked for a Robin Hood AU with John as Robin and Harry as Marion. So of course I went and looked up the Robin Hood Child Ballads. And then started re-writing all the Harry/John scenes from the books in medieval ballad meter. La. (I still kind of what to continue this - at least until I get to the Dead Beat section, which is of course in Norse alliterative verse. As is the Changes section.)

Title: On the East Wind
Summary: Harry Dresden has no idea what he's getting into when he decides to save two little girls who live in a house that belongs to Gentleman Johnny Marcone.
Words: 5,162
Notes: Somebody wanted a classic nanny AU, with Ivy and Amanda as Marcone's daughters. I think I ended up writing it, even though nanny!AU is pretty off track for the sort of thing I've been writing lately, mainly because a) I was tired of AUs where non-blood-related characters suddenly are, with no explanation (genetics doesn't work that way!) and b) I was tired of stories where Amanda wakes up from a decade in a coma and shows no long-term effects from her injury at all. So this has Ivy and Amanda as Marcone's foster kids, and an Amanda who is out of the coma but working with severe traumatic brain injury.

Title: Pray for us sinners
Summary: The great thing about ectoplasm is that, unlike blood, it never leaves stains.
Words: 1,590
Notes: This is me, writing blatant Harry/John hurt/comfort emoporn! Something else that's at bit off my usual track. Enjoy.

Title: Elements of Harmony
Summary: Baron Marcone's first impression of Princess Celestia's crack negotiating team was that they were very young.
Words: 1,553
Notes: Ah, random crossover crack. And now we're back to normal. Trivia note: the shortest Way from Chicago to Equestria starts in the treehouse in the Carpenters' yard.

Title: life's like this you
Summary: Cats, of course, don't have to deal with quadrants. Cats just find another cat they have feelings for, and go for it. I sometimes think cats are smarter than humans. "You know, Mister," I said, "I bet that if I lived in a world where us humans kept things as simple as you cats do, all of this would be a lot less complicated."
Words: 2,232
Notes: Yeah, the troll romance AU was me. I still think my version of Auspisticeship makes more sense. Also: hello Homestuck fandom! this story already has 4x the hits of any of the others in this set.

Anyway, I realized belatedly why it seemed like this was way more Marcone-heavy than I remembered: when I go through my DF-related wips, 6 out of the 10 have no Marcone in them at all, even as a minor character. So it's not that I only write Marcone stories; it's that I write short, silly Marcone stories, and everything else drags on forever unfinished. Bah.

(Summaries of the aforesaid WIPs, in three words or less, so I don't forget about any more of them: Harry's cowboy ex; Bob doms Harry; Harry you tease; shack, snowstorm, soulbond; glass slippers, incest; True Thomas; oh god why; Diefenbaker/Tera West OTP; Harry/Molly chastity play; old devil blues. Now I just need to do something about them. Oh, and finish reading Changes. Finally.)

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September 13th, 2011 06:02 pm - Crossover Fic: Storytelling & Blood
Okay, you guys said this counted as a fic, so I bribed myself to finish and post it. (Don't worry, though, I don't actually expect you to read it just because you said I should post it! It is still an incredibly self-indulgent story.)

Title: Storytelling & Blood
Fandom: Diane Duane's Young Wizards & Highlander:The Series
Length: ~4,000 words.
Summary: Ahriman is an avatar of the Lone Power. Richie Ryan is a young wizard on Ordeal. Methos is all too familiar with how that story ends.

Notes: This story is basically a re-interpretation of the end of the Highlander: The Series episode "Archangel" re-cast through the lens of the cosmology of "Young Wizards", and focusing on Methos and Joe, mostly because I like it a lot more that way. It contains a small amount of verbatim dialogue, and, yes, the canon character death from that episode.
Notes on the crossover )


Methos was finding it difficult to look at Richie Ryan across the cafe table.  )

So, I went back and looked, and the first time I talked about wanting to write this story was July, 2007, but I had clearly been pondering it for some time before that, which kind of gives me hope about all the other stories I've been meaning to write for years and years and years. (Also, I'm still not sure about some of the plot questions in that old entry! Feel free to offer your opinions.)

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July 15th, 2011 11:48 am - three-quarters
I have now finished (ETA: only the first half of. Oops.) S2 of the Ranma ½ anime. My response to [the first half of] S2: Too many Amazons, not enough Ryoga.

Instead, here is what would be the prologue to that Ranma/Ryoga/Akane poly/genderqueer OT3 fic of doom I was talking about in my last entry, if it actually existed or I actually had any chance at all of writing it.

Or I can claim it's a future-fic epilogue tag for the whole series, and then I don't need to write more of it! Yesss.

Lost and Found, 1500-ish words, warnings for the sort of things that happen in Ranma canon: mostly cartoon violence, references to stuff that would be domestic/child abuse if in the real world, gender issues.

Ryoga was lost. )

The end.

Also: I have Spotify now thanks to [personal profile] thedivinegoat! Spotify is awesome.

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May 8th, 2011 08:46 pm - Fire Working
Um. You know a while back, I mentioned I was working on a Tale of the Five/Dresden Files crossover? And then later said I wanted to post more about Tale of the Five? Well. I have about 4000 words of crossover fic, and it's kind of at a stopping point, and if I go past here, it seems to want to be an epic multi-part series, so I figured I'd just post what I have for now, in the interests of getting more Herewiss & Sunspark out there.

Also, regarding me posting more of this eventually (either the Herewiss story or the rest of the five not!Harry crossovers): note the epigraph. The epigraph is very profound.

Title: Fire Working
Fandoms: Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files & Diane Duane - Tale of the Five (Middle Kingdoms/Door series)
Summary: Herewiss goes through a Door that is probably not the Door into Starlight, and meets a man who uses the Fire.
Notes: ~4000 words, canon relationships, general audiences. This should be comprehensible for people who know only one of the two series (and possibly even for people who know neither) though I'd love to know where you got lost if you do. Will be posted to AO3 after 3W4DW.

I feel like I've been making backwards progress. )

(Here are some things that might or might not happen in continuations I may or may not write: Hope vs. HarrowHeart; experimental Sharing of souls [and other bits]; Bob saying, 'See? 1500 years and Sunspark's still a sore loser; you have to let me out for a rematch, boss;' Harry playing Ring of Fire on a lute; Uriel.)

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February 23rd, 2011 09:06 pm - my alot is named idek.
What the heck, am I actually writing?

(Also, what the heck am I actually writing?)

I'm just going to give in and do a progress bar, so I can stare at it in crogglement:
33146 / 75000 (44.19%)

...that's a little over 10,000 words since this time last week. Nearly all of that was on the same fic: folks, the anon fill-of-shame I am currently working on over on That Kink Meme is about to hit 10,000 words on its last part, which will make it the longest fic I have ever finished, by about twice again. Why must something like this happen with a fill-of-shame?

And while I'm at it, does anyone know a good way to get a Word Count option into the right-click context menu for .txt files in Windows XP? I swear I got it working once, but then I had to re-install windows, and I never made it work again. The issue is that all the simple wordcount programs I can find are command-line dos, and when windows explorer pulls up a DOS window from a context menu command, it won't keep it open long enough for me to read the freaking output. Help?


And now it is time for a fanart dump! Here is a dresdenfiles kink meme fill I de-anoned on already, so might as well post it here:

Margaret Dresden and Leanansidhe being hot, and a discussion of art and technique. )

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