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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2009-04-21 09:23 pm

This is your Leverage moment for today.

Smithsonian Magazine has a section called "The Image At Hand", where they publish a short article about an iconic historic photograph, usually a portrait, and print the photograph, frequently with full bleed. Since college, I've been tearing these out when they strike a chord with me, and putting them into an ever-changing collage in a poster frame in my bedroom.

(It currently features black-and-white photos of Winston Churchill, Zorah Neale Hurston, Charles Darwin, one of the the Cottingly Fairies shots, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and Ladybird Johnson dancing barefoot on the cabinet table.)

Anyway, this months had this picture of Bonnie Parker, of Bonnie & Clyde. Which I of course pulled out, for future rotation into the collage.

Only while it was laying on the table, I looked at it way to fast, and for a minute I thought it was Parker, not Bonnie Parker. Bonnie was storter, but other than that, she could totally pass for Parker!

Cool. Even though Bonnie was about as far as it's possible to get from "expert cat burglar".

(And then, of course, I ended up looking up Eliot Ness on wikipedia...)

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