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Re: Excellent!

FYI because I am like a programmed macro whenever anyone says Comcast -- if your only option is Comcast but you don't want to deal with Comcast, Comcast Business is a separate internal division that has different employees, different techs, an actual service level agreement, and a separate loop (you're still using the same hardware as everyone else but you're only pooled with other business customers, not all the residential customers in your neighborhood). It's usually more or less around half again as expensive ($40 vs $70 a month right now here with current promos for the basic package) so that isn't always an option for everybody, and they are usually a little baffled by "I am a freelancer working from home/a person using business services at home for the SLA and to avoid quite as much Comcast in my Comcast", but they don't actually require you to be a business. (They also get massive bonus points for being literally the only ISP I have ever called, said "hey, send me to your upper tier tech support, I need info on $foo" and they DID and the Tier 2 dude didn't mansplain me and was actually helpful.) I was seriously wary when Comcast turned out to be our only option here and wound up being completely converted.

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