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the sun and the moon and the stars ([personal profile] eleanorjane) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2018-09-15 03:05 pm (UTC)

This isn't something I'd ever contemplated as I'm not even sure you can get plans with no data here, and Australia doesn't have any region-specific mobile phone networks. (edit, because I meant to add before I posted: this is a very interesting list, and seeing how widespread the options are overseas gives me hope for here, too. :))

For the info of any travellers, a lot of the public wifi options you listed aren't options here.
* The big fast food chains, yes, major shopping malls yes (although they usually require you to accept a lot of third party tracking cookie bullshit), libraries often yes, and some municipal areas (e.g. the CBD of my city has free wifi, albeit very terrible).
* Eduroam yes (for universities; most if not all are on this, but you have to have a valid account identity from a participating institution).
* I'm honestly not sure about schools these days, but I suspect it's almost certainly student-only.
* But chain shops, doctors, government offices etc, transit, almost always not; coffee shops and eateries are probably about one in three.

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