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more sedoretu

So instead of an FMK review this week you get more talking about sedoretu (not the moiety post yet, that's coming. Probably.)

The opinions on the poll about bookmarking were interestingly split - pretty consistently 2-1 in favor of bookmarking, but the anti-bookmarking people seem to feel more strongly about it. I guess the only solution is for more people to start adding stuff to that collection so mine don't stand out as much!

I also finally read Another Story, or, a Fisherman of the Inland Sea, which is the first and longest of Le Guin's O stories. Or possibly I had already read it and then blocked it out. I am... not sure how I feel about it? It is definitely the most SF-based of them, with quantum physics and interplanetary travel and so on (and probably the most useful for people who want to think about sedoretu in the context of a much larger and more cosmopolitan society than we see in either "Mountain Ways" or "Unchosen Love".)

But. I like both "Mountain Ways" and "Unchosen Love" a lot better. The actual plot of the story seems to be "Hideo gets to have his cake and eat it too." Which is to say, he get to go off and see the galaxy and go to college and take part in universe-changing research and have a prsetigious career, and he also gets to go back in time and marry his childhood sweetheart while she's still young and pretty and inexperienced enough to love him and quietly raise a family with her on the farm. And meanwhile, the version of her that got to grow into herself without him and make her own life as something other than the mother of his kids is erased from existence and he never seems to even think he maybe should mourn that older version of her who was lost forever. Because the version of her that didn't marry him is better off erased from existence anyway, right?


It's an interesting metaphor for gender roles re: family and careers and dudes who never have to grow up and get over it, but unfortunately I don't think Le Guin realized that was what she was doing. (It actually reminds me a little bit of a practice run at Ged/Tenar in Tehanu except that Tenar knows that she can go and be the White Lady whenever she wants to and it's all her choice to be something else, and also they both know they will neither of them be able to want normal again even after Ged comes back. Whereas in the final timeline Hideo's love does not get to make any choices for herself and never even finds out that she had an alternate life where she was happy and fulfilled without Hideo.)

Anyway, I still really really like the worldbuilding!

I have managed to narrow it down to ten prompts in the Sedoretu fest that I probably *could* write. (As opposed to the ones I most want to see written, which includes many that I am definitely not the person to write.) They all have pros and cons, which I shall now ramble about here:

  1. The city is like a woman... and another woman who happens to also be a vampire... and a man by Anonymous
    Fandom: Discworld - Terry Pratchett
    Samuel Vimes, Havelock Vetinari, Sybil Ramkin, Lady Margolotta
    They do it For The City (and also Uberwald) XD

    • I was going to prompt this myself but then someone got in first

    • I already have a first line in my head

    • writing Ankh-Morpork fic is super fun

    • Cons:
    • I have absolutely no understanding of Margolotta whatsoever

    • I would probably have to finally read Snuff

  2. epilogue-compliant by AlexSeanchai (EllieMurasaki)
    Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
    Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Ginny Weasley Astoria Greengrass
    yes, I am ruining any possibility of Scorpius/Albus Severus here :P but come on you know this would be a fantastic sedoretu. for instance: what do Ginny and Astoria have in common?

    • "What do Ginny and Astoria have in common" very important question

    • Sedoretu solves the epilogue

    • Cons:
    • Would have to re-read last HP book, also finally read Cursed Child, to answer question.

    • Okay but I would want the fic to be all about how Slytherins are all about germane marriages and Weasleys and Muggles are NOT but OP does not seem to want germane marriages to be a thing at all?

  3. Gísla saga Súrssonar by Anonymous
    Fandom: Íslendingasögur | Sagas of Icelanders
    Gísla is already about the competing demands of different kinship ties: the sibling bonds, marriages, extramarital and premarital loves, bonds between in-laws, and blood-brotherhood. Talk about a canon where sedoretus fit REALLY WELL and make things EVEN MORE FUCKED UP--I would love to see any exploration of how adding sedoretu marriage and moiety kinship changes any of these relationships.

    • Iceland!

    • Canon is short and already on my to-read asap pile!

    • Could do it as Ki'O setting and not obsess more than I want to about Iceland!

    • Cons:
    • Get the impression OP has way more feelings about kinship in sagas than me

    • Have not actually read canon yet, only people talking about canon

    • Cannot remember saga genealogies five minutes after reading them

  4. actual Ki'O fic by Anonymous
    Fandom: LE GUIN Ursula K. - Works
    Fic for any of the canon Ki'O stories, not a crossover.

    • Could write fix-it for Another Story

    • Would be penance for all those people who look in the Le Guin tags and only find crossovers

    • Cons:
    • Do not actually know broader Hainish physics well enough to figure out how to make it work

    • Nobody actually cares about Ki'O

  5. My Friends Are Dead and Gone and that is Suddenly a Major Logistical Hurdle by Anonymous
    Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
    Marius Pontmercy Cosette Fauchelevent
    So, in a sedoretu-verse, I think Les Mis is exactly the same right up until the last act, when Marius and Cosette can't get married because NEITHER OF THEM KNOWS ANYONE WHO ISN'T DEAD or has the slightest idea how to make friends. And now I REALLY want the story of Jean Valjean, Most Socially Awkward Dad Ever, having to suddenly learn how to people in his sixties so he can find suitable partners for his awkward daughter and her awkward fiance.

    • ADORABLE, Valjean not dead

    • Cons:
    • But actually who is left? Even Theodule is the wrong moiety iirc. Would either have to make up OCs or have it be about Valjean using his Batman powers to pull all the not-actually-dead-because-reasons Amis out of hiding, which would also be adorable but also much longer

  6. We have come to sleep with you by Anonymous
    Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
    Marius Pontmercy Cosette Fauchelevent Courfeyrac (Les Misérables)
    Courfeyrac wants to marry Marius. Marius wants to marry Cosette. Cosette won't marry either of them until there's a proper fourth.

    • First scene already written, posted to tumblr

    • would like to write more of it

    • Cons:
    • Not sure if kosher to finish fic already started elsewhere?

    • Forgot what happens next (okay what happens next is Eponine and Courfeyrac circle each other extremely carefully for a couple days, and then everybody dies. Not sure how I was planning to write that, though.)

  7. pink by Anonymous
    Fandom: Nimona (Webcomic)
    Ballister Blackheart Ambrosius Goldenloin Meredith Blitzmeyer Nimona
    Knights don't get married, villians even less, so Ballister never expected to, even after the end. Then Meredith started dating a mysterious young woman - who turned out to have pink hair - and things got weird, fast.

    • We all love Gay Dads AU so it's kinda weird

    • Pros:
    • Okay but pretend you never heard of gay dads AU, remember that Nimona is very old and capable of making her own choices, and think about Nimona/Goldenloin trying to do an Evening marriage to make Ballister happy

  8. Rey/Finn/Poe/? by such_heights
    Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
    Poe Dameron Finn (Star Wars) Rey (Star Wars)
    Poe's grown up used to four-person marriages. Rey and Finn know nothing about moiety and don't really get why being a triad makes Poe twitchy sometimes.

    • Am writing it in my head as we speak

    • Can probably still get away (for now) with treating IV-VII as an isolated canon and ignoring all the paracanon

    • Cons:
    • Possibly OP did not want a story about how they obviously already have a fourth and it's BB8 and then the rest of the fic devolves into Artoo and Threepio as the Galaxy's Worst In-Laws

    • With occasional digressions into Yavin IV aka Classic Maya kinship structures and/or Droid Rights activism and/or astromech linguistics

  9. Ivan/By/Rish/Tej by Anonymous
    Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
    Ivan Vorpatril Tej Arqua Vorpatril Rish (Vorkosigan Saga) Byerly Vorrutyer
    So I want pretty much ALL the Vorkosigan sedoretus. For this one, I would love to see lots of wacky espionage hijinks.

    • I could fill out this notfic

    • finally someone else ships Rish/Tej poly, I want to encourage them

    • Cons:
    • Would have to re-read CVA at minimum

    • Still not sure if previously published stuff is ok

  10. the trials of alys vorpatril by Anonymous
    Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
    Alys Vorpatril Aral Vorkosigan Padma Vorpatril Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan
    Alys is determined that her marriage will not be the sort of disaster that gets endlessly circulated as a warning and a scandal, even if Padma insists for reasons surpassing understanding that it really ought to include Aral Vorkosigan, whose first marriage was both of those things. And then the events of Cordelia's Honor play out.

    • I ship it. A lot.

    • I know that part of canon well enough I probably wouldn't have to re-read much

    • Cons:
    • Am not sure Cordelia's Honor would actually be that different? TBH am more interested in how they arranged the thing in the first place and how Simon got married in later

    • And if I did the Simon version I would also have to do the "who are Laisa and Gregor going to marry" prompt since Alys' sedoretu rebuilding is predicated on that

...this is weirdly stressful compared to a prompt meme community where I can just blather on in comments without committing to anything until somebody else either writes the thing or I know exactly what I am doing
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I find myself extremely interested in Classic Maya kinship structure.
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[personal profile] alatefeline 2017-06-21 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
I want to reeeeeeaaaad allllll of theeeeese.

So I am NO HELP deciding.
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[personal profile] alexseanchai 2017-06-21 12:17 am (UTC)(link)
OP doesn't know what germane marriage is, so. Might go google find out when brain has quit with the not braining?

(am excite you are looking at one my prompts!)
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Yeah, I probably should have specified how new a story needs to be to count as new. I think stories started or notficced elsewhere should be fine, as long they weren't substantially finished.
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[personal profile] lannamichaels 2017-06-21 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
okay, fuck, I think I manage to eat my own comment somehow, but anyway, as the prompter of #1 and #6, I am totally cool with various changes to the prompts or various settings! am A+++ on board with continuing something already started (although obviously am not a mod). I also admit to not having the greatest grasp on Margolotta, although I'm suddenly really into the whole idea of exploring how a long-distance sedoretu works. Vetinari and Magolotta already play Discworld Chess by clacks, why not a relationship? ;)

(and feel free to ignore Snuff if you'd like. I recently reread it and was kind of disappointed; I'd liked it a lot more the first time around. I didn't dislike it, but IDK how well it held up in parts)
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I remember "A Fisherman of the Inland Sea" fondly, but I was also something like twelve when I read it for the first time. What I remember is basically the worldbuilding and a kind of dreamlike feeling, rather than the gender and relationship awkwardness. I'd definitely read fixit fic for it, though!

The other ones I think I found a few years after that. I disliked "Unchosen Love" for reasons I can't clearly remember—I should probably reread it at some point; either I'll like it better or I'll figure out what bothered me in the first place. I definitely thought "Mountain Ways" was the best of the lot, in both character and worldbuilding terms.

I always forget about the taboo on siblings in the same sedoretu, although I remembered the aunt/uncle thing.

... I need to finish my prompts and post them already. (I know which fandoms and characters I want to prompt, and I've got some of the scenarios written already, it's just that I got stuck on titles.)
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My thoughts:

The city is like a woman... and another woman who happens to also be a vampire... and a man by Anonymous
Fandom: Discworld - Terry Pratchett
--Sounds fun, but not if you can't get a handle on Lady M. And a sedoretu fic where the author obviously really GETS three of the four, but not the fourth ... seems to me to be more problematic than a gen fic featuring four characters, only three of whom the author really understands. I don't know why, but that's how it seems to me. I would LOVE to read it, and if you think you could get a handle on Lady M, it would be an awesome fic. But.

epilogue-compliant by AlexSeanchai (EllieMurasaki)
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
--why would you have to read Cursed Child? I mean, like, isn't there A Thing where a lot of fanfic writers just ignore it? The prompter doesn't say anything about it. (Also, you can tell I've never read any of the Le Guin stories, but the fandom osmosis and sedoretu stories I've read haven't had "germane marriages" is it possible the prompter just doesn't know what they are?)

My Friends Are Dead and Gone and that is Suddenly a Major Logistical Hurdle by Anonymous
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
--either the OCs or the Valjean-as-Batman would be awesome, and you could make either work really well.

Rey/Finn/Poe/? by such_heights
--OH, WOW, THAT IS AWESOME. I was thinking "well, it would be a fellow pilot, like Jessica Pava, right, or an OC former stormtrooper in the mode of one of those "some stormtroopers take Finn as an example" stories." And then I saw the droid stuff and went OH HECK YEAH, THAT IS OBVIOUSLY THE WAY IT IS. And I would LOVE either the Droid Rights stuff or the Yavin kinship stuff, or both, it would be SO AWESOME.

Ivan/By/Rish/Tej by Anonymous
--Oh, yeah, that would be perfect! They really are a poly something. Or should be.

the trials of alys vorpatril by Anonymous
--Oooh. Squee, that is WONDERFUL Especially your stuff later with Simon, but that ... doesn't really fit the prompt.

In closing: all of these are wonderful, I will be excited for any of them!
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[personal profile] finch 2017-06-21 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
Intellectually I want to root for one of the Vorkosigan fics but emotionally I want My Friends Are Dead and Gone and that is Suddenly a Major Logistical Hurdle just because I like the title.
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1) I care about ki'O INTENSELY. SO MUCH. I would read approximately infinity words about peak agrarian lifestyles on ki'O.

2) Though also I would be there for droids rights fic
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Possibly OP did not want a story about how they obviously already have a fourth and it's BB8 and then the rest of the fic devolves into Artoo and Threepio as the Galaxy's Worst In-Laws

With occasional digressions into Yavin IV aka Classic Maya kinship structures and/or Droid Rights activism and/or astromech linguistics

I don't know about OP but that sounds great to me!