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Oh and also it's an important story for sedoretu mechanics because you can get adopted into a different moiety if you were born without one - it's just rare and no one wants to do it. It occurs to me that this is the mark of a culture with good health care and a stable, low-violence society, people are not vexed about "what happens if no one knows who your mother was and she dies"?

The mechanics for being monosexually straight or gay, or forming a sedoretu with three people of one gender, in Mountain Ways are also so useful as canon. It seems more like the Balkan sworn virgins than anything - your culture needs you to fulfill a certain role, so you step up and grow a ponytail to show that you're a man. But the extreme casualness with which gender is treated in that story is heartening. Like, meh, change your shirt to a different kind of shirt, it's probably fine. As long as there's one reproductively viable couple in the quadruple or you can adopt no one's going to get super upset.

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