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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-06-21 05:44 pm (UTC)

Unchosen Love is definitely stressful; it's, as the title suggests, about people who are in love in ways they don't particularly enjoy being in love, that kind of violent consuming love that I'm not sure I even think of as love and would be so easy to tip over into abusive, or at least toxic. But it solves the problem by saying, hey, sedoretu, you can have some more rational ships to balance it out and let you be two-to-one against the more dominant personalities when needed! Mountain Ways is definitely the best of the three, though.

Whereas Another Story is just so much the "middle-aged academic dude realizes his life is empty, marries much younger woman therefore preventing her from ever even considering a life that is not all about him" plot that I am SO SICK OF, just with time travel and sedoretu for spice.

He did like Older Sidi a lot! But I got the impression he was also super depressed that she was not pining over him the way he had been pining over her and totally failed to deal with the fact that she moved on with her life. And then after he erases that happier-than-he-ever-was Sidi he very carefully *never told* her younger self that she had ever existed and idk it just felt super gross. Like. If instead of saying, "I have come back and realize I still love you, my life was lonely and empty without you," he had said, "I have come back and I met older you who was happy without me and I realized I had never been that happy in my life," it would have been so much better, you know? But you get the impression he is never actually emotionally mature enough to even realize that, and Sidi deserved better.

I do like the atmosphere and stuff in it, I just really don't like the plot of "male academic realizes that what he needs in life is younger woman to do his emotional labor for him so he never has to learn how, finds younger woman, younger woman gets stuck with him for the rest of her life."

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