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sapote ([personal profile] sapote) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2017-06-21 11:09 am (UTC)

Unchosen Love definitely stressed me out more than Another Story - I guess I didn't think Hideo had his cake and ate it too, so much as realized that one of his cakes was just a terrible idea. He had so much admiration for the oldest version of Sidi - you know how our stupid culture is towards older women, I'm used to "everything's ruined now that you're FORTY like a MONSTER", not "she was so accomplished and satisfied in her own life that I felt like garbage that I'd missed it all". But like, it is true that he seemed very in love with the oldest version of Sidi, so maybe he should just have been with her, as the uncle-joined-onto-the-marriage that sedoretus allow. I guess either way he'd already time-traveled away from that possibility, just he'd gone forward and couldn't get back because of the time mismatch with FTL travel?

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