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1. Have I mentioned I'm planning to March for Science tomorrow? The weather will be good. Hopefully I will not get trampled or arrested. Yay science!

2. I am stuck in the slog of the 300s in my nonfiction reshelving project. I hate the 300s SO MUCH. The 200s are also awful, but in an obvious and easily fixable way. The 300s are just a MESS.

Like, 302.2 "communication" contains a book on noise and a book on the Comics Code. 301.4 "Family structures" contains a book on the history prostitution, a book on social class in 19th century Russia, and an anthology on nomadism. I have many actual books about family structures! But no, Matrilineal Kinship is over in the 390s. Love's Promises is in the 340s. The Bonds of Womanhood is in the 305s somewhere. But we must put the one on the history of prostitution and the one on Russian peasants under "family structures".

The 310s-350s are reasonably straightforward, although why "Statistics" is under social sciences I am not sure, but then we hit 36x "Social Problems, Social Services" and oh god. 362, "Social Work", gives us AIDs and a book on Deaf culture (my other book on Deaf culture is in 305.9 "Groups of People, Miscellaneous". Why the split? No idea except that Dewey doesn't believe Deaf is a culture and bluescreened on books about Deaf culture.) Books about nuclear bombs are all under 363.1 "Health and Safety". A book of stories about psychic detectives are under 363.2 Law Enforcement, not even True Crime. Meanwile under 363.4 Drugs, Abortion, Pornography (??) we have a book about the reactions to political cartoons of the prophet Mohammed (????) 369, "social services - other" contains everything relating to scouting, even though my scouting-related books are all old guidebooks about nature topics that barely mention the scouts.

I'm scared to look too closely at the 390s.

3. I am trying to catch up on the reading! But I just had Makt Myrkanna come in from the library plus the new Ashers and Ysidro book *and* the Becky Chambers books so this is tough.

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