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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-03-29 12:23 am (UTC)

Oh, good, I saw your K for the Wrightson and was like "oh no, what is wrong with it that I did not know about?" But she is pretty obscure compared to most of these writers, that is true.

The only Poul Anderson I have read are his alt-history fantasies (so, the Shakespeare-vs-Cromwell one and the Holger Danske one), which I really really liked, but I was never sure if that would carry over to his hard-SF, which is a different sort of thing.

The first McKillip I ever read was Riddle-Master of Hed, which my school library inexplicably had as a ya book, and then I had to wait FIVE YEARS to find a copy of Harpist in the Wind and find out what happened when Morgon got to Erlenstar. (I now keep two copies of Harpist on hand at all times just in case.)

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