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The Pilgrim's Progress's endless popularity makes sense when you realize that it became a classic in a context where you were literally not allowed to read things That Would Not Make You More Holy. There were no harmless anything: stuff EITHER made you A Better (Protestant) Christian, or it Damned You To Hell.

Because TPP was an Allegory for Christian (Protestant) Struggle and the Correct Path of the Soul to God, you were allowed to read it, and because at that point people (especially young people) were STARVED FOR SOME KIND OF ADVENTURE STORY OH MY GOD, it became SEMINAL AND CENTRAL.

But it is, and always has been, Terrible Writing, Terrible Boring Allegory, and The Worst.

/opinionated Social History and Literature Degree Holder/MLIS Candidate. >.>

Also I don't feel any of the books this month are altar material. Did you mean to only have two possibilities for Squirrel Girl? Totally fine if you did, just wondering.

(TBH I'd go with K for it if it were there because I honestly find her so incredibly annoying she gives me a tension headache, but, you know. People vary on that. >.>)

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